UK Gets Scream 4 PPV Version On Blu-Ray

The saga of the equally famed and despised alternate audio cut of Scream 4 has seemed to reach a crescendo: Scream-Trilogy has independently verified that the UK BD/DVD release is the Pay-Per-View version, not the theatrical.

That’s a nice perk, especially since the release lost access to special features when it was decided to rush it to release prior to the USA’s special edition coming in October.

Spare a thought for the Mexicans, who were among the first to stock the movie for purchase – again, extraless due to the timeline – but were saddled with a cropped 16×9 image, and more oddly, have the theatrical audio in English but the PPV audio as Spanish language in both audio and subtitles. Does your head hurt yet?

You know what would really be the holy grail – dual English audio tracks featuring the theatrical audio, and PPV audio. But since Team Scream doesn’t appear to properly realize what they have on their hands with the PPV version, don’t expect this to be.

Stay tuned for more info and commentary on international malarkey.

Research contributed by Brett Vickerman.

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54 Responses to “ UK Gets Scream 4 PPV Version On Blu-Ray ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. So I don’t get it, what’s the difference in the PPV version and the theatrical??

  2. Maybe read the link that says “Pay-Per-View Version”?

  3. Okay, I’m confused, who has what audio?

  4. Now why can’t we get THIS cover for our blu release? My favorite poster of all the films.

  5. Didn’t you guys here on say that the PPV version was so hard to spot the differences that it was almost unnoticeable? Very interesting piece of trivia.

  6. Okay on the UK DVD (That I have) we have the Pay Per View Version. In a way they are kind of like our extras with all the extra audio like when Chloe says: “It’s your own fault” after stabbing Rachel in the Stab 7 sequence or the dubbing of most of Olivia’s lines. The only extras we got was the 2nd Trailer released that goes on for about 2mins. There was an interactive main menu aswell that has the photo from the cover in the left hand cornor of the screen with alot of smoke over some clips from the film that play with Bad Karma playing in the background. This was on my DVD, I don’t know what the blu-ray menu is like but it has the same extras!!! :D

  7. Wow, so only the U.S DVD/Bluray versions have the special features..?
    i would hate to live out of the states because of that. Why dont foreign countries have the features? Just because of the rushed release?
    Anyways, im DYING to see the Alternate Opening/Deleted Scenes AND Extended Ending!
    October 4th!!!

  8. Did you noticed that Marielle Jaffe photo on the final credits is from a deleted scene?

  9. No…I can only tell you what’s happening here on Brasil. If it’s the same, The other countries doesn’t have special features because the distributor company in these countries has to pay something to the studio or to the original distributor there on the U.S. for each extra. Plus, the speacial features aren’t available yet.

  10. Awesome!!! This gives me a reason to keep this Blu-ray when i buy the US Blu ray for the special features, hopefully the US version is the theatrical one, so i have both.

  11. I have seen the pay-per-view version, and this is both an up and a down for the UK folks. I mean, there are some added value to the audio from PPV version, but at other times, it’s just down right shitty dubbing.

  12. @mmbento “Did you noticed that Marielle Jaffe photo on the final credits is from a deleted scene?”

    Yes, I saw that! From the fountain scene. The credits is actually one of my favorite parts of the movie. It’s well done editing, and it’s fun to go through the list of stars WHO DIED in the movie. I am thinking this while watching: I can’t believe they actually went through so much slice-n-dicing for so many people. The list just goes on and on and on.

  13. Scandinavia has the PPV also, but that wasn’t newsworthy? ;-)

  14. Well the Scream 4 DVD release has been a total slap in the face over here in England. Came out this week – I received mine on Saturday, 2 days before it hit the shops. Was v excited. Put it on immediately to check out the extras (most importantly the alt opening and the deleted scenes) and what do I see on the root menu – “Play Movie”/”Audio Options”/”Scene Selection”/”Trailer”. WTF. I was NOT a happy man. I desperately clicked on trailer, hoping that would in fact take me to some magical extras menu. Nope! What is THAT all about? I would have rather the UK waited till October, like the states, if it meant getting those extras. I have a multi-region DVD player so may very well but the US version when it comes out in the Autumn, but I’m still mad. How can they release a DVD with literally NO extras. The trailer – big whoop. I’ve seen that like twenty times in the lead up to S4. Urgh, not cool!

  15. The whole Scream 4 release has been a nightmare. The irony is that the writer should have listened to their own advice when they wrote the infamous line “don’t fuck with the original.” They fucked with it and now the whole franchise is fucked up. Nothing seems to be more fucked up. The UK gets screwed over. The US has that awful cover art that will have to sit / rot on our shelves forever. I don’t get how they messed everything up so bad. From the promotion before the film came out to the home video distribution. It’s been one long tortuous ride. I’ll be glad when it’s over, sad to say.

  16. Want to know something even more messed up? In Canada websites are showing the UK version of the boxart. Which makes no sense because were obviously getting the american version (american/canadian releases are always the same) but somehow our boxart is that of UK, makes no sense

  17. @Robert aka ILNY83, I agree with you everything about this Era of scream has seem’d so half assed, sloppy and rushed. They should be ashamed of themselves for what they’ve done to the quality of this franchise.
    and @matt whose to say that you guys won’t be getting the UK version of the film? You better hope you guys get those extras

  18. I bought the Blu-Ray version today in the UK and the menu is the same as the DVD. But it’s a total rip off. The Blu-Ray only has the trailer too, but the back of the box advertises it as HD, yet the the trailer is in SD! I’ve not watched the film on it yet. Not sure how I feel about the PPV version… I hate Olivia’s dubbing in it. But I still love the film. Just annoying how there are no extras. I just hope the US Blu-Ray is region free so I can import it. If not i’ll get the US DVD just for the extras.

  19. I wish people would have stop complaiing every small thing about this movie. Now there are people nit picking about the cover who care wht the covers looks like? I only thing I care about is that we are getting the special features. They could a picture of a just a knife on the cover and I would still buy it. Then maybe I’m just too easy to please.

  20. I messed up I meant to say I wish people would stop complaining about every small thing about this movie, Who cares about what the cover of the DVD looks like?

  21. The UK/Irish DVD is 4 minutes shorter than the Blu Ray (110 mins) apparently.

  22. @Jill Roberts Fan, I completely agree with everything you said a 1000 percent.

  23. @JillRobertsFan That’s why they make comment sections, so people can voice civil and respectful comments. Disliking album art is not nitpicky in my opinion. If you pay for a product then you should be able to like or dislike how that product is presented. I personally don’t care for the cheesy cast photo that was added onto the blu-ray. Why bother something (The Knife Poster) that was fine to begin with? That’s all i’m saying. =)

  24. @JRT That’s true everyone is allowed their opnion, I guess I just got a little tired of all the complaints about this movie for a minute.I”m just saying the cover of the DVD doesn’t really matter to me, That being said I did like the knife poster a little better.

  25. not again… first overseas gets the uncut version of Scream, now UK has the PPV audio?? C’mon

    it’s like when I bougth my Buffy season 4 on dvd with no anamorphic format. The Uk version had anamorphic until the last season. Not Fare

  26. @JillRobertsFan No prob…one thing we can all agree on is that we can’t wait for the 4th. Cover art or No cover art. =)

  27. I agree that people need not complain as much as they do. You certainly CAN complain, yes. I’m just not sure what precise good it’s expected to do but it can be healthy to vent frustrations.

    As for JRT’s comment of, “Why bother something (The Knife Poster) that was fine to begin with?” the reasoning I imagine is that the film underperformed partially because few “casual” fans in the US knew who all was in the cast. So it makes perfect sense for them to react to that lack of awareness by putting photos on the cover of major cast members who might draw attention.

    I am surprised sometimes at how much people seemingly expect the filmmakers to cater to fan whim rather than marketability on general release items. That’s what super deluxe special editions two years later, once the first has sold well, are for. But, of course, then people will complain about “double-dipping” rather than appreciating what they can have.

  28. @JillRobertsFan – I agree that there have been a lot of nitpicky comments throughout the entire process of Scream 4. But that’s because we have had reason to be critical. I agree with @JRT that if people want to discuss the cover art, they are entitled to. However, the main complaint on this thread is the different versions of Scream 4 that different countries are getting on DVD and more importantly the lack of special features on the UK DVD. That’s what I was nitpicking about. And I think that’s a valid complaint seeing as its pretty lame that the UK don’t get ANY extras when there are alternate and deleted scenes out there to be watched. Its not fair.
    Another thing is that we are all clearly big fans of the Scream series, but I like that we can “nitpick” about stuff. Its only because we all wanted the Scream 4 experience to be perfect. We’d all be pretty dull if all we did was rant on about how wonderful Scream 4 is when clearly there have been major issues with it (predominantly with the promotion and release of it, rather than the actual film content itself). It makes for interesting discussion.

  29. And @Denny – I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: they should have done a Scream 4 cast photoshoot, a la Screams 1-3. Not photoshopped the heads in. To this day I don’t know why they didn’t bother…!?!

  30. The UK release of Scream 4 on Blu-ray obviously isnt a huge seller, it wasnt even in amazons top ten until, they’ve dropped the price from £14.99 to £11, and now its just in at 8. and the biggest flop of the year sucker punch is just below it.

  31. I guess i was just a little disappointed that the DVD cover is the unedited poster. The blu has the cast stuck in. It’s just such a brilliant poster! Easily the best out of all 4 films. Oh well…couple weeks and we get the thing for our own viewing pleasure. Yipee!

    On a side note…does anyone know if we get trailers and tv spots?

  32. @JRT your right we can agree on that I am looking to October 4th to get the DVD.

    Side note Neve Campbell’s Birthday is October 3rd.

  33. @drewjobullo Agreed about a cast photoshoot. And that complaints can make for interesting discussion or an understanding of issues so that things might improve in the future.

    But, regarding your comment about something not being “fair,” who is to say what is fair? There’s always going to be SOMETHING for SOMEBODY to complain about if they want to be grumpy and not see the good of what’s in front of them. Somebody got it first or someone got more or someone shouldn’t have gotten it at the same time because they didn’t do this or that – if someone wants to find a reason to complain, they will.

    Complaining on a website might be something the makers come across but it’s not a direct means of communicating, respectfully, one’s concerns about design elements and content – to the actual distributors. I don’t know what the email to contact would be for that stuff but I’m sure someone on here does or knows where to get it. If you have an issue, get your friends together and TELL the people responsible. Maybe you can help the UK get a better release in the future (which people may then complain about being a second release of something they already bought). But just complaining to get your opinion out there, when you don’t make sure you get it to the right people, seems a bit self-involved.

    Then again, so does me writing four or five paragraphs complaining about complaining for no apparent reason. :-/

  34. @JillRobertsFan Nice catch. We should all make SCREAM CAKES, take pictures and try and get them posted to where she can see em. I mean come on….who doesn’t wana be in the kitchen making a GHOSTFACE cake for her on 10/3? Let the creativity begin.

  35. @Denny “Then again, so does me writing four or five paragraphs complaining about complaining for no apparent reason. :-/”

    LOL man, that made my day. =) great sense of humor man.

  36. I got this tonight. I was a bit annoyed about not having the special features but I’m just really happy to finally own this movie!

  37. this is probably a dumb question but does anyone know if the UK bluray will play in a US one? I know some blus are region-free.. I guess I’m hoping at least ONE of the releases from another country are region free.

  38. @Denny – no extras on UK version. A TON of extras on US version. Not fair! No? But I’ll rephrase so as not to sound like a spoilt self involved brat: It’s all terribly iniquitous, undue and a giant bummer!
    As for somehow communicating with the powers that be in order to make them change things in the future – people in the industry don’t listen to crazy fans who try and get in touch about stuff like this. They ain’t gonna listen to little old me. My reason for venting it on here is because I figured other people might feel the same. Or, someone who hasn’t bought the UK version yet might appreciate that the extras on it do not exist. But I guess I’ll pipe down about it now…

  39. @xander21: My thoughts exactly. We even reported about it first! :S

    Slightly different version of Brie’s death scene from the PPV version

  41. @drewjobullo They WILL listen to you but they won’t if you don’t voice your opinion to them.

    You say that it isn’t fair that the US version gets extras. Someone in the US might say it’s unfair that the UK gets it released first. Someone else might say that, because many UK films or shows are never released on DVD in the US, it’s unfair that the UK gets it at all.

    But my point is that “fair” depends entirely upon your perspective and many will go out of their way to be upset about something (rather than trying to positively effect things) because of their bias (in favor of the US or the UK or Antarctica) or self-importance or whatever. Even if it was “equal everywhere,” someone – no matter how outlandish we might find their view – could step in and say that THAT is unfair and make some argument about how it shouldn’t be equal. And that argument may even have some validity.

    As stated, if someone WANTS to complain, they will rather than recognizing the good they have. If it is of such concern to you that there aren’t various extras, I’m certain you can contact the distributors and inquire about future releases of the film and the potential for extras on those. And it would help if you got others who are concerned about this involved as well – which is what a comment section like this or on the forums might be good for in that “complaint”-related regard.

    Don’t silence yourself. I’m not asking for that (and I don’t have any “authority” to). I was saying your frustration could be put to good use rather than tossed out to make others aware (of the lack of extras – which is all fine and good but the article itself does that) or foster agreement with your frustration. I support your cause (to have a release which features all of the extras available where it makes sense to) but, while I’ll possibly help out in whatever way I can, I am not in a position to seem as though I have any buying power in the UK. UK consumers, however, obviously are.


    Scream 4 has just been classified in Australia – note where it says Version: MODIFIED. The classification for the film release said ORIGINAL. So we’re getting the PPV version too.

    But JB Hi Fi says we’re getting extras, at least on the BluRay:

  43. @drew jobullo – I agree totally. Quite why the distributors would think that fobbing off the UK with vanilla crap is fine beggars (or buggers) belief. Frankly they must hate money, I can’t afford to pay for something with no added value, as it’s simply not worth it. I WOULD have gladly bought the Special Edition. I think it’s also pretty important that people don’t defend companies/ corporations. Pwease don’t say naughty things about those cheapass miscreant jag offs, it is their right to rip people off! It makes no sense to release a vanilla travesty in August rather than waiting until October or Nov and releasing the U.S. Edition. Ah, Americans you are still so lucky in some ways (certainly with dvds, tho you’re plagued with the Tea Party, Ricky Gervais -sorry, Russell Brand – ditto, and horrible storms). As for a company actually listening to complaints – Bwah ha ha!

  44. Oh, after seeing that the dvd was not up to much, I rented it from the library for a week. Take That Distributors – 2nd class citizens strike back you greedy chimps! My anger is due to being REALLY disappointed that they rushed the release of something not worth the money for no apparent reason. Man, it was almost as bad as SNL Seasons 2-4 being unavailable in Shining Albion as well! Ooh, am I complaining?! Tsk Tsk. It’s good to be able to, no?

  45. “As for a company actually listening to complaints – Bwah ha ha!”


    I was one of a group of people who kept petitioning for the US release of a UK DVD which was released in 2001 there. After many years, we finally got it, partly due to our requests making them aware of the demand. So if that can be done with a property, then enough people asking about an edition of a fairly popular film with special features should be easier.

    In other words: Your cynicism is unwarranted.

  46. Fair enough, Denny, I knew I’d gone a little too far. However(yes, you knew there’d be a however) my cynicism CAN’T be totally dismissed as there are plenty of contrary examples. In *those* cases it wouldn’t be cynicism but *realism*. The problem is my poor joke came across as a blanket statement rather than as, y’know, a mere sour throwaway. Still well done on your success (I’m not being sarcastic). I would also argue that there was more cynicism in the UK DVD thoughtless botch job than in my observations. Also, joking aside I don’t feel that my scepticism is *entirely* unwarranted. Anyway, I stand by my serious opinions tho I’m not infallible. Sincerely, Grouchy Hal.

  47. @Denny – I think using the example of some people out there possibly finding it unfair that the UK get Scream 4 on DVD at all, when its a US produced film, was a slightly flimsy argument. I mean, come on! THAT would be ridiculous. I don’t think my moaning about my DVD not having any extras on it is that outrageous. If someone were to post on this forum that no-one deserves Scream 4 to be released on DVD except from the country it was made – well, everyone would laugh at them. From reading your latter comments I see now that you have experienced a UK produced film not being released in your country and so this international DVD release business is clearly a sore topic. Although I see that you fought for that to be released in the US and succeeded, so well done on that. But seriously, wanting the butt load of extras that are on the US DVD to be on the UK DVD is fair enough. As far as the UK/US entertainment industry goes, its all pretty closely linked and I think my comments are totally fair.

    (Talking of “fair” – I’m starting to majorly wish I hadn’t used that exact phrasing now.)

    Regarding @Hal’s comments on this, I have to say that I agree with his cynical/realistic/whatever you want to call it, approach on the subject. @Denny you obviously fought hard for this DVD to be released in the US (I’m dying to know what it was by the way). Perhaps if I really tried I could get my opinions accross but to be honest its a lot of energy when I can just as easily buy the US release and watch it on my multi-region DVD player over here in England. Yes, that’s the lazy option. It’s also the expensive option if I have it shipped over, but I’m in New York in November so I’ll pick it up then, hassle free. I’d still rather have the extras on the UK version of course though. But in my experience (and I work in media and entertainment) some hardcore fans MOST PROBABLY can’t change much and or get the big-shots to listen to them. I don’t have the time to start some big campaign either. My argument is that if the US get all those extras, I reckon the UK should too. In most cases each country get the same special features on DVD releases, why not in this instance? I agree with @Hal that this release has been thoughtless and that a little complaining doesn’t hurt. Hey, who knows, someone of power might be reading this very forum. Could I be right @Wicked-scribe??

  48. @Hal

    Yes, there are issues with these sorts of things but there will always be issues. Decisions are made here or there related to availability, rights issues, purchasing power, etc. and if the UK distributors don’t think the extras would help much or something, they probably wouldn’t bother. But what it really takes to change it is enough people who care banding together and saying, “I want them to know I would value the prospect of purchasing this release with more extras rather than this rather ‘limited’ version.” and then there’s a chance it might change. Is there a guarantee? No. But there’s a chance. Some of your cynicism is warranted as “realism,” yes, but – (and this both proves and disproves your point) in general – distributors and the like care about if something will make money. And knowing that can be difficult if they’re unaware of any direct demand.


    I agree it’s a fairly flimsy argument but that doesn’t mean that SOMEONE SOMEWHERE might not raise a furor over how that’s “unfair” and have some vaguely legitimate grounds for thinking so (obviously, I used that example because I’m aware of issues like that – not that I think that argument is a very valid one as I’m more about mutual inclusion than exclusion – but on top of what I mentioned earlier, one of my favorite TV shows is unavailable in the US due to problems with music rights…yay). Like I said – it’s all about perspective so maybe the situation seems poor but if the possibility of changing that would likely take minimal effort yet one shrugs it off as unimportant, it seems it’s more about complaining than getting something done. Although you’re perfectly within your rights to complain and I didn’t mean to imply that you weren’t. I just see a lot of negativity in the comments on this site with some people seemingly assuming the worst about every news post and I’m constantly left baffled at what drives this intense frustration with everything which causes people to mostly only see the “bad” side or merely their OWN (likely frustrated or disappointed or cynical or whatever) side.

    As far as the argument goes that the UK deserves the same extras, I agree – but I don’t know if sales of the Scream DVDs, in general, are small in the UK or that they project that the sales of this DVD won’t be much and yet, if they wanted them, they have to spend a rather large amount on the rights to various special features (from Anchor Bay or whomever actually is putting them together) for distribution. I’m unaware of that stuff. I’m sure someone around has a copy of the UK release and there’s probably a website somewhere on it related to the distribution company (if not, I bet someone could find this information somewhere). One could then go to that website, rummage around for awhile and likely inquire about who to send complaints/requests to.

    The DVD I waited ten years for was Doctor Who: The Movie. Apparently Fox/Universal/BBC occasionally have difficulty agreeing on things when it comes to distribution in the US on trans-atlantic co-productions. Which, given the size and heirarchy of those companies, is obviously no surprise. About ten years after its original release in the UK, the UK got an updated version with more special features and then the US got it as well. Many months before the release, fans were given a message (from the person in charge of the US distribution of Doctor Who), that the fans’ enthusiasm for the US release was influential in the decision-making and that they were pleased to have finally straightened out the issues. (…I bought it on the first day, unsurprisingly.) And that type of thing, related to who owns what and how much this or that will cost versus how much it takes in and if anybody even WANTS something – is generally the type of stuff the distribution companies listen to. There’s a market for almost anything, obviously, but a company clearly has to wonder if it’s worth their time, effort, money, etc.

    Obviously, I’m a hardcore “genre” fan when it comes to science fiction and horror. But these types of relatively “minor” gaffes come along fairly often – only nobody tends to notice because of, “I don’t want it. It’s not my problem.”-type mentalities or general indifference, thinking their opinion can’t sway things. But you vote with what you buy and, I think, particularly if people clarify that to the UK distributors – that they purchase many DVDs or Blu-rays or whatever from that given company – and state that they would appreciate a release with special features which have been available elsewhere, and a decent amount of people do it, they will take notice.

    Maybe whoever’s in charge of that side of things doesn’t watch the Scream films and doesn’t know much about the devoted fanbase so they just thought a “vanilla” release would be fine. Or maybe they do know but they felt the market demanded the DVD release sooner rather than later and they didn’t have the money or time to buy the extra features. I know this goes largely without saying, but while I know people like to make their money across various release platforms and re-releases with a ton more features and this and that – particularly if they see something’s marketable – I sincerely don’t think they’re sitting behind their desks saying, “Oh, I know! Let’s screw over these fans! They’re just UK fans! What do they matter?” and then laughing maniacally. MAYBE. But I doubt it.

  49. @denny – I take into account your comments as I said before, and *I* get frustrated at unwarranted negativity but not at justified criticism. As you say *some* UK dvds don’t get released in the US (well not in the original form) BUT (oh no a Big BUT, hey I like Big Buts – yikes dubious pun!) it’s *usually* the other way round! I’m not privy to the thought behind the UK dvd release, and No I *don’t* imagine them cackling away as that’s not how it works. I agree with drewjobullo’s comments, big surprise I know! This isn’t aimed at you Denny but it’s worth considering that even in this “Global Age” not everyone has access to certain things and even if they do greater expense can be a barrier. Lest anyone think I’m needlessly moaning – I’m just presenting my opinion, I’m not shaking my first and shouting “those Bastards!” (Okay, I’m doing that too!) . Isn’t it great to be able to share our views!?

  50. Oh, and my last comment wasn’t meant as sarcasm or irony. Damn it’s hard to convey *tone* sometimes. Further to my last post it’s frustrating supposedly more “global” (whether that’s positive or not) that this stuff still goes on, after all this *isn’t* the Big Stuff. It’s interesting, it seems quite a lot of legal problems over international rights seem to stem from companies acting like greedy, psychothic children. Erm, but gee I’ve wondered far away from Scream 4 now, sorry. Normal service may now resume…

  51. @Denny – I own the UK release. I bought it. That’s how I discovered that there are zip extras on it. But as you say, to contest it would involve me recruiting lots of people as back up and I just don’t have the time for that. The whole thing is a shame, that’s all…!
    And @Hal – it is usually the other way round, isn’t it! Another reason why this UK version totally sucks!

  52. @drewjobullo Well, you have a forum here and you seem to post remotely often. You could attempt to get something started without much more time commitment than you already put in (unless you had something big coming up and wouldn’t have time then).

    @Hal & drewjobullo The US mass-produces a ton of entertainment media so, due to the large volume, it’s likely that various things would get lost in the shuffle. In relation to UK releases not appearing in the US, it seems it’s possibly the opposite issue – largely that they fear a LACK of demand so they just don’t produce them because of the various hoops to jump through and this and that get in the way. As far as what I’m aware of (which may be wrong, obviously), region-free players seem fairly common in the UK whereas in the US if you brought them up, most people would wonder what exactly you’re talking about. So apparently a decent amount of people in the UK have gotten used to importing DVDs and the like (if what I’ve heard is true).

    I think this all relates to the sheer amount of media produced in the US vs. the UK. I doubt it but who knows – statistically, perhaps the percentages may be the same. Say one in five UK releases isn’t released in the US and 20 out of 100 (1 out of 5) US releases aren’t released in the UK. In the US, almost nobody notices it because it’s a UK thing that basically gets no promotion or attention whatsoever (because they don’t think anyone wants it). In the UK, someone threatens to punch everyone who works in the store because twelve things they want (which have been hyped by advertising/the internet/television broadcasts/whatever) are “missing.”

    For the most part, people in the US aren’t exposed to much advertising for or very many mentions of UK television at all (and what gets broadcast is typically broadcast on PBS or BBC America – two stations that get overlooked by many). In the UK, it seems you get a lot of US stuff being mentioned. I bet this all ties in. Maybe somebody here is an expert in international home distribution rights and can tell me I’m way off. It would be good to know so I don’t make such an ass of myself, my mouth wobbling, mumbling, “Oh, I don’t know – I bet it’s about the same!” in the future.

  53. @drewjobullo, yes indeed, sir!

  54. It recently came onto SKY in the UK and I was really excited because I thought that I would get to see the theatrical version…….but it was still the PPV version *sigh* I know it’s a long shot but does anybody think that there is a chance that it will be re-released in like 2 yrs or something in all the countries that didn’t have the extras with extras??? Probably not, I suppose that I will just have to import the German steelbook!!!!!!!!!!!!

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