Scream 4 DVD/Blu-Ray Combo Hits Mexico

It’s one thing to know a movie you want is already available in another country – out of sight, out of mind – it’s another thing to see that it’s actually available. Here’s a snap of the Scream 4 Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack in one of Mexico’s major music stores. It runs for $25, while the single DVD is $15.

Unsurprisingly, picture-perfect rips of the film are already floating around the usual no-can-say places – in English. Like each better-looking-than-the-previous bootleg before it, it’s a nice holdover but true Scream fans might want to exercise some restraint and hold out for a physical copy. I say import or make a border run.

Sometimes to wait and chase are half the fun.

If it’s any consolation, the Mexican release is only a barebones edition. We’re all waiting for those special features, some of which, I suspect, will form a make-it-or-break-it case for many making a final analysis on Scream 4.

Photo submitted by: Chris Pedraza

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41 Responses to “ Scream 4 DVD/Blu-Ray Combo Hits Mexico ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Yep. If we don’t get that extended cut we deserve, the movie will probably still kinda suck. Love these movies, but we needed character development. And that extended cut may give us that.

  2. Yeah, curious to see the deleted stuff. Easily the best sequel in the series, but I still think more could have been done. Fountain scene, opening aftermath, more Stab-a-thorn. Will buy when it releases but looking fwd to fan edits.

  3. Excuse me but cud someone tell me who is on the cover to the spanish release,please? I cant see and wud like to know. i know ghostface is in the backGround and sidney is in the middle, and who is behind her in both ways and please tell me in which order the characters r lined up in too! thank u!!!!

  4. @Wicked – is there a way to track down the DVD sales for Scream 4 for Mexico?

  5. @steve macher: The characters from left to right are Jill, Trevor, Kirby, Sidney, Gale, and then Dewey

  6. I love this cover, wish it were the US Edition cover too.

  7. Sadly scream 4 lost to the crap that was paranormal activity at teen choice awards. Well its 2 weeks till the Uk release, ive seen barebones releases on dvd loads but i havent seen any blu rays like that in the uk, so heres hoping the Uk release isnt a giant disappointment, especially as we made about 9-10m boxoffice thats a good amount for a horror in the uk. Im doubting itll be a poor release in a country where the scream franchise makes a fair profit and lots of fans but ive been let down before, if it turns bad ill be ordering from the US. Theres no point without the special features, love the film and want every bit of extras i can get from it!

  8. And I thought the U.S. cover was shitty. That is some tragic (mis)use of Photoshopping!

  9. I know it has nothing to do with the post, but unfortunately Scream 4 lost the Teen Choice Awards 2011 for Paranormal Activity 2 :(

  10. I was so dissapointed to read on the back of the DVD/Blu-Ray combo no special features, just a lame gallery…I’ll buy the US edition anyways. We always get the movie releases earlier, dunno why.

  11. I recently saw the photo gallery that is included on the dvd and blu-ray and the pictures are actually screen-shots taken directly from the movie.

  12. It doesn’t excite me if it’s just the same film that I saw in the theater. I want the extra footage and such. That’s the whole reason why I am getting my copy when it comes out in October.

  13. @MozartHerbert “I know it has nothing to do with the post, but unfortunately Scream 4 lost the Teen Choice Awards 2011 for Paranormal Activity 2″

    I honestly would vote for the latter also. It’s way scarier.

  14. Scream 4 wasn’t scary but neither was Paranormal Activity. I laughed at PA2 through the whole thing

  15. I think Paranormal Activity 2 won fair and square. Scream 4 wasn’t scary at all. Not even a drop of suspense. It’s the only Scream movie that didn’t make me jump several times. The master of suspense left the suspense at home.

  16. Ugh, That cover is so cheesy it burns my soul!

  17. Thanks scre4mFan. i think that the cover seems to be alright. I hope it also has tons of special features!

  18. yeah.. i think it’s the rental edition… just the movie, scene selections and a few movie trailers

    Can’t wait to see the special edition with all the deleted scenes

  19. PA2 had no suspense. THe previews left nothing to the imagination. The only reason why it won is because it’s a new franchise and people are giving it a shit ton of press,attention,etc. Had the Scream 4 done the same Scream 4 would’ve won. Because I heard it come in close to PA2 as Second

  20. I can’t believe we are not going to get a scream 5, let alone a new trilogy. I know some of you say we need to wait until dvd/blue-ray numbers. I know some of you say I’m talking out of my ass, but wake up people! Scream 4 under performed…hugely! As much as I love the franchise, as much as I loved Scream 4, and as much as I want a Scream 5 and 6, no matter how bad they may turn out, if the studio is not making a substantial profit, and the reviews remain mediocre we will not see a continuation in the Scream franchise. I am heart broken to be so cynical, and I really, really hope I can eat my words in the future, but I’m certainly not holding my breath. Sorry.

  21. Who in the right mind would think that Paranormal Activity is even remotely scary? The first one was so boring I almost fell asleep and the second one was just an extentio of that! At least Scream 4 was interesting enough that i wasn’t wondering when the movie was going to be over.

  22. PA2 was boring as hell, just like the first one. Didn’t make me jump, but then again, I don’t think any movie has since I was about 12 or so. (Including all the scream movies, but I still love them)

  23. PA 2 was awful

  24. I waited 10 + years for S4…i can wait a few more weeks for the blu-ray. Also, there’s no tellin if you’ll actually make it out of Mexico alive.

  25. @ScottM I’m afraid you may be right. we’ve heard nothing regarding a sequel, and it stands to prove that the studio probably thinks if they do a Scream 5, it will do even less numbers since the 11 year anticipation factor will be gone. I think it’s time for me to say goodbye to this franchise :(

  26. @JRT-Mexico isn’t that bad only the ghettos not the tourists area.

    @Everyone-Calm down they never said we aren’t getting a 5 and 6.
    Wes Craven said he was going on vacation and that there should be a Scream 5 script waiting for him when he gets back.If he likes it then it’ll go into production next year. They’re also all contracted for a new trilogy and Wes is contracted to get first dibs. Maybe a new director might be best.Or maybe two directors Wes and a younger more talented horror director.Change may be good.Let’s just keep our fingers crossed.

  27. It’s too early to hear about a sequel.Wes is on vacation and Kevin is working The Circle and Vampire Diaries. But I heard he was going to work on a Scream script and story when he had time last this year.

  28. They already made $97,035,182 worldwide.That’s well over their budget.Just wait until the DVD hits everywhere.They’ll make atleast 115,000 or even more. Harvey Weinstein said “I wish it would have been better domestically but foreign is so strong that we’ll do over $100 million worldwide. […] It’s at $90 now, with about five or six major countries to go and a lot of small ones. So, we’ll probably do $110 million. It’s not the worst thing in the world that ever happened […] I’m sure he’s going to do a sequel. I’m sure he’s going to do a sequel.” he meaning Wes Craven

  29. I hope they make Scream 5 but if they don’t I’m fine with scream being the final movie. This one was my favorite movie we saw how much Sidney has changed she is no longer a victim she is a take charge heroine she put her life on the line to protect her teenage cousin Jill who she didn’t know very well from the serial killer.Of course it turned out that Jill was the killer.Jill was my favorite “Ghostface” serial killer. This movie was just great it wasn’t very scary but it had a lot of suspense and the right amount of comedy.

  30. Scream 4 beaten to teen choice award by PA2? U.k to get bare bones dvd release? Scream 5 not being made? Mexicans have dvd shops? Its all news to me, this is how I see it.

    1, Of course PA2 beat scream, its not that PA2 a better film (when I saw the film I thought I was watching tom cruise’s family home videos) its a fad, not even a real film in its own right, PA1 (or is it just PA, not sure) was a great piece of experimental cinema, PA2 wasn’t, it was un original and boring (floating children should be stay in neverland, and balls flying out of a swimming pools belong in porn films, neither are scary) but I’m glad it won as scream 4 is turning into something better than a hollywood success, its becoming a cult film, a film that only fans of horror films and intelligent writing would understand, critics and producers can’t quite grasp this, scream films always have been cult films, they just also happened to be big money makers. PA2 can have its glitz and glamour, scream 4 has got the credibility.

    2. The writer, director, and actors know scream 4 is a film for movie fans, its the fans of the series who’s going to buy these films, yet the producers are clueless ( yes weinsteins I’m talking to you, the people who split grindhouse into 2 films at the cinema, the people who released scream 4 around easter instead of halloween, the people who cut more into scream 4 than ghostface himself) instead of listening to the voice of the fans who are united in there need for an uncut version, they decide to fob certain countrys off with a barebones edition, thanks guys you make us feel heard you money hungry, unimaginative scuz buckets.

    3. Hey guys don’t lose all hope on scream 5 and 6, the way thing are now in hollywooden (no its not a spelling error) they might not have a choice, I predict , PA3, FD5, will flop this year since both there last outings was awful, scream 4 may yet be the most profitable sequel this year and if it is the that’s going to help, also I thought ten years ago that we would never see another scream film, and guess what?

    4. Of course I knew mexico had dvd shops, (I’ve seen once upon a time in mexico) I hope they enjoy the film and buy many, many copys and don’t mistake the film for season 1 of beverly hills 90210

  31. anyone mexican who bout it and whos reading this plz post us some deleted scenes and the first opening :D

  32. @Aria read the article, theirs no special features on their DVD’s, well theirs trailers that no one cares about, its looking like we wont see those deleted scenes etc until the us release.

  33. They better have the special features!!!! and im also sad to say that there probably Wont be a scream 5 or 6. scream 4 didnt get the best reviews And thats wat it is. sure, we want it but this comppany only wants the money so wen scream 4 flopped, our chances of getting another 2 sequels went out the window. i luv the franchise still but it is getting old and wes and kevin williamson shud make a different slasher film introducing a new serial killer and new fresh plot. that wud be great. but it wud still be good to hav a scream 5 and 6 and we will still hope for it. but for now we just need to keep our fingers crossed. and i doubt that they wont have any special features. and i doubt that they will hav a director’s cut and special edition or watever. so until the dvd comes out, we have to wait for everything including how the cover will look and if there will be special features or not.

  34. @seb well that sucks ass huh

  35. OK! the blu ray disc doesnt have the special features, like deleted scenes only the normal dvd does :/

  36. Just read the total film guide to the uk dvd release of scream 4, commentary, gag real and DELETED SCENES yay

  37. We’ll get a Scream 5 and 6 don’t worry

  38. As much as i wud like to see the deleted scenes now, i wud also like to be surprised wen the dvd comes out but why do we hav to wait so long Uuntil the release?!!!

  39. First of all Scream 4 did not flop because it made more then half what it cost to make but it was a disappointment because it didn’t come anywhere close to what most people thought it would make.I still think we might get a Scream 5 but if we don’t I’m fine with Scream 4 being the last one because it was my favorite. I don’t understanding the bashing this movie gets.


  41. Just got SCREAM 4 ON DVD AND BLU RAY! :) i love it although there is no special features on the uk disk but o well its still awesome! :)

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