VIDEO: Scream 4 Alternate Opening Scene

From Scream 4 DVD/Blu-Ray.

Thanks to Austin for the heads-up.

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48 Responses to “ VIDEO: Scream 4 Alternate Opening Scene ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. I am really disappointed that this did not make it to the final cut. Brittany Robertson was really robbed off on this movie. No wonder she did not attend the premiere night (just kidding). But honestly, this opening would’ve been better – scary, gory, and totally creepy!

  2. Just like I figured…this was better. The only issue I had with the scene, is the acting, both girls are pretty rough here. However, I found this much more terrifying as the first time she is stabbed, the noise she makes is gut-wrenching and disturbing. Also, the repeated stabbing on the couch is very brutal and I feel sets a better tone for what is to come. I do understand why they changed it and made it a bit longer, however I feel they could have gone back and used Brittany to run through the house and into the garage like they had Teagarden do, instead of getting cut off at the door and stabbed. This scene feels rushed, but ultimately with some minor things added could have been really memorable.

  3. Definitely more brutal.(On screen,can only assume what happened to marnie of screen was worse)
    Was it quicker too?

  4. I like that the newer cut was longer but this one’s good.

  5. I honestly think the other opening scene was better, but I think that Marnie should have lived longer (and it should have showed the aftermath scene).

  6. This was awesome…much more effective. And there’s the ‘killer behind the fridge door’ reveal I was looking forward to.

  7. 1:14. Wow, that was very short! Very brutal, a lot more “realistic”, love both actresses’ reaction in the scene. Yes, less suspenseful, but it was a good. I like it.

    Aimee did better in this version (compared to herself in the theatrical version). Brittany did fantastic here again, just like in the final cut.

    However, I would like to emphasize my desire to see more Brittany than Aimee. She would’ve moved us even more emotionally in the opening scene. To me, most emotion (in the final cut) was stirred up by the score/music, not Aimee’s performance. She gave us a couple of screams, some fake tears, but not at all convincing before being stabbed by Ghostface.

    Also, to those who may feel this scene was not delivered well by our actresses, I think it’s due to the fact that there is no score/music. When that is added, it often enhances your viewing experience and bring out more of what is being seen by the eyes.

    Another subject: if I was Marnie, I would fight to my death with Ghostface since I was in the kitchen. It’s relatively easy to grab and life and fight for my life. Phoning the police is not a very smart idea. It’s fight or flight. Either run out of the house first, then call, or FIGHT.

  8. grab a knife*

  9. this scene was waay better

  10. im…i didnt like this better i mean i liked the gore, but it was too short (yes i know the whole stab movies would have been added and them discussing the movies) but i liked jenny’s call and the chase a lot better it was more Scream for me, because every scream movie how does it open? a call from ghost face! now im not saying i didnt enjoy it but just meh…and it is so much more believable joking with a phone call rather than someone stabbing ya to death. but thats just me

  11. This was 10x better. Don’t understand the logic in doing that reshoot. Which wasn’t even remotely scary. This on the other hand was creepy as hell.

  12. Here’s a longer version of it. The scene includes the prank in the theatrical version.

  13. @Steven, I too am disappointed, Brittany is awesome. @Anthony, agreed, but I say 100x better. :)

  14. I 100% AGREE with Smash, I like the other one better. I would have been disappointed by this in the final cut. Too short like the two leading up to it, and too similar to Anna and Kristen. Couch/fridge..

  15. This is way better, but this isn’t full because I heard both scare each other, which is why Jenny says the “You’re not fooling anyone…” and Marnie said “You already had yur chance to scare me” line.

  16. This would have totally spooked me in theatres its all good its only because there was a change in writers it would have blown us away because as im sure u did we all looked for this seen when it came out in theatres i cant wait until oct 4 im gettin this movie


    That is the FULL video the opening of Scream 4. It’s longer and has better quality :D

  18. This was really good and i think i like it better than the other one… his appearance was wayyy more dramatic, but i wish they kinda blended them or something cuz i liked the phone call IDEA (the dialouge was shit) and i loved the garage part where the door closes on her back… Britt should have had way more screen time.

  19. The deleted scene is actually a little longer.

  20. Yes I saw the full scean and when jenny prank calls marnie, marnie scares jeny by pretending she got killed

  21. This one was much better, Scream used to pride itself on their opening kills and the one that made the final film for Scream 4 was bad. The worst I’ve seen yet, even worse then Scream 3s opening kill. I really would of rathered see this in the final film. Way way better.

  22. Oh my God that was hilarious!!!!! I agree this is more brutal. Overall I like this version better, very much non-traditional.

  23. Poor Jenny and Marnie they got it bad….:-(

  24. much better
    but i’m wondering
    everything seems to be edited, there was obviously sound editing – is there suppose to be no score?
    at first it was bothering me but having the “real” opening have no music in the background
    would kind of add to the breaking the rules thing no?

  25. I think that some people think this scene was automatically better indicates how modern day audiences enjoy jump scares and shocks more than tension. But I’m not saying they’re wrong to think this scene is better – it’s just that it lacks the build the other had and this version would cause the opening to be fake-out after fake-out after fake-out to the point where it might seem tired even to the audience by the time Ghostface actually strikes, so one has difficulty investing in Jenny’s death anyway. I think both scenes have something – the alternate turns things on their head a bit and I like that the theatrical cut introduced the notion that Ghostface was making a movie – but I don’t know that I’d say either one is necessarily better.

    However, in general, I think they missed the boat by not having Marnie be the one stalked (during reshoots) as her character was more sympathetic in general.

  26. I agree with pretty much everything everyone said. The reshoots were needed to have a longer opening because this lacked suspense, but they should have kept with Marnie being the one who survives longer. She’s a lot more likable and I think that Britt is a much better actress.

  27. there is a fuller version I found which shows some additional material, and makes it flow a little better!! I love it, and wish they kept this version in the film! I still love the phone convo in the new one with Jenny, just wish they merged the two into an epic scene! This alternate is much more hardcore kill wise, which makes me think of the org Scream opening!

  28. Oops…the link would be I sent wicked-scribe an email so hopefully they got it so they can update the page!! I bet the scream fans will be so excited for this! I was :D

  29. I loved the movie but had a priblem with the ending. This was WAY better and would have been really effective to the suspense. Ut was also just more gory, all of te scream openings had gore and the final cut one had pretty much none. I don’t know ehy but I did like Robertson’s character more and wished she was in it more. She was the hayden pantierre Of the opening. They should have used this shot as the other girl’s death(not sure what her name is) then had MARNIE run up the stairs and do everythig the other girl did

  30. To be honest I’d say they just needed to shoot a phone call from the killer and decided to take that chance to make the scene better. I definitely think they should have gone with marnie being the main girl but there is something about jenny that i like aswell.

  31. I think I like this better, but yeah, I agree with someone here that they should used this and then instead of her being caught at the door, and instead she should have been the one to go upstairs and have the garage chase scene…

  32. I think this opening may actually be more effective without the score over it…much more raw.

  33. This is way better than the original opening scene the opening scene was way more bloody and brutal but poor marnie my favorite character had to die

  34. While this is nothing great and still far below the franchise’s opening sequence expectations, it’s still a lot better than that bullshit that’s in the finished film. Both sequences feel rushed and like something from a lesser franchise (Craven directed this – really?) but the way things play out here work better, overall.

    Aimee Teegarden should not be in this movie – period. She’s terrible – at least here she gets offed first (even though she screams like a spoiled brat throwing a temper tantrum the whole time rather than reacting like an actual murder victim). And I personally like the whole “You’re not real” moment – because that’s what the Scream films (and this opening sequence) are about – blurring the lines between fantasy and reality. The sequence in the final film seems like a stupid scene in a slasher movie, whereas this scene feels like an ambush.

    I also agree with a previous poster – the reshoot should’ve continued with Robertson running through the house and into the garage instead of getting cut-off at the front door. I’m perplexed as to why they continued the reshoots with Aimee instead – I mean, she’s terrible.

    Big mistake on the filmmakers’ part.

  35. I liked the scene, but i think with music it probably would have been alot better!!!!!!!

  36. Drew PR, thank you for agreeing with me. You speak the truth sir!

    “I also agree with a previous poster – the reshoot should’ve continued with Robertson running through the house and into the garage instead of getting cut-off at the front door. I’m perplexed as to why they continued the reshoots with Aimee instead – I mean, she’s terrible.”


  37. This is a clearly better scene. The people who like the newer one better don’t seem to understand how much SMARTER the alternate opening is.

    -Anna Paquin’s character says slashers are too predictable, victim gets a phonecall from killer then dies. This scene was supposed to show “new decade new rules” by having that NOT happen
    -Robbie later on talks about how people close the fridge door and there’s always a jump scare/harmless character behind it. This showed the opposite. NEW DECADE NEW RULES.
    -This scenes shows us perfectly how the modern teens of Woodsboro are out of touch with the previous generation and what they experienced- Ghostface is not to be taken too seriously, he’s not “REAL” to them.
    -The gosh darned whole thing was so damned original and chilling. It was just 100% BETTER.

  38. Director’s cut anyone? I bet there’s a great and different vision we haven’t seen from Craven and his initial cut…

  39. I could not agree more:

    “I also agree with a previous poster – the reshoot should’ve continued with Robertson running through the house and into the garage instead of getting cut-off at the front door. I’m perplexed as to why they continued the reshoots with Aimee instead – I mean, she’s terrible.

    Big mistake on the filmmakers’ part.”

  40. The opening would’ve been a blast if this and the garage scene was used…

  41. who thinks marnie should have kicked ghostface in the balls when ghostface grabbed her in the hallway and marnie ran to the basement door and she was killied in the garage scene instead of jenny

  42. I think that it was a better way off for both of them, but the only thing I felt it lacked was the “classic ghostface phone call” HE didn’t even talk in this scene which bugged me, that was my only issue with this take.

  43. check this out: it’s waaaay better quality and someone added a score to it.

  44. I loved the fact that Marnie returns the joke on Jenny. It makes you let your guard down then mysteriously there’s ghostface when the fridge door closes. Loved it so much more!!!

    This scene would have went well if the opening had been reworked to included a longer suspenseful death for marnie instead of jenny. As well as changing some of the lines and timing. I would have maybe had Jenny turn around & scream to be in shock to see Ghostface behind her right before he stabs her. Then continue to Marnie thinking she’s faking until realizing she’s really been killed in front of her then proceed to grab the phone then run to the front door (replaced with the movie version jenny chase) then going upstairs and closing the door only to try to call 911. And once she dials she hears silence only to hear Ghostface taunt her before opening the door to chase her into the garage then add in the line about he’s not supposed to be real then stab! **cut to Scre4m title**

    Would have been more suspenseful and longer. The alternate was better for both of them and I actually cared about them dying as opposed to not really being too attached.

  45. I finished my cut I added the score but I have to go back and add sound effects to a couple spots. I think the opening is really quick and not much time to build suspense. They both seemed rushed but I’m okay with no call opening switch it up a little but from the time Ghostface first shows up when the fridge is shut to “You’re not real” and title is exactly one minute. I like the kills better and how Ghostface shows up but it’s just too short but still better than what they went with.

    Here are the scenes I think worked back in well
    Alternate Opening
    Jill and Trevor at School (Extended)
    Crime Scene (the best missing scene)
    Discussing the Murders
    Dewey’s Test
    Gale on the Trail
    Trevor Visits Jill in the Hospital
    Sidney and Gale in the Hospital
    Ghost Face Test Shot
    Perkins Stands Guard (Not really needed but I still like it)
    Kirby with the Boys
    Charlie and Robbie Set Up Stabathon
    Extended Ending followed by a a few frames of the Ghost Face Test Shot works very well similar to Scream 1 and 2 ending.

    These didn’t fit or work very well

    Dewey Visits Gale at the Hospital (Alternate)
    Woodsboro Remake
    Trevor and Jill Look for Jill’s Phone
    Kate Outside Olivia’s House
    Dewey and Gale at Home
    Rebecca in the Parking Lot (Alternate)
    Robbie Outside Kirby’s House(I like it but doesn’t work in well)

    I added about 18 minutes to the run time but I’m gonna redo it and cut it down to about 15 and add in sounds effects and score and see how it plays.

  46. Sidney and Gale in the Hospital
    Has to go too because part of the scene has a voice over that is not Courtney Cox

  47. i think that marnie should of kneed ghost face in the balls and then ran to the front door and she qould have died there

  48. this was super scary! way better than the other one!

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