Scream 4 Deleted Scenes/Extended Ending Images

So we won’t be getting dodgy workprint quality versions of deleted/alternate scenes. Just lovely. Check out these images, and read on for the full whopping list of deleted/alternate scenes we’ll be getting on Blu-Ray. You’ll be surprised how much.

First off we have the infamous alternate opening, and the even tastier “aftermath” scene. For context on those, click here.

This could be those extra Robbie shots wandering around outside the house that Wes Craven mentioned. Though how a stalkative Ghostface figures in, let’s wait and see.

And what’s this? The extended ending shows Gale and Sidney sharing a warm moment? Looks like we’re getting another Scream 3 happy ending. Though not for Jill, obviously.

The first review of Scream 4 Blu-Ray is already up at, and they list the deleted/alternate scenes as running a whopping 26 minutes. All with optional Wes Craven commentary. Here’s the rundown:

Alternate Opening
Extended Ending
Dewey and Gale at Home
Jill and Trevor at School (Extended)
Crime Scene
Discussing the Murders
Dewey’s Test
Kate Outside Olivia’s House
Woodsboro Remake
Gale on the Trail
Trevor Visits Jill in the Hospital
Sidney and Gale in the Hospital
Rebecca in the Parking Lot (Alternate)
Ghost Face Test Shot
Perkins Stands Guard
Kirby with the Boys
Charlie and Robbie Set Up Stabathon
Dewey Visits Gale at the Hospital (Alternate)
Trevor and Jill Look for Jill’s Phone
Robbie Outside Kirby’s House

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41 Responses to “ Scream 4 Deleted Scenes/Extended Ending Images ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. I personally don’t like the look of the alternate Jenny/Marnie kill. I can see why they re-shot it. That whole thing with ghostface just appearing behind Jenny with no phone call leading up to it seems a bit rubbish. I think Marnie deserved more action and that they shouldn’t have killed her off screen, but I still prefer the whole Jenny/garage door climax before the opening titles. However, I still wish they didn’t cut the “crime scene” with Marnie hanging up and Jenny in the chair. Looks awesome. And establishes the whole “re-creating Woodsboro” theme.

    And I think Wicked-Scribe has got it spot on that they originally intended for another “happy ending” from those shots of Sidney and Gale at the hospital. If Scream 4 is the last in the series, I would want it to end “happily” like Scream 3 did. Scream 3 had a very final, satisfying end, with that image of the open door and the sound of the wind chimes outside. And that’s how I’d want the series to finish. But the fan in me wants desperately for there to be a Scream 5 so lets hope the exclusion of a tied up ending to Scream 4 really means that there’s more to come…

  2. I have been dying to see these since the theatrical release!
    Am from UK and am waiting for the US release… feels like forever.
    These deleted scenes will be my first watch!
    Thanks for the images, love the ones with Jenny on the chair like Steve and Marnie doing her best Casey impression! :)

  3. I hope these deleted scenes would be in 1080p or at least 720p. I couldn’t stand about the quality! Buy first day at night, watching at night, with popcorn ;)

  4. Why they felt the need to take the scene of Marnie being hung and “What’s your favourite movie?” splattered in blood across the wall out I have no idea. This would’ve made the movie A LOT more better and scarier. The opening scene looked better than what was finally released. Still a top movie though, but don’t know why they took these scenes out

  5. it doesnt say anything on the fountain scene??

  6. Yeah I don’t see anything about the fountain scene which confuses me. And I agree with the poster a few posts up who said they should have left the aftermath opening scene in. That made it a lot clearer on how they were remaking the original events.

  7. I think the fountain scene is “Discussing the Murders”.. its most definitely on the dvd ;)

  8. I think that the ‘fountain society’ scene is: Discussing the Murders

  9. omg sidney smiling :)

  10. Dewey’s test is included, that’s the nicest surpise! More Sid, Kate, Jill etc…

    The scene is supposed to be around 2’45” minutes!

  11. This looks much better! I for one, absolutely HATED the theatrical version….

  12. I have been DYING for the list to be released, and now that I’ve seen the alternate opening shots, I think I MIGHT like this more than the original…..October 4th needs to hurry up and get here.

  13. WHAT!!!! so the regular DVD wont have all these deleted scenes??

  14. They cut the “aftermath” scene, because we see the patio door still intact. That would’ve argued with the re shot opening.

  15. Yeah, will the DVD have these scenes as well? I don’t have a Bluray.

  16. I know we have all been saying for awhile that the alternate opening looks awesome and looks better then the one that made it into the final film but what if it isn’t. Would that make you think that they made the right choice by changing it and would it make you like Scream 4 more? Either way i liked the original opening even though it seemed a bit fast but I’m still looking forward to seeing the alternate opening,extended ending and deleted scenes lol.

  17. It seems a pity that we will not have the scene where Jill mocks Sidney crying on the phone. From what I read, the police would be calling her house and she said in an ironic way that a murderer was killing everyone.

  18. Does this mean the extra Stab-a-thon isn’t included? If it’s not, I’m so not going to be happy.

  19. It’s a shame they didn’t give us an option to watch the movie with the deleted scenes intact… aka, an extended cut. This movie kinda sucked because it seemed too rushed… I think the movie with most of these scenes included in would have been awesome.

  20. I waited so long for you to post these!
    They had been all over Facebook for 1 week now!!

  21. its a dvd/blu-ray they never give us everything we are always wanting more and its not just in dvds/blu-rays its in everything they want money from us and we complain about this and complain about that but we will still buy the movie or game or w/e we as fans will never be happy with the product cause its not what we all want most of the time

    but the funny thing is when we do get what we want we still complain, so really there is no win-win situation, we can do this and do that to try to get their attention and by attention get the company to read the stuff we want but bottom line they won’t listen or really care

    its like action figures you see an amazing prototype it hypes all the fans then you see the real product and it looks 10times different the prototype

  22. p.s be happy we’re getting stuff with this dvd

  23. Oh wow, after reading the comments, I just realize though we are getting a lot of deleted scenes, there are still ones that are not included. Shame! :\

  24. @Joey “They cut the “aftermath” scene, because we see the patio door still intact. That would’ve argued with the re shot opening.”

    If that is indeed the real reason, then the team had a huge FAIL. Giving up a great aftermath scene for this technicality. Could’ve worked its way around it creatively. Tsk tsk.

    I always thought they cut it for rating reasons, but who knows. Anyhow, the fact that it is cut is just plain sad and wrong.

  25. Matthew, if you liked the “original opening” (I assume you mean the theatrical) but you thought it went fast, you probably won’t like the alternate opening much. ;-)

  26. I am so buying this when it comes out! I hope it’s not just for Blu-Ray. I’m really looking forward to watching the original opening and the alternate ending. I just feel that the scene where you see Marnie and Jenny’s dead bodies shouldn’t have been left out of the film, and the fountain scene as well. They didn’t really introduce the new teens properly and left this out in the theatrical version

  27. @Denny, No ill still like it and yes i was referring to the theatrical opening. I figure they made the actual woodsboro opening kind of short because with the stab openings which technically is part of the whole opening it makes it a good length. If they had made the actual woodsboro opening for scream 4 as long as the original three scream openings plus adding the stab openings it would have been like a 20 some minute opening which is long for an opening. Being as big of fan of scream as i am a long opening wouldn’t have bothered me lol but I’m sure some people would have complained about it if it was that long.

  28. Looks like I need to get the blu-ray version then, if the DVD won’t have this on it….

  29. @stickyhandball, so did I. The only deleted/alternate scene I’ll be interested in seeing would be Sidney and Gale in the Hospital. I miss those moments between them.

  30. wow the alternae opening looks really really really really bloody and scary thats what i like they should have put that for the opening scene instead of where jenny gets stabbed in the garage lol so cant wait for october 4th for the scre4m dvd

  31. I’ve always wondered: If the producers wanted a phone call in the Jenny/Marnie sequence, why didn’t they put Marnie to answer the phone?

    Most of uf have the feeling that Brit Robertson is the better actress e she has that innocent look that would made the phone call and chase more frightening.

    Probably they switched the order of deaths in order to make the reshoot by the time Jenny was upstairs, but still…

    And I would always prefer the aftermath scene rather than the cheap scare of someone being thrown of the window (which was cool indeed, but the aftermath was more interesting to see)

  32. Did anyone else see the cat in the second picture? I cant tell if its real or not though lol

  33. What I will never understand is why the line ‘You’re not real’ was removed from the opening. It would have been just as effective in the scene whether it was Marnie saying it or Jenny.

  34. I can’t wait. Everything I hoped for came true. Lol thanks scream team and Wes.

  35. Mike, I totally agree with that. That line is iconic, and the blew it by not including it. If only we could have that line replace the “f**k Bruce Willis” line.

  36. I hope there’s someone in the group who can burn these footage, including the movie, on dvd or blu ray and import it on Avid or Final Cut Pro and edit an alternate version of Scream 4.

  37. So is there going to be a deleted scene of olivia’s alternate death or extended cuz in the trailer there was more to her death?

  38. I’m so excited

  39. I tell you Scream 4 would have been a huge success if non of these scenes were deleted, except for Rebecas alternate scene. Maybe we would have gotten a fifth installment.

  40. Killing one of the trio characters of Sidney, Dewey, and Gale would have, could have helped, but with this dud of a revised script, it wouldn’t help much

  41. i think the opening scene should have been like in friday the 13th part two where alice was killed off, have dewey, sid and gale finished in some elaborate way. then have jill plan her plan and kirby becomes the final girl, jills reasoning would be trevor cheating with kirby. but whats done is done, if they make another kirby should be the lead.

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