The Next Great Scream 5 Poster?

Via official Scream 4 Facebook. We’ve not yet been able to identify the artist (I wouldn’t be surprised if it came from one of the many amazing artists on our Message Board), but the uploader seems to think it’s official. It’s not – but dare we say, it should be.

This fan poster ticks all our boxes for authenticity: nice plain tagline that doesn’t try to reinvent the rule wheel like most others do, simple yet striking art that also has continuity with Scream 4‘s poster. The only tell (besides the artist’s logo?) is the badly implemented Times New Roman font. So close – so very close. Still, it ranks up there with this one.

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29 Responses to “ The Next Great Scream 5 Poster? ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. reminds me of the fd5 poster…

  2. gahh this is awesome.

  3. Great poster! hope they do make it. Knowing that Jill & Charlie will not return, I’m sure I will love it.

  4. I do love the simplistic approach, it just works but its a total rip of the FD5, Number 5 in that poster.

  5. Also i think this one looks far better and realistic than those other posters you linked to. the best apart from this, is that one where it has the ghostface mask smashed to reveal sidneys face underneath (that one would be the best if they hadnt used a sidney pic from about sream 2 instead of an older sid).

  6. I totally read that wrong thinking it was official and got all excited. Haha. Anyway, it’s really good.

  7. Thats a cool poster i like it.

  8. If I would have seen this randomly on Google images or something, I woulda have instantly thought it was official and gotten way excited! It should be ;) VERY AWESOME

  9. if SCREAM 5 will happenene? for sure this will rock the univerese!!!!!!

  10. its cool cause its faded

  11. the previous films had silly times new roman font for the tagline too … especially ridiculous was scream 3’s stretched typeface. could be keeping with the trend … :P

  12. Final Destination 5 much?

  13. meh…

  14. Brilliant!

  15. Now THIS is a fucking great poster — despite being almost identical to Final Destination 5’s poster. I just love the simplicity of it — much like the FD5 poster. But I REALLY like the twist of the Ghostface-dissolves-to-knife it’s got going. There. :)

  16. I love the poster put that as my screen saver on my phone it looks wicked cool

  17. This is nothing close to the 5 in fd5 this person did a great job. You guys stop hating(:

  18. It does have FD5 elements to it.
    At least I think so… and a number of other users on this page, too.

  19. im with the very first comment…its too FD5…meh…ive seen better on this site.

  20. I don’t think it really matters if it has some FD5 elements unless it was an official poster which it isn’t. It reminds me most of the ghostface chin knife poster that scream 4 had but this poster is still cool though.

  21. All the props to whoever made it, but I have to say that I’m just not feeling it! But I will admit that I’m one of the few that would like to see the “S” be a “5” (“5cream”); doesn’t have to be, but would like to humor it. I’m also one of the few to see Scream 5 be the final chapter (for at least our favorite trio!) just so that our favorite horror dynasty doesn’t get ridiculous. The tagline could be “Scream one last time” or “The last scream is always the loudest”,etc. What do y’all think?

  22. @J,I like those tag lines you made up there creative. I agree at least one of the main trio should die in Scream 5 im not sure about all of them though. I would rather it end with Scream 6 because i really enjoyed Scream 4 and i would like to see them finish the new trilogy.

  23. Everyone watch Dancing with the stars David Arquette aka Dewey is on there.WHY AREN’T YOU GUYS PROMOTING THAT. HE NEEDS VOTES LETS VOTE GUYS.

  24. I think the tagline should be new location, same victims, broken rules, new faces what do u guys think

  25. I do not know if anyone of you already know,
    a video has been uploaded of the Alternate Opening scene!!!!

  26. Let’s vote for Scream 4 in the SCREAM AWARDS!!!! Please :)

  27. I thought of a great tagline for Scream 5:
    Someone Decided To Fuck With The Original

  28. If this is going to be the true poster?, I’ll give a High 5 for this one….

  29. Tell the artist to use a different five instead of the Final Destination 5.

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