Weinsteins Working On Scream 5 Storyline

Buried within Wes Craven’s answers in a new interview with Arrow in the Head is general word that the Weinsteins are actively developing a Scream 5 idea right now which is a critical point of difference to the project up to recently being in a holding pattern.

SCREAM 4 certainly was conceived as the first of a new trilogy. Kevin [Williamson] sketched out a trilogy arc, that was the original concept. I’m sure the studio would like to do the rest of the trilogy, and it seems like the box office – the foreign sales – has justified doing another one. And then it’s a matter of a script that’s worthy of being the second installment.

From what I hear, that’s probably what Bob [Weinstein] is doing right now, trying to get to that second concept for a second film.

Overall Craven provides an insightful discussion as always, illuminating upon why Scream 4‘s aftermath scene was removed and how working with Bob Weinstein can sometimes be a real “scream” among other topics. Read the full Interview at Arrow.

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64 Responses to “ Weinsteins Working On Scream 5 Storyline ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Fuck yeah.

  2. Y’all are gonna hate me for this,but can Kirby live for 5??

  3. I agree with you, i want Kirby back too ! We didn’t see her dead body. I hope this one won’t take 5 years to be done. 2013 is perfect :D I hope so

  4. So Jill might survive after all? Yeah!

  5. no more jill, no more kirby they are dead, i hate to say that because i loved kirby, but if she would have survived they would have had her in an extra scene or at the end or something. sorry but she is dead, and jill, dont even get me started she was stabbed, shocked in the head and shot in the chest she is done and if they do bring jill back i will loose some shred of faith for scream (unless they some how shock me at the end of scream 5 with another jaw dropping twist) but if you want the movie to be done and done well, do something smart, more realistic something dark but staying in the lines of a scream film. i am happy that scream 5 is in talks, i just hope they dont fuck it up by making it 3D or some bullshit like that.

  6. Oh why are people so against Kirby surviving? For fuck sakes Sid and Gale have been through worse and they’re still around. Bring Kirby/Hayden back as the lead. Otherwise it would suck to have “Hicks” be the only returning character aside from the trio.

    God, if ONLY they had kept Robbie alive then Kirby and Robbie could’ve both been in S5. I think it was a mistake killing him.

  7. Yeah! Kirby for Scream 5!! :D

  8. Kirby should be brought back, only because she is:
    A. A fan favorite (mostly)
    2. She is much like Sidney in 1/2
    3. Why wouldn’t they?s

  9. No survivors, fresh new faces is the way to go.

  10. Wait, the WEINSTEINS are majorly involved in the writing? This is bad, bad, BAD news! I mean, have you SEEN how the Scream 4 retakes went? Scream 3 went? Black Christmas remake went? Cursed went?

    Scream 5 is in serious trouble. Also, you Kirby stans probably got your wish. Wes and Hayden both agree she could come back AND she was supposed to survive based off her contract.

  11. I think it’s very possible for Kirby to come back. We didn’t see her die and we’ve seen characters in other movies go through worse. Annie Bracket in ‘Halloween II’ anyone?? Plus, Sid was stabbed twice and survived just fine.



  14. look i love kirby like the most of you and if they bring her back i want a good explanation as to how she survived, like look at dewey stabbed in the back multiple times but they brought him back by him being in an ambulance, gale stabbed and rushed her to the hospital, sid was stabbed twice and again she was in the hospital, we didnt see that with kirby we saw her stabbed twice and left bleeding on the ground and thats it. now if they open on her house and having her being taken to an ambulance or something like that. but dont have her just show up. but other than that i am pretty sure that she is dead. but i do agree they messed up but not having at least one teen surviving. maybe even having trevor live would have been nice. idk something. but im sorry i believe kirby is dead

  15. i wonder what new cast will be in scream 5??? and they should have the opening scene longer and better than scream 3 & 4

  16. omg omg omg! Yay almost there!!! Hopefully Scream 5 is official before the end of this year!!

  17. Hmm…. I like The Burning.

  18. @Khy, Well said again I agree 100 percent.

  19. Taken from the interview: “Craven: The idea of following the template of the first film – or, if you will, within the realities of the films themselves, to repeat the historic events that had happened – was part of the script. There’s one scene in the Blu-ray outtakes, where Dewey goes to the first crime scene, and one girl’s is hanging from the ceiling and one girl is slouched in a chair, which refers to Drew Barrymore and her boyfriend at the end of act one of SCREAM 1, so there was that idea. But we didn’t want to have to feel like we were remaking the original film, so we had to back away from that a little bit, just so it didn’t feel like we were doing that, so the film could have its own scenes and not just be a revamped version of the original.”

    Well, you know what, Wes? As an average movie goer and a Scream fan, I would much rather see that scene left in. I walked away from the film with the main point that Scream 4 is a parody of remakes. Charlie even said so in his discussion in the classroom. So I dunno what you’re talking about when you wanted to back away from that very idea. To me, it was NOT a smart move.

    Given, I am not a film genius like you, Wes, but that is what I prefer. To have that scene left in, and to have all the remake reference more obvious to the average goer. Because right now, Scream 4 (or the story-telling aspect of it) feels incomplete.

  20. off subject but directed at those regarding kirby.

    During DVD commentary Hayden Panettier stated that her character’s -fate was left ambiguous on purpose. She said in her contract it stated that she would not die on screen, implying that if they wanted her for Scream 5 she would, by contract, be obliged to do it.

  21. I really wanna get my hands on the DVD or Blu Ray, so I can listen to all the commentary!!! October 4th is so close now :)

  22. People may think it was a mistake to kill off all the newbies but at the end of the day, Kevin williamson sketched out an idea for a trilogy, and the way he’s talked about how this idea of how to bring back scream just came to him and he found it very fresh and smart, i doubt that just applied to scream 4. I believe he has a plan for the aftermath of all those deaths, i dont think we’ve even seen the really refreshing part of this new trilogy yet, craven said he was impressed by what was sketched out for the trilogy. So id assume if weinsteins working on it he’ll be going off the extra idea’s williamson gave for 5 & 6. Even if willimsons writing or not. I was fine with the loss of new characters, it really seemed to comment on the idea of how they reboot these things with young characters, so your wondering who will continue the franchise??? And then SLASH their all Dead! Also Kirby’s injuries were clearly far worse then sidneys, she had 2 very deep stab’s in her stomach, id personally find it unbelievable if she returned, as people rarely survive even light damage to their intestines. But we shall see what happens, im just as curious as everyone else how they’ll continue but personally think only Williamson has the smart’s and the insight to come up with it.

  23. To those who are saying to move on with new characters- There’s going to have to be SEVERAL new characters introduced even if Kirby does make it in. She and Hicks can’t carry an entire film by themselves.

    Honestly, I am NOT a Kirby fan by any means. I think she’s hella overrated. HOWEVER, I always thought she had what it took to be the next generation Final Girl. Even before we knew Jill was the killer I was hoping that Jill would die halfway through S4 and Kirby would take over the reigns as “Final Girl”. Jill was just so boring and stale, so I’m happy they did something fresh and made her the killer.

    But Kirby imo is perfect to lead us through this new trilogy. We need at least someone the fans like BESIDES the trio to return from Scream 4 and Kirby is the best candidate. I’m all for it.

  24. Seb, yes she had two very deep stab wounds. It is a stretch, I admit. But so is Gale being shot at point blank range and living in Scream 2.

    I’m sure someone will come forward and explain why that’s more believable, but is Kirby surviving less believable than all of the things that have happened in this franchise? Hell imo it’s more believable than all of Scream 3.

    Yes, in REAL life Kirby would really be dead, but Scream is as far from reality as you can go. Especially since Wes is talking like there might be a slight possibility of Jill surviving too.

  25. I know many fans hate this notion, but I’m still convinced that Williamson’s original version of Scream 4 ended with Sidney dying and Jill’s plan working out exactly the way she’d planned it. The closing shot of the media outside would have been so much more haunting and ironic. As is, it doesn’t really mean anything because it’s all a big misunderstanding that will be cleared up the second the trio fills everyone in on what happened. So it’s not nearly as insightful or dramatic as the filmmakers think it is.

    I don’t understand people’s aversion to that alternate scenario. It would have saved the movie as far as I’m concerned. It would have been the biggest WTF moment in the entire series. Sure, a lot of people hate Jill, but I think that has more to do with Emma Roberts’ performance and not the actual character. Speaking strictly from a storytelling point of view, that ending would have been a gut punch. It would have been the sort of surprise you’d expect from this group. Not another regurgitated Sidney, Dewey, and Gale save the day routine.

    So my enthusiasm for Scream 5 is somewhat dampened because I don’t think we’ll ever see a new trilogy the way Williamson originally intended it. And I’m also still fearful that he’s washed his hands of this franchise. It’s not going to be what he mapped out. No matter what Craven says, I’m just not buying it. The reason they’re searching for a new writer is because they have no idea where to go from here. They’re probably going to pull a George Lucas and say whatever they come up with was the plan all along, but I’ll bet the finished product will suggest otherwise.

    Scream 4 wasn’t a total wash, but I wanted so much more from it. I’ll always have a soft spot for this series, but it hasn’t felt edgy, dangerous, or unpredictable since 1997.

  26. I just want to know what theyre intending to make fun of with a Scream 5? Scream was horror movies, Scream 2 was sequels, Scream 3 was trilogies, Scream 4 was remakes I suppose, so WTF would Scream 5 do? hmm…

  27. I wanna see Kirby return cause we actually did not see her die. We just seen her stabbed twice and Charlie walking away she was still little noises. So I do believe she is alive if not it was great knowing her fantastic character. But anyways I wonder what the Weinsteins will have for us. Hopefully something surprising. Now on the new faces I wanna see Julianna Guill in this new part. She is becoming the new scream queen and she is beautiful. Bring her to Scream 5. Trevor Donovan love him. Try fitting him into this film. He be fantastic as well.

  28. Man, where in the world could this series go? Great point Spence.

    I mean what else can truly be done? S5 can’t take place in Woodsboro AGAIN, I mean wouldn’t the FBI be about ready to bomb that place?

    Where do we go? Back to Windsor? A new town/city entirely?

    This is exactly why I’m happy that Scream 4 ended with the trio surviving because it might be our last chance at a “happy” ending with this franchise.

    The best concept that I could come up with for S5 is another Ghostface going after Kirby and a new group of teens with the trio in much smaller roles.

    That’s all I got. The same old, same old.

  29. @criss, Julianna Guill would be good in a Scream movie. I would also like to see Mary Elizabeth Winstead in a Scream movie she would be awesome shes been in quite a few horror movies to her newest being the thing which looks good.

  30. Whats funny about this whole Kirby thing is back 4 or 5 months ago I said her being dead or alive was ambiguous and now with the audio commentary Hayden Panettiere herself says its ambiguous to so it turns out I was right all along lol.

  31. I’d like to see Miley Cyrus as the opening girl. Just seeing her in the previews would get theaters packed, and then when she died, sure girls would hate it, but it’d shock everyone like it did in 1996 because she’s such a big star.

  32. @Khy, thats why you’re not asked to write the film…

  33. I really hope they make a Scream 5, but Kirby is dead. If they wanted her back they should have result the ending or something but if they just make s scream 5 and IRS like oh yea, she survived! I will just be like *facepalm* they should have made her live. I love Kirby don’t get me wrong but seriously to go through what she went through, she was stabbed twice and then left for dead and the cops didn’t show up for a good 15-20 mins. Let’s be realistic, she would’ve easily blead to death. Her dying was a huge mistake, she was the perfct character to carry on the serious and Hayden was the perfect actress to play her. Disappointing to know they had something so great with her and they just shitted all over it. I also think Trevor shouldve lived. He had the most interesting character, and at the same time he was the least developed, major issue if you ask me. Him and Kirby could have carried on the serious wonderfully and we could have gotten to know his character more in Scream 5. Him and Kirby could have grown closer friends, I dunno I just don’t wanna have to get used to a hall you cast when they did perfectly with scream 4. Anyway bring on Scream 5 and they one thong I ask of you guys this time is to fucking make it Scary! I wanna be sitting there shitting my pants!! ( not literally but you get the idea)

  34. I don’t know, but it certainly seems like the Weinsteins must have chickened out and gave us another typical Sid/Dewey/Gale save the day, the killer gets killed and it’s over ending. It was safe and they went with it. I believe that originally – script excerpts were posted on IMDB claiming to be from the last draft Williamson worked on before reading, nobody believes it’s his but I think it is – Sidney was meant to live, but so was Jill, and S4 was supposed to end on a cliffhanger with Dewey and Gale finding out that Sidney was still alive while Jill sat in an ambulance outside Kirby’s house. So, it looks like Jill being alive in “Scream 5″ was meant to happen. Maybe she was supposed to get killed off in the opening scene… but I dunno.

    I think that perhaps Williamson’s “Scream 5″ could have even intended to drop the whole “whodoneit” mystery that each film has had and actually been like other horror films where we already know who the killer is (in this case, Jill) and it would have shown her killing people with us knowing who’s behind the mask. I have no clue if that was intended, but if this was all meant to be a new trilogy with a fresh spin, isn’t it possible that they could have ended the mystery aspect – at least for the audience – and let us watch as Gale and Dewey were clueless about Jill being the killer. Not sure how Sid fits into it – Dewey said in “Scream 4″ that she might not remember anything that happened – maybe that was the case in Williamson’s “Scream 5″ storyline. Maybe the film was about Sid trying to remember what happened or something and Jill coming to get her before she remembered. I dunno. Anyway, the point is, they could have done something totally unique and different. For once, a killer was supposed to live through the movie – but so was Sidney. That sets up possibilities for a really interesting sequel. But for some reason, they were too scared to do it. And it sucks. As it is now, “Scream 4″ is practically another “Scream 3.” We waited a decade just to watch Sid/Dewey/Gale and a new cop character kill another relative of Sidney’s who was the killer. To me, there’s nothing all that shocking about Jill being the killer — she comes across as quite nasty, I think, during the film and never really feels like the new blood who’s gonna take over Sid’s role. “Scream 4″ is frustrating to me because I see where it had some brilliant concepts, but they turned it into another “Scream 3″ and in some ways, it’s worse than “Scream 3.” At least that movie, as silly as it is, did some interesting things — and at the time, it felt more original. “Scream 4″ doesn’t feel that original. It also doesn’t feel like the start of a new trilogy. It feels like a reunion movie that has no intention of going on to part 5, or it feels like another sequel that could have come out A LOT sooner than 2011. Tweak it a little bit, remove the references to horror remakes, and this could have been a sequel released in, say, 2002 at the earliest. Give Sidney a shorter time period to recover from “Scream 3″ and write her book and this whole movie could have conceived earlier. That, to me, makes “Scream 4″ seem less special because it should have been more… and I think what all it needed to be more was just to be edgier. A decade is a long time to come up with something more clever and unique than rehashing the “Scream 3″ showdown.

  35. @tr, And your ass better hope that whatever new writer they get doesn’t send in a screenplay JUST like that…

    As far as I’m concerned NOBODY has come up with a clever concept for a 5th film and I’m almost certain no one ever will.

  36. Screaming4more, well said and I sorta agree in some aspects. I personally enjoyed Scream 4, but I’m not blind and I can totally understand why one would be underwhelmed with it. They did play it safe especially considering this was supposed to be the first in a trilogy.

    Jill surviving and continuing her murder spree in Scream 5 with the mystery aspect gone and Sidney trying to remember everything would have at least been a decent concept to build on. Something fresh.

    But here’s what kind of annoys me. Scream 4 does indeed feel more like a reunion movie and that’s the problem to begin with. It feels very much “one last hurrah” where we go back to Woodsboro in modern day, have one last massacre with the trio and then send the series off. Because of that, I felt like the ending worked, because as I said above it would be a nice ending IF S4 was indeed the last.

    But S4 isn’t the last. The Weinsteins are still trying to make this a trilogy and now they have royally fucked themselves because S4 doesn’t really lend itself to a sequel. Scream 1, 2, and 3 flowed naturally together but I really don’t see this new trilogy doing the same. Scream 5 will feel more like a reboot than the second in a new trilogy because I’m sure they’re going to have to introduce a plethora of new faces that will carry us into S6 and this will kinda make S4 stand out like a sore thumb, especially if NO ONE from S4 returns.

    As a reunion movie, Scream 4 was great. As the first in setting up a trilogy? Not so good.

  37. Enough with KIRBY S#IT!

    No need to bring that twat back. I know many people here luuuve that skunk hairstyle of hers *sarcasm* but please is there any point in bringing kirby back? Is she even related to original murders or Sidney? She will be as useless as a pig in a moor.

    Meanwhile bringing Jill back will provide more story arc as She is directly related to the Original murders and to Sidney….. who knows there must be a darker twist with her back story dating to original murders and Sidney?

    Hell even bringing Kate back will make more sense than bringing that kirby back! There is no POINT in having the best-friend survive when the main lead is dead. Kirby got connected through the murders as she was Jill’s best friend. Therefore if there is no Jill=no Kirby

    Plus Most of us know what Kevin originally planned of Jill getting away with it all and Sindey dying/fate-left-in-air at end of Scream 4. That would’ve been brilliant! Sadly the ending was mutilated by a monster named BOB. Anyway Craven himself said in commentary that they left the twitch in Jill’s face at end for a reason. So Jill MIGHT survive after all.

  38. Jill took a small breath before the movie faded out so it’s poosible she still could be alive. Ws could easily say that the bullet missed her heart and that she was saved because they were able to operate on her quickly.


    Also Happy Birthday to Neve Campbell!

  39. The best part of that whole quote is “From What I Hear” …..oh yeah! It’s coming!!!

  40. This is to khy. In one of my early posts i said sidney should have a kid to be the next scream queen. who all agrees with me.

  41. @killer101, I completely agree. :)

  42. The thing about bringing Kirby back is – yes, she’s been received well by fans (at least the fans who post on “Scream” message boards, I dunno about everywhere else) – but unless they pull off her survival well, it’s going to look lame, because they do intend on making a trilogy and they should have the rest of the series connect with “Scream 4?, as Khy was saying.

    I have faith – not in the Weinsteins or the people involved with making the movie – but I have faith that a workable “Scream 5? can be made. Maybe there’s even a way to make it with even just the trio returning. A scenario with Kirby, though, seems like it would be best, though. Afterall, might as well explain why Sidney heard a door opening in the basement right before Charlie grabbed her. Was that Kirby coming in?

    She could always pass as the one surviving teen that pulled through. Maybe she gets the fame and the attention that Jill was trying to get herself. They could always work a story around that. Hopefully it’s a good one.

  43. Someone made a point about Kirby being overrated, I get it, BUT she gave us just enough to want to see her more.
    @Spence and Khy: You two said it best: Where do we go now? Let’s cut the “sequels, trilogies, reboot” shit, let’s get to sticking with “good ol’ fashion REVENGE” or something creative. I know Scream was is an homage/don’t-do-what-they- do-in-the-movies movie, but it has become something so much more, don’t ya think? We have a good trio (maybe foursome with Kirby!), let’s work with just them and some crazy motherfucka trying and take the whole enchilada and wipe them all out. Anyone?

  44. I’m tired of this Kirby nonsense already. If she survived, that’s great, if she died, even better. Just confirm it and make the damn movie already. This back and forth thing is really annoying. And @Ch, I hated her hairstyle too, horrible. Please put extensions on or something for crying out loud!. And those damn shoulder pads, get rid of them, lol. OK, now I feel better, hahahaha!

  45. Really Charlie Sheen is rumored to be in Scream 5 say it isn’t so but anyway Scream 4 wasn’t that bad compared to all the other bs horror remakes lately so bring on Scream 5

  46. Start something new. Leave Sidney be, she’s had enough.

  47. Bring kirby back for scream i have to say she is the only reason i watched nd they just showed her fall she could have survived…((:

  48. I have an idea, y not have the killer in Scream 5 have a motive about stopping the franchise by killing the remaining survivors off? No un developed character deaths, no cops sitting in a car, I want to see an unstoppable ghostface

    And maybe Kirby did survive, it would be interesting to see her go into hiding, as a teen.

  49. How awesome would that be? All deaths would have to be story driven, emotional and epic, you have Deputy Judy Hicks, Sheriff Dewey Riley, Gale Weathers, Kirby Reed, Sidney Prescott… And maybe even the cop and randys sister from scream 3. You could even throw Jill in as the suspected killer, but then she’ll get a death of her own.

  50. I have an idea for Scream 5,They could bring back Emma as a blonde Jill look alike,when the murders begin Sidney and everyone esle would think she is the killer but she starts to get phonecalls and she is chased when she is home alone,The killer would turn out to be a Jill fan who targeted her because she looks so much like Jill,she would be killed a few minutes after the killer is unmasked in the final act while a tied up Sidney is forced to watch. After the killer is dead Sidney goes home and she gets a Ghostface phonecall the caller said she failed to kill them and that they will get their revenge soon setting up Scream 6,leaving people to ask who called was it Stu or was it Jill? Since they are the only ones who could possibly come back since they weren’t shot in the head.

  51. Scream 5 would have been much better had Jill survived and Sidney died in 4. I still truely believe that was the way Williamson intended it, but that was before fucking Ehren Kruger and the Weinsteins got involved.

  52. I wish kevin williamson was writing scream 5 :( but I think Jill should be kept out of 5. Kirby was one of my favorites, but I won’t be upset if she’s not in 5. And @jill roberts fan, idk about the jill look alike haha but the stu thing would be cool… Unrealistic, but most of them are, but it’d be freaking awesome to have them go through the film not mentioning him and once the mask comes off, people would be shocked.. Haha no pun intended. But really, that would be something unpredictable. :) or if they did that w kirby, like not mentioning her and then making her the killer. But I guess she wouldn’t have much of a motive, hm? Well.. I guess we’ll see ;)

  53. I’ve thought up a killer cast for scream 5, and ive thought of the basic storyline. Wish the people who make the scream movies could see but they can’t so ill just share it with you guys. Okay so first off the cast… obviously Sydney and Dewey and Gale, Judy Hicks, and now for the newbies. Girls first : Shiri Appelby, Lauren Graham, Trojan Bellasario, Shailene Woodley, Sophia Bush, Mila Kunis, Francia Rasia and Torrey Devitto. Now for the boys: Ian Marregman, Keegan Allan, Jullian Morris, Daren Kaggasoff, Chad Murray, Stephan Colletti, Brian Greenburg, and Josh Jackson. Now for the plot well sorta.. okay so syd dewey and gale are living in woodsboro and syd is writing and so is gale not together of course. Syds doing well she’s happy no return of ghostface in over a year. She desides she wants to learn more about her mother, there were so many things she didn’t know. So she’s been doing research and she finds a sister she never knew she had. Which would be played by Sophia Bush her name being Amy. When syd and amy meet amy brings along her boyfriend played by Josh Jackson his name will be Dean. Syd and amy hit it off right away, now syd doesn’t just trust anyone so she asks dewey to check up on amys story. Amy doesn’t live in woodsboro but she doesn’t live real far away either. Her and syd start spending time together, learning about their mother that apparently neither of them really knew. Amy tells syd that their mother left her and her dad when she was a young teenager, we find out that Amy is 4 yrs younger then syd. Dewey checks into amy and finds nothing, nothing suspicious so tells syd to just be careful and he will let her know when new information comes to him. Syds so tired of looking over her shoulder all the time and not trusting anyone. This is her sister, she had to kill her brother, her mothers dead this sister is all she has left. Syd and amy make a plan to get together but at amys this time. Little did syd know that amy and her boyfriend dean set her up on a blind date. One of deans friends Ricky, played by brian greenburg. Syd seems to like him, and he likes her. Syd also meets amys bestfriend Spencer played by Shiri Appleby, who used to live in woodsboro and remembers syd from the first murders when she was in highscool. Something syd didn’t know was amy has a daughter a 16 yr old daughter hannah played by Shailene Woodley. Hannah and her friends are big fans of the Stab movies, not knowing that the women the stories were based on is her long lost aunt. So in typical scream movie fashion Hannah and her friends Sara played Trojan Bellasario, Nikki played by Francia Rasia, Logan played by Daren Kaggasoff, Ryan played by Keegan Allen, and Connor played by Ryan Marregman. Talk about horror movies. When hannah finds out she’s related to the famouse sydney presscott her and her friends can’t be any happier and can wait to talk to her and ask her questions. But this wouldn’t be a scream movie if ghostface didn’t show up and start killing people. But are they after sydney or is this just a coinsedence? So ya that’s it lol I’m still working on things but so far what ya all think?

  54. Oh I forgot to include some of my characters Torrey Devitto will play Nikkis sister Paige, Lauren Graham will play their mother and Mila Kunis is a news reporter who’s looked up to gail weathers for years. Her name will be Marissa, she works and lives in woodsboro. Chad Murray is a new deputy on deweys police force deputy Chris something lol don’t have last names yet. And Stephan Coletti is another deputy on the police force in woodsboro and his name is Eric. Jullian Morris will play gail and deweys friend Luke who is staying with gail and dewey till he getts on his feet.

  55. seriously the forth was just like the others, we all knew who was gonna die and that the main 3 would live. The ending I read in a script on here was perfect, with them leaving the audience wondering if sid survived or not. Why they didn’t use that and stuck with the usual shit is beyond me. that actress that played jill should be banned from horror movies. Her acting in 4 was ridiculous. So sick of hearing about her. If they do 5 they should have a killer that kills to scare. They see people joking about the murders and want to create panic by killing off people the audience care about. I think stu’s parents would be fantastic b/c nobody talks about them, just billy’s. But seriously though KW knows what he’s doing. I can’t stress enough how unique that ending he wrote is. I mean you can only watch the same thing over and over. This is the next best thing to killing a main character off. Leaving the audience guessing. Damn whoever took over for KW really fucked this up.

  56. Well I just watched the movie with the commentary and before hayden leaves. Wes points out the fact the Bob Weisnteins told Wes that Hayden’s character “Kirby” was not supposed to die on screen because it was in her contract and Hayden says that there was supposed to be a part afterwards where they said someone was still alive. And they basically question her death because she’s still moving even after she’s stabbed. HA HA HA Kirby may not be dead!!!

    Hayden says “this is hollywood anything can happen”
    ie possibility Scream 5)

  57. Ok for yall who dont know wes said him self in commentary for scream 4 that its not confirmed if kirbys dead cause you never see her dead body and hes keeping secret if she returns or not and cant wait for scream 5 :D

  58. am i the only one who thinks that in evry movie after the first that theyre always hinting at “billy loomis”? if the writers could somehow twist and turn events that would enable either billy or stu or even roman to come back… i know for certain that it would be a fresh surprise and a long over due anticipation. if u wish to write more msg me on facebook.com/drippyklownboy

  59. Scream 5 & 6 absolely MUST have Sidney & Dewey all the way to the end, not bothered about Gale, hopefully they’ll kill her off. I liked Kirby in Scream 4 but I just don’t see how she’d fit in with our original trio in a 5 or 6.

  60. I see Dual killers, against each other to kill off people. 1st scene two killers trying to kill one person.

    Killers not working together. If Kirby is one. :)

  61. Is Scream 5 absolutely 100% gointo happen? Everything read there seems to be no guarentee?

    Dewey is awesome! :)

  62. now if by some magic that Jill survived a knife wound, going through a table, busting a picture, getting electrocuted, and getting shot. (highly doubtful) they better have a damn good reason to how she survived all of that. now kirby can survive stabbed twice in the stomach same way Sid was. but the thing is you already have your one other survivor judy hicks! we should all know the Scream formula by now. and if you dont let me break it down for you, we have 3 main characters Sidney, Gale, and Dewey. and each scream they all survive plus one other character scream 1 it was randy, scream 2 it was cotten. scream 3 it was kincaid.scream 4 it was judy. but i guess we will see. i really did love kirby a lot and if she is a live i would like her to become the new “sidney” as you will maybe after the opening kill, perhaps that kill be gale or dewey? or i precious loveable and fucked up sidney prescott ;) or maybe kirby wakes up to dewey looking after her in the hospital or something idk. just if you are going to bring a supposedly dead (maybe) character back to life for the first time in a scream movie you have to do it well. you have to make it believable

  63. I read something online that said the original Scream 4 was supposed to open with Sidney and her dying in the opening scene. The story would of then carried on with Jill being stalked by Ghostface and being the new “Sidney.” But of course the stupid, horrible Weinsteins ruined the movie. I enjoyed Scream 4. But I would of enjoyed it more if it would of been the way Kevin wanted it… I would of liked to see Sidney die at the end of Scream 4 and leave a twist with Jill surviving but people not knowing she was the killer.

  64. I don’t know if this has already been said, because I scrolled down through all the comments after reading the one about “Kirby and Jill definitely being dead”. I don’t care about Jill, she can be dead, whatever.. But KIRBY!

    Remember when Sidney is standing at the top of the stairs and she hears a noise downstairs… then Charlie grabs her from behind.. That noise could have been Kirby. Couldn’t have been Charlie because he was behind Sidney, and wasn’t Jill because, moments later, Sidney runs down the hallway, and Jill stabs her.

    THEREFORE! Kirby could still be alive… (But probably isn’t lol)

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