Get Happy! Scream 4 Behind-The Scenes Photos

Scream 4 may have had its share of trouble behind the scenes, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t plenty of smiles and sunshine going around. Here are a few of them. Fan submitted via the official Scream 4 Facebook.

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11 Responses to “ Get Happy! Scream 4 Behind-The Scenes Photos ”

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  1. Marielle Jaffe, we all thought you were dead!!

  2. These are some cool pictures. Looks like she had a body double too for the scene when olivia dies.

  3. Looks like she’s holding the “Collapsible” bladed knife prop. So, i guess that the CGI blades were used very sparsely. Sounds to me like Craven just used them in difficult shots where it was needed. Can’t wait till the 4th baby!

  4. Good! You should keep using that FB page for updates. I’ve been following that page for the past month, and somehow, some members (or 1 in particular) keep on getting these exclusive photos.

  5. In covered in blood she is still hottt

  6. for some reason i alway wanted to see the stuntmans face with the costume on lol my wish has been granted

  7. These pictures are actually creepy cuz theyre smiling while covered in blood … I love it!!! Lol.

  8. these are hella cool

  9. just like the critics said. bloody disgusting and yet its entertaining………!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. haha, these are definitely highlights of a horror movie :)

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