VIDEO: Scream 4 Deleted Ghostface End Shot

From Scream 4 DVD/Blu-Ray.

Thanks to ScreamFede

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11 Responses to “ VIDEO: Scream 4 Deleted Ghostface End Shot ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. nice!

  2. hm, idk….

  3. i love it!!

  4. erm..wheres the scene of gale and the other ghostface masks?

  5. Scream 1 had one.
    Scream 2 had one too.
    Scream 3 (as it was the end) didn’t have one.

    So… What can we think about this? It seems they did this one because they wanted to continue. But I’m worried because it was cut.

  6. so wait, dumb question im sure, but this is slowed down a bit right? it would have gone by in a flash had they used it in the movie….

  7. @Maxwell

    Yeah, i’m fairly sure it would’ve been sped up and just been a quick shot had it been used. Pretty much like they had in Scream & Scream 2. I kinda wish they left it in…i was waiting on old ghostface to pop up when i went to see it in the cinema.

  8. im really confused!!! what does this short clip have to do with being in the movie?


  10. Dear “dope”, watch the final scenes of Scream 1 and 2 and see flashes of Ghostface. Similar thing.

  11. it has nothing to do with the movie o-o you people look to much into shit damn it was a test shot it even says so wtfXD

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