Scream Blu-Ray Extras: Now Over Seven Hours

Reader YKYMF did us all a kindness by contacting Lionsgate directly to get some answers about the upcoming trilogy set. He was able to obtain some running time info that makes a well-built boxset even better.

Special Features:
• 90-minute “Still Screaming” documentary with 4 hours of extra footage
• 96-minute “Scream: The Inside Story” documentary

I’ll take a guess the 4 hours of extra footage includes an Audio Commentary that we know director Ryan Turek had participated in. Outside of that, I’d expect some extended interviews and special segments. There’s at least 7 hours of new content, not including all the previous extras from Scream to Scream 3.

Also, they list the number of discs as being… 4. So, that’s another question answered.

To the inevitable commenters still asking why Scream 4 isn’t included: different company. It’s just a cardboard box, and it would only be valid until Scream 5. The Scream trilogy is just that, a trilogy. Let Scream 4 stand next to it, metaphorically and literally.

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12 Responses to “ Scream Blu-Ray Extras: Now Over Seven Hours ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Will this come to DVD at all?

  2. Were Lionsgate able to confirm that the extras haw captions available for those who are hard of hearing?

  3. so has this been confirmed for europe too?

    im getting a blu-ray player this month, and this boxset with the 2 documentarys is one of those boxsets i really want to have.

    + i have been reading some different stories about region free blu-rays etc.

    so will we be getting this boxset in europe (the netherlands to be more precise) or do i have to order it from the us + spend a shitload of money on a regionfree blu-ray player??

  4. fucking sweet

  5. Australia is getting a 4 disc Scream Collection in October that includes Scream 4.

  6. Sounds good can’t wait to see the two docs. I’m just hoping for some unseen footage or missing deleted scenes in those special features.

  7. What about DVD? Can someone please tell me if this is coming out for DVD at all

  8. Right now there is no DVD release scheduled.

  9. @right now…
    Thank you! But that rlly sucks i hope they have everything they do for blu-ray for dvd

  10. 4 discs? So they are cramming 2 docs and 4 hours of footage onto a single disc? It seems that much footage on a single disc and the quality would suffer.

  11. Upon research (I’m behind) they are now encoding in Mpeg 4 and can get up to 8 hours on a disc now…..used to be you could only get 4 hours on in HQ without too much compression.

  12. Yeah, let me be the first to apologize. I submitted the news that Lionsgate was planning on including 4 hours of bonus footage w/ Still Screaming? Why would I do that? Because that’s what they told me. Hell, that’s what they were telling each other. I contacted a Lionsgate representative who sent me a copy of their internal info.

    Special Features:
    • 90-minute “Still Screaming” documentary with 4 hours of extra footage
    • 120-minute “Scream: The Inside Story” documentary

    The 120 minute figure was also revised down to 90– 120 was w/ commercials on Bio.

    So, again.. sorry to anyone who got their hopes up. I certainly did.

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