Craven Reveals Details About The Killer Cuts

With Scream 4 hitting DVD/Blu tomorrow, you’re going to get a heck of a lot of explanations and intrigue on both the on-screen and behind-the-scenes aspects of the movie. But with all the interviews Wes Craven has been doing to pimp the release, we’re getting additional elaboration online, such as this extensive talk with Dread Central which yielded plenty of keeper quotes:

“What we had for Scream 4 was a script that was too long so when we shot everything, there was a lot we had in there; and while it was all mostly wonderful stuff, it really slowed down the pace of the story overall. Also, sometimes things would just come across repetitive, especially in the case of Trevor (Jill’s ex). His dialogue ended up being him saying the same things over and over so we cut a lot of those scenes out. Thankfully, most of his third act stuff stayed intact, and that’s when Nico (actor Tortorella) really shined anyway so I think in that case it worked out for the best in the end.”

“But overall things just weren’t happening fast enough. We had a lot of scenes in the hospital – too many I think – and we spent a lot of time at Sidney’s Aunt Kate’s house, too, which also slowed the pace down. So a lot of stuff got left on the cutting room floor- especially the stuff at Kate’s house, but I’m okay with those cuts because they served the final movie. However, there was one shot in particular that I did not agree with cutting, and Bob said it had to be cut. There was a sequence that we shot with the crime scene involving the first two victims of the movie and how their bodies were placed to resemble the crime scenes from Casey and Steve’s death that opened the original Scream.”

“Actually, the fact that the killer was patterning themselves after the deaths in the original Scream was a huge theme in the original drafts of the Scream 4 script that got minimalized throughout the editing process of the movie. I guess that would be the one thing I would have liked to see featured more, but in the long run I’m very happy with how Scream 4 came out.”

“I think a lot of people forget sometimes that the Scream movies aren’t your average slasher films; they’re really murder mysteries wrapped up inside a horror movie so we always have a little more to accomplish in our stories than the usual horror movie formula. These aren’t the standard ‘killer stalks down random pretty girls in the woods and hacks them to death while we all cheer’ movies; they’re a beast of a different nature altogether, and that starts with the original. That movie was a response to the horror genre at that time, and the sequels had their own messages, too. With Scream 4 not only is this one a sequel, but it also has the Ghostface killer ‘remaking’ the original movie, and that’s something you don’t see every day in horror movies.”

“See, I absolutely love the unique nature of this series so I think that’s what brings me back- that and if the idea is good, too, because I have to believe in the idea to want to direct. But it’s incredibly rare to have a director at the helm for every film in the series so I do feel lucky that I’ve not only been involved with all of these films personally but that I’ve gotten to do it alongside Neve, David and Courteney the entire time. Everyone always asks me each time we start one of these movies if I’m going to kill off one of the ‘main three’, but I always hesitate because they’re the heart of the franchise. Especially Neve- rarely do you see a character grow as much as you do with Sidney through all four of these films. Actually, Courteney was begging me to kill Gale in Scream 4, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it, and I don’t know if I ever will either.”

“I know everyone’s been speculating, even back in April, but I would say that most likely there will be a Scream 5. Now, will I be directing? I’m not sure- as I mentioned, for me the story has to be there, and if it’s not there, then I don’t know if I’d come back, but I know it is something that Bob Weinstein wants to do. Fans will just have to wait and see what happens.”

Source: Dread Central

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  1. Despite Craven wanting to keep the aftermath scene, it’s understandable why it was taken out. It did paint Marnie in the Casey role when the reshoot of the opening painted Jenny in that spot.

  2. They really should’ve left the alternate opening alone.

    Or if they wanted to add in a phone call(which I hear Bob really wanted) why not have Ghostface call Marnie at some point? The way I see it is Marnie sees Jenny get murdered, she runs off with the phone and runs upstairs and hides in a room. Then she gets a call from Ghostface(Jill or Charlie, whoever wasn’t busy chasing her) essentially having the same convo they had with Jenny in the theatrical cut and then finish the chase scene and boom- Marnie is dead. Point is, why not add to the original opening instead of completely re-writing it? Seemed unnecessary to me.

  3. “Now, will I be directing? I’m not sure- as I mentioned, for me the story has to be there, and if it’s not there, then I don’t know if I’d come back.”

    So basically, we’ll know the script is shit if Wes doesn’t return…

  4. i want scream 5 so bad.

  5. I’m glad to hear that Wes will have as much trouble killing off one (or more) of the main cast as us fans will have when watching said character(s) die. Here’s hoping that IF any of the main three have to bite it, he’ll make sure that they die in a way that drives the story and packs a very emotional punch, rather than a Randy-esque situation– granted, he carried hardly the same weight that the central three carry now.

  6. I am really sick of Wes Craven’s saying, “Oh we had too much stuff in the script”, “Oh this was repetitive”, “We had to cut stuff out to speed up the pace”. I particularly didn’t like how he said, “3rd act is when Nico shined anyway.” Nooooooo! We would’ve loved to see more Nico/Trevor. There is nothing wrong with that.

    And WEINSTEIN! WHY DID YOU CUT OUT THE AFTERMATH SCENE?! That was a cardinal sin to Scream 4. The theme of remake in the original draft of the movie indeed got minimalized as a result. That made the movie somewhat unfocused, where as the other Screams have their clear target of what they are commenting on.

    BIG SIGH. The end product of excessive cutting in the cutting room yielded a half-ass final product. The story was told swiftly, which was the team’s intention, but characters and story was undeveloped and incomplete at large. Scream 4 could’ve been something more (in my eyes). A lot of the bonus materials we get on the DVD/BR should’ve been in theater. I hope they get Scream 5 right.

    And wow, I can’t believe Courtney begged to be killed. I love my Gale. But if she were to go down, it better be one epic sequence.

  7. @Treefroggiefreak “Despite Craven wanting to keep the aftermath scene, it’s understandable why it was taken out. It did paint Marnie in the Casey role when the reshoot of the opening painted Jenny in that spot.”

    That’s not reason enough for me… It’s quite a stretch to abandon such a great scene…

    Someone else has suggested how the yard door wasn’t broken in the aftermath scene despite the reshoot, and that’s a more plausible reason, though I also doubt that’s why. Bob Weinstein owes us one big explanation!

  8. can we get an alternate version with deleted scenes put back

  9. @Khy:I like that idea, A LOT better than what we saw on the screen. We needed a good call, not one with LAME interaction by “the blonde with the big tits” (Ghostface was great, but homegirl, not so much). Maybe a bigger upstairs would’ve allowed some convo/stalking before a BIGGER INTRO kill, (all the other Scream’s had one, why didn’t this one?)

  10. sounds like the weinsteins fucked the whole movie up lol

  11. YOU KNOW IT REALLY IRRITATES ME WHEN THE PRODUCERS HAVE A SAY SO IN THE MOVIE( LIKE DECIDING WUT GOES IN). It’s the directors job to decide and the writer to decide. I mean I’m the only one who thought scream 4 would have been a better movie if some scenes weren’t cut out.

  12. sooooo WTF! I bought the dvd today and it says that neve campbell is on the commentary on the back cover, but its only wes hayden and emma. i wanted to hear neve.

  13. NVM. She phones in from London. HA

  14. Got the DVD! I got the trilogy on DVD yesterday in preparation for today(Still had the 90s VHS which are almost ruined from how many times I’ve watched them for the past decade lol)!

    Super excited! And am I the only one who thinks they did a fancier job with the DVD cover than the bluray? Us DVD folks get a nice extra sleek case that the bluray doesn’t seem to have.

    Anyway, I gotta go to class for a test. Ugh. I can’t wait to come home for my Scream-A-Thon. :)

  15. Got mine as soon as Best Buy opened! Great day to be a Woodsboro fan!

  16. Now, if we could get the grrenlinght before Christmas that would end the year in a bang!

  17. I’m pretty much over the edits at this point. You know, we all wish the script and final product would have been left to Kevin and his devices…but it wasn’t. We got a good film. It wasn’t in my opinion as good as part II, but it was better than part III. Yes, it was tampered with by producers. We’ll probably never know the reasons why Bob decided to cut such amazing scenes as the alternate opening or the aftermath. But, we received some great stuff. The steven orth re-enactment was to me the highlight of the film and a powerhouse of a scene. It was a great ride that was flawed. Complaints aside…I’m happy with the final product. I am hoping for an announcement soon….and this time i am hoping and praying that not only is KW in the driver’s seat in terms of the story….but that Bob will keep himself out of the creative process.


  19. killer101 Yes. A LOT of people are doing that. I might even try my hand at one. I want the alternate opening and crime scene in there really badly.

  20. Something tells me even Courtney is tired of being in this series…I hate to think of that being the case, but people who want to stay in a series don’t NORMALLY ask for their character to be killed off or ask Wes put it “beg”


  22. @Ghostface, I couldn’t agree more. I love the Scream franchise, but I won’t be adding Scream 4 to my DVD collection, sorry.

  23. I got my Scream 4 yesterday a little after 7:00AM,they hadn’t even taken it out of the box yet. This is my favorite movie of the Saga.

  24. I think inserting the deleted scenes and leave the theatrical scenes would be fun–if all of the deleted scenes were available.

  25. …. we need a directors cut of this, with the original opening and the aftermath…. and the random killings speech.

  26. Courtney begging to be killed off? Hmmm. Perhaps they should have done so if she wanted it and it would have been a very interesting thing to do/watch.

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