Scream 5 News: One Or More Main Characters Could Die

Shortly after Scream 4‘s release, Wes Craven expressed that the main three characters of Sidney, Gale and Dewey should survive the entire new trilogy. For whatever reason, he feels differently now. Stated in an interview with IGN:

“I suspect the next time out, one or more of those characters is going to have to die…”

Craven also reiterated his support of Kevin Williamson returning for Scream 5:

“I haven’t had any, and I have to say that Bob [Weinstein] tends to do the initial work with a writer — that is Kevin [Williamson] usually, but maybe with somebody different this time — before he ever contacts me. And that is just the way that it has been since the very beginning. So, I haven’t heard anything, but I know that Bob said this was intended to be the first of a trilogy. So, you wait for that phone call. I’m doing other things too, so if it comes ahead of time, then I can do it. That would be very interesting, depending on the script of course.”

“The more that Kevin is a part of it, the better. He has a remarkable mind for this sort of thing. So, I would hope so.”

Source: IGN

Thanks to Rune for the news tip.

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131 Responses to “ Scream 5 News: One Or More Main Characters Could Die ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. When Sidney got stabbed in Scream 4 in the kitchen by Jill (again) I was about to cry. Like honestly, they cannot kill her. Gale or Dewey fine. But Sidney. That’s my childhood, like dead. They can’t do this to me. Lol.

  2. This makes me worry for Sidney….I suffered a heart attack and broke down in tears – I can’t lose her again (first time was fake i know but I really thought they killed her off until Jill woke up in the hospital.

  3. Yes more Scream 5 news lol i hope Kevin has not turned his back on the franchise and comes back. Which main characters do you guys think will/die if they are really planning on doing this?

  4. I missed this, speculating!

  5. Oh man, this is excellent news! Love the trio, but it’s time they move on. :)

  6. I bet new Trilogy will be by the end- Kirby/Judy/Sidney

  7. Oh god enough with Sidney crap. Honestly It would have been brilliant if Sidney had died in Scream 4 by Jill’s hand. What better end for her than to be killed by your new generation mirror self. That wouldve been brilliant. Anyway now Sidney will be probably knocked off in pathetic way like Laurie strode in Halloween 7 or 8 or whatever. And those who cry about Sidney is everything need to see reality. This is horror franchise not some soap opera. If there is another Scream movie, Sidney will definitely die lamely. Plus I dont think Neve Campbell would be interested in returning for another round of ‘running around the house while being chased’. Neither can I see courtney or David returning after their disastrous breakup.

  8. Ch, david and courtney are making a show together that seems loosely based on their seperation. Keep informed. David would definitely come back, at least- and since they still seem open enough they may incorporate it in S5 if they make it.

  9. The unique part of these movies was the fact that they are character driven. By killing off Sidney, they’d pretty much be flipping off the original trilogy, leaving the question: “What’s the point?” As much as I love the Scream movies, I really think the only way to make everyone happy is to just NOT make any more.

    Regardless, I’ll still see a Scream 5, but I’ll be done if they kill off Sid. Disappointed if they kill either of the other two.

  10. i think sidney will stay. but gale will get killed by ghostface,, causing dewey to go into some sort of depression and kill hiimself…BOOM dead.

  11. Personally…I see Dewey dying the same way he has almost died in every movie….from a surprise attack, whereas Gale would have a chase and fight scene before she bites it. Dewey seems like he would die before Gale, at least in my own opinion and while I would hate to see them both die, I would want Dewey to die before Gale, because then in Scream 6, if she lives to it, she could sacrifice herself to save a character simply because without Dewey, she feels that she has nothing to lose.

  12. Kyle, I totally agree with you that Scream 4 should be the last film. I don’t think that film set up anything to bring forth another Scream 5 or 6. The first two Scream movies were character driven films, it was all about what Sidney is doing, what she’s thinking, how she’s feeling about the people she’s come across. Ever since Scream 3, she’s been a guest star in her own movie and the rest of the screen time is dominated by the goofy David Arquette, and 50 year old Courtney Cox. Cox character is irrelevant and Scream 4 proved that, it would have been better to set it up that SHE is the architech for the murders and instigated Jill’s rage and jealousy over Sid. Craven and the bunch could have billed that from there and Sidney would have to discover in the 6th film that it was Gale Weathers who organized this shit JUST TO GET BACK INTO THE PUBLIC EYE. Alas, I’m fine with what was Scream 4 and I hope it will re-emerge in a re-imagination.

  13. @Android24:I LOVE that you mentioned Gale sacrificing herself, I would hate to see her go, but Wes is right, we gotta shake things up. And it would be really “not-like-Gale” to do that for someone else. “If you’ve got the guts!” I think Dewey and Gale might have to bite the dust in 5, Sidney…well,we’ll see. I agree that Neve may be getting a little tired “Sid”, but she’s so damn good at it, I’ll take it until Scream 7 if I have to

  14. i didn’t know how much i cared for the trio and how i wanted them to live until every attack each of them had in scream 4.

    couldn’t describe what i felt when ghostface took down gale and raised his knife, or when dewey got hit by jill…or when sid got stabbed…that was by far the worst.

    and her being compared to michael myers as the indestructible character in a horror movie who is always surviving IS what makes scream so special. in every goddamn movie the killer survives eeevrerything. in this one, we got sid, who grows and gets tougher in every new movie. don’t fuck with the original.

  15. Dewey needs to be killed off, so we can have Judy and Kincaid join the main.

  16. Please. We hear this every time. If we see Scream 5 & a main Character dying next door they’ll be playing Gremlins 3 & The Veronica Mars movie.

  17. They can’t kill off Sidney….

  18. Leave the trio alone. I rather they not even show up in S5 than be killed off. :(

  19. And to anyone who thinks Courtney and David won’t return because of their separation is an idiot. I don’t know the exact status of their relationship but Courtney was at the taping of David’s dancing with the stars debut cheering him on.

    Even if they don’t continue a romantic relationship, they’ll still be VERY close friends. Not to mention they are PROFESSIONAL actors who I’m sure know how to separate their working relationship from their personal one.

    They were already pretty much broken up during Scream 4 and not even Wes detected any tension on set. These are GROWN adults, not teenagers.

  20. I think it’d be interesting to have Dewey die in the opening of the film with Gale dying in the end sacrificing herself. I don’t want to see Sidney die though. I feel like it’d make all of her story and development almost pointless…especially since she survived 4 which felt like would be the time she died if anything (although I did think she would die in 3 when it first came out).

  21. Killing Sidney at this point would be a huge mistake. Also, to the person saying Jill should have been killed by her is a moron…that chick can’t act for shit, you think people would go see Scream 5 with that clown as the main character…no. We go to see Campbell, Courtney and David.

    If Jill lived and Sidney died, that would have been the end of that nonsense for me! Plus, how would they even make a story out of that? We’d already know the killer…FAIL.

    On topic however, yes; I agree one of them must die. Dewey and Gale are both expendable at this point. I’d miss one of them dearly though.

    Killing Sidney at this point in the game would just be a complete mess. She has grown far too much with the audience, I don’t think many people would respond well to that. She is our final girl and many of us will root for her until the very end.

    Sidney Prescott has made horror history. She has survived 4 consecutive films without dying…in a slasher! Why would we want her to die now? Also– who else are they gonna’ get to beay some Ghost Face ass and look that good doing it? LOL!

  22. Did anyone else notice that look Dewey and Sydney gave each other in the couch, like there is something more there. I dunno, if someone dies, I think it might be Gale, leaving room for Dewey and Sydney to get together. But that might cause Judy to snap, considering she likes Dewey too.

  23. I wouldnt want it to happen, but if it needs to be done to progress the the story, i can understand.

  24. 1. Whatever. They always say someone will die. I will believe it when I see it.

    2. If someone does die, I am guessing it’s due to a similar reason as Jamie Lee Curtis. She’s had enough as Laurie Strode, and she wants out. So they finally killed her off. I think that’s probable for Neve Campbell.

  25. @Khy “And to anyone who thinks Courtney and David won’t return because of their separation is an idiot. I don’t know the exact status of their relationship but Courtney was at the taping of David’s dancing with the stars debut cheering him on.”

    Agreed. If that did make them not appear in a film together, they are both very unprofessional actors. And that they are not.

    And yes, I too saw Courtney’s face during DWTS, too. She looked very, very delighted. There is no way these two will have hostile relationship with each other that they cannot work together in a film.

    So, yes, I agree very much with Khy.

  26. I would be beyond shocked if Williamson wrote this script. He admitted that juggling VD and S4 was a challenge. Now, he has 2 shows. It just doesn’t make sense from a working standpoint that he would try and balance 2 shows plus a film. Just my opinion.

  27. @Scott, I couldn’t agree more. Also, Jill is one of the main reasons I hated Scream 4, including her being the killer. So now I’m really excited for Scream 5, knowing Jill won’t be in it. :)

  28. LOL brooklynpsycho, you never fail to amuse me

  29. All this scream 5 news is getting me confident for an announcement :) :) YEY! SCREAM 1-4 RULE! :)

  30. They could also silently kill someone off by simply not having them in the picture. Gale and Dewey are THAT important to the continuation of the franchise. Sidney goes someplace else and Dewey and Gale spend the rest of their lives in Woodsboro.

  31. @CaseyBecker, anytime :) btw, I would prefer disagreeing with you than that certain someone, my goodness. I hope you know who I’m talking about. I feel like he’s my therapist, so damn annoying.

  32. Gale or dewey?I LIKE THEM BOTH!!!

  33. I love all three of them to death (no pun intended). Killing Sidney is out of the question (at least defintely not in 5), I would only possibly be open to it IF (and only if) it is done with dignity and grace- although I’d prefer them all to live. I would say Dewey would be most likely, he is the Sherrif, and he’s down to 2 strikes (Scream & Scream 2). So I could see Sidney and Gale having to put their differences aside for the sake of Gale and Dewey’s child (I forsee children in Gale & Dewey’s future, and a boyfriend/family in Sidney’s.)

  34. I personally think they might kill Gale.But she better die brutally, to make it more emotional. She should die like Jenny Randell in the alternate scean

  35. Wes, go ahead if you have the guts!

    Dewey needs to bite it next time!

    That’s why I like the alternate Dewey & Gale at the hospital, Gale is aware the killer wanted her to live, since he had a chance to kill her…

  36. Any of them should be able to die whenever. I think “Scream 4″ would have been good if Sidney had died in it, but only if the circumstances had been different (different killer, different movie, etc.) since the whole point of the movie was to defeat Jill, the copycat, therefore making Sidney’s survival important.

    These three characters have lived so long that for one of them to die in “Scream 5″ would actually be refreshing and ballsy. If not “Scream 5″, then definitely “Scream 6.” These are horror movies. Lots of people get murdered in each of them. If the killers want Sidney so bad, why does everyone else around her get killed while she, Gale and Dewey always manage to live? What makes them so much more special – so much more stronger? They’re being too goofy and unrealistic by making this always happen — it’s ruined “Scream.” “Scream” should be clever, but not so clever that it’s always smirking and giving us comfort. They haven’t been dark films since “Scream 2″ — murder is dark. Make jokes all you want, but murder is dark — and the killers should be smarter than they have been. A clever, smart killer should be able to finish killing one or more of these characters. Unfortunately, the killers in these movies are starting to become more and more like Harry and Marv from the “Home Alone” movies — they never succeed. Perhaps it’s supposed to be this way because they are movies, afterall, but I think the series has reached a point where they’ve become too comforting to their audience. They give us Sid, Gale and Dewey alive at the end of these movies just to please us. Save that for the romantic comedies, okay? This is horror.

  37. This just better happen. Period.

  38. i just dont wanr gale or sidney to die because they are both my favorite characters and i can see dewey dieing in the 5th installment of the scream trilogy

  39. @Screaming4More, I couldn’t agree more.

  40. but it would make the ENTIRE series pointless if Sidney dies!!! It’s like we’ve been watching her grow up just so she could die at the end?! really?? I would rather see a scream movie that’s trio-less then seeing a film where the people we grew to love dies! think of X-Men: the last stand! I know nothing so do with scream, it’s not even horror, but hear me out, it was by far the worst of the X-Men movies, why? Because Scott and Jean died! Rogue, Mystique, and Magneto (Well not really Magneto) lose their powers which is like being dead cause they’re pointless now. and Professor X teleports his mind into some guys body! It was stupid! A better example (Because this one’s actually horror) would be Halloween Resurrection, Laurie Strode dies in like the first 5 minutes or so… that movie was a steaming pile! The best thing that they could do if they MUST kill someone off would be for Sid to get married to some dude, and Gale and Dewey to have a baby. Gale and Sid’s husband gets killed off and Sidney and Dewey are brought together and they raise the baby. and if they want this to be a second trilogy (4,5 & 6) then the 6th part could be about the Gale-Sidney-Dewey’s baby going off to college and get’s a surprise call from ghost face. Part 6 could be Sid-and-Deweyless so they won’t have to kill anyone else off from the original 3 and it would still be able to tie in to the original movies.

  41. Ok I see BOTH sides of this debate.

    If the trio survives a 5th time than that will be the stupidest thing EVER. Hell, it’s barely believable they survived the original trilogy.

    However, killing all them off would sting BADLY and be a bit of a slap in the face for those of us who’s been following their lives for the past 15 years.

    Honestly, I think all three shouldn’t even be involved with the main events of Scream 5 or Scream 6. Maybe a quick walk-on cameo or a very minor role, but I don’t think they should be targeted or involved majorly. Imo, Gale, Dewey, and Sid DESERVE their happy ending. Let them go off and have that.

    Yes, I know some people will jump out of their chairs and yell at the monitor “THEREZ NO SCREAMZZZZ WITHOUTZ SYDNEESS!!!1111 SHE AND DEWEY/GALLLE ARE THE STARZZZZ”, you’re right, but would you rather “Sydneeeees” and the gang DIE or even more retarded- keep surviving every film?

    Just leave them out of the picture or put them in the background in small roles. Let a new cast of characters take over.

  42. I just think them being in this situation AGAIN for a 5th/6th time is utterly ridiculous, regardless if they live or die.

  43. People are forgetting something. What is Ghostface whole point and coming back time and time again. TO KILL SIDNEY. If she dies in Scream 5 then there is no point for a Scream 6 because Ghostface would have finished what he/she wanted done in the first place. Dewy and Gale yeah either could die. Although I think it should be Dewy. But Sid cannot die. Like I said that is Ghostface whole point in even existing to hurt Sid by killing those closes to her and then killing her so by killing Sid Ghostface would have no reason to come back for a Sixth entry or for that matter to kill anybody else after Sid.
    So in order for the movie to work and for a Scream 5 (5cream) or a Scream 6 (Scre6m) Sid has to live. And if they kill her off at the end of part 6 then that is a being “F” you to the audiance, to the previous movies and to the character.

  44. To to some poster above Neve and David have both expressed interest in reprising their roles in a 5th and a 6th movie. And Courtney pretty much said she would do them if Neve and David returned along with Kevin and Wes.

  45. Honestly, LEAVE SIDNEY ALONE! At least make her a mentor for the new blood. What reason could someone possibly have for killing Sidney now?!?!? Or even Dewey or Gale. Have Kirby come back and Sidney be her mentor since they’ve met each other in Scream 4!

  46. The only returning cast should be the main 3, period! Love this new look btw. Scream 5 is gonna rock! :)

  47. i think it will finally be dewey, you can only take so much dewey lol

  48. This is why I don’t want there to be anymore. Kevin williamson, please don’t kill of either of the three and even more importantly don’t make any of them become “ghostface.” That would destroy the entire franchise. I don’t know if wes mentioned killing them just to get attention for the film. I don’t he would know. I also doubt he would have any say in the matter. He can either agree to directing after reading it or not. He has no real say in the storyline.WHen sidney appeared to have died my heart sank. WHen It was announced at the hospital she was alive, I felt an elation like someone I knew and cared about survived for real. PLease don’t kill any of them off. I would rather them not being in it or only cameos as opposed to the thought. I don’t know if I could watch any of them again knowing that ultimately ghostface killed them. It wouldn’t be the same by any means. I agree with previous poster. Let them have there happy ending. some say they are to old, first was about high school, second was college and third about hollywood. Just because they returned to high school scenario this time, doesn’t mean they have to again. Either feature them, cameo them or don’t have them on at all. but please don’t kill them or make them the killer.

  49. This is my order on who has the best chance of survival in 5 (1 being the lowest chance)


  50. Sidney will survive the entire franchise ik she will because for one during that killers phone he talked about her family she barely knows about her family theirs more secrets about her family just watch she will survive she has more family secrets that she needs to figure out cuz how ik that is because when sidney was taking the groceries out of the bag when the killer called her he was talking ABOUT HER FAMILY SO THEIRS MORE SECRETS TO HER FAMILY.

  51. @JA: I NOTICED THE LOOK WITH DEWEY AND SID, TOO!!! There was SO much more to that short-short conversation, but I didn’t want to say it aloud. They could totally drum up something between those two. But if someone HAD to die, let it be Gale, at the end, and the last shot we see if of Dewey and Sid in an embrace or what not. By the way, I really liked the “open door” ending of Scream 3…something like that for 5?

  52. I bought scream 4 dvd and I am going to watch it tonight. I hope it is as good I remember. Wow, april 15th that is a long time to wait. Even a blockbuster hit usually only takes three and a half months. Does anybody know why it took so long. Anyway, did not notice the looks between sid and dewey. I don’t want gale to be killed. SHe would be my pic of the three of them if one had to go, but It would be a sin. Between the other two suprisingly I would probably want david arquette to make it. I really like dewey.IF anybody listened to commentary he was supposed to be killed off first two times. That was the intention. That is why he isn’t part of the endings. THey said they got a shot of him on the stretcher in the first one just in case the character and movie were a hit. IN the second one also A change of heart as killing of jamie kennedy, they didn’t want the audience to upset. At the end of the third one david wanted for ghostface to jump out and leave doubt as it was supposed to be the last one.WIth neve, she may not want to do another one. remember she almost didn’t do this one. She may not want to or only appear briefly to be killed off. rememeber jamie lee curtis. It could happen. I agree if she is willing she will be there until the end. also, david and neve agreed to do 5 and 6 if they happen. that would make me think they will be there until the end. And why kill them at that point. Again, here’s hope all three survive. if not, I really would like it to end here despite how much I love these movies.

  53. im a little mad that gail stuck her worrys in the part at the stabathon and that cute girl in the beginning got killed im a little happy that wes u might make more even if sindey is killed u can find another survivor it wont be the same but at least more action and stabbing so please make more

  54. I love the Sidney,Dewey,and Gale trio but I agree with Wes. Scream 4 was fun but at some point at least by mid point in Scream 5. One or more of them has to die to keep the new trilogy fresh.

    I’m fine with any of them getting the ax in Scream 5 they’ve served. Their purpose Dewey is the Sheriff of Woodsbro,Gale out lived herself as a writer. And Sidney has already come full circle proving she’s risen above her dark past. So what’s more is there to tell with the trio? I say have 5 & 6 focus on the new generation I hope the story tops Scream 4.

  55. I disagree. WHat is stab without it’s central characters. ves said one may have to go to keep it fresh. come on wes, what is stab without it’s central characters. WHo would care if the victims weren’t so beloved. Let’s face it nobody is going to replace them. It doesn’t have to always be about highschool kids. nobody could replace them and how could it carry on with just one or two with nobody inmportant for them to interact with. BOttom line neve, david, and courtney survive and none of them turn out to be the killer. It would totally ruin the legacy of the series.

  56. correction. obviously I meant to say scram and not stab

  57. typo” scream

  58. upon reviewing it, it may be the most inconsistent film of all time. The younger people simply don’t have it. why then, will the long term iconic characters have to play ” second fiddel.”The younger actors are okay, but we have to see the concept of facebook, twitter etc, be accented as oppossed to no meangful scenes betweeen dewey and gale. Come on.Aside from the uniqueness of the films, it always higned on the relationship of the three. It simply isn’t here in this film. I have mixed feelings about it. Again,no makeup to make them look older and seperate them from the youher group. Give me a break the “next generation.” while okay, hey don’t have it and never will. Let the franchise end in a dignificate note. DOn’t kill off dewey, gale or sidney for more money.

  59. Ummm hey just don’t kill off sidney. I think u should make her the killer in scream 6. I hate to see the main charaters go but Sid shouldn’t die untill the very end.

  60. @oaul, I completely felt the same way. It just didn’t feel right at all to me.

  61. @oaul the reason why the new characters didn’t have it is because. We didn’t get to know them due to the fact the focus was put mainly on Sidney,Dewey,and Gale. I was expecting at least one of the main trio to die in Scream 4. I think Gale should die in the opening of Scream 5.

  62. we did get to know them to a degree. They had equal or almost equal airtime. They were okay, but the main three are the heart of scream. Killing them would destroy everything. The only thing worse is to make them the killer. I mean come on. How could you go back and rewatch the earlier films knowing how it would end up. Please kevin williamson no death or ghostface for neve, david or courtney. WHile scream 4 started slow it ended tremendously. If they plan to kill any or make them the killer I pray they just don’t make anymore films.

  63. Personally, I wouldn’t mind if the entire trio got theirs in the next couple installments. Sidney NEEDS to die. I’m rather sick of the same trio…just like someone else said, this is a fucking horror movie, not some soap opera. People are supposed to die. Even Nancy in the Elm Street series died in part 3. If they don’t at least kill someone off this time, it’s going to get very stale. I was disappointed that Sidney didn’t die by Jill’s hand in S4.

  64. if they’re serious about making this move then it better be emotional if done right
    im just so attached to this main cast

  65. Helllll yeaaahhhh!!!!! i love the scream movie. saw the first one back in 96 when i was 7 years old. Loved it ever since. so i am dying for them to make the 5th and 6th, and i dnt really care how the make it them or how they die.

  66. Sorry Jill haters Wes has said that Jill could return even that is why he didn’t have her shot in the head. Also even if she is dead she could return on videotape like Randy did, she could have made a tape that is sent to Sidney in Scream 5 and she taunts Sidney telling her that it’s not over and that there was a 3rd killer helping her and that person is someone who Sidney considers a friend.

  67. It wouldn’t bother me if Dewey or Gale die. Sidney cannot be yhe koller it would dumb she is now mentally strong enough to handle whatever comes at her.

  68. @ Jill Roberts Fan, I agree. Dewey in my opinion has survived so much wounds that its a miracle he even walks. Gale is different though. Shes strong and intimidating at times, shes just had her time though, its necessary for her to die.

  69. I personally think it’s stupid to eliminate any of the main trio in Scream 5. Bring those three, Kirby, and Judy back. Scream 6 is a different story. It’s not just the last in a trilogy, it’s the LAST one, anything could happen.
    But they better not lay a hand on Gale… Dewey’s lived much too long, they should have let him go back at Scream, or Scream 2.
    Killing Sidney in Scream 5 would be pointless, every motive somehow connects to killing Sidney, so if she died, there would be no point in a sixth one.
    I think Gale’s a badass, who could definitely take down Ghostface (Which would explain why she’s never received a call from Ghostface herself.)
    Of the three, I’d love to see Gale make it most.
    Dewey’s long overdue for a brutal death, just give him what he sees coming.
    Ghostface won’t stop until Sidney’s dead. So as Jill says, “So you do have to die Sidney.. Those are the rules.”
    Then “The reporter left for dead” finally saves the day, putting her and Kirby as the two survivors.

  70. I personally think they shouldn’t kill any of the main three. This is a story about all three of them, not just Sidney. Why do you think Gail was attacked in Scream 4? The new trilogy is planned to be a reboot/remake and sequel all in one, so Sidney, Dewey and Gale are part of the story. I agree with OilP7Kirb9 that if it was the 6th one then fair enough, but not in Part 5. From what I’ve read, they’re planning to shoot 5 and 6 back-to-back as Kevin Williamson has mapped out the new two films like we’ve never seen before

  71. I think it would be interesting if Dewey is the one who ends up dying, but in the end we discover that Gale is pregnant with a baby boy! :)

  72. We definitely need to bring back Kirby and Deputy Judy for 5, though.

  73. I can understand why they would want to kill them them off, like sidney was a ninja in the 4th one, the way she attacked ghostface, her fear for him is basically -in some way- out the door, and that does not make it scary anymore. The chasee =p must be scared, we need to feel that emotion, not the coolness of kicking him twice, what is this? a jackie chan movie? =p

    Personally, I think they need to bring kirby back. And they can’t kill sidney, gale or dewey, they need more chase scenes as well. maybe one this time with them altogether. ;-) It could be at kirby’s college in woodsboro. or something. =p I would literally be devastated if they get killed, but I want all 4 to survive, and not all of them can survive, so I don’t know what they are going to do, obviously we will be disappointed one way or the other. =( but bring back scream 5 they definitely should!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cant live without that excitement.

  74. For the people complaining about Emma as Jill remember she is 20 years and tyhis was her forst time playing a psycho. Even her Eric Roberts wasn’t great the first time he played a villain in a movie. She just needs a some tips from her father and she will be just as good as he is.

  75. i think that dewey shud die in the 5th becuz it wud be sad if gale died tht soon and sidney u cant kill until the end becus it is based on HER story so killing her wud pretty much end it…maybe they cud do what they did in halloween resurection but idk if it wud work out well.

  76. i dunno y ppl hated emma’s acting. i loved her acting in this movie, she did very well for her first killer role. but enough of that. the real question is this: IS KIRBY DEAD OR ALIVE? WE NEVER SAW HER DIE. IF SIDNEY CUD SURVIVE GETTING STABBED TWICE SO CAN KIRBY. but there is a time difference thats the problem.

  77. Its ridiculous to kill sidney off as she has been in all screams and even her own family couldnt kill her and her familys know her weaknesses and anyway if billy,stew,mickey,mrs loomis,roman,charlie and jill couldnt kill her who can. i would rather see dewey die and if they dont kill any of them off then i think that billy dad will be the killer as he wants revenge for the loss of his son or all the killers rise from the dead and team together to kill sidney.

  78. I see dewey dying how he almost dies in everymovie beat to death by a blunt object by someone behind the door XD

  79. I enjoyed Scream4 in the theatres, but I have to admit. Now that I have the dvd I can’t stop wathcing it. It reminds me of the original Scream. I could watch it over and over and over again…and still do. Scream4 is amazing! Very genius. I am hoping for a Scream 5 & 6. As for who should die. I can’t see Sidney dying, but I can see her being injured and not the heroine in at least one of the next movies. It’s probably time to pass the torch to a new generation of heroines & villains. Dewey with all his injuries I’m amazed he hasn’t been killed off yet. Gale, love to hate her. I wouldn’t want to see her die unless in the movie they kill her & Dewey together.

  80. Please… They’ve said the same thing when the 4th one was in production. That also happened with the 3rd one. They’ve kept taughting us into killing one of the main characters (mostly Sidney) and nothing of that sort happened.

    There’s no need to kill one, two or the whole trio for that matters. Why can this end once and for all with the trio simply surviving?

    Even if they do kill some or one of them, it will sound like a lame ass cheap attemp to make something different from the other movies. Sounds like they’re planning this one to be memorable from being the ‘movie that killed Dewey, Gale or Sidney’.

    Here’s an idea: Stop developing ‘Scream 5’! Let alone a ‘Scream 6′. The series is great the way it is.

    The last thing we need is the Scream series going in ‘Halloween Resurrection’ mode…


  82. C’est pas possible ils peuvent pas tuer Sid je l’adore mais si si elle meure y a plus de Scream je sais pas Scream sans sid mais c’est une tarte aux poires sans les poires c’est pas possible. Quand j’ai cru qu’elle allait mourir dans le 4 j’ai crié comme pas possible j’était devant ma télé a crier “Sid Sid” non mais j’espère vraiment qu’elle va rester

  83. It is not possible, they can not kill Sid I love her. But if she dies, there is not Scream anymore I don’t know, Scream without sid but it is a tart with pears without pears. It’s not possible. When I believed that she was going to die in the 4 I Shouted As Not possible I was in front of my TV and I shouted “Sid Sid” not but I really hope that it is going to stay

  84. Here’s the deal.
    Wes knows how much of the audience would be lost if they killed Sidney. He wants to poke at the idea of her being gone, so people feel hurt and isolated at her being “gone.” That is why he is planning to kill off Dewey or Gale. It may as well be Dewey, because at the alternate version/extended ending Gale said she was going to write another book. It’s crucial that Gale stick in Scream 5. I can see Dewey dying in this one, very emoitionally and brutal and bloody, and Gale dying in the next one, very very brutally. Leaving Sidney the SOLE SURVIVOR.
    That’s the way Jill said it was supposed to be.
    “The media loves a sole survivor, just ask you know who.”

  85. I for one think Deputy Judy will be the killer in Scream 5. I also think Kirby will return. They never showed her demise. I mean, Craven did say he left a LOT of open doors for a fifth installment. :)

    Scream 6 will be the ultimate seat grabber. One of the three main characters will be the killer. OR If Hicks isn’t the killer in 5, she will be the killer in 6. She knew Sid’s character in high school. She was prob obsessed with Billy. Now, she is obsessed with Dewey. A girl ALWAYS wanting things she can’t have.


  87. I agree SIDNEY CANNOT DIE.It would be pointless and only for the sake of it.what is the point of ghostface if sid is dead .kirby and hicks should come back but NOT be the killer. Jill should not come back . no killer comes back to life more than once.I loved scream for . I watch it repeatly and always scream when olivia dies. scream 5 should definatly come out and 6. 4 was no way to end the franchise.None of the main 3 should die . does anyone agree with me ? p.s SCREAM = BEST MOVIES EVA!!!!!:)

  88. I completely agree with you ( scream5alldaway ). I agree with everything you said. They CANNOT kill Sidney! That would completely ruin the scream franchise. I agree Hicks should come back and that they should NOT kill the original 3!!
    They should definately do scream 5 & 6!!!!!
    Dewey all the way!!

  89. thanks (DeweyLover:D:)whats ur favourite scream movie ? 1,2,3 or 4 ?

  90. If any of them have to die. It should be Dewey.

  91. @DeweyLover:D-Are you serious? Kill Gale? If it weren’t for Gale saving their asses in every movie Sidney and Dewey would’ve died. Gale always solves the mysteries. What does Dewey do? He gets his butt kicked in every movie. He’s clumsy,goofy,and just annoying. I like him and all. But if one of the trio should die. It’s gotta be Dewey I’m sorry.If it wasn’t for Gale catching on at the end of Scream 4. Dewey wouldn’t have picked up on Jill being the killer. If Gale hadn’t come to help Dewey. Jill would’ve put a cap in his head.

  92. Scream4alldaway : Scream 1 is definately the best! Original classic :) which one is your favourite?

  93. Scream 2 is my favorite

  94. dnt kill any of thm thr all 2 good 2 die bt if 1 does die let thm be th new killer

  95. IF they made SCREAM 5, Sidney cannot survive another time. I like her too, but let’s face it, if she makes it to the end, that’ll means she’s the killer. And Courteney Cox will probably won’t return (or maybe juste for a small part).

    So they could kill Sidney and Gale on the opening scene, and then bring back Dewey and Deputy Judy Hicks (and maybe Kirby) with a whole bunch of new kids.

    Judy could also be the killer since she obviously had a crush on Dewey in SCREAM 4 and that Sidney didn’t remembered her from high school. She could be some kind of crazy psychotic traumatized bitch from high school… And the new heroin could be a young girl a bit looser with no friends and persecuted by everyone, that reminds to Judy Hicks a younger version of herself ? Is that too much ?

  96. … and pleeeaaase, bring back Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson!

  97. I love Sidney so much.She’s mt favorite character out of the 3.I will Die if they kill her off.It will be the end of my life forever.I really don’t want Dewey or Gale to die either.But if I had to choose, I would say to kill off Gale.She can’t fight like Sidney and it’s like they don’t really have anything for her.What will be her role in Scream 5?Gale is hanging on by a thread, just kill her off already.

  98. @ Travis: I couldnt of said it better myself :D

  99. i think sidney will die in the begining of scream five. its the only way i think she would come back

  100. @ajv: What would you think if they did kill off Sidney?

  101. I think everyone should poll this, simple question and single name answer, who does eveone think should die? (even if u dont want any of them to die but if you had to choose one ):
    I Vote Gale………

  102. What imdb is saying is not true. BUT. One of the characters might have to die. It even says on one of them might have to. David Or Courtney die in the movie, Who cares! But sidney she cannot untill probably at least scream 6 which is the finale. But heads up. She is gonna die at the end of scream 6. I can see it from here. When she escapes ghostface after her final battle, when she comes out of her car or something like that etc. a killer or one of the killers pop up behind her and stab her to death. This reason why is because she might have forgot possibly maybe a new rule. Shoot the killer 3 times. Then everything goes black. That just might make a good ending to the scream franchise. Thanks for reading my post and reply :) On imdb it says Scream 5 May Not Happen

    When “Scream 4″ was announced, the plan was to develop a new trilogy that would remain close to the original three films. The fourth installment recently hit theaters, grossing $18 million. It will definitely make its money back, but Dimension Films were hoping to at least top the opening numbers of the second ($33 million) and third ($35 million) films. E! Online believes that “Scream 4″ failed not because of its quality, but because it’s a sequel. “If ‘Scream 4′ proved anything, it’s that horror reboots have a better chance of survival than continuing sagas,” said the site. “If there is a ‘Scream 5,’ expect it to be re-titled ‘Scream,’ and don’t expect David Arquette, Courteney Cox or Neve Campbell to return unless it’s in a cameo.” Moviehole reached out to its contact with ties to the studio, who said that “Scream 5″ will likely not happen. -Theres the proof.

  103. But it doesn’t mean it won’t. its probably gonna hit theatres in two years. :/

  104. I hope they don’t do a remake :( I really really hope they make Scream 5 & 6 :). But if its a remake or nothing then I would rather nothing.

  105. If anyone is gonna die its Dewey.

  106. gale should die

  107. Dewey & Sidney shouild survive, if anyone has to die it should be Gale

  108. i dnt fink any of em shud die but if dey hav 2 den it shud b gale….scream rockz!

  109. @DeweyLover: my vote is to kill sid, i dont care for dewey and wouldnt mind if he died but i would most like to see sid die

  110. I was hoping Sidney would have been the killer. It seemed plausible for about 2/3 of Scre4m.

  111. I think it would be awesome if in Scream 5, Dewey dies early in the movie. Gale is the killer, Sidney kills Gale then Sidney shoots herself because there is no one left.

  112. @ScreamTrilogyFAN: As much as I dont want dewey to die, thats actually a pretty awesome plot idea :D

  113. scream 5….. sydney is thrown i the mental istitution for trying to kill herself and gets killed by ghostface along with the rest of the staff …. killer calls dewey and forses him to listen to sydney die…, furios he goes to the institution and calls gale to warn her but shes not answering ..cause who would answer their phone anymore at this point … gale runs water for a bath then hears her answeing machine … oh finally some nudity…. she throws her towel on and grabs a hidden gun as ghostface walks in front of her click click ….not avery good spot to hide a gun gale…. then a big crash for dewey comes to save the day of course he misses gf and crashes into the shower gf chases gale till she finds another gun hidden …didnt find this one u stupid fcker boom blows gf head off ….she smiles then gets gutted from the back by another gf …..moments later dewey wakes up on the bathroom floor next to apicture of kirby smeared in blood…..kirbys gone to college and has bunch of new friends to die

  114. way do you guys keeo tlaking about kirby she was kileld in nember 4 how she be in nember she dead

  115. Sydney should have a twin sister than she never new about and she comes and starts killing people and everyone will think its Sydney then the scream 5 wrighters can think of that

  116. I was actually delighted when I thought Sidney was going to be killed in 4. Would have been a real turn to the series, instead the ending was disappointing.

  117. killing any of the 3 would just be for the sake of why do it ? it would defeat the purpose of the whole movies to kill sidney (or any of the 3 for that matter)i agree with dewey lover

  118. Honestly , i think scream 5 should be it’s last.Scream 4 literally tanked in the box office and if scream 5 is the last one then sidney has to be killed. I highly doubt that neve campell will want to reprise her role in scream 6. Besides what better way to way to end the legendary film franchise than to finally kill-off the main character. As for Gale and Dewey at the very end of scream 5 Gale will learn that she is pregnant and for the sake of the baby they both decide to leave woodsboro and move some where far-away from ghostface forever.

  119. why does everyone want gale to die ? She is the funniest character in all 4 movies.None of them should die in Scream 5.And if they make scream 6 maybe one or two of them could die.if all 3 die i will be so dissapointed.And if sidney is the killer it would reck all 6 films

  120. LOVE ALL SCREAMS 1- 4





  125. For me, killing Dewey is fine for me… Sidney and Gale are the two essential characters that made the series more powerful through their slapping and other stuff in SCREAM and SCREAM 2 … The two Girls were the one that made SCREAM trilogy, so captivating… Killing Gale will SUCK!, the SCREAM franchise… She was the one that saved Sid’s life, made Sidney more famous through her “Woodsboro Murders” books and not the stupid sheriff Dewey Riley that never done anything to Sidney… all he did was to let himself be stab by killers in his spinal cord, and to be smack by a metal tray in SCRE4M… But for me, this idea is so great in SCREAM 6 and not in SCREAM 5… The SCREAM 6 story will be like this. Gale will slap Sidney because she is the one that made Dewey an essential or a fundamental target of the killers… But Sidney will also slap Gale because Gale is the wife of Dewey and she has no idea what happened her husband when he was murdered? and Weathers and Prescott will have a conflict… again… hehehehe… but on the ending, when Sidney will be on the climax to be killed by the killers, (who are the parents of Randy or Stu or whoever), Gale will save her, again… and Sid will ask Gale why she saved her life, and Gale will merely answer her, “Maybe because, I don’t have the artistry, or elegance of being a killer…” and the two girls will simply smile and hug each other because of survival. They will stop the crying because they killed already the killer or ‘ers… and Dewey will be proud of them… How’s that for an ending, huh?…

  126. Gale and dewy should have a baby in scream 5

  127. I like the idea of making the parents of Stu as the future killers in SCREAM 5!… but I like more of the idea of making them as targets… That would be so obvious in making them as killers… may be from the start of the film they will act as beasts, and on the climax they will become best, heroes ever… How good is that, huh? I love more of the idea of making Randy’s mother or father as killers…. they will act as friendly species at first and at the crowning point they will become the scary monsters… the motive will be, “Sid, you’re asking why we want to kill you? My son tried to feel his love for you since you were babies, but you never try to embrace it. He just die without having a true lover. He just hugged the essence of having SEX to Karen Kolchak!!!!… ” the mother answered the question of Sidney… Of course Martha is there to give signs for Sidney that her parents are the next athletes of Sid’s bloody Olympics… Plus!!!, Martha will be killed accidentally, and that will make their motive scarier… God!!! I’m imagining it already!!!… Please Kevin and Ehren, start to write another sequel!!! or sequels, or trilogy, for that matter, for Wes will also start to direct it… … I love the SCREAM franchise!!!! Whoooh!!!

  128. What i would like to see before scream 5 and 6 is a Spin-off based on Maureen Prescott. they can kill Dewey or gale in scream 5 (though i do not want that to happen) and in scream 6 Sidney meets the same fate as her mother. yeah, being killed. well i certainly hope that the trio dosent die cause that would suck BIG time.

  129. Bring back Martha, Gales Cameraman from Scream 2 and Kincaid.

  130. please keep sidney alive in scream 5 please i beg of you please

  131. hay scream people When when does scream five come out on DVD what day from Alex Smith To scream people

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