Scream 4 DVD & Blu-Ray Released Today!

Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for! While Scream 4 has already shipped for some, today is the official release date and the point in time where the movie joins the previous 3 as home releases. No more waiting, no more crappy bootlegs!

To mark this point in Scream history we’d like to hear from you. Post in the comments your thoughts on this occasion, stories about buying or unpacking the movie, and if viewing it has changed your opinion since theatrical. And the extras of course, are going to be devoured by many so let’s hear your thoughts on those too.

Onward to Scream 5!

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88 Responses to “ Scream 4 DVD & Blu-Ray Released Today! ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. I bought it this morning and kept it on my desk, can’t wait to get home.
    I really wanted jill and adam brody to be the killers, that wouldve help the ending

  2. 7 more days until the NZ release :(

  3. I absolutely could not wait to get it all day. I went and picked it up right after work. I didn’t even bother eating anything until I made sure I bought it. Haha.

  4. I was so excited that i got it at 12:00am last night at wal-mart! The commentary is soo funny

  5. i noticed that some of it has some of the PPV lines added in. For example, the principle makes an announcement about the curfew.

  6. I must say viewing it again at my home has actually made it quite more enjoyable. When going in to see it at the theater I had it all planned out in my head of how it was going to go down. I was very wrong. That led me into thinking it was terrible but if isolated from the other three movies, it was well above other slasher movies.

  7. I couldn’t really afford it with $24.93 in my bank account (I’m a college student, hahaha), but I went ahead and bought it because I’ve been excited about it for so long!

    I first went to Barnes & Nobles, because I had a $10 gift certificate there… I thought that’d help make it cheaper. Turns out, it costs $29.99 there… even with the $10 gift certificate, it would STILL be more expensive than Target. So I went to Target and got it there.

    I love that there is the slip cover of the Ghostface/knife poster that I love so much, but underneath, it’s like a traditional Scream DVD, yay!!! I opened it right when I got back and immediately watched all of the special features… including watching the gag reel twice. Emma blinking when she’s supposed to be dead made me laugh so hard!

    With not enough time to watch the whole movie before my class, I decided just to watch my favorite scene… Kirby’s phone call during the finale where she’s answering questions to save Charlie. That scene is so intense! I ended up watching through to right before “the reveal”, and am now about to watch it start to finish! I am so glad today has finally come — been waiting for it since April 15th when I saw it in theaters! hahaha.

  8. The viewing experience on Blu-ray was definitely better than in the movie theatre. The audio commentary (what I listened to) was enjoyable and fun to listen to. Except for an annoying orangey dot that appeared above Jenny Randall’s head at 8 minutes and 47 seconds in, the experience was spectacular.

  9. I was really surprised but i actualy enjoyed it at home. So yay, but I will say the friend I watched it with said it was lame. To each I guess? Happy scream day all!

  10. Man I believe I got all four films sitting on my bed together. This is a day I waited 11 years for and it was worth it. Actually OWNING Scream 4 is even more of a hallmark than seeing it in theaters.

    I watched the first two films in a row. Took a break, now I’m about to watch 3 and then finally, 4. :)

  11. Ethan, yes, love the slip cover the DVD has!

  12. I actually went to Wal Mart at Midnite, and made a worker in the back go and get a copy for me! And i/ve watched it twice already! love! I do love the Slip Cover it has too!

  13. Just got mines at like 5pm at best buy and went straight to the special features! :)

  14. Target’s version comes with a CD.

  15. I absolutely love this movie! It was definitely worth a wait after all these years… I love the special features! Great how they were scaring the cast members with the Ghostface mask in the gag reel. But anyways I am hoping Scream 5 will be good as this one.

  16. I love Scream 4. I saw it 3 times in theatres…opening week. haha. I was so dead set on Hayden and Emma taking over as the new cast members for future installments that it literally messed with my head when Jill was the killer. I literally had trouble conceiving it for a good 2 weeks after watching the movie lol. I didn’t know if I liked the fact that she was the killer just because she was played up as the heroine for the whole movie, but after a lot of analysis on my part, I realized that if anyone else had been the killer, it wouldn’t have been nearly the dramatic surprise that it was with Jill being the killer. So kudos to the Scream Team for pulling one out from under the audience again! They successfully pulled the Drew move once again!!!! PS – they totally should’ve kept the frickin aftermath scene in the movie…kind pissed about that….

  17. i p

  18. I loved it yet again. It really is well done but I’m mad about almost all the alternate or deleted scenes. They all seemed like they wouldve enhanced the movie. Part of the reason was time issues but given that this movie returns to a series that was dormant for 10 years, overall the final cut sometimes seems to rush along. I mean, no Ghostface appearances were cut or anything but various scenes wouldve actually helped give more characters red-herring qualities. Bob Weinstein seemed to screw it up a bit, he shoulve let Wes and Kevin do what they do best: make long SCREAM movies. At least I can pretend those deleted scenes are there whenever I watch it. But although I think SCRE4M is better than SCREAM 2 and SCREAM 3, at least those movies were what they were meant to be. They weren’t edited down by over obsessive producers.

  19. Agreed Mark.

    I’m really furious they cut the alternate opening. It was brutal and we actually got to see them both get gutted and Marnie was a better actress than Jenny.

    The theatrical version is pretty lame and so “by the numbers”. Feels and looks like it was taken straight out of Screen Gem’s PG-13 slashers.

    The scenes I would add in if I made a fan edit would be the alternate opening fully scored, the small scene where Dewey/Gale talk about Sid’s dad, The aftermath scene, Dewey’s test(though since Kate was never given a proper introduction that would make her first appearance even more random than in the theatrical cut), a little bit of the Trevor/Jill hospital scene, and Kirby and the boys in the hall talking about the Stab-A-Thon.

    I think these scenes would help the film flow better.

  20. I’m glad the Alternate Beginning didn’t make the final cut.
    It was far too quick & brutal, no better than the previous STAB 6 & 7 movie deaths that just played.
    I completely understand why Wes & the team went back & re-shot that scene.
    The final cut has more build-up, suspense and is more real. Sure it still wasn’t the best Scream opener so far, but SH*TLOADS better than Scream 3’s weak one.

    Bring on SCREAM 5’s opening Death. :P

  21. Kevin tweeted about thee DVD :)

    “Happy Scream 4 DVD release @wescraven Whoop!”

  22. @David, I can see what you mean. But as I stated in other posts I fail to see why they completely re-wrote the scene entirely. They could’ve added to it.

    However, I did enjoy the chase scene they added. That’s the only thing I prefer from the theatrical. The rest is pretty bland.

  23. Scream 4 gets better with each viewing IMO.

    The 2nd half wasnt as consistently good as the first half tho

    but overall…still a great addition to the series.
    some of the deleted scenes really shudve been keep in …it helped emphasize the ” reboot ” thing alot better


    AND the scene were Dewey talks about tatum

  25. I guess while Wes feels the pace is too slow and some scenes being repetitive, a large % of the fans feel exactly the opposite…

    I think all of the deleted/alternate scenes should’ve left untouched sans a few. I don’t really care if the film gets longer. I actually felt the pace of the movie was TOO FAST. Adding in those scenes make it feel like an actual story is unfolding, not a bunch of characters checking in and checking out.

  26. @cory “some of the deleted scenes really shudve been keep in …it helped emphasize the ” reboot ” thing alot better”

    Yes. Thank you. The idea of reboot/remake didn’t register with me completely until after my 2nd viewing and some random daydreaming.

  27. Went to the wal-mart release at midnight and I thought I would be the only one who showed up but it turned out some people in front of me were waiting for it too and by the time I got to check-out other people behind me were there to buy it too.

    Very surreal to actually have it now, it’s been a long time coming. Can’t wait to see how the series finally ends in future installments.

  28. I got mine yesterday too. I went the cheap way and just got the one from Walmart 15.00 bucks lol. I only watched the deleted scenes and I’ve gottta say a lot of them deserved to be in the movie. I heard wes say a lot of them were to close to the original but isn’t that the idea of a remake or a reboot which is all we heard about the whole movie. Frigging wienstiens cutting all the good stuff. Anyways, I’m gunna watch the whole movie tonight I wanna see what its like at home watching. So excited I got the movie though, I sent my husband out for it while I was at work yesterday lol. Now I have all 4 a complete collection so excitied lol I’m a dork.

  29. Does anyone get the feeling that when wes says (in the commentary) that he removed a lot of scenes because of pacing, what he means is TWC removed them?

  30. I was absolutely floored when watching the feature commentary when Wes commented on the opening. He said that Kevin’s original opening was Sidney being attacked at a party??? No offense but that sounds lame. I spend a lot of time giving Bobbo crap….but for once i am glad that he told Kevin to re-write that. The new opening KW wrote with the two stab films is one of the most brilliant openings to a film i have seen. I was just surprised that this wasn not the original plan. Seems like KW was making fun of SAW films here…multiple sequels….and it really felt like this was his original plan. Amazing opening…..glad the idea hit you Kevin! =)

  31. I just bought this on blu-ray. but is was just the blu-ray. the other 2 disk are not there. so is there 2 blu-rays one that just the blu-ray and 1 that a combo pack?

  32. @ Jamie Strode, yeah i noticed that too, i went to walmart and they had just the single disc bluray and the dvd & digital copy bluray combo pack, one was 20 the other was 24.95, i decided to go with the combo pack since it was only 5 dollars more. :)

    the only let down for me about this release is i didnt see the scene in the special features where Jill is mocking Sidney with the cell phone that they show on the trailer. oh well, still love the movie and have watched it several times since yesterday :)

  33. “He said that Kevin’s original opening was Sidney being attacked at a party??? ”


    I’ve GOT to listen to the commentary today.

    Thank God that was changed. WTF Kevin?

  34. If my understanding is correct, Kevin’s original opening sequence featured Sidney being attacked but killing the killer. I think that actually had potential to be a very memorable opening, as it completely defies the rules of the original trilogy. (Hello, “New decade, new rules”…) I think it also would have played on the fan expectation that Sidney would die–only to get the last laugh when she actually survived the opener. Could you imagine if they did that only to kill her later in the film?

    Oh, and I did buy Scream 4 on DVD and Blu-ray (separately) at Wal-Mart yesterday. I watched the deleted scenes, gag reel & making of featurette after work–and can’t wait to give a listen to the commentary. I really do think 4 is one of the strongest movies in the series, though I agree that several of the cut scenes would have benefited the story. Still, it’s far superior to the genre offerings of late…

  35. “If my understanding is correct, Kevin’s original opening sequence featured Sidney being attacked but killing the killer. I think that actually had potential to be a very memorable opening”

    Funny, I could’ve sworn Scream Trilogy had an article where it was confirmed that was the original opening to Kevin’s Scream 3 treatment…

    Maybe he was going to re-use ir?

  36. I got mine right after school. Wal-Mart had it for $15. I was contemplating getting a 2nd copy, but I didnt. Anyway, with the Wal-mart DVD, it comes with a redemption code which gives you another copy of the movie that you can download onto your computer or gaming system. Already put it on my PS3

  37. Hello

  38. I’m sorry I hit the submit button by mistake. I wanted to say I got my Scream 4 DVD yesterday at Walmart a little after 7:00AM in the morning they hadn’t taken it out of the box yet.

  39. Already bought it yesterday at walmart after school and I have watched it like 2 times already lol

  40. I picked up my dvd copy of scream 4 yesterday at walmart on my way home from a trip to disney…. i was rather dissapointed i could not fing the bluray/dvd combo pack because i wanted to have the bluray disc for when i actually get my bluray player…. but the walmart somehow did not have any in stock and there was no one around to help so i ended up just picking up the dvd….. (SIGH) all is well though because at least i have all the movie itself and the little bonus goodies that come along with it…

  41. I’m upset about these missing deleted scenes….where is the Gale extended Stabathon scene, Olivia extended death scene (her crawling across the bed), Jill screaming into the phone, Kate meets Sidney at the bookstore?????….will we ever see these scenes.

  42. No one has made any comment about the fact that Wes and Hayden directly discuss the fact that her fate is ambiguous at the end of the film? They all but state outright that she will return for SCREAM 5!!

    In other commentary commentary, I love that Emma and Hayden had such complimentary things to say about the other cast members and didn’t just talk about themselves. I do wish Neve hadn’t had to phone her part in (yep, went there), but it was certainly an enjoyable commentary.

  43. @Jesse, Yes it was mentioned in another articles comments about Kirby’s fate being ambiguous I think nobody has mentioned much is because half the people on this website refuse to believe that she can return which is fine its there own opinion but now with the commentary its been confirmed that Kirby will return if they want her to. As I said before i always thought her fate was ambiguous and it turns out I was right the whole time lol.

    I bought the Scream 4 blu ray combo pack today finally after waiting so long and it was only 20 dollars at my local best buy so it was a pretty good deal.

  44. Can you guys finally put the fate of Kirby to rest. SHE’S DEAD!

  45. @stephon irvin, agreed!!!!

  46. after watching scream 4…
    which was awesome..

    ive come to realize in full, how bad scream 3 was.

    scream 3 was ridiculous… was like….a bad thriller ( if even that )

    honestly, who the fuck lights a lighter to read a script??
    either u get a flashlight…or u take the script and read it outside…where everyone else is

    like CMONN

    i cant stress enuf how everyone was outta character.
    why the fuck was monica gellar in scream 3.

    im sorry, i know this has been discussed the fuck out of like 10 years ago.

    im just venting.

  47. I like the theatrical opening better, there was definitely more suspense in that version. However, I did enjoy the alternate openings’ entrance of ghost face more so than the theatrical cut. It was scarier than just seeing him pop into the window frame after the window was smashed. I wish they could have somehow made that happen in the theatrical version

  48. so apparently, kirby might be alive cuz we never actually see her die. or we dont see her stop moving…..yadddi yaddi yadda…

    i dunno if ne 1s mention this ..
    but using that same logic.

    we never see rory culkins character die either…cuz hes still moving even up until the camera pans away.

    just sayin. JUST SAYING

  49. @ Misha Rory character died. He’s gone!!!

  50. @scream1234 “Rory character died. He’s gone!!!”

    I think you’re missing Misha’s point completely.

  51. So it begins….

  52. i watched it last night high, and you really pick up on the little things…or maybe i was just really high, but either way, i high-ly recommend trying it.

  53. here are some things i noticed.

    1) if i were going to kill a group of teenagers, I’d sure as hell do it in Woodsboro too. I mean those are probably the most least threatening cops out there. After Hoss and Perkins lose ghostface after Olivia’s death, Dewey just lets them off. It’s ok, “get out of here” i know you guys meant well. uhh, any good sheriff would be like, you guys screwed up, you can’t handle this, i’m getting better men for the job. Not to mention one cop was a stringbean and the other was a porker.

    2) if these kids know that there is a killer on the loose, who has already contacted them through phone, and who have actually seen murders happen, why on earth would you be so relaxed about being alone, or away from large groups of people. i.e. kirby just casually sitting alone in her house when everyone is out “exploring” different rooms. Also, kids in Woodsboro are the most desensitized kids on the planet. Kirby and Jill just saw their best friend get gutted, and they are all smiles (well we know why Jill is) the next day. Charlie acts excited that Olivia was murdered. Stab is coming to life, not only is that utterly pathetic, but it’s gross. We are all huge scream fans otherwise we wouldn’t be trolling these boards every day, but if there was a killer in your town hunting down your friends in the ghostface costume wouldn’t you be terrified? i doubt you’d think it was sooo exciting and so cool, unless youre as pathetic as charlie.

    3) I love this movie, and the franchise, but noticing these things last night made me laugh.

  54. Just got my Scream 4 DVD yesterday, can’t wait to extend it and put the deleted sceans n it. Having a scream-othon tomorrow night with my cuzins, we are going to have popcorn and everything to have a blast.

  55. @Maxwell, those arew the only things that bothered me about Scream 4…also after Olivia’s death, Hoss and Perkins come in and Sidney says “He was…” and they see the door open and just walk calmly taking their time…wtf? he was JUST there…

    and yeah, the teens that KNOW somebody close might be the killer cause he killed their friends and they’re all going to stab a thon, and partying alone and not caring…wtf?

  56. Did no one read that last article about wes craven, he himself said he has no hand in the story or script and he’s not making a scream 5 until he see’s a finished script, so anyone saying craven basically confirms a return of Kirby, thats obviously not true, they say its ambigious but at the same time, bob weinstein may o may not be working on story ideas and i doubt he would unrealistically bring back kirby, i believe he’d want a sequel to be more realistic as many critics and fans said scream 4 stretched reality slighty. though i thought those fans and critics are ridiculous if you’ve seen scream 3 compared scream 4 is a freaking real life documentary.

  57. @Maxwell, I agree on #1, but completely agree on #2. And @seb, I couldn’t agree more.

  58. As far as the opening goes, both versions have their drawbacks. The original scene is quick and lacks the buildup that has become the trademark of the Scream intro. However, while the redone sequence does include a chase, there’s nothing really compelling or interesting happening in it. The only point of note is that it does seem to confirm that the girl Trevor cheated with was Jenny.

    As for the rest of the deleted scenes, with the exception of those that played up the remake angle, they all needed to be cut. Although I would argue that the characters in this film were rather shallow, more exposure to them, with their repeated statings of the exact same points and traits, only emphasized their tepidity.

    The real flaw with Scream 4 becomes apparent when listening to Craven’s commentary. I once read something he said that effectively went that although horror films can and, in most cases, should contain a dose of humor, the filmmaker must know when to keep the two separate. In order for a horror film to properly function as a horror film, humor cannot be injected into death or suspense. During Craven’s discussion over the film, he laughed at several of the punchlines made during murder sequences. Which, I think, pretty much says it all.

    Scream 3, however maligned, knew when to be serious. Scream 4 seemed to have lost that filter.

  59. @Misha Scream 3 played like a really bad fan fic. Despite it being the third in the trilogy, I’m almost tempted to just watch 1,2, and go straight to 4.

    Scream 3 is just extremely loopy. It’s too “out there” for my tastes. Exploding houses, killers that can stop their pulse, Gale’s bad hair do ect. Too much for me.

  60. @Khy, amen.

  61. I left one of the earlier comments and read the one’s since. About the deleted scenes: lots of people got my point. The scene with Jill and Trevor in the hospital was pivotal to the finale. It makes the viewer think that Jill is innocent and a potential victim to Trevor. it’s all very sidney and Billy. BUT, that’s the horrifying twist later, Jill was so beautifully manipulative. It makes the shock of the boyfriend being innocent and brutally murdered by his girlfriend so much more contrary to what the audience expects. Dewey’s ‘test’ scene wouldve given me chills and added more necessary lovability to Kirby. ALL THE SCENES added immensely to the storyline. The added moments wouldve turned it into a ensemble who wouldve been harder to watch die. That I wouldve cared about more even if they were typical victims. The speed of the final version just made everyone feel like stock meat.
    WES, if you read this, SCREAM is a movie series that I have l loved for more than half my life. There are fans out here who know every little thing there is to know. First, thank you for giving use the cut scenes. Knowing about them adds to how happy I am
    SCRE4M was made. BUT, all the money it made, it made from obsessive crazy SCREAM fans like me who bought it the day it was available and watched it immediately. Ive probably watched SCREAM 1-3 100 times each. I bought the blu-ray trilogy special edition immediately (like 2 weeks before I dished cash out for SCRE4M). So obviously I’m going to watch SCRE4M over and over again. But every time I watch it now, I’m going to think about how it sucked compared to what it could’ve been. Compared to to what was beautifully done but cut out (yet there to tease me in the special features).
    As a HUGE SCREAM FAN, Wes, my macabre surrogate grandfather, please grant my wish. Release a limited edition special edition alternate Director’s cut version of SCRE4M. It’ll make some money cause you know theres enough dork fans who will go out and buy it the day it comes out. I really really really want the long, character driven, brutal, bloody version. PLEASE!!!!

  62. Just watched Scream 4 on my big screen- Best viewing ever.

    I think I’m going to ware this DVD out.

  63. Khy, im going to do the same. Ialready wached scream 4 19 times and counting

  64. @Khy — You are right! That was the intended opening for SCREAM 3, which I believe Kevin wanted to revisit (seeing as nobody knew of it at the time).

  65. “Here we go”? So I’m being looked down on for liking Kirby enough to want her to live and be in the next movie? At least I made a comment that’s pertinent to the topic, unlike the people who decided to unleash their hatred of SCREAM 3 all over again.

  66. @Jesse, No your good its just everyone has there own opinion and in some cases just Denying things even when they know its true but in this case its 50/50. With the commentary we know Kirby can come back if the Weinsteins want to bring her back but we wont know anything about that until they start making Scream 5. Who knows they might have to eat there own words saying Kirby’s dead and if that happens then you can laugh at them and say you were right lol.

  67. @Khy, I’m the opposite. The way you felt about Scream 3, I felt the same for Scream 4. I love Scream 3, but I really hate Scream 4 with a passion. So I will not be getting the DVD, sorry folks. So you can say all you will, but my mind is set. @Jesse, not at all. Many people love Kirby and really want her back, so you’re not alone.

  68. I really don’t understand the hate for Scream 4. Scrweam 3 was horrible it was none of the likeable and Roman was the least threatening killer of the saga.

  69. I’m sorry I hit the sumbit button before I was done. I do respect the opnion of the people who explain why they didn’t like the movie.I just have a problem with the people who only say Emma sucks or that they focused on Jill’s saying she can’t move the bodies,She didn’t move the bodies she only killed them it was obvoius Charlie was the one who threw Marnie and moved Hoss and Perkins bodies.

  70. I meant to write size and I misspelled obvious.

  71. I love all the people who make it seem like Charlie was this huge super strong body builder who did EVERYTHING.

    First off, Charlie was a skinny high school geek who wasn’t that much bigger than Jill. Sidney kicked his ass good at Olivia’s house, perfectly demonstrating that he was no was no threat.

    Second off, Jill, no matter how believable or unbelievable it was, sure enough gave Sidney a good ass kicking in the hospital. It’s obvious this chick could hold her own and wasn’t a frail damsel in distress who needed someone with a penis to do all of her evil deeds.

    And lastly, look at all the victims Jill/Charlie killed. A slew of terrified teenage girls, a dumbass publicist, a super drunk guy, and two idiot cops who were caught off guard. Hell, most of their victims were caught off guard. So how was this “too much work” for Jill to handle?

    Newsflash- A person with a vagina isn’t always weaker than a person with a penis.

  72. @brooklynpsycho No tears will be shed over your decision. I’m just happy I have mine. ;)

  73. I walked into my local Wal-Mart as 12:02, walked to the back and saw a stock girl making a huge ‘Fast Five’ display. I continued to get cut off by kids asking for the video game ‘Rage’. When I asked for Scream 4, i patiently waited 30 minutes for her to find the box (seeing as there were 2 boxes labeled ‘SCREAM 4′ in magic marker, i don’t know what took so long).

    It felt great to be the first one to buy it in my area. Came home, and instantly watched it. I forgot how good it looked, used to seeing the multiple dvd rips I have downloaded since April, which made me enjoy all the bit more. The deleted scenes were good- aside from a rather bland commentary, in my opinion.

    All in all, a great release. For a devoted fan such as myself, and many of you, I enjoy having my Scream video collection damn near complete. Even though it is not my favorite, it definitely entertains me.

  74. i like unleashing my hatred for scream 3.

    it makes me feel good.

  75. Does anyone think the B-Roll footage that was released back in April should have been includeded with “the making of Scre4m” it felt very short. The cast interviews were not complete….just not happy with the special features…..once again the fans get screwed over.

  76. @Khy, you and me both. @Jill Roberts Fan, I don’t understand the love for Scream 4, period!. @Misha, I love unleashing my hatred of Scream 4, it makes me feel so damn excited!!! I’m just very happy that Scream 3 was a huge success and Scream 4…well…not so much. Very…very sad. I just hope Scream 5 destroys Scream 4 at the box office. :)

  77. @khy i applaud your foray into the post modern feminist movement.

  78. After finally receiving my copy of Scream 4 from the us to the uk, i finally saw the deleted scenes and for the most part i agreed with Craven most were either not great or had some bad acting. The alternate opening although sort of funny wasnt better as we’d just had two joking openings a third would of made the actual film very stab-like right from the get go. The extra ending was pointless, i love the original ending. Their are 4 or 5 scenes that could of been editted that would of help the film overall plot and idea alot clearer and given more character development. About 10 mins of these deleted scenes could of easily added and with some editing your looking at more like 7-8 mins that really wouldnt of slowed the pace and overall would of helped the film. But i just know im gonna see re-edited versions of the film where people will over-do it with the scenes its just some talky character bits that add more info and character stuff, no actiony stuff. Exception i prefered rebeccas not so much alternate so much as shorter death scene really, as her original death lead up is my scream 4 pet peeve, when she gets out of that car again, its just not needed and unrealistic, plus her phone was still working she just dropped it in the car. a bad re-write their for a overall forgettable lead up to her proper death, from off the roof (thats still a short bit of fun spectacle).

  79. @Maxwell, I have no idea if that’s sarcasm or genuine, it’s really hard to tell over the internet, but I’ll take it as the latter.

    It annoys me that whenever there’s a female killer in these movies people always assume it was her male partner who did absolutely everything while she sat on her duff giving him orders. Some idiots will even try and say that Mrs.Loomis didn’t kill Randy even though she blatantly says she did. My God I’d hate to wonder what would happen if we got a Scream film with TWO female killers. People would probably say they killed no one and instead hired some hobo off the street to the dirty work.

    I’ve even read posts where people suggested that ALL the future killers in this franchise should be male right off the bat. I’m totally against that. For one, It utterly ruins the fun. The fun of these films is that ANYONE could be the killer. ANYONE. Not just those who posses a flab of skin hanging between their legs.

    And lastly, how strong do you have to be to lift a knife and stab someone?

    Ok I’m done rambling.

  80. just got mine hell yes!

  81. I love destroying Scream 3.Roman was pathetic,Billy should have said thank you for the idea then killed him.I couldn’t stop laughing the whole time yet I won’t ridicule the people who liked it because they have allowed their own opnions and I don’t think the people who liked Scream 4 should be ridiculed. I also didn’t like Scream 2 too much either Mickey was a great killer but Debbie was annoying.

  82. @ Khy ITA I thought Jill was a great killer and besides she needed need to move any of the bodies after she killed them Charlie moved them,that was proven when we saw him move Trevor after she killed him. When it came to Rebecca the only thing Jill had to do after stabing her was drag her body to the ledge then pick her up and push her.

  83. found the Blu-Ray the best price for 19.99 on sale at Best Buy! :) couldnt be anymore happier with this new movie to the franchise
    the DVD version itself alone seems inferior and I feel like it doesnt match the 1st 3 when I bought the trilogy box set
    I still wanted however the movie to have the extended scenes

  84. Got my copy today
    I’ve watched the opening sequence(first 10minutes) and plan on watching the whole thing later tonight ;)

  85. I bought my copy last night and wow, this is so amazing! The menu is superb but doesn’t beat the US’s menu I think and the features….were AMAZING! Full HD (1080p) of deleted scenes and featurettes, ugh, I wish everyone had HD features. Watched it 2 times and waited 5 years for this is way worth it.

  86. Dude the commentary on SCREAM 4 was a joke. I mean, I learned some new things and some of the things that Wes said were interesting but Hayden and Emma kept talking about their time on the set and where they went to eat and shit like that. It was kind of irratating. And im a little disappointed that Neve’s commentary wasn’t as lengthy as i wanted it to be.

  87. i dont know if this has been mentioned, can someone please tell me the orders the deleted scenes go in with the movie?

  88. Here’s another 3 which was ridiculous about Scream 3 did Roman really believe people would think he was supernatural and couldn’t die? Sooner or later someone was going to figure out he was wearing a bulletproof vest.

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