Wes Craven Updates Scream 5’s Lack of Updates (Added: New Cryptic Quotes!)

Wes Craven has broken radio silence! While the news on Scream 5 isn’t especially forward moving, it’s good to know where things stand for now, as well as what the director has been up to lately.

Touting the DVD and Blu-ray release of Scream 4 (arriving October 4), Wes Craven spoke to Shock Till You Drop this afternoon and informed us he hasn’t heard any word about Scream 5 just yet.

“Bob [Weinstein] doesn’t typically call until there’s something down on paper or something a writer can pitch to me,” Craven told us, “so I don’t expect to hear anything until Bob has that.”

Shortly after the release of the fourth film, the Weinstein brothers sounded confident when they told the press they expect Craven would return for a fifth film. Craven countered by saying he was going to take a summer vacation first. But now that fall has arrived, he’s diving into a few projects.

“I’m working on a comic book series, a book and I’m giving a talk about fear on October 14 in Chicago. Beyond that, my wife and I are building a house. We’re in the final weeks of that, so we’re getting our head out of work for a bit. We had My Soul to Take right before Scream 4, which was also difficult, so we said let’s sit back and smell the roses for a while,” he laughed.

Source: STYD

UPDATED with new comments from Movieweb:

“Yes. The odds are that there will be (a Scream 5). It is something that Bob Weinstein wants to do. He tends to do what he wants to do. So I am inclined to think that there will be (another sequel). Whether I will be a part of it or not? I don’t know. My contract gives me the first look. If they show me something that is really wonderful? Of course I will be a part of it.”

We followed this up by asking the iconic horror director where the trilogy was heading, as the end of Scream 4 leaves things open and ambiguous, and doesn’t really point us in a clear direction for a Scream 5.

“I’d have to kill you if I told you. Its better to have an ending where you can’t tell where it’s going to go next. Than to have an ending where you go, “Oh, that is the hook for the sequel. That is the hook for the next one.” We felt it was better to let the audience speculate than to have all of these clues placed in their lap. It’s not a matter of not being smart enough (to figure out how 4 ties into 5). We’re clever at this. Let’s just put it that way.”

Wes Craven then went onto explain how these movies are made, and how he is the last to know that a new sequel is ready.

” Most people think that I sit around and think up ideas. Then I send them to the studio. With Scream, that is not the case. Kevin Williamson has been the writer since day one. He has been the writer on all of these projects, at least at the beginning of them. That relationship with him and Bob Weinstein is very old, and close. Typically what will happen is that Bob Weinstein or Kevin Williamson will come up with a new idea, and they will pitch it to one or the other. If they both like it, they will toss it around and see if they can develop it into an overarching concept. Then I get the telephone call. They say, “We have something to show you.” It will either be a scene, or if it is Kevin Williamson, he will run through the idea with me from beginning to end. That is what happened on this one. There were a few pages. Not many. At some point there was a first draft. But it mainly started with me and Kevin Williamson sitting down in a restaurant in Los Angeles. He showed me how it would go, and I really thought he had something there. So I signed on. Before that point, I am at a position where I don’t want to be involved with something until the script is there. That makes me not a part of the original process, of banging out the idea. I think that Kevin Williamson is the best at that. And Bob Weinstein is all over that too. I don’t want to play another guy in that. Going into (Scream 4), the first meeting I had with Kevin Williamson, he did sketch out a Scream 5 and 6. The idea was that we were doing the first in a new trilogy. We had to wait to see if we made enough money on each film to make the next one viable. If that happens, those two will come up with the concepts and an idea that is worth fulfilling.”

Source: MovieWeb

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42 Responses to “ Wes Craven Updates Scream 5’s Lack of Updates (Added: New Cryptic Quotes!) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Good to know that Scream 5 isn’t out in the cold.

  2. I just don’t see what or where they’ll go/do with a fifth one.

  3. There is another interview where he says it’s is pretty much for sure happening. You guys should post it.

  4. It also explains that we are not supposed to know where the next one is headed. Here it is: http://www.movieweb.com/news/exclusive-scream-5-is-happening-says-wes-craven

  5. A Scream 5 isn’t needed and frankly unless they come up with something that is mind numbingly genius, I have absolutely no idea where it could go from here. S4 seems like the perfect end. Don’t push it.

    The only way I’ll give an S5 a chance is if Kevin delivers an excellent script but the man seems busy and I sorta get the feeling he’s over Scream at the mo’.

    But who knows? Things can change. I can see Kevin dusting off his S5 outline and making a script a year or so from now. And I have a strong feeling the Weinsteins will stay out of things.

  6. @Khy – what makes you think the Weinsteins will stay out of things this time?

  7. Exciting! Kevin won’t be keen though. Will they hire another writer?

    I wonder if this will happen..

  8. id totally be down for a scream 5

    id be first in line

  9. You are welcome…

  10. best news I’ve heard! now get the pens out, get those ideas flowing, and green light a 5th movie! Love this franchise.

  11. It actually seems Scream 5 has a got a global plot. Or at least some ideas for the script. Just as you said it Sean, I thought there was totally nothing about this episode yet. That’s good news. I was thinking that maybe the extended ending was meant to give us some clues about the future plot. We’ll see soon…

  12. This awesome news cant wait.

  13. I want a Scream 5, but only if they don’t over edit the film and give us an inferior end product. A lot is lacking in Scream 4, but especially the story telling. The whole remake theme wasn’t clear on first view. It took me a while to get, and I am a fan. I am sure a lot of things were missed by the average goer. I want them to make a film (or rather, a compelling story) that everyone can appreciate with relative ease.

  14. Love how Craven tells us the precise process and love even more that he credits Weinstein & Williamson, and ties himself in with them. It kind of shows that they’re all still okay with each other. This bodes well. Personally, if Williamson “sketched out” the ideas for S5 & S6 when they initially met about S4, they must be decent ideas, given that Craven, from that meeting, decided to sign on to the project. Suggesting he was really excited about the plotlines and the idea of producing a new trilogy! Good news in all! About time something was reported about this, especially given that the summer is over now. Wes: get your house finished and then get onto S5 :-)

  15. I’d say the main problem with scream 5 and 6 being sketched out is that there was so much interferance on Scream 4 that the whole idea was changed. I’d say that (SPOILER) Jill was supposed to get away with it in the end or something like that, therefore Scream 5 and 6 are going to need new ideas.

  16. Thank God, we finally hear something! I think Scream 5 should only be made if Kevin Williamson qrites the script, Ehren Krueger is no-where to be seen and Wes Craven makes it more suspenseful and frightenting than Scream 4…

  17. I agree with Jonny. It does seem like any continuation from 4 to 5 was changed during the creation of 4. This will be very difficult to create a fifth story….out of well….nothing. Everbody is dead.

  18. Well there is chance that sydney will have a child, I mean it’s been 10 years she could have had a kid in that time, but she could have gave her up for adoption to protect her. And her child would be the next main character for the next 2 films, and it’s been a few years since the last film or should it seem in the move. Thats what I would have done.

  19. So now her kid would be at least 16, old enough to run from a killer. haha

  20. Everybody is dead? Haven’t you heard the commentary?

    Kirby was intentionally not showed dead, and Jill was supposed to be shot in the head but Wes had it changed and the twitch was intentionally left in. Go figure…

  21. Jill is dead honey

  22. I don’t mind the idea of Sidney having a child 10 years ago and adopting it out, out of fear of another ghostface killer coming after her. And then when the child is about 16, the killer starts coming after him/her.

  23. Scream4fan, well I’m not sure they’ll stay out of things, but I’m just hoping since all of the behind the scenes drama between them and Kevin went public last time around that maybe they’ll be more conscious about they’re actions.

    Of Course Bob will try to mess with something, as I’m sure he’s done with all the films before, but I think if they managed to get a script out of Kev it wouldn’t end up like last summer.

  24. So this is kinda exciting, its not much but at least its something. I can’t wait to find out who is gunna be in it. I know who id like to see in Scream 5 lol. Actually here’s a list for you all tell me what yas think. Mila Kunis, Shailene Woodley, Kristen Stewart, Lauren Graham (cause she was supposed to be in 4), Victoria Justice, Daren Kagasoff, Milo Vetigmial (can’t spell his name lol), Sophia Bush, Robert Buckley, Kerr Smith, Katie Holmes, Josh Jackson, Keegan Allen, Trojen Bellasario (can’t spell her name either lol). I’m having a hard time with guy actors. But yeah that would be an awsome movie lol.

  25. As far as Ehren goes…

    If he would be chosen to write the script(cue a load of hysteria and rants from angry fans) I wouldn’t be opposed IF he brings in a great idea.

    Yes, Kevin IS Scream. We get it. But I think Ehren gets so much unwarranted flack from ignorant fans. Yes S3 for the most part was crap, but it’s not like Ehren sat down, wrote the entire script, and then sent it in. Do you know how many re-writes and other writers(Wes and another lady) also contributed to the final product? I don’t even think the man completed a draft before filming started. It was an extremely rushed and crazed production.

    I don’t think Scream 3 is a totally fair representation of what he would do to the series if he did get a chance to come in, take his time, and bang out a script.

    But then again that’s just me. I like to give everyone a fair chance.

  26. Wes also gave more insight on Kevin’s original Scream 3 draft, it sounds awesome-

    “The original script that Kevin had involved a high school student, the daughter of the principal, who was actually leading a band of kids that were killing students. And we got the first draft and just moments after that we got the news of Columbine and just dropped it like a hot potato. ”

    I REALLY want to read Kevin’s original S3 draft now. It sounded extremely fresh. Bringing Hollywood to Woodsboro, having a crazed fan attack Sid and a friend at home in the opening only for Sid to survive and kill him/her, having the principal’s daughter(who I’m guessing would’ve been the “Jill” of the movie) leading a group of psychos.

    Fucking awesome.


  28. Oh My God. Whoever is hired to write scream 5, PLEASE! bring back Kirby.

  29. I’m surprised they aren’t going to hire Ehren, haha.

  30. @Khy, to me that didn’t sound awesome at all imo, but that’s just me. I love Scream 3, so I’m very happy the way it turned out. And please, enough with the Jill and Kirby returning. They are both DEAD! But if for any God forsaken reason they do bring Kirby back, please give her extensions. Her short hair really annoyed the hell out me lol.

  31. Hey I’m starting to see commercials for the Scream 4 DVD release has anyone else?

  32. If there is another scream movie before next 10 years or before Scream is remade/reboot, they should definitely bring Jill back and let Kevin’s original planned storyline arc continue, because we know after the commentary that Jill might be alive after all :)

  33. @Matthew, no such luck. Haven’t seen anything.

    @brooklynpsycho, Kirby’s short hair matched her personality, imo. Very “edgy” and non-traditional. Surprised a lot of people didn’t like it.

  34. @Xander21 “Everybody is dead? Haven’t you heard the commentary?”

    No… because those of us who live in the USA are still waiting for the DVD/Blu Ray release… :\

    But I am surprised how Kirby AND JILL are possibly alive still. I was hoping that Kirby would survive, but many people don’t think that’s a possibility. And Jill! I guess “that twitch” that people are talking about was intentionally after all, though I didn’t quite see it on film.

    I can’t wait to hear the commentary myself to verify these interesting notions!


  36. LOL. Who actually thought Wes Craven was the one who created the ideas for SCREAM??? I believe Scream will return to theaters but in another form.

  37. But then again that’s just me. I like to give everyone a fair chance.

    @Khy, I’m sure you and everyone can judge a bad writer from what he’s done in the past. I think every film he’s touched are shit, but makes huge amount of money. I don’t know what’s your tolerance level for bland storytelling and dialogue, but the Transformers movie series, written by Kruger, are the worst movies I’ve ever seen in decades. He killed THE RING TOO or TWO, after completely adapting the original japanese film. HE WILL NOT GET CREDIT FOR THAT!

    Check out his other turds like the werewolf film “Blood And Chocolate”. “Imposter”, and the most insulting film to black people and audiences’ intelligence the brown mass called “The Skeleton Key” or if you really want your head to EXPLODE check out “The Brothers Grimm”

    If you can get past those toilet filled shitfest and still have those same thoughts for Kruger, I will no longer read anything you write.

  38. stephon irvin, I don’t give a goddamn if you read anything I write. You saying it with such over-dramatic effect makes it even funnier. I’m not a journalist who career depends on people reading what I write. I’m just a normal every day individual who is just taking my thoughts from my brain and cementing them in a post on a blog.

    So I won’t lose anything by you choosing not to read anything I write.


  39. And to finish this off- I don’t care what he has done OUTSIDE of Scream. The same with Wes and Kevin. They have made their string of horrific films(My Soul To Take for Wes and Teaching Ms Tingle for Kevin) but when it comes to Scream they get the job done. But of course this is coming from someone who ENJOYED the latest entry, which I know not everyone have.

    But I’m basing Ehren’s potential on SCREAM alone. Not the Skeleton Key(which, shoot me, I liked). He has NOT been given a fair chance within the Scream series to prove himself. That’s just a fact. Yes, you morons can throw up Scream 3 all day every day and place all the blame solely on him and can try to “guess” at the scenes he worked on for Scream 4 to pin all the faults of that film on him too- But that doesn’t stand up in my eyes.

    I will only make my judgment on Ehren when he writes a scream script on his own WITHOUT other people coming in and adding their hand prints to it.


  40. Yes, Scream 3 was a piece of shit and Kruger was not the sole reason that was a disaster. That honor belongs to the director of Scream 4.

  41. Scream 5 is like my ex-girlfriend. It would be nice to see, but in the end its a fucking waste of time

  42. okay well i think it’s good that there may be a scream 5 however i’m not liking the fact that they continue the franchise on pretty much nothing and that people think they should kill off sidney. don’t get me wrong scream 4 was good but the plot i don’t think was too believeable and sidney should not be killed off neither should gale, think about it in these 4 movies it’s all sort of surrounded sidney but some of the plot was created because the character of gale weathers, like in screeam 3 with out gale weathers where would scream 3 be she is there reason scream 3 was the way it was and it was good and in scream 4 there is so much stab scenes and the stabathon which is where gale is attacked so you can’t kill gale off because she is one of the main assets of the scream series, sidney is the main character so you can’t kill her off if you kill her off it would make the rest of the series seemingly pointless if you actually think about it and the last movie would suck if you did that however what story is dewy bringing to the series? none so you can kill him off instead of sidney and gale (just an option but you can not kill off sidney or gale!) i think that we should make a new plot based on gale weathers whilst sidney is around that would be a good story twist because people would be expecting it to be same old same old how ever the fact that the plot simultaneously revolves around gale should not come in until the end and the movie should look like it revolves around sidney. i think they should also do this with dewy and kill him off at the end. this would help finnish the new scream trilogy and then see where scream 5 and 6 go. well that’s if there is a 6 but there should be a 6. :)

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