VIDEO: Scream 4 Rebecca Alternate Scene

From Scream 4 DVD/Blu-Ray.

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8 Responses to “ VIDEO: Scream 4 Rebecca Alternate Scene ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. This is the only scene where I prefer the theatrical version better so far. This is too short and rushed, GF got too sinister too soon. I just wish in the theatrical they kept the “in the fucking morgue!” instead of just “in the morgue!”.

  2. @Nick – totally agree — made a lot of sense to reshoot this and elongate the suspense! Very glad they re-did this scene. He does say “in the f**king morgue” in the theatrical version. In the UK release he did does anyway.

  3. I actually think this scene was fine the way it was, I mean ya it goes a little quick but she wasn’t an important character. They could of kept this quick and added a lot of those other good deleted scenes cause some of them really should have been in the movie release so much better. But anyways this scene was so long and kinda stupid and pointless she wasn’t an important character. There were a lot of other characters that were killed off screen and shouldn’t of been. Long story short I would of been okay if this was the scene in the movie.

  4. I don’t remember to be honest if he says “in the fucking morgue” in the US release. Either way, it sounds way more threatening which is the only plus about this. And in this version it seems like GF pops out of no where, maybe it’s the quality but I don’t know.

  5. In my opinion I actually liked the alternate death scene of rebecca walters it was more I’m afraid to say better than the original s can’t wait till the dvd

  6. I liked the change in the theatrical version, but Rebecca outing of the car was stupid. She should have stayed inside, tried to call for help on the phone and being interrupted by Ghostface trying to open the locks of the car, breaking the glass and she somehow escape and then be killed.

  7. I honestly think this version plays much better than the theatrical one. The original version was way too dragged (we all knew she was gonna bite it) and made her look stupid. The only think I’d add in this version is a bit more of a chase before she gets to the door.

  8. See I find this version better. I agree with Matt-fBR, why drag on a killing scene when we already knew she was gonna die? Would’ve been better if there was a longer chase

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