Watch The Scream 4 Deleted Scenes Now! UPDATED

All Scream 4 deleted, alternate and extended scene from the DVD/Blu-Ray* are now posted for your viewing pleasure, including an updated longer alternate opening scene and the extended ending. Enjoy this handy chronological index.

*Curiously, Dimension are not giving us the missing party fun of Gale Weathers and Alternate Ghostfaces. Still, a damn fine collection of missing material.

Alternate Opening
Dewey and Gale at Home
Jill and Trevor at School (Extended)
Crime Scene
Discussing the Murders
Dewey’s Test
Kate Outside Olivia’s House
Woodsboro Remake
Gale on the Trail
Trevor Visits Jill in the Hospital
Sidney and Gale in the Hospital
Rebecca in the Parking Lot (Alternate)
Perkins Stands Guard
Kirby with the Boys
Charlie and Robbie Set Up Stabathon
Trevor and Jill Look for Jill’s Phone
Robbie Outside Kirby’s House
Dewey Visits Gale at the Hospital (Alternate)
Extended Ending
Ghost Face Test Shot (Newly Added)

Youtube user stvwxm is responsible for most of these uploads, so a big thanks to him and we will attempt to keep these videos and links updated as better sources become available or, as is likely, these are removed.

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40 Responses to “ Watch The Scream 4 Deleted Scenes Now! UPDATED ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. NONE of these needed to be cut. They added to the movie and made everything make more sense! The only thing I agree with was the Rebecca death reshoot. The original was too short so they got that right at least :D

  2. The movie needed most of thesw, even to flesh out the characters more, or to add the film’s darker tone…its just stupid that such short scenes were cut out, like between robbie and trevor, cause i thought it became too obvious it was trevor. we needed a scene were trevir may have been at risk…

  3. Oh come on now, I understand we all wanted a little more “meat” added to our meal, but to say NONE of it should’ve been cut is a little too much.

    While it was nice to spend a little more time with the characters in the deleted scenes, most of them absolutely deserve to be exactly what they are- deleted scenes.

    Here are my thoughts.

    Alternate Opening- Much better than the theatrical version. Marnie was the most sympathetic character of the two, not mention the better actress. The only thing that really took away from it(as well as the theatrical version)is the lack of a good & suspenseful chase scene.

    Dewey and Gale at home- I really liked this small scene. It added a bit more insight into Gale’s depression/frustration. I loved her snappy “Has she ever been to one of mine?” remark. And the best part of it all? We finally get to know in WORDS what happened to Sid’s dad. This should have been kept in.

    Jill and Trevor At School- Blah. I can see why it was shaved down.

    Crime Scene- No way should this have been cut. It was a pretty short, but POWERFUL scene that flowed smoothly. Bad move here.

    Water fountain Scene- LMAO! Nico’s acting really killed this. Not to mention the scene in itself felt pretty pointless. It really sucked that Jill wasn’t present. It’s like Sidney not being in the Scream 1 water fountain scene. It felt very incomplete without Jill. Don’t mind that it was cut.

    Dewey’s Test- Very nice! Should’ve been in! Kate, Rebbecca, and Kirby all shine with their small bits. Sid looking at pictures of Maureen was also a nice touch. The only thing that should’ve been cut was Sid’s “it’s nice to see you even under the circumstances” line to Jill since that was already used in the interrogation scene.

    Kate & Jill- A lot of people thought this made Kate look more sympathetic, but I thought it made her look even crazier. I have no idea what to make of “Aunt Kate”. Is she supposed eccentric? Either way she’s funny as well. But this wasn’t needed.

    Woodsboro Remake- Yay Dewey finally mentioned Tatum and it only took him 15 years and three sequels to do so! Other than that, this wasn’t really needed imo.

    Gale On The Case- Lmao! This was funny! But doesn’t need to be in the film. But lmao at “Can’t you just interview Dewey at home?”

    Hospital- Should’ve been in. But not all four minutes. I feel like this scene really dragged and imo it made Jill come off as more suspicious than Trevor. I loved the beginning with Kate, it’s the only time that she seems sane(and sober). So yes, this should of made the cut, but it could’ve also been shaved down a bit.

    Sidney and Gale at the Hospital- Lol I loved Perkins and Gale’s interaction here, and of course Hicks being her usual creepy self. I liked it. Not terribly crushed it was cut though.

    Rebecca’s death- Glad they changed it. This one was a little too quick. Hardly any suspense.

    Perkin’s stands guard- Wtf? Why was this “scene” even filmed? Random as hell.

    Kirby with the boys- I liked it. Flowed extremely well. Should’ve been in.

    Stab-A-Thon stet up- Pointless. Blah.

    Dewey visits Gale- Meh, I liked the theatrical version better. I think them realizing that Jill knew about Gale being stabbed in the shoulder and thus must be the killer was clever.

    Trevor and Jill look for Jill’s phone- Blah. Once again Jill comes off looking as even more suspicious than Trevor.

    Robbie Outside of Kirby’s house- Meh

    Extended Ending- Cheesy and forced. Loved the theatrical ending. Very haunting. But it was nice to see the trinity smiling.

    All in all it’s a mix bag. There’s some scenes that should have been in, no questions asked, but then there are others that truly weren’t needed.

    I feel like everyone in the theatrical cut got enough time as needed for the audience to get the jist of who they were. This is Scream, not an Oscar winning drama. Yes it would’ve been nice to have more Kate but her character was so loopy and odd that I’m almost glad she didn’t get a huge amount of screentime.

  4. And I LOVED Emma as Jill. I think she truly knocked the sociopathic side of Jill out of the park. Simply some of the best acting I’ve seen from a Scream killer.

    HOWEVER- I don’t think she ever sold me on the other side of Jill, you know the sweet innocent victim side. We were supposed to believe that Jill would be the new Sidney. Suspecting Jill to be the killer should’ve never crossed our minds. We were supposed to see her as vulnerable, a true heroine, only for her to turn out to be the blood thirsty killer.

    Sadly Emma didn’t do that side of Jill well. Even before I learned she was the killer I felt there was just something “odd” about Emma’s portrayal of Jill. I feel like we didn’t get enough of “emotion” from her pre-unmasking.

  5. Imo, most of these shouldn’t have been cut or modified, sans some. I also would like the writer to write more lines as to how the murders are remakes of the original. The fans may get it right away, but not the general audience member who may or may not have recollection of the original trilogy after 10 years.

  6. wheres gale’s extended scene at the barn?

  7. At least that alternate opening explains why the first score cue on the Scream 4 score soundtrack is called You’re Not Real. I never got that till I saw this.

  8. Where’s the scene with Gale showing her iPhone to Hoss and Perkins in the park, while Judy looks on from her car??

    And Sidney and Kate’s conversation at the bookstore?

    And the bit with Jill screaming into the phone?

  9. Should’ve NEVER Been Cut:
    Alternate Opening
    Dewey and Gale at Home
    Crime Scene
    Discussing the Murders
    Dewey’s Test
    Kate Outside Olivia’s House
    Woodsboro Remake
    Gale on the Trail
    Trevor Visits Jill in the Hospital
    Rebecca in the Parking Lot (Alternate)
    Sidney and Gale in the Hospital
    Perkins Stands Guard
    Kirby with the Boys
    Trevor and Jill Look for Jill’s Phone
    Dewey Visits Gale at the Hospital (Alternate)
    Extended Ending

    Rightfully Cut:
    Charlie and Robbie Set Up Stabathon
    Robbie Outside Kirby’s House

  10. @Khy- No they didn’t get enough screentime. The movie felt rushed and was a bit of a let down. They should’ve left it all in except the original Rebecca’s death. And some of it should’ve been shaved down,but over all the movie itself was cheesy,short,with forced humor. These scenes would’ve helped a lot. Regardless whether or not it’s an Oscar winning drama we paid money to see it and they should’ve done their job better. A LOT BETTER.

  11. The ghostface test shot is on YT now. It was going to happen right after Sidney turned away on the the extended ending, before the end credits, kind of like how ghostface always makes an appearence before the credits. Oh and I think that Gale on the case and Sidney and Gale at the hospital should not have been cut, because we saw how Gale could not get anything from Hoss and Perkins so she had her last resort. I also like how she got Sidney to come to cinema club. Everything should have been kept in really execpt for Rebecca’s alternate death. It was too short. GOD I LOVE SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. the rules scenes are still gone, the extended false finale in the kitchen. and I can’t find the “Sid’s expendable” in the fountain scene.

  13. @Khy Well said.

    The only thing i like more about the alternate opening is that they actually show the kills which they don’t in the theatrical version but i still like it more.

  14. What is the link to the Ghostface test shot I wanna see it

  15. @Brush “Where’s the scene with Gale showing her iPhone to Hoss and Perkins in the park, while Judy looks on from her car??”

    Isn’t that when Gale was using her iPhone as a recorder?
    Should be: Gale on the Trail, right?

    Should be the same scene as you have described, but just edited differently than you’ve imagined?

  16. @acee “the rules scenes are still gone”

    I agree. I was waiting for someone (either Dewey or Gale) to notice the clues about the names “Randall” and “Cooper”. That should’ve been covered in the movie.

  17. It maybe would have made a little difference, but not so much imo. I still wouldn’t have liked it. I hated the fountain scene, horribly acted and pointless.

    The only delete scenes I liked were:

    Alternate Opening
    Dewey and Gale at Home
    Sidney and Gale in the Hospital
    Dewey Visits Gale at the Hospital (Alternate)
    Extended Ending

  18. They are missing some deleted scenes. The extended stabathon scene with Gale, Olivia extended death scene, and Jill screaming into the phone….why can’t the production company just include ALL cut material whether it was needed or not.??

  19. Well, Finally We got to see those deleted scenes.

    IMO, some of them were really important to give more atmosphere and logic for everything that was hapenning. And would made the film less rushed.

    Some I understand why were cut, like the fountain scene (Trevor killed the mood in this one, but I think this could be dubbed to make his lines sound better).

    Others are interesting (like the chat in the bathroom between Dewey and Gale, or Gale contacting Sidney in the hospital hallway), but in the end wouldn’t make much difference.

    For me, scenes that would make the whole experience more interesting:

    – Alternate Opening (3:25 min)
    – Crime Scene, also known as aftermath (1:12 min)
    – Discussing The murdes (with a dubbed Trevor LOL) (1:26 min)
    – Dewey’s Test (my favorite along with the alternate opening) (1:46)
    – Kate outside Olivia’s House (hey, couldn’t hurt) (0:39 min)
    – Gale on the case (0:49 min)
    – Kirby with the boys (0:48 min)

    Considering the theatrical opening is practically as long as the alternate opening (well, put the chat on che couch in consideration and the time is almost equal), those additions would make the film, like, 5 to 6 minutes longer.

    would that REALLY hurt the pace, Mr. Wes Craven?

  20. Oh, I forgot to mention Woodsboro Remake, with Dwewey talking about someone recreating the first film!

    In the theatrical cut I thought they really dropped the ball with characters realizing that was all a reboot (Sidney talking about it in the classroom was weird and had no background to that conclusion).

    They probably cut it because without the aftermath scene, it would be strange to have Hicks talking about the frame around Olivia’s neck. EVERYTHING NEEDED TO BE IN THE FILM TO MAKE THE REBOOT IDEA MORE APPARENT.

    Once they cut the aftermath, they needed to cut this Woodsboro Remake also. Too sad.

    About the scenes between Jill and Trevor: I think the “looking for Jill’s phone” was pointless without the hospital scene and kinda redundant.

    The hospital scene, however, was interesting, but needed some editing to make it shorter (almost 5 minutes long! that INDEED would hurt the pace).

    But the problem with those scenes is not Trevor being a red herring, but Jill looking suspicious. The part in the hospital where she asks Trevor about his phone was fine, but at some point, with her questioning a quote from Trevor (like it was ripped from Sidney’s book), that felt a little forced and suspicious.

    Oh, and the “Perkins stands guard”, the Stabathon set up and Robbie outside Kirby’s House were the most useless piece of cr*p ever filmed! Pointless to even bother filming it.

  21. Thiago, well said!

    The scenes that should’ve been in no questions asked-

    Gale/Dewey bathroom scene- Short and sweet. Audience learns what happened to Neal and we dig a little deeper into Gale’s frustration.

    Aftermath- Brutal and sets the whole “remake” theme up beautifully. Why oh why was this cut? It wasn’t even long!

    Dewey’s Test- Very nice character building scene. Everyone shines in their roles here.

    Hospital- Only a small portion. It becomes too redundant and forced.

    I would love the water fountain scene but the lack of Jill makes absolutely no sense. Besides Trevor’s horrid acting, that’s what kills it for me.

    And of course the alternate opening. I really wish they filmed a scene of Ghostface chasing Marnie and maybe throwing in a phone call before having her bite it, instead of totally re-writing the scene with Jenny as the main victim. Boo!

    I think I might try my hand at a fan edit.

  22. @Khy, I think the main reason if not the only reason they cut out the aftermath scene aka (crime scene) is that in the background you can see the glass door open and not all broken up from when ghostface throws marnie threw it. Had they kept the alternate opening in they probably wouldn’t have cut it out although they could have left it in because most people probably wouldn’t have noticed it lol.

  23. lol Matthew. Yeah I doubt I would’ve noticed.

    I just don’t understand why they made Jenny the main victim in the opening. Not that I disliked her by any means-I actually like the theatrical version even though I enjoyed the alternate much better- I’m just really curious.

    Maybe Brittany couldn’t be on set for as long as they needed to film the new opening so they swapped her with Aimee?

    Be a good question to ask Wes.

  24. supporting the home-media release by not watching these. I want to watch ‘em all in HQ for the first time, anyway,

  25. You’re a good man Sean.

  26. Yeah, I haven’t seen any of these either. Some of the excitement would be gone once I got my copy. Still, it’s been interesting hearing about them.

  27. why did they cut this stuff out? one of the deleted scenes r missing, the one where Gale is at the stabathon looking around or something. i loved the Marnie and Jenny original beginning 1000X more then the reshot version! they should have kept it as the original!

  28. Would be cool if someone could splice this into the movie footage and give us what SCRE4M was suppose to look like.

  29. Can someone post a list of the deleted scenes that do NOT appear on the dvd?

  30. One of my biggest issues is not only are all these scenes really good, but when the movie was out and losing money, the whole thing was on you tube IN GOOD QUALITY…it was “meta” people didn’t need to pay to see it, although I did. If the producers wanna make any money off of future scream they need to be aware of you tobe, because only the people who own the film can file a copyright complaint

  31. someone can tell me where is the ghost face scarecrow version? Craven have pubblished pics of the mask during the production, but when i saw the movie there isn’t any hint of it… what happend? it was cut out cause it was in the kevin williamson script?

  32. To say none of these scenes should have been cut is a bit silly. If they were all in there, the film would have been far too long and the pacing would have been lost.
    The Alternate ending was a bit meh. They should have combined it with the Theatrical ending. I didn’t like how GF just appeared like that. It was kind of like, Oh hey! But I did like how Marnie did nothing at first.
    The crime scene should not have been cut either as it was very hitting stuff. I also think that Gail and Sid in the hospital should have been left in as it shows Gail as Gail.
    The rest I wasn’t that bothered about.

    It was nice to see them all however but I can see why they were cut/changed.

  33. These scenes are garbage, the movie is fine without them.

  34. How can ppl say scream 4 was better or on par with the original, have those ppl even seen the first 1?? boy, r those ppl idiots!!
    SCREAM= THE BEST!!!!!! drew barrymore scene was very intense.
    SCREAM 2= MY FAVOURITE!!!!!!!! Loved the ghostface scenes, literally every single one of them, the gale chase, the cici chase, holy crap, the car scene with sid and hallie, almost crapped my pants, and the ending was just brilliant, complements to marco beltrami!
    SCREAM 3= Come on ppl, this was not sooo bad, I know the jennifer kill scene was waayy unrealistic how GF just disappeared, but who gives a damn, it is like 2 min. of the movie, the ending was the most entertaining part of the film. “do u know why u kill ppl roman, its cause u choose to, there is no-one else to blame, why dont u take some f-ing responsibility…f u, no, f uuu!” =p hahaha I was quite sad after the ending, really thought it would be the last. and to my surprise 10 years later, scream 4 came to town.
    SCREAM 4= So, this was a tad disappointing, loved the plot, loved the actors, but marco was way off his game, where was red right hand? i waited in suspense, but to no avail. =( and with the first 3 movies the background track made u jump out of your seat, yes, even the 3rd one, this one’s backtrack was just dull and not scary at all!!!! I really wish they’d kept the original opening, that jenny kill felt like a new beginning to GF, and the marnie kill felt like the old one, it was great, if the dumb blonde with the big tits was added there somehow, it would have been perfect!!! and the way marnie faked her death was pretty hilarious! =p i’m glad they cut these scenes, the r all crap, except the original opening, the new fountain scene was sooo stupid! especially trevor’s acting, the original fountain scene with sid was epic, this was just downright stupid!! but after all said and done, i still love it, this series is my fav of all time movies, they better bring back scream 5, otherwise ill personally fly out to where the scream crew lives, mutilate their asses and make my own scream 5! =p and what is up with kevin williamson?? he better return for scream 5, screw that vampire diaries nonsense, i thought scream was his baby, it was what put him on the map, if he doesn’t return, ill be pissed, i tell u, and marco, u better see what u did wrong, okay ill go on 4ever.
    tataaaa =*

  35. PS: bring back kirby!!!!!! we need a new set of beloved characters, she didn’t even get a chase scene! =( and if she really is such a horror fan like they say in the movie(she is or was =( even part of cinema club), she should have known that even if u get ghostfaces questions right, u still die, uummm ala stab 1?? that was a very stupid mistake they made with her character in my opinion.

    I always loved Gale, her chase scene in this 1 was just not scary at all, she deserved better.

    PS PS:
    I think I know who the killer in scream 5 is gonna b, u know that film geek robbie was hanging around with in some of his scenes… i’m telling u now, they were gay lovers, and now that little nobody has nothing to live for now that his mutual stab-and-anal-lover is dead, he is gonna take his revenge. that would be cool, since the gay world is finally introduced to the scream franchise.
    just a theory, and a pretty good 1 if u ask me. =p



    4 NOW! ;-)

  36. okay, so i changed my mind a little,
    the scene i thought should have stayed r as follows:
    1) Dewey’s Test: that was a cool scene, it definitely should have stayed.
    2)Jill Mom outside olivia’s house: that was ok, it seemed like jill and her mom could have been the killers =p
    3) dewey and gale in the bathroom: that was also quite funny. =p

    BUT THATS IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. the original (non-theatrical) opening IS SO MUCH BETTER!!! this is why i hate harvey weinstein. he was the one that demanded to reshoot, and other script changes that eventually led to kevin williamson leaving the movie.
    yes, the theatrical version is flashier, but the original opening is MUCH MUCH TRUER to all the great things about the original scream movie. the question of what is fake/what is real is such a huge part of the franchise, i CANNOT BELIEVE that they reshot such an important scream trope and made it look like every other horror flick. it was the PERFECT cap-off to the double-faux opening.

  38. The crime scene should be in the movie

  39. Everyone look on XanArt21’s channel. He has the Extended Cut of Scream 4 in HD.

  40. Hmm, interesting. Here’s my opinion:
    – Alternate Opening: Why was this masterpiece cut out of the film? 100 times better than what we seen.
    – Gale and Dewey in the bathroom: Neah, not interesting at all. But we find out what happened with Sid’s dad though.
    – Crime Scene: This scene plus the alternative opening could’ve been the cherry on the cake.
    – Extended High School Scene: Shouldn’t been cut. It has much more character development and it reminds me of Billy pleading for Sid’s forgiveness in Scream 1.
    – Fountain Scene: Another great scene that was cut.
    – Dewey’s Test: Again, should’ve been in the movie. I mean, we didn’t have too many references of Sid’s mom in the fourth one, and the bit with Sidney looking at pictures of Maureen was great. Kate and Kirby are so cute here ^_^.
    – Kate Outside Olivia’s house: Dissapointed it was cut. In the theatrical cut we see Kate just two or three times then BANG she dies. She had zero character development.
    – Woodsboro Remake: A very good scene. Dewey talking about Tatum and about the fourth massacre being a remake of the first one. Just why? Why was this cut?
    – Gale on the Trail: Boring.
    – Trevor visits Jill: SHOULD’VE BEEN IN THE MOVIE! It made Trevor look as a suspect even more but also the “Lighting just strikes” bit was a giveaway for Jill.
    – Rebecca’s Alternate Death: Interesting scene. “In the fucking morgue” line it’s priceless! However, it was too short and the original scene was better. But Rebecca getting out of the car was just DUMB AND STUPID.
    – Sidney and Gale in the hospital: Should have not been cut.
    – Perkins Stands Guard: Um… is this supposed to be a scene!? Wtf!?
    – Kirby with the boys: VERY BAD MOVE HERE! Why was it cut? It didn’t even hurt the pacing.
    – Charlie and Robbie set up Stabathon: Not a bad scene. They are so funny in this scene :).
    – Trevor and Jill looking for the phone: Again, not a bad scene. But it is pretty much a giveaway for Jill and also this scene made Trevor look more innocent. Glad it was cut.
    – Robbie and Trevor outside Kirby’s house: Scary and suspenful scene. But again, it made Jill look as a suspect as there was nobody else outside than her. This should remain just a deleted scene.
    – Dewey visits Gale(Alternate): The scene in the theatrical one is much better.
    – Extended Ending: Totally NO!!! It was too forced and cheesy. And we don’t even see Kirby here :( – yeah, I think she is alive.
    – Ghostface Shot: Should’ve been in the movie!!!!

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