Kevin Williamson Writing Scream 5 Right Now?

Many of us know that Kevin tweets daily and that he is starting a new Serial Killer show that starts next year. When Kevin was writing Scream 4 he tweeted about it and if you remember some of his tweets it sounds very similar to what he is tweeting about now (very Scream-ish).

His recent tweets:

Fun speculation of course, but is it possible he is referring to Scream 5?

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41 Responses to “ Kevin Williamson Writing Scream 5 Right Now? ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. I think it’s Scream 5 and I really do hope that he’s writing it but the chances are really slim. His new serial killer show says it all. That’s all I’m saying.

  2. Well it would be awesome if those recent tweets are referring to Scream 5 Kevin Williamson should stick with what he is most know for Id think he would want to but you never know. I guess we won’t know that until we get some more news on Scream 5.

  3. I think that would be wishful thinking.

  4. I agree with kwerkisilver…..the part about it referring to his new show.

  5. I still have hope for Scream 5 :) :)

  6. I don’t see Kevin doing 5 sadly.

  7. Yeah there isn’t really anything that contradicts it being his new show, which sounds awesome- but Scream 5 would be more awesome. I hope/wish he is writing Scream 5, I’d be floating on air.

  8. I really hope it’s about Scream 5 !

  9. it’s hard to say it could either be the pilot for the new tv series. Or it could be Scream 5 I think it’s Scream 5 writing it at this time. Would be the perfect cover since it’s public knowledge.That he’s planning a serial killer tv series this way nobody. Will attempt to hack him to leak any early drafts I really hope it is Scream 5.

  10. Yes, yes, everything that Kevin does is scream related. It’ was only a big breaking news story about a month ago that FOX has hired him to write a pilot for them but he must have decided to just do Scream 5 instead because let’s remember that everything he does must involve scream. Just like when poor Wes tweeted his lunch with diablo cody, everyone went nuts,” she must be writing scream 5″, cause everything any of them do is scream related. Oh and sorry btw, she’s writing the evil dead remake so she’s busy. Oh and i think Courtney got her hair cut, its gotta be for 5! The thing is these people have careers other then scream!

  11. I think there are some people working on SCREAM 5, just not KW :(

  12. there’s nothing that indicates that it’s Scream 5. Just because Kevin is writing a script, it doesn’t mean it’s for Scream 5. S5 is dead anyway. Google is your friend.

  13. clearly it’s not about scream 5 and he just wants to get attention ’cause he knows tweeting stuff like that would create speculation.

    attention whore…you know he’s that kind of people. like when he tweeted the ppv image with scre4m to wes with some passive agressive not funny bitchy comment.

  14. no offense tr, but you could have said a little nicer….and it seems hard to me if he is reffering to scream5 which is what i hope ^-^

  15. @This is my Name Scream 5 is not dead Bob Weinstein said he was happy. With the film’s over all profit he said Scream 5 will still happen.The foreign market for Scream 4 did well hence his approval. Next time do some actual research before making a fool of yourself.

  16. it could be a vampire diaries episode or another horror movie script

  17. Ugh, I’d hate to get my hopes up…

  18. @Daniel as soon as someone actually green lights scream 5 you can pop on here being a smart ass about people doing their research but until then you are just another fan boy throwing out an there own thoughts so shut the fuck up! bob Weinstein has not said a word since then and STILL has yet to green light 5 so do
    Your own research!

  19. I don’t believe its Scream 5 he is talking about to be quite honest. I remember when Kevin would tweet about writing on Scream 4 and he made it very clear that is what he was writing on in his tweets during the early stages (even through hints). Mr. Williamson is more focused on television at the moment that is were he is hitting big so I do believe he is referring to a serial killer television script. But wouldn’t it be mad cool if this new tv series has ties and links to Scream in some way like the set up. As for part 5 I don’t think its going to happen anytime soon that was like how Alien 5 was in limbo for sooo long until it just went dead. Just look out for a remake to Scream in the next 20 years or so. lol.

  20. @Deadgirl 1. i’m not a fanboy 2. I do my own research and 3. don’t tell me to shut the fuck up.

    Yes I know Scream 5 hasn’t been greenlit but there’s a big difference. Between ‘the film isn’t happening’ and ‘we’re still going to make it,but we don’t have a date set’.

    Bob looked at the numbers for the foreign box office. He was happy with what came in and said in an interview. ‘Scream 5 is still happening’ that tells me the film is still going to be made. The only question is when it will be made that has yet to be answered.

    This is a huge difference between another topic of a sequel.I’d like to see to the Friday the 13th reboot. And yes i’m a fan of the classic franchise Producer Brad Fuller said he would like to make a sequel. But has yet to get the word from New Line on the approval. In that subject the question can be raised on weather or not. A sequel is dead or not it could be anyone’s guess.

    This is the difference a producer saying they’d like.To make a film and a head of a company for the franchise saying they are going to do it.They just don’t have a date set so unless I read about Bob saying. ‘We decided to not make Scream 5′ i’m going to believe the film will be made. My advice for you is in the near future you should stop.And think before you write something your entire post is irrelevant.

  21. Well, to be honest, I hope this is Scream 5. But that’s for us. Kevin deserves better than for them to rip his great works to shreds. Why can’t they just go with his material?

  22. I hope that he is writing scream 5 because I can’t wait any longer for the movie to be written greenlit the cast of characters and directing it for the big screen

  23. clearly it’s not about scream 5 and he just wants to get attention ’cause he knows tweeting stuff like that would create speculation. [2]

    Unfortunately I can’t believe he is writing Scream 5. First, because when he did the same for Scream 4, he was clearly referring in the beginning. Second it was too soon to write a script if any other parts has spoken in recent weeks. If Weinstein had agreed this with Kevin, surely would have released all over the place, after all, Kevin agreeing to participate in this project after the indifference that he treated the 4th, it would be a miracle. As a fan, to avoid frustration, I’m not expecting anything. Whatever happens, will happen no matter when. I just hope with all together again, because if it is to do a 5th film just for money and destroy the series, I’d rather leave it the way it is.

  24. SCREAM 5 !!!!! i pray it happens.

  25. Kevin Williamson just turned in the script. check his twitter.

  26. @Daniel — how do we know its for Scream 5 though? I hope it is! :D Thanks for the update

  27. @Daniel – I highly doubt it’s Scream related. I just read in interview with David where he said part 5 is not happening. I don’t know who or what to believe anymore. Harvey says it’s gonna go, David says nope….Wes says he thinks they’re working on it behind the scenes yet KW seems completely busy with other projects. I do feel as if it’s not gonna happen though. Sad.

  28. haha…i jsut saw on Kevin’s twitter that he missed a deadline a few days back. Dude is all about missing deadlines. =)

  29. soooo….Dimension Films’ Facebook page just posted the following survey:

    Which Dimension Films sequel are you most looking forward to?

    -Piranha 3DD
    -Scary Movie 5
    -Scream 5
    -Halloween 5
    -Amityville Horror: The Lost Tapes

    WHAT!?! Is it really happening?

  30. JRT, given what is likely a contractual obligation regardless and the fact that the film hasn’t been greenlit (with no release date having been set), David would be one of the last to know (who is likely to be involved in the production). And, as many have alluded to, odds have pointed toward Williamson being out of the picture. So Weinstein and Craven both say things like, “I imagine someone will come up with an idea and the film will get made.” and yet people like you and others on this site say, “It’s not going to happen.”? That seems irrational to me.

    Or like you’re just clinging to the hope that Williamson is working on Scream 5, which seems quite unlikely at this point (given his workload and the perceived “issues” he had with the Weinsteins – although it’s obviously not impossible) – or that David Arquette would be particularly “in the know” about the development and script for a film which likely won’t be released for at least another two years and which he’s probably set to do anyway (yet, in all probability, he wouldn’t be required for shooting until at least next summer – and probably quite a bit later than that). There’s no reason for him to know exactly what’s going on while they’re probably in the earliest stages of development (idea-generating).

    And the whole notion of this post – thinking that Kevin was talking about Scream 5 – seems like immensely wishful thinking to me.

  31. Halloween 5??? Did i miss part 3 and 4?

  32. They’ve posted that poll before. I think users can add their own options. Scream 5 kept being removed last time they put it up.

    God I wish this would hurry up and be confirmed already!! :-(

  33. Dre is right. Williamson has been quite open to his Scream film writing involvement. I doubt he’ll start being top secret from a secret of a franchise that didn’t make it’s money back. What he’s writing is something new and for a possible pilot or maybe something bigger. I hope HBO or Showtime

  34. I highly recomend on youtube the “scream 4: the faniac cut” which is really well done and edited great. it cuts scenes out of the movie that alot of people didnt like and includes the deleted scenes in the film as if it were really put into it. its great!!!

  35. I wanna know why don’t you accept my reply. It’s not a big deal, but I think it difficult to be Scream 5 considering there has been no official announcement on the subject of the Weinsteins. If Kevin was hired to write, they sure would make a big announcement for the fans.

  36. @Mozart: Some of your comments auto spam you. I would guess you had been flagged sometime before Scream 4 came out as posting a spoiler. I’ll do what I can to reverse it. Same goes to anyone in the same position. Thanks.

  37. PLEASE be Scream 5 and PLEASE don’t let Bob f*** it up.

  38. I heard this is from his short movie “Horror Movie: The Movie”

  39. it would be nice for these tweets to be about scream 5. i just really hope that if scream 5 is green lighted that it is done well. i just have the strange feeling that a scream 5 would bring down the series if KW isn’t in on it and if KW isn’t in on it then i don’t think wes would be in on it and i don’t want to see another writer or director come in on this series so late in the game. the scream series really thrives because it has the same core cast and crew through all 4 movies and i’m just not ready for a new director or writer for my favorite franchise

  40. I like the idea of making the parents of Stu as the future killers in SCREAM 5!… but I like more of the idea of making them as targets… That would be so obvious in making them as killers… may be from the start of the film they will act as beasts, and on the climax they will become best, heroes ever… How good is that, huh? I love more of the idea of making Randy’s mother or father as killers…. they will act as friendly species at first and at the crowning point they will become the scary monsters… the motive will be, “Sid, you’re asking why we want to kill you? My son tried to feel his love for you since you were babies, but you never try to embrace it. He just die without having a true lover. He just hugged the essence of having SEX to Karen Kolchak!!!!… ” the mother answered the question of Sidney… Of course Martha is there to give signs for Sidney that her parents are the next athletes of Sid’s bloody Olympics… Plus!!!, Martha will be killed accidentally, and that will make their motive scarier… God!!! I’m imagining it already!!!… Please Kevin and Ehren, start to write another sequel!!! or sequels, or trilogy, for that matter, for Wes will also start to direct it… … I love the SCREAM franchise!!!! Whoooh!!!

  41. For me, killing Dewey is fine for me… Sidney and Gale are the two essential characters that made the series more powerful through their slapping and other stuff in SCREAM and SCREAM 2 … The two Girls were the one that made SCREAM trilogy, so captivating… Killing Gale will SUCK!, the SCREAM franchise… She was the one that saved Sid’s life, made Sidney more famous through her “Woodsboro Murders” books and not the stupid sheriff Dewey Riley that never done anything to Sidney… all he did was to let himself be stab by killers in his spinal cord, and to be smack by a metal chamber pot in SCRE4M… But for me, this idea is so great in SCREAM 6 and not in SCREAM 5… The SCREAM 6 story will be like this. Gale will slap Sidney because she is the one that made Dewey an essential or a fundamental target of the killers… But Sidney will also slap Gale because Gale is the wife of Dewey and she has no idea what happened her husband when he was murdered? and Weathers and Prescott will have a conflict… again… hehehehe… but on the ending, when Sidney will be on the climax to be killed by the killers, (who are the parents of Randy or Stu or whoever), Gale will save her, again… and Sid will ask Gale why she saved her life, and Gale will merely answer her, “Maybe because, I don’t have the artistry, or elegance of being a killer…” and the two girls will simply smile and hug each other because of survival. They will stop the crying because they killed already the killer or ‘ers… and Dewey will be proud of them… How’s that for an ending, huh?…

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