Scream 4 Not Top 17 In Japan’s Box Office

According to Box Office Mojo, Scream 4 in Japan has not been successful and has tanked there. We were all waiting eagerly to see if Scream 4 would rack up enough money to reach $100 Million Worldwide in Japan but it turned out it hasn’t even made the top 17. Is that bad news? Not necessarily. Is it good news? Not necessarily. It doesn’t really affect us anymore as overseas already did decent in saving the movie and as previously posted, the Weinsteins are already working on a Scream 5 Storyline.

It would be amazing if it did hit $100M Worldwide, but reaching $97M Worldwide is great considering it was a 10 year gap and also there was lack of advertising for the film.

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33 Responses to “ Scream 4 Not Top 17 In Japan’s Box Office ”

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  1. Atleast it made over 2 Million in DVD and the like so far so in a way it HAS made $100 mil

  2. Um, it got a ton of advertising. The reason it bombed is because it was a poor film.

  3. Of course, and Paranormal Activity 3 is a success because it’s Academy Award worthy ?

  4. I don’t think Scream 4 got the promotion it deserved. They (the Weinsteins) relied on the internet, fans and the name Scream to attract audiences. But I saw like only 3 TV spots and 1 full trailer- 3 Days before the release. Not too say that it would have made Scream 4 a huge bonafide success (audiences are stupid, Scream 4 underperforming- saying it bombed is just harsh- proved why I expect the worst in people) but at least it would have seemed more successful.

  5. @nicholas, I don’t know where you live but the advertising for Scream 4 was terrible there was barely any at all.

    @Scream4fan,97 million is not bad not bad at all I agree and nice article.

  6. @nicholas, it got next to zero advertisement. Most people I knew didn’t even know there was a 4th coming out. The only people who really knew much about it was the online community. By that I mean, the people who visit movie sites and read about movie buzz.

  7. Poor promotion? I don’t about you guys but in the Chicago land area I couldn’t turn on the TV without seeing a TV spot.

    I don’t think promotion was the problem. I think the problem was that it had the number 4 in the title. People automatically deem sequels bad unless it’s Paranormal Activity which people seem to think is gold.

  8. It didn’t even make 683 dollars? Lol… ugh. So sad.

  9. Yeah I don’t understand the gripe about promotion either. I saw commercials all the time on tbs, MTV, sifi and even when I was watching football. My theatre had that stupid teaser poster up for at lest 3 months. It’s wasn’t as forced down the throats as the previous sequels but that wasn’t the only problem because I’ll tell you word of mouth does a lot as well and I did not outside of this forum hear a word about it even after it was out. I (a scream fan) didn’t even feel the need to try to promote it to friends after I seen it simply because I didn’t thank it was all that good. But yeah I’m sure there will be a 5 and they will just run this franchise into the ground.

  10. i think it was promoted poorly only being on tbs and mtv and the like. A lot of people I knew never heard of it coming out. There wasnt really much of and official poster either just more the teaser. I think the gap huet the film the most as well as the weinstiens interference with rewrites and such. Besides, a lot of the footage used in the spots was not even in the movie and I think that was disappointing for som fans

  11. I dunno if the part about “there was lack of advertising for the film” was entirely correct. To me and a handful of people around me, we all know Scream 4 was coming out. So as far as advertising goes, I think there was enough. But that’s a very subjective view. Maybe it’s due to my demographics or area or whatnot, that we are just more aware that Scream 4 is coming out.

  12. $97 Million dollars Worldwide isn’t bad, I think it didn’t do better was that alot of people wer spoiled before the movie cam out and when they were saw that Jill played by Emma Roberts was the killer they got it in their little closed minds that the movie wasn’t going to be good and they decided not to go.Also word of mouth hurt it, the few that didn’t like it were pretty loud about it and they might have be able to convince the people who were on the fence about it not to go see it.

  13. Also, the R-rating didn’t help one bit for the domestic box office. I’m not saying, in any way, they should ever in the future give a Scream film less than an R-rating but to be honest there was tons of kids my age that wanted to go see it but I had to remind them that it was R. The box office would have been so much better if the restriction wasn’t 17 years old in the states.

    You say, Paranormal Activity is rated R and that made 50 million in it’s opening weekend. That has just had good word of mouth since the first one. My dad, who hates seeing movies, had interest in seeing the first Paranormal Activity because of all of the “rave” reviews.

    So basically, I’m thinking that the reason Scream didn’t perform so hot domestically is because there WAS a ten year gap. You think the same people (besides us) that watched the movies 15 years ago still have interest in seeing them now. No. They have kids, they have families. They don’t have time to see movies. I asked my teacher if she was going to see it and that’s the response she gave me. The number four in the title probably wasn’t the best idea. They should’ve called it “Scream:_________” to trick some people into thinking it’s a remake. Not that we would’ve liked that title at all it would’ve just helped the box office. And the r-rating like I said.

  14. You people and their excuses! Anything but the movie being bad. Get a grip, it wasn’t GOOD! It was a comedy, not a horror movie! They played safe not killing a main character and it was by the numbers, no new rules, twists or surprises…enough with the justifications for its failure.

  15. The reason why Scream 4 underperformed was because of the lack of advertising so everyone stop defending the advertising for it because there was NONE whatsoever. I used to work at the movie theatre, and we started showing posters and trailers for the film a month before it came out. Didn’t see any TV spots on TV, and the trailer was attached to one film which had a few sessions. Half of my friend didn’t even know it came out until I told them about it via Facebook and kept showing images and trailers because i was mega excited. And to top it all off, they released it the same weekend as Rio, a family film during Easter. So everyone shut the fuck up about the amount of advertising it got because it received NONE!

  16. Justin… how about you stfu and face the facts that the movie received poor word of mouth. Simple as that, lol. If it were as good as the first two, people would have went to go see it.

    The movie was advertised enough.

  17. ^ this is true. If 4 had been this amazingly epic movie, with or without advertising the word of mouth would have gotten people to see it. Hello that’s how it worked with the first one. Advertising did nothing, the word of mouth made Scream the hit it was!

  18. People need to stop making excuses as to why the film performed poorly.

    The film was advertised more than enough. 2-3 weeks before it came out I saw at least 10 commerical ads for it.

    Then there was the excuse that since the film was “R-rated” it sold poorly because those type of films do not sell anymore. Then a month later The Hangover II came out and went on to make $581,464,305.

    There was also a group of people claiming, horror films are just a dying genre. Then Paranormal Activity came out and made double what Scre4m made.

    People need to stop making excuses for the film and just accept the fact is was a poor film. Of course, some of us Scre4m fans will find things to like about it, because we are fans. But for your average movie goer its simply not a very good film.

    Even Wes said about Scream 1, the movie did poorly the first week or two, but because of word of mouth the film went on to do great. If Scre4m was a good film, the same thing would have happened.

  19. People have to see a movie before they can decide it’s bad. There hasn’t been any indication that Scream 4 had toxic word of mouth, it had a pretty good reception. The problem was that people just didn’t show up in the first place.

  20. And the problem is that the people that did see it werentt blown away enough to sread the word and get others to see it. I did not hear one word abou scream 4 after the release date other then this forum. And people keep talking about how it had pretty good reception and the negative comments that is got weren’t really that bad, but if you look at the positive responses, they aren’t that great either. Sorry but that’s the mark of a mediocre movie but for some reason there will always be 1,000 excuses for Scream 4.

  21. @Liver Alone, Well said.

  22. @ liver alone. What happens when people don’t show up, they don’t make another movie. I must say also that people can keep making all the excuses in the world for SCREAM 4 as you want but when you put a movie with a victim stabbed in the head but is dumb enough to bore us with “fuck Bruce Willis” you deserve what you get. Lame end to a great franchise

  23. I just think its sad, Courtney begged to be killed off in 4, and Kevin pretty much wants nothing to do with scream. What does that give us, Hayden? Thank you no! I think its time to say goodbye…at lest for me it is…i think ill stop with #2.

  24. Hey I live in Japan and I had no idea it was even coming out over here. There was no ads or trailer release in theaters for the movie. If it came to Tokyo it maybe played at one indies theater at best.
    Sucks. I wish I would have known. I would like to see it on something that is not my computer’s dvd player.

  25. I LOVE DEWEY!! :D

  26. I feel as if nothing is going to happen in terms of part 5. Feels like a ghost town. =(

  27. is there any proof that the film actually came out in Japan?

  28. There are people looking for reasons to flop and the others saying the movie is bad, but don’t forget that big box office doesn’t mean that the movie is necessarily good. This is very relative. Blockbusters are made of positive word of mouth and omnipresent. Looking as a whole, there are several reasons for the average performance of Scream 4:

    – Gap of 10 years of the last movie to another
    – Success of Scary Movie and the disintegration of the image of Ghostface as a creature frightening to funny and mocking, which helped most people don’t take the film more seriously
    – It was weak and poorly planned advertising
    – The number 4 in the title already creates a negative expectation in people that to be a sequel, won’t be as good as the first
    – Much of the new generation didn’t know the first movies, only parodies and the great horror films for them are Saw and Paranormal Activity
    – The new Internet era in which many prefer to download the movie before going to the movie theater. Some don’t go to the movies anymore, prefer to see on your computer for free. Just the fans who paid to see Scream 4.

  29. - And like @Justin said, they released it the same weekend as Rio, a 3D family film during Easter

  30. @Mozart Herbert, Well said and I agree completely.

  31. It was a bad movie, the end!

  32. @Mozart Herbert…thank you for agreeing with something I said. If you look at when other films are released, they release it when there’s nothing major out. I felt they rushed the release date of Scream 4. If anything, they should’ve waited a few more months after it was released.

    On a side note, apparently the film has reached the $100million mark according to Wikipedia, but when I checked it was still at over $97million.

  33. Exactly and besides, they were wrong to close the release date in advance, so when it was announced that the movie was going to happen even before the movie starts to be filmed, you’re stuck with it without being able to change and move with the schedule. When Rio 3D debut scored on the same day, months later, there was no further change. I think with the errors in the execution of the 4th movie they learned a lot, I hope not to repeat in the 5th.

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