Scream 5 Officially Mentioned by Dimension Films

As many of us know, Dimension Films makes polls about their movies and rarely do they add Scream 5 as an option for a future installment. Instead, people add it as an option and they keep removing it. But this time, it doesn’t look like this is the case. Today, not only did they include Scream 5 in their poll of “Which Dimension Films sequel are you most looking forward to?” but they also tweeted it as well which looks like its official that it is a go.

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133 Responses to “ Scream 5 Officially Mentioned by Dimension Films ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. wat


    i don’t even


  3. Cool!!!

  4. I’M SO F*CKING HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Thats pretty cool bring on Scream 5 lol.

  6. I saw this the other day! What an awesome thing! Its not official conformation…. BUT… at least its something PLUS did you see how many votes Scream 4 got as opposed to the other choices?? GOOD NEWS!

  7. I wish i could see some responces on both twitter and Facebook. I’m holding my excitement until I hear whose all on board. This could turn into Stab 5 for all we know

  8. FINALLY!!!!! It’s awesome to see that Scream 5 is kicking everything’s ass in this poll. :D

  9. This just made my day!!!!!!!!!!! :D Scream 5 is a go!!!!

  10. THANKGOD!!!!!!!!!! Lets hoep its actually official before 2011 is out.

  11. Honest question to people on here. Do you REALLY want this film to be made? I mean the first part of me saids YES more scream, but the honest part of me saids, this movie is going to suck and ruin the franchise even more lol.

  12. This is actually the 3rd time they mentioned Scream 5 twice in polls. And once more about Ghostface.

  13. I wouldn’t get my hopes up just because there are so many things up in the air even if it’s green-light-ed. Once production starts though, I would have way more confidence that it’s happening.

    As to the quality of the film, I really hope they would invest some time in telling a complete story, and not edit out gems. The whole remake/reboot them was almost thrown out the window in the final product of Scream 4, and I still do not comprehend why.

  14. Wow. Scream 4 just came out and already Scream 5 looks like it may be on the way soon. Can’t wait. Scream 5 is gonna rock.

  15. great news but i honestly think they should stop at 5
    i see it like this gale dies or gets big success off the next book.
    she leaves dewey. Dewey and Sid get together as we got a clue in scream 4. kirby comes back and we have a new twist focusing on kirby. Theres room left for more but a trilogy is a bit to much. 5 should be enough. Im mean the last.

  16. @brandon – Kirby is dead!!! Why are people so obsessed with her not being dead. She was great but she’s gone. You may as well suggest Tatum’s coming back!

  17. @ Brandon !! smh– are you serious. you cant stop the series at 5, that would just cripple it

  18. @Drewjobullo, Did you listen to the audio commentary for Scream 4? Wes and Hayden both pointed out that kirbys “death” is ambiguous and was left off screen on purpose so that the Weinsteins could bring her character back if they wanted to will they bring her back is a whole different question. So it is confirmed that Kirby can come back.

    @DaveisGhost, You mean Scream 5 lol.

  19. lets just hope that the reason its not being officially confirmed is because they dont want to have a release date etc before a completed script for once and wanna make sure scream 5 dosent seem like a mindless sequel, no matter how much the weinsteins may mess with scream, i still think its only because bob at least has a passion for the franchise and wants each one to be great which with the exception of 3 they have been, personally speaking. Even though he needs to step back a bit, he’s certainly got more in this than just the money because if that wasnt true he would of milked this cow like saw, f13th, halloween etc, and scream 4 would have been 10 years ago. I think 2 more still stays respectable and obviously its no longer big enough to be a cash cow then again that list show no weinstein horrors are. I will say though i dont like a main dieing to me it sounds like a cheap twist, they need to find a way to make the reasoning more than just about sidney and maybe spread killers across 2 films to make the whole new killer thing more acceptable.

  20. I can’t wait!!! I so much want to see a Scream 5 & 6 installment it isn’t funny. I loved Scream 4. As of now, my favorites are Scream (the original), then Scream 4, Scream 3 & Scream 2 which I don’t love or hate, it’s just one of those movies I watch when I’ve had enough of all my other great movies.

  21. OMG, I came here running thinking that was confirmed after the poll LOL

  22. leaving it at 5 will not cripple it. if they do six its only for cash not the story scream 4 was great 5 would be good. 6 well we have another saw series on are hands. Kirby will be back.its not an obsession. Every character in scream died on camera she did not.And i highly doubt that Hayden requested not to have a brutal death. Its scream for goodness sack.(well Hallie in scream 2 kinda died off camera but u heard her get stabbed alot off times. her ass was dead).
    But what does my opinion matter. their going to make movies in Hollywood if we think its to much or not.

  23. To everyone who said Scream 5 was dead that it wasn’t happening: IN YOUR FACE! I knew Scream 5 would happen I wonder if it will be out by summer/fall 2012.

  24. YES! Sounds like it’s as close to an official confirmation as we’ll get.

  25. I doubt this is “as much confirmation as well get” lol and yes we do need another one…

  26. Thank the high heavens. Baby Jesus. The Mesiah. The good Lord. LEMME PRAY.


  27. Amen Nick!!! :-D

    Thank the high heavens. Baby Jesus. The Mesiah. The good Lord. LEMME PRAY.


  28. To all the KID members (Kirby is dead). … Didn’t randy get shot a couple of times and survive?

  29. YES! I am psyched dude. This is the best news i think i have heard all day. After a crappy day at school, a little bit of scream news is all you need to brighten your day. : )

  30. to john036… it was dewey and he was stabbed… randy did get shot in the original but you saw him alive and well before the originals end.. dewey however u caught one final quick glimpse before the original end.. and a tad longer in the second… i understand how people say shes dead and staying dead. and understand how people say shes alive and will come back… i.. personally because i love hayden.. would love to see her come back.. she can carry a role.. i just hope if scream 5 happends.. its done with much more care and not just a rush for a eh hem “scare”.. i want a scream or a scream 2 feeling if there is ever one again. with that.. i am however a forever scream fanatic.

  31. So maybe Kevin tweets could be for S5 after all…
    If all egos is truth, I guess a summer shooting schedule for a spring release again (yes, Westeins don’t learn).

  32. Can’t wait for a Scream 5.

    4 was alright, but after watching it twice on home release, I realized that the tension just wasn’t there for me. I really want more of Gale in this outing, and make Mark Kincaid the opening victim this time… someone who is relevant in entertainment this day in age, not some two bit CW actresses (sorry but Kristin Bell and Anna Paquin had no impact on opening kills for me.)

  33. WTF. OMG. I couldn’t believe it!! PLEASE let this be a confirmation!!!

  34. Where the hell are my comments? This site never puts my comments up. This is irritating.

  35. I think the Weinsteins should save their pennies, can Crappy Movie 5, and focus on Scream 5, and maybe Halloween III, although i still can’t wrap my arms around H3 after the mess that was H2.


  37. I hope this will be better than the fourth one.
    I want a darker one. With more of Scream rather than Scream 3.

  38. I agree with, matt, Scream 4 should be the last we see of Sidney and the 50 year old supporting cast members (Courtney Cox and David Arquette). I wouldn’t mind a next generation Scream with a new director and Kevin Williamson writing the material and leaving Ehren Kruger 100 years away from the franchise.

  39. I noticed the tweet and i nearly died of excitement! WOOO! :) :) :)

  40. I wouldn’t mind seeing Kirby as the new leading lady but Kevin and Kevin only would have to give Sidney and epic, emotional death scene in five. I could really careless about the other two. Gale a little bit but Dewey not so much.

  41. their death must be worth the wait. LOL.
    It should be better than that of Laurie Strode.

  42. Laurie Strode’s death wasn’t much… Really. Survivor of four films and she only gets a stab in the back?

  43. @stephon irvin- David Arquette just turned 40 and Neve is like 38 soooo yeah. And Courtney is 47. None are 50 yet. Do some research before you post things. If Gale dies in 5 I will NOT see 6. She makes the movies. Everyone has to come back for 5&6. They couldn’t have gone through all of that just to die

  44. Laurie Strode got thrown off a building you tard

  45. @Matt-Laurie Strode was stabbed in the back and then thrown off the building.

  46. Hell yes! That is awesome news.. only way it will be good is if kevin writes it. Anyone else will screw it up. But still really good news to hear its coming.

  47. The people that continue to say Kirby is dead are the same jerks who said there wouldn’t be a fifth film because of Scream 4’s box-office numbers blah blah blah! Who looks dumb now?

  48. Omg finall yes I am so effing happy now I will watch all the scream movies all over again because I am so excited for scream 5 can’t wait aah!!!!!!!!!

  49. @stephon irvin-Courtney Cox-47
    David Arquette-40
    Neve Campbell-38
    None of them are in their 50’s yet :D
    @Woot-I agree. I think Kirby and Robbie will live. I mean if Dewey can get stabbed like 10 times. I’m sure Robbie can make it.And when Kirby died the camera panned away. So maybe she does make it.Plus when Sidney was going back into the basement she heard noises. So maybe Kirby was like crawling into the house or something.

  50. @matt, Michael stabbed her in the back, then threw her off the building.

  51. I’m Excited Also, A Few Thing’s I Must Comment On. Sidney Shouldn’t Die In my eyes. But if she did die we could see kirby in the new installment which I wouldn’t mind. Sidneys character still has alot to offer. Kirby isnt really important but if they tied her into the series 6 kill.sid dewey nd widowed gale takes kirby in as a mother type thing after kirbys parents die, after kirbys been targeted after living through 5 kill gale in 7 in focus in on kirby. Thus squezzin 3 more movies out atleast, scream isnt dead unless they decide they’ve gne to far.
    Does anyone like my idea.? Lol any ways go go 5ream.!

  52. @jason i totally agree with you because the front door was still open and you can accually here that door down stairs opening and closing…i also think that when kirby was taking about the murders in the deleted scene saying that it dones’t have to be a relation of sidney so that could point out she might be the next leading lady.

  53. Yes! i cant fuckin wait! if they want to make it good and not rush it, it will probably come out in late 2012 early 2013. scream 4 was good but according to the world, it wasnt…we dont want them to rush. a good movie is worth waiting for..all you fans of this franchise, see it when it comes out so it can earn money to finish the trilogy!

  54. Thank god for that! I’ve read all the comments and think that they should finish when it’s killed. They made 7 movies out of ‘Saw’ and their making more! Hay! In ‘Scream 5′, Gale should die! I’m sorry but they all can’t survive 5 films of killing? Kirby should come back, but not as the killer. I like the rumors about Gale’s camera man from ‘Scream 2′ returning?! Kevin Williamson should return, but it annoys me that he goes away and doesn’t bother. It’s like, this is YOUR franchise dude! Wes Craven is amazing and he is one of my idols, but if he can’t bring anything new to the story then we need a new director! I would like Darren Lynn Bousman, he’s awesome and could do something different. I like the idea of Jill returning cause it’s not been done before and brings back the tagline of ”originality”, that the original ‘Scream’ was famous for! Take their time and make a good movie! Bring on ‘Scream 5’! Can’t wait! :) xxxx

  55. One of the old cast members needs to die, and I hope it’s Dewey. Gale is too funny and she cracked me up in Scream 4. Sidney can’t die in this film as there’s a possibility for a 6th film. Sidney should die then. And FYI for all the dumb-minded little twits, Kirby is NOT dead! I watched Scre4m again yesterday and when she got stabbed, she kept moving a bit. Her death wasn’t shown on camera and hence leaves it open for her character to return. But the others are dead. That is all :)

  56. for those of you who did not understand scream 1-3. let me explain.
    It all started in hollywood, Rina Reynolds aka Maureen Roberts was a movie star, mostly in john milton horror films.
    While in Hollywood maureen was gang raped, the identity of who raped her is unknown. As a result of her rape, Maureen became pregnant and gave birth to roman bridger. Maureen gave roman up for adoption, and moved back to woodsboro. where she met and married Neil Prescott. This is how she became known as Maureen Prescott. They had a child named Sidney, roman grew up wondering what happened to his mother. So he tracked her down. He knocked on maureens door, she rejected him. But before Roman left he noticed in the background that his mom had anoter kid, this of course was sidney, Roman felt that Maureen chose Sidney over him and was filled with Jealousy and rage. Roman began to stalk Maureen, Three years later Sidney was dating Billy Loomis, his mom had just walked out on his dad. Billy was left wondering why his mom left. Until Roman came along, and revealed that Billys dad was cheating on his mom with maureen, Roman caught the affair on video & showed it to billy. This filled Billy with anger, Roman then convinced billy to kill maureen & then go after sidney. this set up the events of scream & scream 2 Billy also had a weak link partner Stu. But sidney escaped & killed her boyfriend. Billys mom Ms. Loomis found out about her sons death & followed sidney to college to get revenge. She also had a weak link partner, college student Micky. Sidney Defeated Ms. Loomis also. A distraught Roman, who finds out that Sidney his sister is still alive takes matters into his own hands, this of course was Scream 3. Roman became the director of Stab 3 so that he can get the information he needed to kill sidney, He revealed his self to sidney at the end. Revealing that he was indeed the reason for all the murders in her life, & that he was the 3rd killer & he planned & convinced billy to kill her mom. Sidney killed him in a viscious showdown between brother vs sister.

  57. I believe it will be successful in the box office due to the positive feedback of Scream 4. S4 somewhat might’ve lost a bit of audience due to Scream 3. But I think once S5 is made, because of Scream 4, it will have gained a more larger audience.

  58. @Bradley Aiden Banks-If anyone should die it should be dewey.Gale makes the movies.And Jill was unoriginal.So predictable

  59. @Jason – Jill’s motive was predictable but it was perfect for the movie. Remaking the Woodsboro murders and becoming the sole survivor; staying true to the original by having the same characters killed in similar fashion; and telling the new generation about what Scream is. Couldn’t think of something better then that

  60. @Justin-Yeah that part was original. But another family member and motive was annoying

  61. @Jason – if it’s any consolation, I didn’t expect Jill at all to be the killer. Was expecting the Judy Hicks or Trevor or Charlie.

  62. @Justin-You see they’re too obvious. And Scream has never been about the obvious. But thanks to Emma Roberts’ bad acting it became obvious who the killer was. Especially because she kept disappearing when the murders happen during the final few scenes. Trevor would be too TOO obvious. They’ve already done the boyfriend thing. Judy Hicks is just too stupid and dorky and she’s up Dewey’s ass every minute.So she wouldn’t have had time to kill anyone

  63. @Jason & Justin. Jason, if you are a true ‘Scream’ franchise fan then you will know that the whole script was NOT given to the cast and crew. (This is obviously to keep the killer a secret even to them) which would mean that Emma Robert’s performance and how she portrays the character is truly natural and clueless as we are. It isn’t Emma’s fault that she isn’t in every scene. (That is done for a reason, to make her suspicious, just like the rest of the characters) and for this ‘original’ business, Sidney’s brother Roman was the killer in ‘Scream 3′, in the words Candy. ”The whole brother thing has been done, Halloween, hello?”
    That was probably the least original part of the franchise. I don’t know what else to say? I agree that if Judy can only make lemon squares that taste like ass, then she couldn’t kill anyone could she.
    I thought the motive was brilliant! Jill is sick to the back teeth of Sidney being the leading lady and wants to be recognized. She’s clever and plans it out… Continued…

  64. @Jason & Justin. …continued. If you want the franchise to continue and make more sequels. Then there can’t be a new killer every film, it takes away the realism. Jill could survive the 4th film. It brings something new to the franchise and since it is suppose to be a ‘new trilogy’, it makes it different to the first 3 films. The thing I love about the ‘Saw’ franchise is that the characters return from previous films and wrap up their story. Their are still several characters that could return;
    Joel (Gale’s camera man from ‘Scream 2′) & Detective (From ‘Scream 3′)
    These are the things that make it better and what makes you go ”Wow, I wasn’t expecting that!” It also makes the new generation of ‘Scream’ watchers to see the original films. Technically, I should be part of the new generation but I’ve been watching ‘Scream’ for years. Personally, this is what offer to be done to carry on the movies. I think that Wes and Kevin need to take into consideration, the new mother of the past 10 years. I hope they do??

  65. i think the killer in the 5ht one should relate to Casey becker, because there was no reason for her to die..she wasnt even friends with sydney

  66. @getonmylevel55, technically there was a reason for Casey to die; Billy and Stu needed an opening victim. Stu dated Casey, remember? Casey started dating Steve, so they both died. Stu probably hated Steve and Randy may not have been joking when he said Casey dumped him.

  67. @Bradley Aiden Banks-I am a true fan thank you very much and I know that.But by the time they had gotten to that point they knew full well who the killer was. Even if they did Emma Roberts is NOT a strong actress never has been. And no Scream 3 was not predictable at all. Everyone was expecting two killers and Halloween and Scream are two different franchises completely. We knew right off the bat that Michael was her brother. As far as we were concerned Sidney was the only child. No one suspected Sidney’s mom to have been raped,have a secret kid on the side,and have been an actress. That was something no one could’ve foreseen. Scream 4 was not that great of a film at all.Yeah Jill’s motives etc. was good but it should’ve been someone else not another family member.If they had to use another family member they should’ve kept the original idea of Jill being Sid’s hidden daughter. A little played out but a shocker. And Gale and Dewey should have a kid by now. It’s been ten years WTF? Sid should be with Detective Kincaid. I’m tired of her tortured soul act. GET A LIFE

  68. @Bradley Aiden Banks-I agree about the old characters but then again this is a new trilogy. I don’t really know how they’d fit into this new trilogy. I think Dewey needs to die. I’m sorry but his time is up

  69. @Jason – I think they should’ve done that original idea of Jill being Sidney’s hidden. Would’ve made the audiences been like “WTF?” Just like with the twist at the end of Scream 3 with Roman being Sidney’s half-brother. And I don’t think Gale & Dewey having a kid is a good idea. It won’t fit right into a horror movie, and consider having a young kid in the middle of a bunch or murders. Not good to play out. I think they’ll make a great twist in Scream 5. I do agree though that it shouldn’t have been Jill. In fact, she shouldn’t have been cast in the film. Her acting affected the movie. But the motive behind her was great

  70. What are yu guys reading this? sid wouldnt have secrect kid? her character dosnt even give off that vibe. I think the killer needs to be someone who never got to tell their side or how they felt about the killings! like haleys family, or derek or randys you know people who didnt ask to be apart of this.

  71. @Justin-Their kid could’ve been ten or eleven. And Gale and Dewey could’ve had smaller roles. They don’t have to be such main characters.Halloween always had kids in their movies. They could’ve written it in.It’s Kevin Williamson. He could write about nothing but a lamp and it would be good.

  72. @Justin-And I agree they should’ve kept Sidney’s hidden daughter in. It would’ve been a huge shock and it would’ve fit Jill and Kate in more.

    @getonmylevel55-If you have been paying attention to Scream 4,5,and 6 at all you would know that in Kevin Williamson’s original outlines and first script Jill was Sid’s hidden daughter that she had given up for adoption to her aunt Kate after her one night with Billy so she could go to college.

  73. It would have been dumb to make Jill Sidney’s secret daughter because that would been then Roman being Sidney’s brother. If Sidney had a daughter she would said something in Scream 2 or 3. Jill being Sidney’s evil and psychotic cousin was perfect.

  74. @Jason – Gale & Dewey are part of the original 3, so having them with smaller roles won’t be a Scream film. They made the 1st 3 films and their characters are part of story. I will agree that having Kevin Williamson’s original script would’ve been better and Ehren Kruger shouldn’t have laid a finger on it. Scream 4 could’ve been better, I’ll admit it, but I still loved it because of the story it told and the characters they introduced. It was the most entertaining to watch out of 2 and 3. If Emma Roberts wasn’t cast, it would’ve been 10 times better.

  75. @jillrobertsfan- No she wouldn’t have that’s why Jill was supposed to be a “secret child”. Her being a cousin was just lame. Her being the daughter would add more shock value.

  76. @justin- I agree Emma was a miscast even Wes said so. Also yeah Gale and Dewey were apart of the original story. But this is a new trilogy and I would rather see them as minor characters then have them be killed.Scream 2 by far was my favorite. For three main reasons 1.Most shocking Killer. 2.Most suspense. 3.Less funny 3 and 4 had way too many jokes at times I felt like I was watching “Scary Movie”. I have more reasons.

  77. @Jason – Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved Scream 2. It was so hard to chose which was my favourite between 2 and 4, and I dunno, I just loved Scream 4 because it introduced a fresh new cast and paid out exactly like the original (minus the lame addition of Emma Roberts). But Scream 2 did have an awesome shock at the end, but I thought the ending of 3 was by far the best. The twist with Sidney having a half-brother and the history to do with her mother. It was the weakest Scream imo, but it was still great to watch. But still can’t believe they changed Jill to being Sidney’s cousin rather then her daughter. I guess this is what happens when Ehren Kruger lays his fingers on a Scream script. He changed 3 and 4’s script. But with Scream 5, Wes Craven isn’t directing it until there’s a final script that doesn’t change. If that’s the case, consider it an awesome film

  78. Scream 3 was terrible except the ending you got that right. THey both shocked me. It’s just that 3 was so terrible lol I can’t even consider it in the capacity of Scream 2. I know it sucks Ehren ruined everything.And yeah I heard that Wes was SOOOO unhappy with Scream 4 script changes as well as the cast. Neve only came back because of Kevin’s script and everything got changed she was beyond pissed. That’s why Emma Roberts came in because AShley Greene and that other actress Lake Bell quit as Jill. And Lauren Graham was the original Aunt Kate. From Gilmore girls.And Courtney wasn’t happy either she wanted Gale and Dewey to have kids. But Wes said no because Gale was always showing up to the crime scene with a baby. But the kid could’ve easily been 10 or 11. And have a nanny maybe the nanny could’ve been the opening kill. I like the original scene being Sid’s dad’s funeral it was good change.

  79. Scream 3 was good because of the story it told, but in terms of the setting and the plot, it was just terrible. I liked Scream 4 because it was similar to the original Scream (not better, but still in the same capacity). Yeah I read about all the changes of the cast. Would’ve preferred those original cast then the ones we were left with. Dunno why the hell Ehren Kruger had to change everything. It seriously affected the film big time. Would’ve loved that opening funeral concept. Looks like Scream 4’s disaster would give Scream 5 the edge it needs to be better. Maybe they’ll add Sidney’s fathers funeral as the opening scene for Scream 5.

  80. Oh wow EMMA ROBERTS is a miscast?!
    your crazy !!!!!!!
    She was perfect for Jill she has that innocent charm she was the most shocker killer in the whole franchise in my opinion ….and when did Wes craven said that she was a miscast ?

  81. IMO, Emma Roberts did a fantastic job as Jill, except for the petite body structure and the height which wouldn’t convince me that she was one of the ghostface killers. It would also have been awesome if Dewey and Gale had a child in Scream 4. And the idea by one fan who said the opening should be the baby sitter of Dewey and Gale’s child getting killed was fantastic. But they should really do this in Scream 5 – – I wish Scream 5 would be all about the classic horror films.

  82. @Justin-Yeah and the script was garbage too.No because they mentioned His funeral and death in a deleted scene so they wouldn’t do that.
    @Parvati-No Everyone on the set including Wes said she was a miscast. Where were you when the screenings were being viewed?She did a mediocre job. She was over acting a lot in some scenes it was atrocious.
    @Steven-No she didn’t The other two were better choices.And yeah they should’ve had a child.Their child would’ve only been like 10 or 11 Wes and Kevin wouldn’t have killed a kid off that young.And I said that. It should’ve been their nanny.

  83. Psyched for this one AND Halloween 3!

  84. i have the perect plot for scream 5!

  85. @Jason Lake Bell was suppose to play Judy Hicks not Jill. I think Emma did fine when she revealed as the killer but I never bought her as the new innocent victim.

  86. @GhostFace-She would’ve been a great judy.And I didn’t she’s not a strong actress at all.I guess skill doesn’t run in the family.

  87. @getonmylevel55-what’s your plot?

  88. @jason I read in an wes interview he was asked about Emma he said that she was amazing and very talented !

  89. Is scream 5 officially confirmed ?

  90. so lets say kirby lived,she goes on to college and she meets her new roommate and she starts to make new friends,and sydney is still around because she is getting werid threats from someone at the college well wouldnt it be great if it was the old sorority girls sister lois (rebecca gayheart) and she was now the house mother for the soroity….and well thats all i got for now

  91. @Pavarti-During his interview and many others during the screenings they said that one of the female leads was a huge miscast. Obviously it was her

  92. @getonmylevel55-Pretty good

  93. @ Jason did he say her name ?????? Did he say EMMA ROBERTS !!!!! Mmm I dont think so :/

  94. LOL, at saying Wes said she was a miscast, prove that shit right now or GTFO

  95. @Jason, You do realize you are saying that out of spite right lol.

    @getonmylevel55, That is a good plot but the whole college part has been done already with Scream 2 obviously which would kind of make it redundant. I wouldn’t really care about that but you know there’s those people who would say that’s the same thing as Scream 2 if they made Scream 5 have something to do with college.

  96. Wes Craven never said Emma Roberts was a miscast he never even implied it.Ashley Green does not have the talent to play a complex role like Jill Roberts.

  97. @ParvatiEveryone who is bitching.Then who was he talking about then. What other leading lady was he talking about? The only one who didn’t fit in was Emma.
    @Matt-You GTFOH who was talking to you? Not I. You don’t have to be disrespectful

    @Matthew-It’s not out of spite I like Emma just fine. But she didn’t fit into the movie well and it showed. People I know who saw the screenings told me she was a miscast and didn’t fit into the role and movie well. And then Wes said “someone” was a miscast. Who else could it be. All of you need to open your eyes.

    @JillRobertsFan-Neither does Emma clearly. He implied it.

  98. I agree with Jason. She was a miscast and plenty of people who were at the screenings took to twitter,blogs,and the reviewers all said there was a huge miscast as the “leading” lady. To be honest if it wasn’t a major castmate like Emma Roberts and her character then whoelse who it have been? It couldn’t be Sid or Gale. And Hayden was phenomenal so it clearly wasn’t her

  99. Emma Roberts’ performance was mediocre at BEST. It simply wasn’t that great and I believe her to have been the one Wes and the bloggers were referring to as well.Ashley Greene sucks too. They should’ve went with someone who discovered with real talent.

  100. @Jason, Open my eyes to what? I never said I agreed or disagreed to Emma being miscast or not. You automatically assuming Wes was talking about Emma is what made me think you were saying it out of spite but you said your not so ill believe you. As to who Wes is talking about we will never know unless he says it but the same thing can be said about him because hes not as good as a director as he used to be lol.

  101. @Matthew-You got that right lol. I honestly think they need to bring someone new,young,fresh,and exciting to Scream 5&6. So it’ll be something new. No Ehren Krueger I hate his writing as do most of us. But Wes is 72 now he is just not all there anymore. We need Kevin 24/7 on these last two installments.

  102. I know it’s out of subject…but did anyone else noticed at the end of 4, when Jill comes back for the “last one scare” shannanigan….Sid is facing back, Dewey is on the floor, but Gale is facing Sidney. And you can see Jill walking in the shot, and Gale still facing that way, in which there’s no way she couldn’t have seen Jill stand up and walk…and theeeen she turns…..that looked so fake!

  103. @tr – What version did you watch? Because that scene wasn’t on the DVD I own.

  104. Did u c the making of scream 4 ? HE DIDN’T SAY EMMA. When wes says her name then ill believe it. I respect your opinion and I hope u respect mine as well
    I think she rocked the roll as jill.

  105. @Jason, Yeah it could be cool to have a different director for the last two installments but it’s also a risk. For example Halloween my second favorite horror movie series has been jacked up by Rob Zombie I mean I give him some credit for his reimaging of Halloween 1 but he puts way to much emphasis on Michael especially on his childhood plus he has to many random unneeded scenes and I don’t know what he was thinking for Halloween 2. I know those are remakes but thats not what I want to see happen to Scream so getting a different director makes me nervous lol however Kevin Williamson should still be the only writer. So I don’t know but I think Wes can be good still as long as he has an actual solid script this time by Kevin Williamson.

  106. @Parvati-That convo was over. He was talking about her. You can have your opinion. But the fact is she sucked.Someone else could’ve done a lot better.

  107. @Matthew-lol that’s true but Rob Zombie is just weird. He wrote,directed,and produced. If we just had a new director helping Wes,had Kevin as the writer,and Bob as Producer and ONLY the producer and he stays out of it and leaves Kevin’s vision alone.The last two installments will kick ass.If money wasn’t an issue I’d want them to re-do Scream 4 like they did with the Hulk. Because Scream 4 was mediocre maybe even less.

  108. @Pavarti-The fact that you keep saying that “he didn’t say Emma” doesn’t mean anything. She didn’t fit in at all.She sucked and needs some acting scenes.The last few scenes when she was screaming at Sidney and beating herself up.She was overacting.Reminiscent of Joan Crawford’s terrible acting

  109. @Jason, Do you have any directors in mind?

  110. @matthew-I like Guillermo Del Torro. I think him and Wes would make a good team.Stephen King Or even the great John Carpenter should pair up with Wes. Maybe even Steven Spielberg,he’s never done horror.I think he’ll be great at it.

  111. LOL like Steven Spielberg is really going to direct Scream 5

  112. Wes Craven might be old but it’s not Scream without him :)

  113. @Justin – agreed. Wes is part of Scream.

  114. @matt, I highly doubt it lol but he is an awesome director though.

    @Jason, Yeah John Carpenter would be cool after all he made the classic original Halloween. Steven Spielberg is awesome to and he has done horror before many people seem to forget he directed Jaws which was a hit and scared a lot of people so much they didn’t even want to take a shower because they didn’t want to be in water lol. That was 36 years ago but if he ever did do another horror i bet it would be pretty good. Both directors are good would the Weinsteins ask either one of them probably not but yeah it would be cool if they did.

  115. @Matthew – to this day I still hesitate to go to beaches because if Jaws. It really sunk into my head lol.

  116. Of*

  117. YYYYYEEEEEEEESSSS!!!!!!! Time to jump back into writing my SCREAM 4 parody :D (just for fun)

  118. @Scream4fam, Yeah every time I go the beach I always think there’s a shark out there because of Jaws lol which technically there is but only miles and miles away.

  119. @ Jason I never heard Wes imply that Emma was miscast, as a matter a fact Wes said on the DVD he didn’t have her shot in the ehad because he might want to bring her back, that sure doesn’t sound like someone who thought Emma was miscast. He was implying that Mary McDonnell was the one who was miscast as Kate.

  120. @jason I respect your opinion plz respect mine
    I still think emma rocked scream 4
    @jill roberts fan exactly thank U
    ANYWAY I’m really tired of waiting I really want ANY SCREAM 5 news :/

  121. @Jill Roberts Fan-That not what he said in an interview after the screening.Him and the fans also said A LEADING LADY obviously it was someone with a major role not someone like Kate who was in like 2 scenes and was barely memorable. It would’ve had to been someone who was a huge character.
    @Parvati-I respect now let it go. Conversation was over days ago. Jill Roberts still needs acting classes.

  122. @Matthew-I agree

  123. Back to topic guys !

  124. billy and randy should have never died

  125. i like billy too but hes dead

  126. I would have to say billy and stu were the best killers i mean they were the orginal!

  127. If only there was a prequel

  128. lol I didn’t realize it was a screenshot at first and kept clicking Scream 5 repeatedly.

  129. If Kirby doesn’t come back in the 5th installment i will be disappointed, why would they not show her character die on screen if they didn’t want her to come back, and Sydneys whole secret kid thing would be the DUMBEST idea ever..and i agree that Dewy should be the first to die even though he brings the comedy to the scream movies. I think the idea of Scream 5 would be amazing and the haters out there can all go die.

  130. Ok, im kind of going off the miscast, new story subject here but…Neve and David said that they might do another film. What about Courteney? If she doesn’t want to be in the film then why not just have her for an opening scene? Then Dewy would go into a depression while Sidney (Going into a story now) tries to make Dewy feel better. Kirby is leading the new cast and there you go. Although im not sure what the actual motive for the new killer would be though. Just an idea, no hate please. And I agree with some ideas, like bringing back past characters (detective, and Joel) It would bring in a bit of a twist. Happy Screaming :)

  131. Bring back Kincaid!


    Scream 5 can still happen, Demension Films did tweet

    “”Which Demension Films sequel are you most looking forward to?

    Piranaha3DD, #ScaryMovie5, #HalloweenIII, #Scream 5?
    First Piranaha 3DD came out, Scary Movie 5?s release date is around the corner, Halloween III has been greenlit. So far these movies have come in order, if the pattern continues than around Halloween III’s release date Scream 5 should get greenlit

  133. i love all scream films 1,2,3,4 and i need to watch scream 5 thanks and i lick to add one of the acters in the films.

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