David Arquette Reunites With Ghostface

“Look who I ran into over the weekend!” -via David Arquette on Facebook

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13 Responses to “ David Arquette Reunites With Ghostface ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Yeah, saw this :) . I feel bad they voted David out.

    It’s been almost 3 weeks since an article was posted. So glad to see it again.

  2. @Scream4Fan Yeah, I’m happyto see a new post, too.

  3. Lol David is the best, he looks great in this pic. He did so well on DWTS. Hopefully some Scream 5 news is released soon.

  4. Hi Scream4fan and HorrorLover12, thanks for the kind words.
    Unfortunately I’m only one man with several real-life commitments.
    Although we have thousands of daily visitors, I cannot find a single 1 who can reasonably help run the site.
    So that is why the lack of posts guys.

  5. This is by far the most solid fan community for the SCREAM films. I’ll never forget all the hype on this site the entire year leading up to part 4. I won’t complain one bit about slow times in news posts. It’s a true blessing to have such a strong community….here’s to the future!

  6. …i wasn’t implying that the above posters were complaining over slow news times….just thought i’d clarify that! =) woo-woooo

  7. That is cool David Arquette is awesome lol. Yeah i agree they shouldn’t have voted him off dancing with the stars him and Lacey Schwimmer because i know her were the coolest to me.

  8. @JRT, you’re right. This is a very good site. I guess I’m getting too excited for Scream 5. Sorry!! I just know one of these days I’m gonna get on here and see “Scream 5 Confirmed!”. I can’t wait!! @wicked-scribe, thank you.

  9. @HorrorLover
    me too! I’m still waiting for that moment when I would go to thi site and see “Scream 5 Confirmed” written all over this site!

  10. @wicked-scribe: completely understandable! Keep up the good work on the site. Always enjoy the updates!

  11. @acee, That day will come soon enough!!!

  12. lol HorrorLover12. I agree. I just keep crossing my fingers that we’ll get some official news on S5 so I’ve gotta check in here once in a while and have a look. lol

  13. @MJSLawrence, Call if not having a life or whatever, but I check back here twice a day, haha!!

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