Scream 4 Terror Tram Behind-The-Scenes (Video)

Anyone been to this yet? Terror Tram: Scream 4 Your Life Experience @ Halloween Horror Nights LA goes till October 31st. Checking out this behind-the-scenes video I was impressed with what I saw: essentially, a sort of faux-real-life Scream 5 via the making of Stab 8 based on the events of Scream 4.

This is taking meta to yet another level…


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20 Responses to “ Scream 4 Terror Tram Behind-The-Scenes (Video) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. AHH! I’m going tomorrow! So excited!

  2. ScreamFanatic! Take me with you!

  3. I’m going on Saturday I cant wait this looks awesome.

  4. I so wish i lived closer than the UK, that tour looks cool, fingers crossed they do make a Stab 8/9 if a Scream 5 or 5cream is made soon.

  5. I actually just saw this behind-the-scene video on the official Horror Night website before I visited this site today! How coincidental!

    I also YouTube’d the actual tram walk footage from a channel that specializes in theme park videos. I have to say, judging from the footage, the whole Stab 8 tram walk is gonna be the weakest attraction of the entire event. The other mazes seem to outshine this whole Stab 8 business.

    But I am sure I will be delighted to see Ghostface everywhere nonetheless. Gf always has a special place in my heart.

  6. I may or may not be going to Horror Night this Friday on the 30th, I have not decided yet. But will decide soon :D

  7. iv been planing to take my ghostface costume and replica 120 to the park. change and have fun :D and since costumes are not allowed itll be a sneak mission lol

  8. Wish I could go but I live in niagara falls

  9. @Ghostface,Yes but the tram walk is a lot different then a maze. I think the only way to judge is by actually being there ill be there on Saturday lol and Friday the 30th is my birthday.

  10. This sucks! I so wanna’ go! If they had mentioned this a while back I would have bought some tickets and flown out there for a little vacation! FAIL :(

  11. @ruben morales “iv been planing to take my ghostface costume and replica 120 to the park. change and have fun and since costumes are not allowed itll be a sneak mission lol”

    Good luck with that. T_T

    I am fairly sure the guards at the front gate will find it and make you go back to the parking lot to store it. I’ve seen it happened so many times in previous years. My honest opinion would be not even to try it.

    Because technically, if they wanted to, that’s grounds for ejection from the park if your own costume is worn. (Though I doubt they will do that to you. They only do that to people who are over-rowdy or violent, accidental or not.) They need to make sure scare-actors are the only ones with the costumes on.

  12. @Matthew “Yes but the tram walk is a lot different then a maze. I think the only way to judge is by actually being there ill be there on Saturday lol and Friday the 30th is my birthday.”

    Oh, I’ve been to Horror Night before (2 times so far, so tomorrow will be my 3rd visit), and I know they are quite different. However, my previous comment meant that, comparing to previous tram tours/walks, this year’s will kind of suck. (Sorry, my fellow Scream/Stab fans!) It isn’t due to Scream/Stab per se, it’s just the lack of effort to make the theme emersive. It seems all over the place. Not too impressed at all.

    Due to that, I think the mazes will win out this year for me.

  13. immersive* (Sorry, can’t spell.)

  14. @Ghostface, Oh ok then lol

  15. is this for scream 5?

    what is stab fims? i come from germany………..

    is stab the collection a together cut doku?

  16. here’s a complete walk through that someone filmed. not exactly what i was expecting.

  17. Just went last night. Gotta say I was disappointed. Not enough effort was put into it. There was probably about five ghostface guys in total. The rest of the walk through was about zombies & weird, deformed people. They totally mislead what the attraction is about. Go if u live close by. definitely not worth a trip out here.

  18. Came back from last night. Had 6 mazes, 1 tram ride/walk, and 5 scare zones. Out of the tram + mazes, the tram is the weakest attraction, like I expected.

    The entire “we are filming scary movies in the back lot, including Stab 8″ theme is lackluster. I had a great time watching all the Ghostface in action, and some better scare-actors did embody the spirit of the killers from the movies. But other than that, it was just not that great.

    The mazes this year weren’t as great as my previous experience either, but they were definitely products from hard efforts. They are probably not as good for me this year, because I’ve already gone to this kind of event for so many times. I no longer get scared. But since the mazes are products of great effort and attention to details, I was able to appreciate and enjoy the visuals and occasional scares still.

    Had they done a maze based on Scream movies, but not the lame concept of Stab at the back lot tram ride/walk, it would turn out better. Here’s hoping: next year, a MAZE with some classic scenes from the 4 Scream movies, and make it good!

  19. Oh, I forgot to mention, for my tram ride/walk, I saw a lot a lot of Ghostface, unlike ScreamFanatic’s experience. So your personal experience WILL differ depending on the time you arrive, the time you go into an attraction, the amount of people walking with you during the attraction, and the amount of scare-actors are working at that moment.

  20. So the whole premise of the tram walk/ride is:

    You’re at Universal Studios. You gonna get a VIP tour of the back lot, where they are filming 4 (fake) horror movies at the time: Stab 8, Zombiez on a Plane, Geekz & Freakz (spelling?), and one other horror movie (can’t recall now).

    But before you embark on your VIP tour, you are also given the recent news that during the filming of Stab 8, people have been disappearing/murdered, whether it be cast from the movies, VIP tour participants (that’d be you), people working in the lot, anyone really. So is there a real killer on the loose during the filming of Stab 8?

    And right before you start walking through the back lot, you’re sent a warning by Ghostface himself, taunting you.

    (Then you proceed to walk through the back lot, which is composed of the 4 fake movie sets and “Stabathon” party, which was actually not all that obvious at all. I don’t think I quite get where it was. A previous comment talked about zombies–that’d be the movie set for “Zombiez in a Plane”.)

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