VIDEO: Scream 4 Aftermath Deleted Scene

From Scream 4 DVD/Blu-Ray.

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10 Responses to “ VIDEO: Scream 4 Aftermath Deleted Scene ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Don’t understand WHY this was cut.

  2. Me either, the alternate opening is awsome and this would of been so much better. Damn them.

  3. Such a great scene!! What a shame it was cut.

  4. Thinking about it, this may have been cut due to the fact that the reshoot cast Jenny in the role of Casey which meant she should have been the one hanging.


  6. Ok I believe whoever felt the need to cut all of these scenes was stupid. The only thing i felt needed to be cut was some of these horrible unecessary lines.

  7. The alternate opening was great. I loved the fact that I actually got to see marnies character more. But I guess that was apart of the new decade new rules. It’s obvious Jenny was the dumb blonde and Marnie was the intelligent one. But Marnie was the better actress. I mean even the Jenny’s stabbing scene sounded fake to me IMO. She just screams…doesn’t say help or call for her friend or anything.

  8. This scene would have went well if the opening had been reworked to included a longer suspenseful death for marnie instead of jenny. As well as changing some of the lines and timing. I would have maybe had Jenny turn around to be in shock to see Ghostface behind her before he stabs her. Then continue to Marnie realizing she’s really been killed in front of her then proceed to grab the phone then run to the front door (replaced with the movie version jenny chase) then going upstairs and closing the door only to try to call 911. And once she dials she hears silence only to hear Ghostface taunt her before opening the door to chance her into the garage.

  9. This scene makes sense when it’s used with the alternate opening (Aimee T. is killed on the couch, her body is still there along with all the blood), but not with the final cut’s opening, where she’s killed in the garage. That’s why it wasn’t used IMO.

  10. This is a good scene, but it was cut due to changing the opening. Jenny being on the couch in this scene doesn’t tie in with the new opening where she dies in the garage.
    Shame Marnie’s character was cut right down in the new opening. I like her in the new version.
    I think that the didn’t have time or budget to re-shoot this scene to fit with the new opening, so they decided to cut it. It’s a shame but that’s filmmaking.

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