VIDEO: Scream 4 Dewey Visits Gale Alternate Scene

From Scream 4 DVD/Blu-Ray.

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5 Responses to “ VIDEO: Scream 4 Dewey Visits Gale Alternate Scene ”

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  1. I don’t understand how he figured out it’s Jill by Gale saying she’s gonna write “one hell of a book”. Help? Maybe that’s why they deleted it.

  2. Because Jill said to Dewey that she would want Gale to write a book with her because of their matching wounds.

  3. Jill could have said that the killer deiscribed how he stabed each of his victims inluding gale

  4. I think the idea before was that Gale must have been lucky but then she points out how easily Ghostface could have gone for the heart. So why would Ghostface want her alive? So she could write a book. Who just said that? Jill. It’s a pretty direct connection and likely more than coincidence. But I’m sure if he showed up and Jill was asleep in bed, he would have been hesitant about slapping the cuffs on her based solely on that.

  5. I like the one in the movie better. I’m okay w/ this one being cut. Hehe. :^)

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