Scream 4 Script Leaked At Last

With the leak of Scream 2‘s script before shooting even began, Scream Team‘s mission for Scream 4 was to keep the script under lock and key, at any cost. They accomplished that… but now that the film has been released all the way to home on DVD/Blu, we’re in a new playing field where everyone has moved on – allowing items of previous secrecy to quite easily drop into waiting hands. Like this. The real Scream 4 script.

One of them anyway. Dated 17th May 2010, it carries the production codename Z and Kevin Williamson as author (we’re not sure Ehren Kruger ever even got even script cred). Even so, this is not quite the script that was altered and shot, but most definitely carries enough differences and additions to make one imagine quite a different film.

Notably, we finally have confirmation of the old rumor that Williamson intended on Jill to survive and carry on into Scream 5 – the ending in the script lacks the extended hospital climax, instead offering Jill making it out of the house alive and her plan intact… only for a twist ending where she finds out Sidney is still alive. The end.

Read The Scream 4 Script


Submitted by JeremyBentham.

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Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Awesome! Thanks for submitting the headline Wicked!

  2. I loved this ! I think it’s better than theatrical version! :))) wanna read other versions

  3. ^But the original opening that was released on the Blu ray/DVD beats the opening on this script leak.

  4. Are you supposed to be able to edit the watermark? Screams fake to me.

  5. I like the draft already but I choose the theatrical instead. Rob, I think it was watermarked because the person who submitted the script wants to engrave his nickname to prove he got it or something.

  6. “the ending in the script lacks the extended hospital climax, instead offering Jill making it out of the house alive and her plan intact… only for a twist ending where she finds out Sidney is still alive. The end.”

    I told ya!

    It wouldve been a brilliant ending and a bold move hence the movie wouldve been different from today’s typical slasher.

    However negative point of the theatrical film was that it was trapped in the same old formula of same people surviving with same crap. Fans say that “trio” should always survive and killer die. I think thats shit. Just look at movies drag me to hell, final destination series etc.

    Wes and Weisnteins didnt had the balls to take forward the brilliant script of Kevin.

  7. Interesting that Kirby’s death is NOT CONFIRMED in the original script!
    Shame that the original ending was not kept – clearly that’s why Kev ceased all involvement! AND any hope of a new trilogy was destroyed! :(
    Why oh why did the Weinsteins have to interfere?! :'(

  8. I now realize that Wes was right and there weren’t any major changes done to the script, just the way some scenes played out and some corny dialogue was added. Otherwise, the opening scenes (except for Jenny and Marnie) in the theatrical version is the same as they were written in the script. Unfortunately, the bad changes that were made outdid the good ones. I haven’t read the full script yet but it doesn’t seem like there is a mention of Sidney’s dad at all, despite that Wes confirmed that he’s supposed to be dead.

  9. @BassCraze: I agree, that’s probably one of the few good changes that were done to the script but they messed it up with the re-shoots! However, I’m surprised at how short it was in the original script, although I appreciate Kevin wanting to take a different route this time around.. Too bad the Weinsteins wanted him to stick to the same old ‘Scream’ formula. This would’ve definitely worked better! Like I always say, Kevin knows better!

  10. Meh.. horror films nowadays always end on a bad note/cliff with never a resolution and i’m glad Scream 4 didn’t end that way. I’m glad they changed that.

  11. I’m so shocked to see how different and better this is from what we got to see on theathers. It is almost TOTALLY different from the final version. There isn’t Stabathon, there isn’t Gale’s chase scene, and there’s brilliant dialogue and great character development that was cut, that’s sooo lame.

    While reading it, I felt the development and flow of the script resembled a lot of the first Scream movie, and I just loved it. Only things I disliked from this version were the opening scene, which I thought that the alternate opening featured on DVD/Blu-ray was way better and Aunt Kate’s death scene, that was so scary, I thought it def should have remained intact.

    And what about that Mr Baker teacher? Was he supposed to be the new Cotton Weary? haha

    @Mr Despair I suggest you read the whole script before making assumptions. It is very different actually, and Sid does mention that his father died and that she attented his funeral.

  12. I’m assuming right now that Courteney Cox’s tight schedule was what caused so much script rewriting, right? Can I hate her already?

  13. I liked both the theaterical version and this script. This made Jill sound more evil and psychotic.

  14. Guess the crimescene does come after Gale’s writersblock, it just doesn’t fit right…What a nice script this is!

  15. Hmmm I don’t know. If the script is genuine, I actually prefer what we got on screen. The only bit that I would have loved to have been in the movie is the extended chase scene at Kirby’s house at the end – the idea of Sidney looking back and seeing Charley stab Kirby was awesome, and the chase through the house and finding Trevor in the shower was great. If they had been added into the movie it would have been the icing on the cake.

  16. the ending CRASH AND BURN.. for me it’s an stragety of Kevin Williamson to deliever a script and later the producers would create the finale when they shooted it.

    In the first scream 2 scripts, Kevin wrote that the final showdown was between Sidney and Cotton Weary. The Killed each other and ends.

    But Wes was right. The whole plot was Kevin’s idea. And the final line, “Do yo mean Sidney” said Dewey but perhaps is Kirby too. I love that Kevin left this idea open to the producers

  17. A big part of the script is very different and pretty extended..
    The Kirby scene with ghostface is so much different.. even Charlies’ and Jills’ reveall is pretty different..
    Ican’t wait reading it.. it should be interesting..!!

  18. Interesting that the second half is quite different. I thought the first half of the script was much better than the film, although the most similar. Rebecca, Kate, and Trevor all received much better development in this script than they received in the final cut of the film.

    It’s also interesting that the majority of the genre and film jokes were cut. Were they that concerned about being sued? The script was also much more melancholic, without the detached irreverence of most of the characters in the film. The Dr. Orth scene was a nice touch. I’m not sure why they felt the need to merge his character into Kate Roberts for the film. Dewey was also more in the background in the script, rather than simply driving around uselessly.

    Sidney’s character was much courser in the script. I’m glad they changed that for the film to keep her more in line with what we’re used to. Although parts of the Stab-a-thon scene annoy me, I’m glad they added it in to facilitate more activity from Gale. I’m also glad that they dropped Mr. Baker, who seemed completely unnecessary.

  19. Oh God. I was very disappointed in reading it. And did anyone else notice alot of spelling errors and errors with character names and action?

    What was up with Sidney? She wasn’t the warm, loving Sidney we all know and love. And this draft lacked her presence more than the final version. Not good.

    I think Kevin’s intent was to have Gale and Dewey lead the new trilogy. Sidney usually has the first scene after the title card, she didn’t this time. Gale and Dewey did. Hmmmm.

    I’m glad they had Ehren rewrite most of the movie. The movie very much benefitted from it. Wow.

  20. Sure the development is a bit better but I’m sorry this script is very weak compared to the Theatrical release. Kevin wrote Sidney terribly. I actually loved the Stab-A-Thon, sure the hospital scene was a bit much but I didn’t hate it. Ehren improved the script IMO. Yes some character was cut out but I really didn’t like this draft. Some parts were just not right. And btw alternate or theatrical open was much better then this one. Kevin wrote so we don’t even see how Jenny or Marnie was killed. Not good.

  21. Um… I really liked the inclusion of Stabathon in the movie itself. Also, Gale and Dewey’s whole relationship was MUCH stronger in the film, and not in the script. Gale’s struggle to find relevance was done sooo well in the film, and I didn’t see any of that in the script. Also, A LOT is different in the script, but I don’t how it would play out in the movie. I think I like the movie a lot more, because the script seemed a little too much like the original Scream, but some of the film references and dialogue should have remained in there, like the rules scene and the Gale/Dewey/Robbie/Charlie scene.

  22. Did anyone else what sidney to tell
    Gale ” I’ll send you a copy” when Gale told her she hadn’t read her book :)

  23. This reads like an early draft. I think it has some great ideas, but it was definitely in need of some refinement.

    I thought the new characters were a lot more interesting and well drawn than they were in the finished films. Especially Jill and Trevor. The tone is more harrowing and desperate and I liked that too.

    This is still a fairly weak sequel overall, though. It’s a great concept that is executed so incredibly poorly. I remember reading a review of The Dark Knight that claimed that the film was guilty of stating its themes without exploring them. I think that sentiment also applies to Scream 4. Naming other movies or throwing around terms like reboot or re-imagining is not the same as satirizing/commenting on them.

    This draft definitely has a lot more discussion about the killer’s intention to create a new version of the original massacre and there’s a bit more about how the genre has changed in the last 15 years, but it’s nowhere near as clever as it thinks it is. It acknowledges horror cliches, but it doesn’t really play with them.

    Also- I’m sorry, but if this is a genuine script then it only re-affirms that Williamson is slightly overrated as a writer. So much of this script describes what characters are thinking. Description that CAN’T be acted or communicated visually.

    Glad to see Jill doesn’t bite it in this version, but the ending is still totally botched.

    This is still incredibly interesting, though. Not only does it show how the concept itself was probably strong enough to get everyone on board – it also shows just how badly rewrites were needed. Unfortunately, I don’t think this script ever received the time or effort it deserved. I don’t even think it was Kruger’s fault. The framework was already there. All they could do was tweak what was already inside of that. Their hands were tied.

    Too bad. Williamson has some neat ideas and there’s a much better film somewhere in here. I think he just needed a few more drafts to get there.

  24. Just read all the way through and people, you cant compare the finished film product to an unfinished script and say ones better. The final script was over 140 pages this is like 111. so its a earlish draft. He obviously realised the script was lacking an extra big moment like the stab-a-thon and he obviously hadnt finished the ending yet, with his other drafts ive seen williamson’s early drafts are often a little messy as he’s known for writing scripts very fast, so their are obviously lots of ideas flowing here. You can notice most of the finished product just some bits are at different places in the story here. the first half of the film is mainly similar. the last act is kind of different. The major changes would be the inclusion of the teacher as a major suspect but that quickly disappears with no resolution and mainly just more backstory and mentions of previous chracters and moments in the franchise.

  25. Bits i preferred…slightly..

    1# the idea mentioned near the end that charlie had a list of questions and answers to ask the victims.

    2# Rebeccas inclusion more and a death that worked better all round, and more actiony.

    3# Showing dewey and the police to be more competent.

    4#a few nice little referenes to the original, but at the same time their was to much aswell.

    5# the way some deaths didnt have to be shown so much as implied, as often build up could be scarier and more intense, in the opening it left a better segway into the crime scene plus the idea that the girls were just left sat up together on the sofa instead of trying to be all remakey with the original proberly would of helped to get the crime scene in the final cut of the movie as the strapped to the chair hanging from the ceiling bit kinda clashed with the Charlie strapped to the chair moment at the end which was superior.

    Bad things…. The fact that in this version gail and dewey had little to do. the ending. to many throat slashings. Some of it just felt clunky and to self referntial. And at points it was kinda cliche.

    But the best of this script mainly made it into the final product of deleted scenes. So we shouldnt be bothered about an unfinished draft being underwhelming, we should be happy we got the best of it.

  26. Just so people are clear its not the finished script from Williamson… He deffinatly wrote bits like the hospital because wes craven has said he thought williamson’s hospital ending wasnt being altered even after some negative response from people in the films testing stages as he thought it was brilliantly insane. Williamsons draft was over 140+ pages, kruger was brought in for minor re-writes, the main bulk is either williamson or id say cravens ideas. The weinsteins or craven proberly read this and said we need more gale or we need gale in a bit less due to cox’s scheldule at the time and the stab-a-thon was born.

  27. *cums*

  28. I enjoyed reading the part that Jill mocks Sydney on the phone for help after the revelation, I wanted to see this scene in the extras, since we only saw a frame in the TV spots :(

  29. This was great. It really was. However, I don’t buy the fact that Williamson wanted it to end that way. How would you move forward with the next one when everyone knows Jill was the killer? There has to be atleast one more draft of this out there before they brought Ehren in. In an Interview published a few days before this script was dated Kevin said it was mostly completed but still needed a little work.

    He also said in another interview that S4 had a beginning, middle and end, as did S5 and S6. This ending is too open ended for that statement. I’m sure a draft exist with some sort of closure.

  30. Well that was an interesting read. It was very similar to the theatrical version with some key differences and I actually think the theatrical version is MUCH better.

    Number one, this script seemed pretty sluggish in areas and tbh, I don’t think any of the new characters got better development than they did in the theatrical version. Having a bunch of “talking” scenes where the characters are rambling on and on is not character development. That is fluff.

    I really wasn’t feeling this Rebecca. She seemed kinda bland and I had no idea what to make of her. I’m glad they made her bitchier in the end.

    I terribly missed Olivia’s “Angel Of Death” remarks about Sidney, and I feel that Robbie and Charlie were barely involved. Thank God(Ehren or whoever) added the cinema club and stab-a-thon scenes. It gave them both a bigger presence and more to do instead of randomly popping in and out.

    And there were indeed some OOC tendencies going on. I can understand Gale being depressed and even used as a bit of a red herring, but she almost seemed pointless in this script. All she did was follow Dewey around. She was so fucking useless.
    And Sid seemed a little OOC at times too. There were some lines that I can’t for the life of me ever envision Sid saying.

    While I do like the idea of the movie ending on a cliff hanger, I absolutely LOVE the hospital ending. That to me is the BEST part of the whole film. One of my favorite scream finales. So I’m happy with the ending we got.

    Overall in this script it simply felt like not much was going on. It was very “let’s wait and see who drops next”.

  31. And before anyone says anything, I know it was an early draft and that it wasn’t meant to be perfect and could no way compare to a finished movie blahblahblah. I’m just giving my honest thoughts.

  32. “Some parts were just not right. And btw alternate or theatrical open was much better then this one. Kevin wrote so we don’t even see how Jenny or Marnie was killed. Not good.”

    I do think they you don’t have to show EVERYTHING. Some things are best left to the imagination, HOWEVER, this wouldn’t have worked here. I’m sorry but it wouldn’t. Maybe if it was the ENDING but for the opening? Absolutely not. The ALTERNATE opening was a MUCH smarter and more SATISFYING way of doing it.

    Not to mention I’m a horror fan. I want to see some blood with my body count or at least some ACTION. Not just two girls playing pranks on each other and then Ghostface showing up behind them and then that’s it….

    I can see why a lot of you would find that clever, but it just wouldn’t work for me.

  33. i wanted to see jill’s scene at the phone screaming for help at the end, it would make her a lot more psychotic, and it would give something more to the scene,i loved it.the strange thing is that scene appeared on the trailer, but not in the movie or even in the dvd, i was really disapointed.

    now about the script, a tought it was a little raw, but the development of the new generation characters was a lot better, and we get to see more about jill and trevor’s break up.

    One thing that i hated was how they used gale, she was just following dewey, like a puppy.

    The scene at kirby’s house was so confusing to me, the movie was so much better,the only thing good abou that scene is the horror quiz that was much more elaborated, and charlie telling kirby she was supposed to miss that last question was exciting.

    Oh,and i hated rebecca’s death, it was bad, but i would love to see kate’s death it was really scary.

    overall the movie is way better than the script, but it was fun to see a different version of it.

  34. Some people are thinking this is Kev’s FIRST draft. It is not. It’s a pretty late draft. It’s dated May 17th 2010 (filming began the next month) and according to twitter Kevin turned in his original draft(which included a back-story about Jill’s ex-boyfriend, Jared’s mysterious death who she blamed Trevor for. Sidney’s father was also ALIVE in this version and she stayed at HIS house, not Kate’s) in February/March.

    So this isn’t all that early…

  35. Yeah Kevin Williamson had to have written two drafts of the early script because in the first initial draft (which turned out to be the sides that people were buying and downloading back in May of 10′ (before they started filming) had Mr. Prescott still alive and Kirby living in Stu’s old house so I am thinking that Kevin rewrote because of location (since they didn’t go back to Santa Rosa to film). However I can see why this script needed some treatment. The dialouge was very K. Williamson but the suspense wasn’t there. There were no chase scenes involved and Gale was only a co-character when it came to figuring things out but no chase scene involved with her and the ending had a cliffhanger to it which isn’t very Scream-like because every Scream movie in the past could have worked as a stand alone and no need for a sequel but in this script it was like they had to make a part 5. The only thing Ehren changed around was instead having Jill live they killed her off and replaced her with Judy Hicks being still alive. I guess Kevin had no plans on keeping Kirby alive as everyone that comes to this website was speculating. I would love to have read his original script the one like Khy said he had written. But maybe one day we will.

  36. Does anyone have any of the sides/scenes with the Jared backstory?

  37. This screams fake to me. Spelling and gramatical errors aside there are some logistical problems, especially near the end. We seem to gain an extra ghostface based on where Jill and Charlie are accounted for near the end, and a lot of characters disappear at random, especially Gale and Dewey.

  38. I like the way how Jill says watch this before she picks up when it rings,she basically saying I’m going to mock you and there isn’t a thing you can do about it.She’s just evil and psychotic in that scene,I wish we it had been in the special features maybe it will be included another time.

  39. There was some really great ideas.
    I think the first half of this is better than the theatrical.
    However there seems to be some logistical errors towards the climax. Stab-a-thon was a good idea too. But the dialogue in general is much better than the theatrical.
    how do you know it is official?

  40. For anyone interested I have ALL the sides. Some of which contained scenes from Kev’s original draft. I really loved a particular scene in which Sidney was jogging/walking and stumbled across Stu’s house, that’s when she first meets Kirby. It’s a beautiful and well written scene. Sucks it didn’t make it into any subsequent drafts or the actual movie.

    As for Jill’s boyfriend Jared, I’m guessing he was friends with Trevor and one night they had a fight and Jared took off drunk.So Jill blamed Trevor for Jared’s death. It was pretty vague in the sides. All this plotline was used for was a way to make Trevor look even more menacing I think.

    And the people who are deadset on this being fake just because it had errors- You must remember this draft was written very CLOSE to filming. Not to mention Kevin had to rush through his writing that way he could move on to the Vampire Diaries. I’m sure if the original draft was ever leaked it would read and feel a bit more professional, but you can see why this one wasn’t perfect. The man had a lot going on.

  41. this isn’t real. it’s absolutely terrible, and for anyone reading this, knows it’s not how williamson writes sid. end of story. this is fan made (albeit, better than most) crap.

  42. I liked the script, but the theatrical version is better, if they used the script ending, it would’ve completely left hanging, there’s a possible scream 5 ther… yipee!:D

  43. I’m only on page 42 and already want to cry that this original script didn’t make it :( There is so much more of each character everywhere! So many heartwarming little moments. So much more natural humour (especially from Kirby when she gets nervous around Sidney when her and Jill are watching the bad Stab film) Oh man. Loving this read.

  44. I wish they should’ve saved the alternate opening and the crime scene for the next sequel. I hate how sidney “died” before the true ending, but after contemplating about it, I think having her “dead” in this movie and then the hospital scene starts Scream 5. I don’t know, having the villain be killed first is a first, I think…

  45. This version does a GREAT job at hiding Jill as the killer until she’s finally revealed. The filmed version, I think, is terrible at it. There are so many obvious clues in the filmed version. But this script is a lot better at hiding it – and I think, the way this was written, it would have been the best reveal since Billy in “Scream.” I love how the last time you see innocent Jill, she’s getting a gun pointed at her by Deputy Hicks, who’s holding a ghost mask, making it look like Hicks is the killer.

    I don’t know if I would have loved this more than “Scream 2″, but if 4 had been filmed like this script, it would have been on par with the first two films for me, unlike now where I feel the filmed version is only on par with 3. People are complaining that Sidney doesn’t seem like herself in this — I think Sidney seems a lot better. She totally sounds like she’s evolved into a stronger person. And all of Jill’s friends sound better — I love that Kirby has security cameras set up in her house. That sounds like a cheesy reference to the 1990’s to me — films back then always had houses with security cameras set up in the houses.

    And I think what’s really creepy and wonderful about this script is that Gale comes across as if she’s the killer, as if she’s doing everything to try to write another book. This, I felt, wasn’t exploited enough in the actual movie — her scene at Stab-a-Thon totally eliminates her as the suspect.

    So, Kevin Williamson, if you’re reading this, kudos to you. You wrote a brilliant script to “Scream 4″. Wish I could see your very first draft where Sidney was attacked in the opening scene and Gale + Dewey had a kid (Put it up on the internet for us!) You’re amazing for coming up with an incredible way to bring back “Scream.” Whatever your problems were with “Scream 4″… whatever they said was wrong… they’re idiots and you’re fantastic. You wrote the best part 4 in horror history. Shame it didn’t translate correctly to the screen… but I loved this script and I have loved all of your other scripts, too. Early draft of “Scream 2″ — was wonderful, too. Thank you for writing.

  46. Does anyone know why in several spots of the script it says “Beat.”??? Just curious.

  47. also, any idea what he means on page 108 by (ala chinatown)?

  48. @JRT

    “Beat” can mean one of two things. Both are terms used in acting. It can simply be another word for “pause,” meaning the actor should pause in that moment before finishing their thought. Or, it could mean a change of thought or feeling. For example, I am sad by what you said…BEAT…maybe you didn’t mean it though. Understand? These thoughts are not spoken aloud, simply inner monologue.

    I’m an actor.

  49. @JRT

    It’s a reference to the movie “Chinatown.”

  50. Okay, so the actual film is better than this draft. The lack of the scene at the cinema club and the Stab-A-Thon really makes this a less interesting script. Esepcially with the Stab-A-Thon – it gave us a chance to see Gale in action, we got to revisit Stab 1, we got a teenage party, there was an opporunity to use the video cameras. This script tries that by having security cameras in Kirby’s kitchen, which is just random. Without the Stab-A-Thon breaking things up, this script was too much like Scream 1. Gale had no encounter with Ghostface. The final version was so much better. The only thing I liked more in this script was the elongated scene with Kitby answering trivia questions. I liked how the first few questions were about the Stab franchise. Otherwise, I’m glad there were other drafts.

  51. Side note: anyone else notice how off the continuity of the opening scene of “Stab” was during the Stab-A-Thon screening (i.e. when compared to how it was cut together/originally seen in the opening of “Scream 2″)?

  52. Thanks maxwell. By the way…wasn’t williamson’s draft like 140 pages? This thing doesn’t even clock in at 120.

  53. @drewjobullo

    I have yet to go through the script yet….but was the stab-a-thon not present in williamson’s draft? Because if that’s the case than my hat goes off to whomever wrote that scene. Amazing part of the film. Extremely atmospheric and just a brilliant addition to the film.

  54. also, before i read it…can anyone tell me if “Hall Pass” was written in the script…cus that is such a cool component of part 4. Robbie’s headset camera. =)

  55. lol i had no idea mickey’s last name was
    Altieri. Did anyone else know this?

  56. @Maxwell, I couldn’t agree more. Heck, the theatrical version is way better than this crap, lol.

  57. There were things better in this draft and things better in the final film. It looks like Kevin’s script wasn’t butchered and altered as badly as many were led to believe.

  58. Really torn over the endings now lol. I love the one in the script but if it takes ages to get Scream 5 greenlit I’d be stalking Kevin by now demanding he write it already…

  59. @KHY I would love to see all the sides… are they posted somewhere?

  60. There is a few things in this script that would of been cool to see on film but I’m still happy with the Scream 4 we got at least I really enjoyed it anyway lol.

  61. It’s a fake. JeremyBentham is a troll on the imdb boards. Probably wrote it to sit back and laugh at all the “idiots who like anything.”

  62. I don’t know, but I do agree how Sidney’s lines are a bit off. It’s not her, by the way, the Stab questions were good, I agree. I actually had the same idea to include a Stab Question in my fanfic after watching Scream 4, so I think I got it right.

  63. So is this fake or not?

  64. @JRT – You’ve probably read it by now but no the Stab-A-Thon isn’t in this script at all. So I’m not sure who it came from – Kevin, Ehren, Wes…not sure. But I totally agree with you, SUCH a great scene, so atmospheric, love that its in that barn etc etc. There’s a lot of people wondering if this script is a fake or not though, so who knows if it featured in the original draft by Kevin or not?

  65. Hmm… Don’t know what to think really. Like the finished film it had it good & bad points.

  66. Are the sides in this script?

  67. Who knows if its fake or not, i believe not, as some new bits do have a very williamson feel and if its a troll he’s a fairly talented troll then which i doubt. I dont think its fake just not the complete 140+ pages script williamson handed in, so its gonna be rough and feel a little rushed the hospital/barn we’re added in williamsons last draft, as craven said some of the biggest scenes in the film were very last minute changes williamson made before handing in his last draft before having to return to vamp diaries.

  68. I’m starting to think this script is fake. I mean, it shows up a week AFTER the DVD release! Whoever wrote could have listened to the commentary and watched the deleted scenes and put it all together. What happened to the 140-page script everyone (including Craven) talked about? I don’t think it’s real. Someone’s just showing off. I’d be more impressed if this showed up BEFORE the DVD.

  69. @seb i know it’s fake. i had lunch with kevin yesterday and he told me it was. geez!

  70. @Maxwell

    I wish KW did meet and greets or signings. I would die to have that man sign a copy of scream…and just to say thanks!

  71. Maxwell knows Kevin?! Wow!! :D

  72. Maxwell was kidding.

  73. There are some parts of the script I like, then there are some parts where I prefer how they filmed it.

    The biggest WTF moment of the script is when Jill finds Deputy Hicks with the Ghostface mask. That would have been amazing to see in the film. That red herring was revealed at the perfect spot to eliminate any suspicion of Jill being a suspect. However, that entire scene was all over the place. A Ghostface was calling Kirby while Charlie was tied up at the same time that Jill notices Hicks in the house. So was that a mistake or was there a possible 3rd killer planned?

    Oh, and to those complaining about the grammar/spelling mistakes. This happens all the time in screenplays. That’s what studios have editors for. Plus, Kevin was pressed for time so I’m sure his fingers were typing like crazy. And for those who write, you know that while you’re wrapping up the ending to a suspenseful story, you’re adrenaline is so rushed that you have many grammar mistakes to go back and fix.

  74. I noticed Kirby would’ve had a little chase scene with GF. =(

  75. Maxwell was not getting his joke across effectively :\ I am disappointed. So now it’s back to: this script could be real?

    Imo, I think it’s real. To me, he writing has a lot of Williamson feel to it. But I really dunno his work enough to tell.

  76. @Dan well said! I write, and you’re so right, sometimes when you’re just trying to spill your ideas out onto the page there’s just no time for being anal about grammar. That’s what proof reading and spellcheck is for!!!

  77. @RyanShowers, yes i did notice all the spelling errors and characters names being wrong…it was very odd and also am i the only one who thinks that this is not real…i mean at times i felt like i was reading a fan fic script, with all the errors and corny lines…idk what to think…

  78. One thing i noticed while reading it, is it seems like there is way to much of the writer describing things in the action scenes. Which, correct me if i’m wrong but isn’t that kinda a big no-no in professional screenwriting? You[‘re not supposed to tell the director how to do his job. It’s ok to be semi-descriptive but some of these action bits seem way off. Like the WTF line in an earlier action part just seemed corny.

  79. It’s amazing how people will question EVERYTHING. My favorite is “Which, correct me if i’m wrong but isn’t that kinda a big no-no in professional screenwriting?” This person obviously is not a professional screenwriter. yet they question one. I assure this script is legit. And for the dip SidneyPrescott2000 on IMDb – you just need to crank as much as you can about Scream 3. This script worked better before it was Krugered.

    No one is ever satisfied in the “me” generation.

  80. @Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

    Lol. I don’t write professionally. I was just commenting on the script presented here. I didn’t realize that was such a high offense. Now, could you do me a favor….you “Assure” us that the script is legit? Prove it.

  81. Someone mentioned thatCinema club was in one of the sides. Has anyone here read the sides? Was Steven Orth’s brother really supposed to be in the film?

  82. The Cinema Club and Stab-A-Thon are both mentioned in the sides. This script is a fake. It’s embarrassing that this website fell for it. They should do a retraction quick.

  83. @Terry
    Thanks man! So it was KW who wrote the CC and Stab-a-thon scenes. I read the craven interview over at ign and he said EK did some work on the stab-a-thon scene….but according to you it was originally conceived by the man…KW.

  84. From a SIDE in which both Cinema Club and Stab-A-Thon are mentioned:

    CHARLIE: Hey man. Anything good today?

    ROBBIE: Charlie Walker, ladies and gentlemen, Mister Media Encyclopedia, my fellow founding father of the Woodsboro Cinema Club. Which is still seeking members. Especially those without members—

    CHARLIE: Dude, it’s me. Can we have a conversation without narrating?

    ROBBIE: Wouldn’t be real, dude. I’m here to document.

    Charlie shows a FLYER: “3rd ANNUAL WOODSBORO STAB-A-THON”—

    CHARLIE: So here’s the art I’m gonna send out for the Stab-a-Thon. I’m banking on our best turnout yet.

    Robbie takes the FLYER, holds it up to his CAMERA POV:

    ROBBIE: That’s right, all you conneisures of counter-culture: all seven Stab movies, shown back-to-back-to-back. Ladies get in free. As they do my heart.

    CHARLIE: Dude, seriously. You are like the worst promoter ever.

  85. Those sides are dated AFTER the date of this draft. Moron.


    if you don’t write professionally than don’t question the methods of those that do. Writers don’t come down to Burger King and tell you how to work the register.

    And proving it is legit? I guess the script above isn’t proof enough for you. Okay then I reply, prove it isn’t.

  86. Oh my god. Who gives a crap if it’s real or not. its crap if it’s real, and it’s decent if its fan made, but either way, if you’re losing sleep over this, then my god get a life. scream is cool, and i love it to death, but come on. arguments over this? snide comments? really?

  87. @Maxwell, Well said I agree if you like the script cool if you don’t like it that’s cool I don’t see the point in arguing over such a small non important thing.

  88. @ Waaaaaaaaaaaaah

    Look man, i’m not gonna argue with you. I merely made a comment about the “Structure” of the script and some of the action sequences. I wasn’t aware i had to be a writer to do that. If i can’t do that in the comment section without being made an ass by other posters….than i guess i just won’t post. I wasn’t aware that posting legit, constructive criticism and questions was such an offense? Cheers!

  89. And i also do NOT see the point in calling people Morons? Terry posted one of the sides….he was being helpful man. Jeez!

  90. What do I need to use to open this? Microsoft Word doesn’t work…????

  91. Kyle: Adobe Reader should suffice

  92. Does ne 1 else thimk Scream 2 is better then Scream 1?

    scream 2 is so …perfect.

  93. I luv scream the best and then scream 2 and 4 are tied for me. but i do have to say, there was a time when i watched scream 2 and thouht it was a lot more scarier and better than scream. but just recently, i had the mood to watch scream because i had only seen it a couple of times ( But scream 2 i had seen plenty and scream 3 as well.) but, i loved it!!! the dialouge was smart, it was funny and scary, and just perfect. so now that i think about it scream,scream 2, scream 4 are all tied!!!! i love the scream series!!!!

  94. Ok here’s my thoughts…I believe this was a first draft of sorts

    #1 would have preferred the alternate opening combined with the extended chase scene from the opening with Marnie being the final girl in the final cut of the film. Agree with leaving them seating in front of the tv as opposed to Casey & Steve set. Would have been able to include crime scene shot.

    #2 Didn’t like how the reveal of Jenny & Marnie death’s played out. I preferred the final version. I did like the convo between Jill & Kirby after class got out. Nice setup for the interview scene at the police station. Then I would have included the fountain scene. Pays homage to the original Scream.

    #3 Enjoyed more character development and background of storylines & characters. Olivia, Rebecca, Trevor, and Kate had more lines. We also find out Sidney’s dad died and that she last saw Kate & Jill 5 years prior. More insight behind Trevor’s cheating/breakup with Jill and Kate’s history and motive behind killing her instead of the remake notion.

    #4 Could have done without the extra character’s like Mr. Baker and the cell phone guy. Mr. Baker kinda faded out after the stuff started happening at Kirby’s house (have an idea why tho) Dr. Orth was a bit a stretch too…It worked nicely because he could have been a suspect. He’s the only one I might have kept.

    #5 Rebecca’s death in the script was completely different. Still included the news van but it was a different twist. I would have just liked to see her get knocked out or grabbed by ghostface then thrown off the building. it adds some surprise rather than seeing her get stabbed then thrown. They spent alot of time in the hospital though.

    #6 Didn’t like Kate’s death scene. I liked the idea of the ghostface costume being hung on the back porch with the wind chime it explains how quickly ghostface got to the front door. I liked the final version of this scene with maybe some tweaks.

    #7 I agree that maybe the stab-a-thon gave the opportunity to remove Gale from the film due to Courtney’s schedule.

    #8 I enjoyed all of the extra development of the 3rd act at Kirby’s house. It added more to trying to figure out who the killer was. Liked the fact that someone actually saw Robbie get killed. Only confusing part was Gale in those scenes because Deputy Hicks, Sidney, & Gale all drove to Kirby’s house but only Hicks & Sid get mentioned what the hell happened to gail when all this shit went down.

    #9 I believe the Hoss & Perkins could have still died in front of the Robert’s house no need for them in the final act.

    #10 Okay, so Sid’s dad would be like Maureen Prescott in a new trilogy, Mr. Baker was like the new Cotton Weary, Kate being a slut puppy like her older sister was a nice touch. She’s also a drunk she kept trying to drink wine and pop pills. Good development of her which was left out of the final movie. Makes more sense why jill wouldn’t mind killing her mom.

    #11 In the end it’s not confirmed who’s still alive. Could still be Kirby??? Dewey only asked was it Sidney; therefore, no one would really know Jill was the killer in Scream4. Kirby didn’t know Jill was the killer only survivor who would know from this script would be Sidney but if she died then that leaves Kirby (wishful thinking) for a new trilogy/sequel. NOTE: in the theatrical version when Sid goes tries to go back downstairs to the basement she hears a noise or door close (i’m still convinced kirby is alive). Kirby wasn’t confirmed dead in this script or in the theatrical version. Nor has she been confirmed dead by Wes, the cast, Kevin, or the Weisnteins even after the blu-ray/dvd release.

  95. kevin really knows what he’s doing. This seems so much more real instead of what they ended up doing with it. Kevin would have made scream 4 great if they let him. The ending in this script is brilliant. If they let kevin do his job and hired a real actress to play jill, then scream 4 would have been legit. sorry they messed up your work KW.

  96. Scream Lover, it wasn’t a first draft. It was a draft written after massive rewrites were demanded. The first draft Kevin wrote included Sidney as the opening scene with everyone over at her house for a dinner party being killed and her being left for dead, Gale working as a journalism teacher at the high school, a student named Rebecca who was a wannabe Gale, a third geek friend to Robbie and Charlie named Tray, Kirby living at Stu’s old house, Sidney’s dad Neil was alive and she was staying with him not Kate, Kate was Neil’s sister not Maureen’s, and Jill was mad at Trevor because she suspected him of being involved in the death of a boy named Jarod the year before.

  97. ^^and I say draft after massive rewrites if it’s even real, which I still highly suspect it is not.

  98. while i watched scream 4, i had thought it would have been cool if it ended like this:
    Dewey: Sidney just might make it
    Jill: what?
    Cut to Sidney sleeping in bed
    Cut to Jill’s face. confused
    Cut to ghost face.
    Cut to credits.

  99. if this is real, i can see why they hired ehren kruger to do rewrites. there’s some very melodramatic, unneeded scenes in here like the doctor orth scene. and there are scenes that just end… like the rebecca meeting gale scene.

  100. Well I just watched the movie with the commentary and before hayden leaves. Wes points out the fact the Bob Weisnteins told Wes that Hayden’s character “Kirby” was not supposed to die on screen because it was in her contract and Hayden says that there was supposed to be a part afterwards where they said someone was still alive. And they basically question her death because she’s still moving even after she’s stabbed. HA HA HA Kirby may not be dead!!!

    Hayden says “this is hollywood anything can happen”
    ie possibility Scream 5)

  101. I also have to say that one of the new cast members surviving would be genius. They made a note that Scream 4 although a sequel could be a standalone movie.

    Setup: If you think about the deleted fountain scene. Its said that Sidney has pretty much avoided death and that the story is not particularly about her but someone close to her. My theory after watching the movie with commentary and two odd things. 1) It was in Hayden’s contract for Kirby not to die on film and that she was stil moving even after she was stabbed…a point brought up by Wes & Hayden in the commentary 2) Jill last dying breath was left in by Wes when editing the final film…Jill is scene twitching before the credits begin to role. All of these are mentioned during the commentary of the film by Wes, Hayden, & Emma. FYI

  102. I agree that a lot of the script, mainly the second half feels ‘clunky’ and to be honest I was bored reading it. Gale’s character was pretty non-existant and I do actually prefer the theatrical version to this.
    Saying that, I agree with the majority, that the movie didn’t need the hospital scene towards the end and it would have been very interesting to have finished the film with Jill as survivor and possibly another (Kirby).
    I think it’s quite relevant that one of Kirby’s first lines in the movie is ”You have to promise not to kill me” to Jill – no? :p

  103. I just came across this interview with Wes Craven:

    In it, he confirms that Ehren Kruger wrote the Stab-a-thon scene and wrote the re-worked ending at Kirby’s house. He also confirms that the Kruger and he wrote the hospital scene.

    This meshes with what is missing from this draft.

  104. Wow. I can’t honestly believe anyone can say that the finished product was BETTER! The finished product was RIDICULOUS! Number One: They made Gale into a stand-up comedian. Was she in the first trilogy? Not to what I recall. Also, the ending in this version is BRILLIANT! We don’t know who lived, Sidney or Kirby. (Well we do but, y’know. It leaves it in the air :D) Another thing, they ripped Kirby to shreds in the theatrical cut. She’s an idiot compared to what she was in the original draft. She’s almost as quotable as Randy in this cut. In the final cut, she’s a regular kid until the end. (With the exception of the Bambi joke at the beginning.) The phone call at the end was tweaked a bit, just to make her seem a little dumber. But by that point, she’s already smart (according to the NEW script) so why bother? I can’t believe people think Ehren Kruger (the man who made racist jokes in Transformers 2) is a better screenwriter than Kevin Williamson. I’m sorry but, no. And yes, I know about all they typos, they were annoying but, this is an early draft. In conclusion, (in my very honest opinion) they raped this movie. I’ve read all the scripts to these movie and, quite frankly, Ehren, Wes, and the Weinsteins need to leave Kevin’s work alone. He’s a great writer. Had they kept with his original script,(with the typos fixed of course), they would have had slam-bust hit. It would have topped Scream 2 and rivaled Scream 1 for me. But no, not this copy. I think Scream 3’s worst scenes are equal with this movie. How sad? This movie is okay. But it could’ve been the best horror movie of the 2010s

  105. It’s ended on the most inter?sting moment

  106. wicked has no admitted this was a draft written by ehren krueger and not kevin. i was right as usual while most argued against me.

  107. Hi! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a
    quick shout out and tell you I genuinely enjoy reading through your blog
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  108. And I say about those movies was real or not but who cares the other seems to annoyed about It or if it happens to me as I say bring it me I got brave so haha to you nothing scares me but you cannot crack me can ya and I think having a knife is near me don’t think about it your chose and I have nothing but never but I have brothers haha in your killers faces or Freddy keruger or voorhess or Jason , Michael myers but I don’t care they do with me hey multi killers come and get me if you dare to try me but you can’t and you won’t find out where I i’am so haha to you

  109. Hey, I think your website might be having browser compatibility issues.
    When I look at your website in Firefox, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer,
    it has some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up!
    Other then that, excellent blog!

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