New Book Coming: Scream Deconstructed

Scream-Trilogy contributor Scott Kessinger is putting the finishing touches on his book, Scream Deconstructed: An Unauthorized Analysis. He’s aiming to have this available for purchase online by the end of October.  It’s a critical review/analysis of all four Scream flicks in the vein of the two articles he has written for us.

Scream is About Sex (And That’s Why Women Love it)

Scream 4: On Remakes, Reboots and Reality

Below is the offical blurb that will go on the back of the book, and a preliminary cover:

Someone’s taken their love of Scream one step too far… and written a book about it!

Having earned the respect and accolades of critics and audiences, generated more than half a billion dollars in revenue, and inspired a gaggle of imitators, it’s safe to say Scream is millions of people’s favorite scary movie. While the Scream films have scared and entertained moviegoers worldwide, they’ve also invited us to closer examine the movies we watch: to deconstruct them. This book aims to do just that.

Scream Deconstructed: An Unauthorized Analysis puts all four Scream movies under the knife to examine the meaning, themes and philosophy of the movie series that brought horror back from the dead by breaking all the rules. Take a close look into the heart of this pop culture phenomenon and what its characters – including Sidney, Gale, Dewey, and each film’s killer – represent. Find out what reality, film, fantasy, and sex have to do with it all. Scream Deconstructed is sure to please any fan of Scream, horror, or film in general.

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19 Responses to “ New Book Coming: Scream Deconstructed ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. ugh. no more scream books or docs.

  2. I’ll read it

  3. “Ugh” You do know you don’t have to watch or read these if you don’t want too…

    Purely optional.

  4. Sounds awesome! Can’t wait to order it!

  5. I wish it followed the first film only, that was a real classic piece of cinema.

  6. There are some bitchy people on this board. I say if you want to write or film anything about the Scream Universe, then go for it.

  7. Thats pretty cool but I wonder how many pages it is.

    @wicked-scribe, Do you know how much this is going to cost?

  8. Also what does that cover have to do with the Scream movies not that theres anything wrong with it I’m just curious lol

  9. Why not make it AUTHORIZED????

  10. @scream1234 “Why not make it AUTHORIZED????”

    Probably a lengthy process and have to give a cut of the profit to the Scream team. Most fan written publications are unauthorized, not a big deal.

  11. I don’t like to read much, tbh, but occasionally, when I come across a book like this one, I would actually buy it and use it as an entertaining alternative to the internet, video games, and porn. ;)

  12. I look forward to his book, I LOVED the articles he did here especially On Remakes, Reboots and Reality.

  13. Paying money to read some random guys opinion of the Scream films? No thanks.

  14. I hate to sound negative, but I am not at all into these “Unauthorized Critical Analysis” books. I can go online and read a ton of random peoples “critical analysis’s” on the Scream films. For free. Just visit the forum.

    Who is this guy exactly? Why should we care enough to pay money to read what he personally thinks of the Scream films? Obviously he feels that his opinion is important enough to charge fans money to hear it. Money that not a dime of goes to support anyone involved with the films.

    This is the type of stunt that if Joshua Dudley pulled, everyone would be saying the same things I am.

  15. Cool! Do your thing bro, I’ll purchase a copy!!

  16. i’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt because I liked his articles. The guy can write and knows his scream, so why not?

  17. LOVE THE NEW BACKGROUND FOR THE WEBSITE!! and im excited for this book

  18. I got an idea lets send Nate a copy, if you know what I mean. :)

  19. ya new scream book i am gonna have my mom buy it for chrismiss

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