VIDEO: Scream 4 Fountain Deleted Scene

From Scream 4 DVD/Blu-Ray.

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13 Responses to “ VIDEO: Scream 4 Fountain Deleted Scene ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. love this scene! finally a time when trevor isnt being a red herring. thank god, but i think this should have been in the theatrical cut…

  2. I like it how Kirby is jealous of Jill and Olivia getting phone calls and not her. She so wanted to be the victim and survivor.

  3. XD ok this scene is awesome i love how its the same fountain and they are all accusing each other of being the killer just like in the first movie

  4. I know, eh Woody. This is an amazing throwback to the original. And I don’t get this ‘time restraints’ thing Wes says for cutting this. This was the shortest film in the series, that is NO excuse.

  5. OMG! that was just horribly acted and pointless. So glad Wes cut it out.

  6. I completely agree with Brook, Nico did AWFUL here, I think they could have edit out his lines and this would have made for a great scene, i love the mention of Lorie dying in Halloween Resurrection and mention of Sidney potentially being the killer.

  7. trevor sitting on the same side of the fountain that Billy sat and leaning back in one shot almost how Billy was in the first Scream…

  8. We really needed more of this stuff with the younger cast together in the movie…another bad decision for a cut

  9. I have no idea why this didn’t make the final cut. Seriously, this introduced the teens properly like we needed to. Such a great scene and saw some character development

  10. The only thing that ruined this scene from me was Nico’s horrible acting. But even so, I still would’ve kept this in the final cut. Nico’s voice could have been redubbed by him in post production to make his lines flow better.

    Also, I love how this plays as an obvious homage to the original and emphasizes the ‘woodsboro remake’ idea. The dialogue is fun and it shows more of the teenagers. Bad decision to left it out.

  11. I think I may have an idead as to why it was cut, in this scene Trevor says, “This isn’t a movie” then Charlie says, “One day it will be”. Then after Olivia is killed Sydney and the killer have the same conversation. And as we all know Charlie ends up being the killer. People might have figured him out too early.

  12. everyone keep in mind…wes was not the editor…he make ss uggestions but other people have final say…one thing was said was he didnt want too many scenes that were too similar to the original

  13. I hated Nico here, he ruined this scene, they should’ve re-shot this and made it to the final film.

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