Scream 5: This Is The Sound Of Silence

Somewhere out there, a vacationing Wes Craven is staring down a bird waiting to see who blinks first. Elsewhere, the Weinstein brothers are deciding what to eat for dinner. And at Kevin Williamson’s laptop, he’s controlling vampires, witches and fairies. But no Ghosts.

Yup, it sure is quite on the Scream 5 front. The last time radio silence was broken was in June when Emma Roberts talked about dumb media questions, instantly becoming one of my fave Scream personalities. Bless that little pixie psycho.

Sometimes silence can be preferable to fake Scream 5 scoops like the recent one undoubtedly engineered by a certain fanboy with delusions of grandeur. Said troubled little man has been causing quite a ruckus lately, making moves to claim intellectual ownership of Stab. Oh, brother. The boy who cried wolf provides us endless hours of entertainment… except none of it pertaining to his fan films. Scream-level irony, I tells ya.

All the way on the other end of the fan spectrum – the positive end – there’s this pretty poster art submitted by Ruben Correia to stare at.

The next round is the Scream 4 Blu-ray & DVD release on October 4th. Typically, when domestic box office fails, the second tier of profit is international box office. After that, the third tier is DVD/BD. Scream 4 wasn’t a win for the former, but was for the latter. If the movie could win decent moolah in the home formats, we could push that over into a 2 out of 3 win for the film. The fate of Scream 5 could rest in our collective hands.

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52 Responses to “ Scream 5: This Is The Sound Of Silence ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Silence so strong not another Scream can be heard.

  2. The said troubled little man, bothers me so much.

    Unless the feedback for his AWFUL fan films are positive then he doesn’t want to hear it. No one in the world understands my hatred for this childish man. Is it possible to dislike someone so much, even though you’ve never met the person.

    And now: clamiming intellecual ownership of Stab. When will he give up?

  3. Yeah we definately need to all support the DVD/BR to help the series! BTW Wicked I know exactly the fan boy your talking about and wow is he a little punk!

  4. I hate it when people use the old pics of Sidney or Neve..,she has aged and went threw another chapter of her “life” the old pics look out dated anyways.

  5. So if the DVD BR sells a lot we r getting a scream 5 ???

  6. I read an article a while back before Scream 4 was released in theaters.
    They were debating whether SCRE4M or FINAL DESTINATION 5 would perform better in the Box Office.
    They analyzed everything and ended up choosing FD5 as the front runner and that it would gross more in opening weekend.
    BUT turns out they were wrong and FD5 UNDERperformed in its opening weekend with 18 million and Scream4 grossed 19.8 million.
    Not a whole lot more, but its something.

    Im just saying personally, if they make a FD6 and NOT a SCREAM5?!
    Im going to be extremely pissed!
    Theres been sequels to movies that underperformed way worse than or as the same as Scream4.
    So they should take it for consideration.

    BUT, i think they should not do a 5 and 6 WITHOUT Kevin or the franchise would go down the drain. So i would rather be fine with the ending franchise with 4 than having sequels without Kevin.
    Though the reason i would want a 5 and 6 is because the 4th film left me wanting SO much more! And hearing that Kevin planned out a Whole new trilogy, they should definitely finish the new trilogy.

    What do you guys think?

  7. Yes i agree getting 2 out of 3 in the profit areas would be an awesome thing and it would help scream 4 profits overall be more decent then it already is.

  8. whats the deal with the fanboy? what happened?

  9. @Rene, Yeah i remember hearing something about that before. I agree if they make a FD6 and not a Scream 5 that’s extremely stupid but lets wait and see what FD5 makes domestically and worldwide before we jump to conclusions. Hopefully FD5 makes less in both because then it makes scream 4 look a lot better lol.

  10. @ScottM see the links in the article and then go to and watch jpd’s fan films. Then you’ll get it lol

  11. @Matthew Yes, lets wait and see. But i have a feeling FD5 may do better in the Foreign box office, lets hope not though.

    But i strongly believe they released both Scream 4 and FD5 at the wrong time! ESPECIALLY Scream 4. Releasing it in April was a risky move, from the beginning.
    I think it would’ve performed ALOT better in an October or a December release.

  12. As much as id love to believe FD5 will under perform Scream 4, its highly doubtful, Scream 4 only made 600,000 than FD5 opening but sadly even if domestically FD5 makes less than S4, Foreign markets have become big for the FD series due to its sequel/3D status two things foreign markets love as FD4 made 119m in foreign markets more than double scream 4. Its highly unlikely FD5 will perform less than half FD4’s foreign gross, if anything with far superior reviews it could do better but probably not with the high amount of films that are out this summer in 3D/ the bad taste left by FD4. But on a positive note without 3D FD5 could have been far below Scream 4s opening as their saying 3Ds made up 60% of profits for FD5. so lets hope paranormal activity does poorly too (deserves to), so it shows to just be a little slum for horror and Scream 5 will hopefully be commisioned. Not gonna say i wish poor results for FD5 though as i have yet to see it and im hoping for a good return to form for the series and im not gonna hope other horror this year like Fright night or the thing do poorly as they both look very good.

  13. The silence is killing me… but there is hope people!!

    @GameFaceGuy a.k.a: R.J. Torbert has been posting more cryptic messages on twitter… one of them specifically was for sure about Ghostface.. I will copy and post them before.

    “If U knew what I KNEW—–it would seem like its all NEW——for now don’t ask what GIVES——but I will tell U——–he LIVES”

    “Be patient—–Be calm—–Be observant—Be ready——for I will say it AGAIN—–this is not the END”

    “From the START U felt if in your HEART-there is truth in words-when U DIE-it is the END except 4 a special CASE-if your name is GHOST FACE”

    There IS hope!! We just have to be patient. Scream 5 IS coming

    ohh and p.s.

    the little fanboy and I got into an argument on my ghostface account on twitter… lets just say it was HILARIOUS. He was crying over stupid shit. BOO HOO

  14. Scream 4 just let me down so much.. I will buy the blu ray when it comes out I guess.

  15. I think someone should do another stab fan film and totally make his look even worse.. better audio/video/acting/writing.. it’s all too easy to do.. someone really should take a STAB at it haha then whoever does that one can go onto horror society and post another fake update that they are now considered better than jpd and is now considered for scream 5 haha.. he’ll sh*t his pants :)

  16. We can’t expect Scream 5 to be greenlit soon…I think they should take a break, get some fresh ideas, develop a script with NO ehren krueger, and begin filming around april next year :)

  17. It’s sad but there are so many things going against Scream 5:
    Williamson being even more busy with 2 shows
    Courtney with her show
    Whether Courtney and David would actually wanna work together again.
    It’s funny but for once it’s nothing to do with Neve Campbell.

  18. @Rene, Yes especially for scream 4 I mean april was not the best choice to release it. I think the release date and the 11 year gap between scream 3 and 4 is what hurt it the most. Plus they really didn’t advertise it very well I hardly saw any tv spots ( well I saw some here and there ) and not once saw it in the trailers before a movie which sucked because I wanted to see the trailer on the big screen lol. Well FD5 gross started slow but it can make more money then scream 4 in the long run hopefully it doesn’t but time will tell.

    Does anyone else think that The Thing prequel looks pretty good? I think it looks good and the fact that Mary Elisabeth Winstead is in it is a huge plus for me lol I think shes a good actress

  19. I really hope the DVD sales are great for Scream4 It would be a shame if they didn’t make 5 and 6 after Harvey Weinstein promised us basically! Buy the Scream4 DVD everyone :)

  20. Hopefully when Wes returns from his Summer Vacation we will hear something about Scream 5. I am going to get the Scream 4 DVD when it comes out on October 4th like I’ve said before it’s my favorite Scream movie.

  21. It’s not gonna happen. I would enjoy a 5th entry as much as any other hardcore fan. But, KW has clearly moved to other projects. They can do all the damage control and “Fake” that relationships are all ok…outside of a couple fights. But i think we all know better. S4 was an ugly mess behind the scenes and that put a nail in the future’s coffin. it’s quite a shame considering williamson’s opening to part 4 is in my opinion pure genius and the best opening since part 1. Oh well. Great films and i’m always gonna be a follower.

  22. I don’t want a Scream 5 because if Scream 4 was the best thing they could do in ten years…and that was including Craven, original cast, and Williamson, which are not guaranteed to return. I think 5 would just be bad.

    If anything reboot the series and start from scratch. New cast, possibly new writing and directing. At least in that way it doesn’t hurt the original series if it’s bad. If they keep releasing bad stuff it’s just giving “Scream” a bad rep.

  23. By the way I will be purchasing Scream 4 out of loyalty for the series

  24. Agree, if 4 was the best they can do after all these years it probley best to just end it. Sad really.

  25. @JRT – you sound like you’re the head of the Weinsteins. What else can you confirm for us?

    Scream 5 will happen. They teased us, R.J. Tobert has been making tweets about Scream 5(you can tell). The Blu-Ray/DVD keeps being around #16-30 on Amazon Best Seller.

  26. @Scream4fan-the tweets ur referring to could have absolutely nothing to do with scream 5 and sorry but #16-30 I’d in no way great

  27. @Butters – For a Horror movie, that is good.

  28. Who the hell said JRT has intellectual ownership of “Stab?” Last time I checked he doesn’t have intellectual ownership of dick. I made a “Stab 8″ fan film like so many others, and I don’t, nor will I ever feel like I am stealing from JRT, or owe him anything. Last I checked anyone who makes a Stab film, or otherwise is doing so in honor/ fandom of ScreaM. No one owns that fandom. WTF?

    Love the article, btw. Sad, but the hope of Scream 5 will be decided in the weeks following October 4th. Maybe the haunted season will inspire higher sales… We can only watch… and hope.

  29. Butters: 1 of those tweets that RJ made DID have to do with Ghostface still being alive… I personally think this will happen.

  30. I’ll be doin my part and grabbing the DVD AND BluRay…
    I also bought the first three on DVD, the trilogy set on Blu ray and then RE-bought them separately when they were released on Blu ray individually. So I can’t do more than I have…hope the rest of you do the same.

  31. Talking of those Crappy Stab amateur movies, I watched, well skimmed through Stab 5 but saw more than not and ill admit i started to get annoyed by, how many death scenes that went by and i saw a more effective way of Killing them within the actual scene. Some of the acting was actually quite good for amateur stuff and its a huge improvement over the Previous one they did. But their biggest problem is the writer / director and basically centre of the universe, seriously if you can bear to watch it You’ll realise he’s managed to come up with a concept so he can return to the screen after he terribly played the killer in the previous and died and every time hes on screen for some reason he has all the lighting while the rest are dark and gloomy in shot aswell as having the only real close ups. And in the end *spoiler*(As if anyone could care) He’s one of the only survivors in an ending that has zero closure or makes any sense and im amazed this pretentious hack didnt do a epilogue all about HIM HIM HIM, the idea he would ever be selected to write a scream film or anything in that case is insane he is going, No where, but as i said some of his cast deserve credit for doing good jobs for nothing and coping with Hack-boy (He also clearly plays ghostface which just looks silly and stupidly skinny). Rant over :D . We should have a post to talk about this, just for the fun discussion that will come out of it.

  32. i dont think jpd likes me lol. I dont give a shit, he cant write for shit and his movies are terible. “Scream-Trilogy is a piece of shit for running that made-up article and blaming me for it, and you’re an even bigger piece of shit for supporting their lies. You think my writing sucks so bad? Why am I a best-selling author then, dickhead? Let’s see a script you’ve written so we can really know what terrible is.” hahahahahahaha he’s funny, i think he thinks he’s good?:)

  33. @Lewis Tully “Who the hell said JRT has intellectual ownership of “Stab?””

    Lol…i think you meant RJT….not JRT. I don’t recall making any STAB comments.

  34. ….or maybe there is another JRT i am unaware of. =)

    And no Scream4fan i have nothing to do with the Weinsteins. I personally don’t see S5 happening. That’s just my opinion. I have followed Craven for 25 years and to be 100% honest the man seems tired and dried up. I love his work. I also feel like i have a right to critique it also….and i just feel like he doesn’t have anything left. I enjoyed part 4. I thought it was very flawed. It was a combination of several things and several people. But, i personally don’t see any of these guys returning for a part 5. Let’s face it….the response to 4 was low. You don’t have to be unloyal to craven, williamson or anyone else to admit that. Heck, Part 4 was LIGHT YEARS better that 3….and when i went to the theater for part 4 it was maybe 20% sold out. The theater for part 3 back in 2000 was 100% sold out. That right there is an indicator that times have changed and people aren’t interested. So no….i say part 4 is the final entry.


    yes, there is HORROR NIGHTS, yes, there will be Life, ———–YES, there is a documentary—–yet, it doesnt end there———-HE LIVES

  36. @JRT – I was being sarcastic… Wes is old, yes. But he still has some stuff up his sleeves.

  37. im trying not to get my hopes up cause i dont think there is going to be a 5 and the dvd artwork for scream 4 iz dumb, its plain and dosent go with the originals at all! but im getting it anyway cause i love the series

  38. @Scream4fan No prob mate! =) Hope i didn’t come off as rude to ya. I hope he has another good film or two left in him. I love the man’s work…it just feels like his last few haven’t had much force behind them. And i will admit that a lot of that is studio interference. Like i said earlier, S4 was way better than 3 and that’s with all it’s flaws. So, if you are right and RJ’s tweets do mean something….then i guess we should get an announcement this fall.

  39. @Aria Well, if you’re on to something and Scream4fan is also on to something…i could be eating my words here shortly. It is sounding like we’ll get an announcement soon.

  40. I believe we’ll be hearing about 5cream come October. I sincerely think that Scr4m will do better on dvd and bluray than it did in theaters, one of the factors I blame for it underperforming in the US market is the price of gas at the time. It was pretty damn staggering. Alot of dedicated slasher fans probably couldn’t fork over the dough for the price of a movie, gas, popcorn…and all that other jazz that goes with a trip to the cinema these days. But alot of people are talking like the fact that it didn’t do so well in the US will be the nail in the coffin. You guys have to remember it went on to earn back it’s budget and then some worldwide. So I still think it’s a very strong possibility. As far as Kevin Williamson goes, do you really think he’ll pass at another opportunity to rake in mucho grande bucks by making a movie, or stick to his television shows which won’t make him half of what a Scream movie would? Too many questions not being answered.

  41. @JRT well keep ur fingers crossed and lets hope and pray that scream 5 announces soon :}

  42. It’s not about the money ElmStreetSpectre. Fact is, Williamson is successful enough at this point that he doesn’t have to write another Scream movie if he has no interest in it. And the impression I’ve been left with is that he’s moved on from this franchise.

    His TV shows may not be as lucrative, but they’re clearly what he’s more passionate about. If there IS a Scream 5, I seriously doubt Williamson will be heavily involved in any capacity.

    Regarding those Stab fan films… holy hell. You could almost forgive their amateurish execution under different circumstances, but the delusional mindset of the “director” makes the whole thing so much more hysterical and maddening.

  43. All I know is that my DVD copy has been dispatched and may even arrive TODAY (release date is Monday in the UK, none of this waiting till October rubbish).

  44. Scream 5 WILL happen, even if its a Direct to Video release. And it will happen in five years. When the Weinsteins split with Disney (Miramax) their deal involved taking several properties with them; these were Halloween, Hellraiser, Children of the Corn and Scream.

    However they HAVE to make use of them every five years or the rights will revert to Disney. Thus we’ve had new Halloween, new Scream and when the other two remakes have failed to happen thus far, two low budget ($300,000) DTV sequels to keep the rights going.

  45. @drewjobullo
    COOL when u get plz upload the jennt marnie official opening plzzz

  46. @drewblowjob
    Ive allready seen the DVD & BLURAY copies up close, here in england, they were shelving it for tomorrow in sainsburys and To all UK scream fans be prepared to be extremely disappointed!!!
    I was praying itd have some form of extras, anything, but no this is the most disappointing UK Blu-ray ive seen, its absolutely poor and Its a huge insult to UK Fans,we brought in 10% of Scream 4’s profits, Scream 4 was the Uk’s first major hit breaking a one day record, the UK Still loves it some Ghostface, and this is what the UK gets a HD version of the movie and apparently a trailer which isnt advertised on the box, BLURAY isnt as big in the uk as in the US one of the main reason we buy is for Extra content, i tell you what Sales here are going to be hugely affected by this cope out release, people want more than just the film, they could go and download a HD copy offline instead of buying this cheap ass BLU-RAY, i love Scream 4 alot more each time i watch, Luckily i won a free copy of this Blu-ray because even i wouldnt buy this and i was going to buy it on monday if it had special featurs because i was so damn excited for those deleted scenes, i literally would of bought a copy on top of my free copy, but i will not for this.
    I’ll be pre-ordering US thankyou for this and the Scream collection, if they wanna make money they need to up their game because with quality like this the sales wont be strong enough for a sequel and i really want one, So pissed as my giant rant shows!!!

  47. ***Scream 4 was the Uk’s first major hit breaking a one day record*** yeah thats not what i meant to write, i meant it was the biggest opening day of the year at the time, which was impressive take in the UK for an American Horror.

  48. A Scream movie would absolutely never go direct to video. come on.

  49. @ScottM I think you’re far too positive. Halloween was going to go DTV alongside Hellraiser for Part 7 and it was only Jamie lee Curtis’ own interest, leading to H20, that saved it. The Weinsteins, more than ever now, need a new film every five years to keep the rights… if they aren’t ready for a cinematic outing they would not think twice about a DTV sequel.

  50. Guys..hate to burst the bubble. But those tweets are referring to Universal Studios Hollywood “Halloween Horror Nights” and the new Scream Tram ride.

  51. Well, Wes Craven did say he has “no immediate plans” to make a Scream 5. Everybody’s probably taking some off-time. Plus, they’re probably waiting for the home video sales before they green light the film. It took a long time for them to green light (new) Halloween III after (new) Halloween II was released (and that movie flopped MUCH worse than Scream 4). This stuff takes time. David Arquette on Dancing with the Stars will help build some momentum.

  52. Franchises don’t die any more. Even if a franchise entry is not a blockbuster (or not even close to being a blockbuster), as long as a franchise is built upon an indelibly iconic original film, there will always be interest in capitalising on audience familiarity with that brand.

    Scream 4’s theatrical grosses may be unimpressive, but shooting a new entry to this well-known franchise would still be perceived as a safer option than creating something from scratch.

    After all – when was the last time an Alien movie really captured the public’s imagination to become a must-see event? 1986? It doesn’t matter; new entries keep the brand alive, facilitating more re-releases and box-sets, books, collectibles, revenue from television and so on.

    And so will it be with Scream. With the added advantage that the core components – the elements which make Scream what it is – are cheap. A man in a mask, a cell phone, screaming teenagers. Craven, Williamson, Campbell, Cox and Arquette – all will ultimately drift away. Ghostface is the star – and the key to the franchise.

    With a fresh script featuring new characters, unencumbered by the baggage of the Sidney Prescott saga and the worn-out Williamson/Craven approach, new film-makers could deliver an exciting, low-budget reinvention.

    Whether the Weinsteins will see it that way is questionable, but a lesson which ought to be learnt from the Scream 4 experience is that the inevitable Scream 5 must make changes in all the areas Scream 4 so stubbornly kept the same.

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