VIDEO: Scream 4 Dewey’s Test Deleted Scene

From Scream 4 DVD/Blu-Ray.

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6 Responses to “ VIDEO: Scream 4 Dewey’s Test Deleted Scene ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. All these scenes are like the lost Jigsaw pieces for Scream 4. Everything makes much more sense. Lol. &+ I honestly hate Trevor now that I’ve seen the fountain scene.

  2. thank god they finally explain why kirby just pops up at the robert’s house for no reason :)

  3. cute how kirby pops around the corner!

  4. They really should release an extended/unedited version of Scream 4. It would make the storytelling flow more smoothly. All these scenes would have made the movie feel less rushed.

  5. i agree they say a lot of the editing was due to flow/pacing…i think if they would have left all this is it may have felt a little slower but made much more sense

  6. OKAY IM BACK.. dewey’s test was quite a cool scene, that should have stayed. =p

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