Scream Blu-Ray Boxset Promotion, Or Lack Of

It’s exactly one week until the Scream Blu-Ray Boxset’s September 6th release. It contains Scream, Scream 2, Scream 3, Scream: The Inside Story and Still Screaming: The Ultimate Scary Movie. That’s a lot of screaming. All three films from the iconic trilogy are together again after the DVD collection from 2000, but also in optimum presentation of the best available format of modern times, plus hours of new extras.

It’s an event. However, Lionsgate don’t feel that way. They are doing zero promotion for the boxset. Let that sink in for a moment: zero promotion. This is the kind of treatment another company, Paramount would reserve for their Friday the 13th DVDs. Maybe they simply feel Scream has become such a niche that those that love the films will buy it regardless – the fridge/eskimo syndrome. I don’t think this set, as superior as it is, is such an easy-sell – Lionsgate face many who already bought the single releases earlier in the year, and others who are grizzled over the lack of Scream 4 included (as much as we’ve rationalized its unneeded inclusion, the fact is that people expect all movies in a boxset).

Luckily, other forces are at work to give the release the attention it deserves: the Still Screaming team will be appearing for a signing at Dark Delicacies, Burbank, CA on September 6 @7pm- and bringing a few friends along. Director Ryan Turek, Producer Anthony Masi, Editor Monica Daniel and Composer John Corlis will be joined by Scream names Producer Marianne Maddalena, Editor Patrick Lussier, Scream 3 script doctor Laeta Kalogridis and Sheriff Burke himself Joseph Whipp. Possibly others.

Scream-Trilogy will attempt to wrangle some goodies for coverage. Stay Screaming!

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29 Responses to “ Scream Blu-Ray Boxset Promotion, Or Lack Of ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. god maybe because the cover art from 2000 was way better. ugh itd be nice to see commercials but yeah im sure the s4 dvd will get proper promo….it needs it. i dont even hav a bluray player but im buying one cuz i want the goodies n may as well start my bluray collection with my favorite franchise.

  2. They rarely advertise re-release blu-rays or rarely advertise boxsets unless its a tv series or a huge series like the new star wARS BLURAY. They are unlikely to advertise a boxset like this even if it included scream 4 it’d be unlikely, they’d just advertise the new bit, so theyd advertise scream 4 only which they will in a few weeks. theres no need to advertise this boxset itd be wasted air, as it has little new except documentaries and those arent big enough to advertise. People get attention of these things mainly instore or on amazon. Nice of you to give us new articles but this isnt article worthy as itd never get exposure even if the francise were still a boxoffice pull.

  3. Man, who made that awesome Halloween/Scream poster?

  4. I’m with JRT. Where’d that come from?

  5. I also like the poster. I really hope we get a lot of promotions for the Scream 4 DVD on TV the next few weeks.

    I know it’s still early but don’t forget Neve Campbell’s birthday is October 3rd.

  6. The poster is one of the Still Screaming postcards we exclusively revealed a few months ago. Click the Still Screaming tag to access the archives if you want to see the rest.

    @seb I’m interested in your high standards of what is “article worthy”. I think you’re missing the bigger picture here but no matter. Please advise.

  7. Actually, many of the Miramax/Lionsgate Blu-ray re-releases are getting love. For instance, Pulp Fiction garnered its own commercial, and that sports ZERO new special features.

    Thank you for the article, gang.

  8. @ Seb I 100% agree. If miramax/lionsgate should have made this box set available to DVD users and global consumers. Instead they make the boxset exclusive to Blu Ray users and USA only then maybe it would get publicity. So I wouldn’t be surprised if they do not make much off this Scream BluRay Boxset. Ryan has not yet answered my questions via here or facebook about “deleted scenes”…only thing special about this box set is the two documentaries, never before seen pictures. My opinion they could have sold the two docs separately. It’s nothing for me to pay $20 for the individual documentary BluRay.

  9. Is this the cover of the trilogy package. that wud be cool.

  10. lionsgate sucks…they screwed over will and grace boxsets too by not even including full episodes just syndicated versions

  11. Like you said, as big a fan as I am, I bought them all on VHS, then DVD, then as a cheap boxed set on Blu Ray and finally individually on Blu ray…won’t be buying it again. Much as I woulda enjoyed these special features I’ve got these first three films in enough formats and editions to last two life times…

  12. I own the Scream DVD box-set and 1-3 on VHS.
    I am definitely purchasing this Blu-Ray box-set too.

  13. i didnt mean to sound like i was questioning your articles, im just saying i would never expect to see advertising for this kind of thing i cant remember when ive seen advertisements for for blu-ray or dvd trilogy boxsets, they are continually unloved. Im also not saying this wont do well minus it, i live in the uk and im buying this set from overseas, im extremely interested in it.

    All i meant was i personally see little point in talking about something that i think obviously wasnt going to get tv adverts anyway except the possible small tagline on the bottom of the screen when they start advertising scream 4. But thats just me :)

    @really i understand people want these documentaries in other countries and on dvd but people are lucky these documentaries are getting released at all as many small time docs rarely do, so im fine with it, has it deffinatly been confirmed that the docs will be in high def??? or just standard def in a pack with the original blu-ray tilogy?, seems weird they go to the effort and expense of put these in high def when they rarely even put bigger docs or even blu ray specia featurs in high def.

    i love this site its awesome, no disrespect meant.

  14. Talking of which i just preordered scream trilogy blu-ray and scream 4 us blu-ray from playusa. i love exchange rates :) total cost for the two, $57.77 but in the uk it cost me around £35 good deal :D. so ill now have the trilogy on vhs, dvd, bluray and both uk and us scream 4 blu-rays. hopefully the american blu-ray is the theatrical version, as i have the ppv which in some ways is better, *fucking* morgue, prinicipal and hospital voiceovers and gales extra hospital line but some isnt like olivia’s poor dubbing. Sooooo excited even though i bet i dont receive them till about a week after youve all witnessed the special feature, AWESOMNESS.

  15. Cool seb, thanks for clarifying. To perhaps better clarify my own comments or put them in context: it’s true blu ray boxsets don’t always warrant big time promotion, but it’s the lack of ANY kind of promotion that disturbs me. Usually the company can at least dig up some cast and crew to do interviews with media sites/mags to tie in with a release and bring an old movie/s back into the public eye. That’s really what I was sort of expecting – some kind of, even low level, web initiative. But they’re just puting it out there to sell or not sell, and I think that apathy is ridiculous considering the historical stature of Scream. Quite frankly, I think it deserves a little more.

  16. Thank you also, yeah i agree, i see no point in spending all that money on a brand new boxset and not trying to help it sell. Its just throwing money away as im sure lots of people would love this trilogy on Blu-ray but they’ll likely never know about it, it does deserve far better. You’d think they’d at least have adverts on A&E as Inside story: scream premeiered their and is in the boxset,its a sad waste.

  17. Just imagine if Scream 4 was a hit, how fast and expensive the studios would go to sell the previous films? Does anyone still think Scream 5 starring Hayden Panettiere is coming???

  18. Yeah I still believe once sales of dvds/blurays etc have come in october aswell as the film opening in japan in oct to which is a strong money making country for any film and ive heard theres a good market for scream films over their, so we may at least see it push the worldwide total to 100m it may not match the previous films but never the less 100m for a horror film is still strong, and I think the weinsteins know that, maybe just make it cheaper next time. I mean their are things against it like neve campbell just signed up to a titanic mininseries so shes busy part of next year and interest in the series is down but it could easily get a new market on dvd where lots of films like kick ass and scott pilgrim performed weak at boxoffice but strong in dvd. And the sequel could be stronger even tho 4 is very much a love it or hate film, I love it think it has real brilliance like scream, but I know people who dont. I believe in scream 5 and that we’ll see what williamson had in mind for a trilogy but im a wishful thinker. As for kirby yeah thats not gonna happen dewey refers to her as if she didnt make it and it would be just silly if she did survive in scream5 she was stabbed twice hard and deep in the stomach with a large kitchen knife, no one would survive that.

  19. I cant wait until September 6th I’m glad i waited for the box set instead of buying them individually. Does anyone know where i can buy a copy of the uk pp v version of Scream 4? I know its basically the same thing as the theater version except with some added lines but it would be cool to have both versions.

    @Seb I agree with everything you said in your last comment with one exception the part where you talk about how no one would survive being stabbed in the stomach twice by that knife. Its actually modeled after a buck 120 hunting knife. Now as to say Kirby couldn’t survive after being stabbed twice well what about Sidney? Sidney also got stabbed twice pretty good and deep in the stomach with that same knife and yet we know she survives lol. So i cant see it being anymore unrealistic (or whatever you want to call it)then Sidney surviving that. Yeah i liked Kirby and shes a new fan favorite but it wouldn’t bother me if they said she lived i also wouldn’t mind if they didn’t bring her back either but it would be cool if they did though because she kind of reminds me of someone i knew in real life but anyways im still hopeful for a Scream 5. I really enjoyed Scream 4 so i would like to see them continue the new trilogy.

  20. Who thinks robbie mightvve survived? if dewey did in scream one and two then robbie and kirby did. i liked the two. they shudve survived. but then again i liked judy.

  21. Who knows – if there’s any promotion on TV shows by people like David Arquette (who’s doing Dancing with the Stars, so he’ll probably be doing the rounds) for Scream 4’s release, they might try promoting the boxed set or mentioning that it’s out there as well. I assume the frustration here is with the general print media campaign (which there isn’t one as far as I’m aware) and how there’s nothing scheduled to our knowledge regarding these people promoting it. But Cougar Town also returns soon and so Courteney could promote Cougar Town’s second season DVD, Cougar Town’s season 3 premiere, Scream 4 on Blu-ray and DVD and the Scream trilogy on Blu-ray. Is it likely? Maybe not as it seems they don’t want to “confuse people” with too many things being promoted at once, but it could happen.

    As for people talking about Kirby surviving, I don’t see a real reason why not. Dewey kind of shrugging off Jill’s concern for a bunch of random people and then focusing on her cousin seems completely rational (I mean, it’s “family”). And, if the series is going to continue to comment on the genre (although they kind of did it in 3 already), later horror sequels always pull questionable stuff like bringing characters back from the dead or pretending things didn’t happen – or just didn’t matter as much as we thought – when they clearly did (Halloween 5, I’m looking at you). So saying Kirby was terribly injured but survived would make sense – and might give them the opportunity for some pretty funny “meta”-one-liners.

    As far as I perceive it, Robbie already outlived his “rational” lifespan when he stumbled up the steps and warned people to run. Although I’d love to see him back, Kirby is a much better choice at this point as she’s not quite as much of a Randy copy – but I certainly don’t want a new “movie expert” in every film in the “second trilogy,” if such a thing exists – although bringing back Kincaid or Martha or even Joel or Joshua Jackson (Does he even have a character name? Why didn’t he cameo in 3 as a production assistant or something?) isn’t 100% out of the question, none of that’s looking very likely at this point. But I think it would be fun to see.

  22. I think youve just given the exact reason, why kirby shouldnt return. The point of scream is to comment or jokingly wink about horror and dumb horror movi ee stuff but its not supposed to replicate that dumb stuff, thats the reason some people dislike the sequels for slowly becoming more like the films their referencing and therefore moving away from the realistic nature of the original. And getting stabbed in the stomach deep twice, people dont survive that, theres barely any way to put it back together. Getting stabbed in the back you could miss vital organs easy, hell actually theres more chance of a stab in the head surviving. Also ill know people will think what about sidney, but actually she was stabbed more in the womb, overy area then the stomach way more likely of survival but might mean no kiddies for sidney. I loved scream 4 and thought the whole charlie reveal through to her death was perfectly timed and proberly my favourite reveal, so id never change the impact and violence of kirbys death, you feel her pain.

  23. I’m not sure why anyone is comparing Kirby or Robbie’s death to Dewey’s back injury from the end of part I. If you guys remember they added the scene at the end of Dewey entering the ambulance just in case the crowds liked him…..then they had the option to bring him back if needed. But, correct me if i’m wrong, he was originally supposed to die.

    It seems to me since Kirby nor Robbie were seen after their injuries….chances are they were fatal injuries.

  24. @Seb Scream has ALWAYS been what it mocks. Watch the “Jamie, behind you.” scene. Meta, doing what it’s mocking and a huge part of why Scream was successful. The sequels have done similar things in different ways and sometimes threw fans off because of it. Although most seemed to enjoy the “false openings” of Scream 4.

    You could argue that Sidney should die before 5 from an infection to her wounds that went unnoticed. That might be “realistic” but would basically annoy everyone, wouldn’t it? So whatever one’s construct of “realistic” might be, in many instances, is unimportant as sometimes the statistics don’t conform to reality and vice versa.

    Something similar can be said of having Kirby return in Scream 5 as one of the main characters. Is that stupid and unrealistic or is that realistic and fitting, even with the Scream themes? It depends on if you want to be cynical about it and pretend you know all about what reality is and what’s possible. We saw her get badly injured yet we have no direct confirmation of her death (so we wouldn’t be changing the impact of Kirby’s death because we never saw it). If they’re setting up a second trilogy and they need someone who knows “the rules” and they wanted to show that someone’s situation could mirror Sidney’s, Kirby’s perfect if she survived. She knows horror, she had a psycho love interest in the first film of a trilogy and she was stabbed twice.

    It would be interesting to see Hayden try some promotion for the Scream 4 DVD on some talk shows. If she does, it might indicate that she’s still interested in the series.

    Regardless, with no new series characters to invest in, the concept of sequels for this series is literally, due to the cast, “getting old.”

  25. I honesty believe kirby is alivI know alot of people are saying she is dead because Dewey didn’t contradict Jill when she said Kirby was dead but legally he couldn’t confirm or deny Kirby was dead or alive because Jill wasn’t related to her.

  26. I liked kirby and robbie’s characters but having them not come back wud be getting old. i mean dewey was stabbed three times in the back and survived but robbie and kirby were stabbed a couple of times too but as far as we know died. i also think that kirby wud be a great person to lead through another trilogy. if they do make one, it wud be a twist. because if sidney had died in scream but tatum survived and went on to be the main character, that wud of been totally crazy and not predictable. because we already know that judy will probably die or not show up in the next movie and have new survivors along with the once again surviving trio. so if robbie and kirby made it, it wud be like the whole sidney and randy thing. so bring back kirby and jill it wud be fresh for the series. even though i do like judy, she cud be like the new gale or a new dewey. i wud luv to see the two come back. even if u just pull a randy on them and kill them off in the sequel.

  27. Yeah so i don’t think you can just automatically rule Kirby out as dead I think of it as uncertain unless Scream 5 gets made.

  28. Elise Neal has been added to the signing at Dark Delicacies in Burbank. I might have to go to this now. Joseph Whipp is cool (since he’s also in Suicide Kings and A Nightmare on Elm Street) but the main cast/victims are who I’m really after. Hallie is one of my favorite characters in the series. Just so likable and good for Sid.

  29. Just looked on Amazon, Scream Boxset has shipped, can’t wait until tuesday. :D

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