Scream Deconstructed Release Details Emerge

Information’s been scarce on the upcoming nonfiction Scream text… until now.  Scream Deconstructed: An Unauthorized Analysis has an official site now that lays it all out.  The book is set for an October 25 release and will be available exclusively (at least for the time being) through Amazon.  In fact, it’s already availble for pre-order.

The site includes a chapter list that gives us an idea for what topics the book goes into:

Part I-  Scream
What the Hell is it?
The Disrupted Deconstruction
Sex and the Final Girl
Billy’s Reel Life and the Battle of the Sexes
A Ghostface in the Machine

Part II- Scream 2
A Stab in the Black
The Walking Question Mark
Derek and Mrs. Loomis: The Sexes Strike Again
Mickey, Cotton, and Sidney’s Media Matters

Part III- Scream 3
Roman’s Hollywood Horror
Dewey and Gale: A Real Life Movie Romance

Part IV- Scream 4
The State of Horror in 2011
The Unexpected: The New Cliché
Kill Jill
Meet the New Media, Same as the Old Media
Surviving in a Post-Scream World
Scream Echoes

As well as the book’s specifications:

Authored by Scott Kessinger
First Edition
Publication date: 2011
5″ x 8″ (12.7 x 20.32 cm)
Black & White on White paper
160 pages
Stinger Books
ISBN-13: 978-0615545790
ISBN-10: 0615545793
BISAC: Performing Arts / Film & Video / History & Criticism
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9 Responses to “ Scream Deconstructed Release Details Emerge ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Sounds like something I should invest in(If only I had the cash :/ )

  2. zzzzz

  3. I’m in!

  4. I cnt wait to read this!!

  5. only 160 pages? doesn’t seem like much meat to be honest. if i catch it cheap enough i might read.

  6. it sounds like a good book i might buy it and read it lol

  7. Not into it.

  8. Just got the book. So far so good!!

  9. “Meet the new media, same as the old media”

    What are they talking about? About the characters? Like

    Jill- Sidney
    Kirby- Tatum
    Trevor- Billy
    Charlie- Stu
    Robbie- Randy
    Trevor- Billy


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