Scream 5 Or Scream Remake?

After Scream 4 was in theaters for a month and tanked the money, some people said it would have done better in the Box Office if it was a Remake – since hearing “Scream 4″ after a 10 year gap, people would think it won’t be entertaining especially with the “4” in the name. Others think it would have done better with advertising.

The Weinsteins are already working on a storyline for Scream 5. So would you prefer seeing a Remake of Scream or seeing a continuation of the new trilogy?

Myself, I prefer Scream 5. Having a Remake of Scream would annoy me and it would disrespect all the fans out there who love this Franchise. It has that element that makes us love Scream.

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116 Responses to “ Scream 5 Or Scream Remake? ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Scream 5. I will boycott Dimensions if they remake Scream.

  2. Plus… what would they even do with a remake? The whole point of the first Scream was to satire and comment on horror movies prior 10-20 years of its release. Scream 4 already commented on the newer horror trends, so what is the point of a Scream remake anyway? There isn’t one.

  3. Also… Scream 4’s message basically said “fuck remakes” so… yeah.

  4. The only true way they could remake “Scream” without insulting both the fans and the franchise would be to include the original films in terms of references. So not only would films like “A Nightmare on Elm Street” and “Halloween” be satirized, but the “Scream” films, as well. Naturally, I would much rather see a sequel than a remake but if they were to remake it I think this is the only route they could take.

  5. I would like to see antoher Scream movie as Scream 5. NO REMAKE!!!!!!!!! I would want to see more of Courteney David and Neve.

  6. Scream 5! I have a feeling that Scream 5 would do much better in the boxoffice than Scream 4 did… especially if they do this film right. I am not saying that Scream 4 wasn’t done right… but there wasn’t much promotion done.

    If you look at Dimension’s facebook… EVERYTHING they post is being spammed by people asking for Scream 5.. so it is growing in popularity. With the release of the Scre4m to DVD and with REDBOX.. new fans are being created. So I think that would help make a 5th chapter very successful.

  7. Its not that I don’t like remakes (personally I think most of them are great) but there is absolutely no need for a Scream remake.

  8. @Dave – definely agreed and yeah, a lot of people are asking for Scream 5 on Dimension Film’s Facebook. I’m getting fed up with them though, I just want to see it greenlit.

  9. Scream 4 was okay. It’s just that there were moments when they would say the killer is following the killings of the first stab, but that wouldn’t register as true to us. There should of been more blood just to compete with the horror films of today. It was more than before, considering Scream 2 and 3 were toned down significantly due to the Columbine killing time. I feel Scream 4 was good enough closure for the original 3 characters, but we need a new heroine that is not your average horror movie heroine, Like Neve, (Maybe a Zoe Kravitz, Lea Michelle). Back then TV stars filled the Scream movies making it even more popular. Unfortunately, now in days TV stars don’t run young audiences, Music stars due. I would cast a Rihanna, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga.
    The star power added to the success of the original scream. Also, there were some dialogue in Scream 3 and 4 that I were really cheesy. I need Kevin Williamson script to say in tact through production. Also, Hayden’s Character needed a little more bad assness. She was suppose to capture an essence like Tatum from the first movie, but even when she said she loved horror films I didn’t believe her, when she said she was drunk I didn’t believe her. I need Scream to go to a location where people don’t expect horror films to take place. Don’t go to a urban neighborhood and call it the hood. It’s also stereotypical and stupid so that’s not what I am saying. However, it would be great to have a more diverse cast. These are just my thoughts. Also promo for Scream 4 was non-existant. You need a big TV or music name for your new heroine. Jaimie Chung? Zoe Kravits? Lea Michelle? The girl who plays Quinn or Santana on Glee?

  10. Please! I beg them NOT to make a Scream remake! It’s a classic! Like Sidney said “Don’t Fuck with the Original!” I want Scream 5! I will also boycot them if they remake Scream, no joke. :^)

  11. Yeah, a Scream remake would be baaad. Enough said.

  12. I would rather them finish the new trilogy before ever considering on making a remake. So bring on Scream 5 lol and nice article scream4fan.

  13. Scream 5. I don’t want someone to ruin my childhood. My ultimate choice would to have them leave Scream franchise alone and never touch it again.

  14. @JOESPH, I AM SOOOOOOO feelin that Zoe Kravitz being the main star. That would bring something BRAND new to scream and to horror. It would be the perfect cliche because she is beautiful and of color. People of color ALWAYS die in scary movies (Except Brandy in I Still Know) but she would be PERFECT. I hope they see that and JUMP ON IT

  15. SCREAM 5 !!! NOT REMAKE !


  17. I think they should finish off the second trilogy than a remake because a remake would just ruin it but in a few years time when maybe scream 6 is finished years after than maybe do a remake but it will never ever be as good as the origional!! :)

  18. Scream 5. After all these years and finally a fourth in the series I’d be pissed to see them revert to a remake now…

  19. Scream 5. It goes without saying…

  20. i, for one, would not mind a REBOOT. like a fresh set of faces. Scream: A New Decade. ah yeah. but I really want scream 5 sooo.. scream 5.


  22. SCREAM 5 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Scream 4 was more of a Screamake and less and of Shreikquel (copyright terms by the way)… So, definitely a Scream 5.

  24. SCREAM 5! Although, in the next like 15 years, I wouldn’t mind a remake, but it could never outdo the original, for sure! I love the original, and making a remake would just fuck up the new tr :)ilogy, because it would have audiences confused. Please bring on Scream 5 and 6! :)

  25. OMG NO REMAKE!!!!!!!! We want 5 and 6 and then it be done!

  26. i what to see scream 5 more then a remake of scream

  27. NOOOO REMAKEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SCREAM 5!!!

  28. I’m guessing everybody wants to see a Scream 5?
    I too would- without question- want to see a Scream 5 instead of a Scream remake. You can never, ever, ever, ever remake Scream. Pretty much the only reason you would ever need to remake something was if the original sucked or if, as a film, could be improved. Scream doesn’t fall into any of these. Also, a little OT, but if Dimension wasn’t so cheap and have fixed certain things about Scream. Like how come we have no Unrated cut? Why is it that they couldn’t fix those 2 scenes where the character’s mouths don’t match what they’re saying? Seriously Dimension. Anyways, yeah Scream 5 all the way. I’m hesistant about the new trilogy but anything is better than a Scream remake. And there not being Scream 5 almost symbolically says that there is no room for Scream anymore.

  29. scream5 go go go scream5

  30. I obviously want to see a ‘Scream 5′ and a ‘Scream 6′ but if they were to go down this remake route then I hope they pull a ‘Wes Craven’s New Nightmare’, not a ‘Rob Zombie’s Halloween’ *shudder*

  31. 5cream 5. if they do a remake it’s the same damn plot

  32. Well they are doing it with Spiderman. That was only made in 2002 yet they are going to tell the same basic story in 2012.

  33. Neither, I would prefer if they just left Scream alone and learn from the past.

  34. NO REMAKE!!!! Continue the series please.

  35. Scream 5. 1 year later after the Woodsboro Massacre Remake. The scenario, Stab reboot/remake, the crimes will turn real in or out the film set, but Sidney as always is the final target.

    The killer is someone who doesn’t like Stab 8 (based on the Woodsboro Massacre Remake) and wants to make new things and ultimate, reveals other hidden secret about Sidney’s Family. For example: Why Kate Roberts said “Tell Jill, I’m Sorry”?? My thoughts, Sidney knows something about Kate and Jill past.

    At least is a reboot in disguise but is Scream 5

  36. No offense but why the hell is this on the front page. Screamfan don’t hate me for saying this but you write some pretty pointless articles.

    This could have just been a thread in the forums. The front page, from my understanding is for actual, important, relevant news to the production of the scream franchise.

    You keep getting me excited for nothing.

  37. @Middlefingahz – If that was the case, there wouldn’t be any articles for a while until we get a greenlight of Scream 5. Think before you talk.

  38. Many people like to read anything interesting or entertaining, and you’re the only person complaining… so yeah.

  39. Eh, I think this could have just been a thread, but whatever. I am the only one complaining so no harm done.

  40. i think Scream 5 remake or Scream 5 but show how sindy mom dies in the sab movies

  41. the photo is from????? lol

  42. Neither is a good option. Scream remake wouldn’t be smart because the original is classic. At the same time Scream 5 is beating a dead horse. Were on killer number 8 now within Sydney’s life? Give me a break

    Reboot the series, giving us completely new characters/story, while at the same time keep similar themes and obviously have ghostface return.

  43. SCREAM 5! FUCK THE REMAKE. REMAKE= SYDNEY REPLACEMENT, DEWEY REPLACEMENT, GALE REPLACEMENT. Im prety sure if they do remake the movie, they prob wont let the grand trio survive, remakes never get sequels.

  44. scream 5 would be better. if it was a remake, sidney wudnt be in it.

  45. Scream remake? No thank you.
    It’s not Scream without the original cast.

  46. if they remade ‘halloween’ then really nothing is off limits and eventually i can totally see ‘scream’ being remade. im definitely rooting for scream 5 but lets just say ‘scream’ is remade soonner than later, who would you guys like to see cast?

  47. Bollocks to a remake. The first film still stands up now as the best slasher film of all time, it hasn’t been bettered yet so why try to fix something that isn’t broken. Scream 4 may have under performed at the box office but it wasn’t a bad film and fits in well as a great installment in a great franchise. I’d like to see a Scream 5 but it would have to be the most carefully thought through and written script of them all. Scream 4 picked up and delivered exactly what real fans of the franchise wanted, a brilliant story that showed how the main characters have progressed in life through the last ten years and a twist that nobody can say they honestly saw coming from early on! Bring on Scream 5 I say…

  48. ^

    you’re forgetting Halloween

  49. You can’t remake scream. It just doesn’t make sense. The originality of SCREAM was in it’s newness. A new killer, and mask. Mystery surrounded the motive and why sidney was a target. In a remake we’d already know what to expect if it started off with Casey, we’d know what the killer looks like before he’s revealed. Either it would have to be an entirely new cast and plot (essentially a sequel anyway), or as one fan suggested it would have to be a new SCREAM movie that includes the original four within it’s new storyline. But that sorta sounds like a complete abandonment to the whole series and again, wouldn’t be very original. Just annoying. I say round out the new trilogy with SCREAM 5&6.

  50. Laurie Stode was ONLY present in four Halloween films oppose to the a whole franchise like Sid, Gale and Dewey. Check out how the Halloween remakes turned about. Rob slaughtered a great franchise and left it in a shit hole. Oh wait let’s pretend Resurrection never happened.

  51. @Middlefingahz – I agree with you. This should’ve been a thread. It’s no more insightful than anything posted on the forums. The News section should be used for actual news or interesting articles, not to generate discussion in the comments section when there is a whole forum for that.

    NO to a remake, by the way. Can’t see why *any* Scream fan would want that..

    Looking forward to some NEWS about S5 soon

  52. SCREAM 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no question.

  53. Good Lord ,I Love Jessica Alba but thats a strange pic.Lol

    Oh and I’m for Scream 5,If anyone wants to see a Scream REMAKE check out Scary Movie thats enough of a remake for this series.

  54. SCREAM 5 all the way……scream 4’s theme was fuck remakes and the storyline proved that………but as many people are saying if they don’t want S5 to flop they need to market it better like maybe giving us an early teaser before filming to get our excitement brewing and again they have to do it right……so yeah S5 over a remake there is no need

  55. The tagline to Scream 4 should have been…”Someone has take their love of remakes…one step too far.” They should have played it like a remake and just called it Scream with that tagline, and there should have been more promotion. Then I think it would have done better. People are enjoying Scream 4 more now after some time and I think part 5 would fare much better at the multiplex as Randy would say.

  56. And by playing it like a remake I mean take the satire towards remakes one step further and market the damn thing as a remake but not really…as in even the marketing is laughing at remakes. sigh…I dunno…BRING ON SCREAM 5!

  57. SCREAM 5 !!!!! All of the scream fans should beg and annoy the dimension films on cb and twitter until they give us what we want! 5CREAM

  58. SCREAM 5 !!!!! All of the scream fans should beg and annoy the dimension films on fb and twitter until they give us what we want! 5CREAM

  59. I obviously want scream 5 because they are my fave films but if we can’t have scream 5 i would be happy with a remake to fall back on :) SCREAM RULES!!

  60. Please, Scream 5 not a remake of the original Scream. Remakes usually suck the big one (pun intented). I liked Scream 4 a lot. I like it more & more as I watch it on dvd. It’s genius in my opinion and pretty damn good.

    If they do decide to remake the whole franchise, it better have really great writing, creativity and actors to keep this Scream fan interested.

  61. 5cream 5 with big twist and unsuspected killer. In all four screams i suck at finding who’s the killer

  62. Scream 5! Duh! (Most) remakes suck! Though I wouldn’t mind a REBOOT of some sort. After they wrap up 5 and 6, they should do another trilogy a few years afterward, but not call it “Scream 7″, etc. A title like “Scream Resurrection” or something could work, bring in a new cast, new director, and new writer (maybe with Kev assisting), but have it take place in the same universe after the second trilogy, and make reference to it, but give it it’s own identity so that viewers unfamiliar with the original Scream trilogy or the sequel trilogy could still watch it. That way it would be a trilogy of trilogies! Yeah, it sounds weird, but it’s thought! :D

  63. They shouldn’t even think about making a remake of Scream, it would be terrible, They should just make Scream 5 and if they want to continue with the series after that.They should just make Kirby the main heroine.

  64. No remake for at lest 10/15 years!!! It’s way too soon to make a remake, despite the fact that remakes have been made of newer films. Also won’t the pretext for the films be quite irrelevant with a remake? They were a parody of films that were around at the time, so a remake would be quite hard to relate to considering the films that are around atm.

  65. A remake? Are you kidding? We can’t let they ruin the most iconic movie and fuck with the franchise we love. Scream 3 was shit to the saga, they can’t do it again. Like Sydney said “Don’t fuck with the original!”

  66. SCREAM 5, it’ll ruin the franchise….continue the series for us fans and NO REMAKES

    Agreed with Mozart Herbert “Like Sidney said “don’t fuck with the original” :D

  67. I agree with Crystal. At least finish the trilogy of the new Scream franchise before re-making a new movie all together. by the way. Is that Jessica Alba in the still? Was this actually going to be a movie or a Scary movie? I’m confused. Sorry.

  68. @ScreamQueen, it was in a magazine where Jessica Alba played in different movies… It’s confusing to explain, haha.

  69. Remake Scream and the franchise is dead. No returning from that. It’s Scream 5 or nothing. I will not watch a remake. I will not watch anything released from Dimension/Weinsteins again – Scream 5. And don’t kill Sydney, Gale or Dewey!!!!!!!

  70. Kevin Williamson would go to his early grave if they ever decided to do a remake to the film he worked hard and sweat over as would Wes Craven. I seriously doubt they would remake it just because Bob and Harvey Weinstein (granted idiots how they f’d up production on the last film) but as far greenlighting a remake to this series I don’t think they ever would just for the mere fact: Fans for one and 2 they know they wouldn’t profit from it because of the fourth film. Had Scream 4 never came around and they left it with the original trilogy and 15-20 years from now then I would say okay maybe but I am for a Scream 5 to be made myself.

  71. I think that there should be a Scream 5……and 6……with the ending of Scream 3 Sidney had closure and when they brought Scream 4 to life they killed that closure that she had with the situation. Now, because of the ending of Scream 4, it wouldn’t be fair to stop it where it was. We need another one, at least, to give Sid some closure. Therefore, Scream 5 should happen if anything. As for Scream 6 I’m just being a little greedy….besides it would be structurally better if they had two complete trilogies instead of a trilogy, a movie, and a sequel.

    A Scream remake……no!!!! Scream worked because of the time it was made and the way it poked fun at other movies that were just like it…..a Scream remake would disgrace the name and the whole idea of the franchise

  72. Just ideas for Scream 5:
    1. Bring Kirby back
    2. Kill Gale or Dewey….(Preferably Dewey)
    3. Don’t let this one take place at a college.
    4. If Dewey isn’t killed, he should be a killer

    What do you guys think???

  73. I would eventually like a remake, but not right now. I think there’s a lot of love for Scream 4 and, over time, it will come to be seen as underappreciated. I say finish up what was already started and then start playing with options and variations of the “Scream” name brand.

  74. Scream was the movie that got me into the horror scene. I loved the original series. Yes, even Scream 3. I was soooo excited when Scream 4 was announced and especially when Neve, David and Cortney all decided to be part of the movie. I loved the movie so much I saw it at least 3 times in the theatre and bought the dvd the day it was released. Scream 4 was to be part of a new trilogy so hell yes to making Sream 5 & Scream 6. Neve, David and Cortney have to be in the movies or it takes away from the fans of the original trilogy. My fave character in Scream 4 was Kirby. So I think she needs to be in Scream 5 & 6 as part of the main cast because she was great in the movie. Plus we never saw her die. Obviously the series has been focused on Sidney so it needs to continue in 5 & 6 and end in a very final way. Kirby being part of the cast would continue from Scream 4 and bring in freash “victims” that revolve around her as well as Sid. To me, though I loved them in 4, David and Cortney were going thru things personally and I could see a tension between them on screen. Now that they have both moved on wit their lives, maybe they can give their characters the “soul” that was missing from Scream 4. Anyway, YES YES YES to Scream 5 and definately Scream 6! This series has redifined my life in many ways and was the stepping stone to my horror movie craze. Let’s see the final two movies and have it go out with a bang!

  75. I am of Polish. I like the Scream series and I want to continue :)
    I have had enough of remakes

  76. SCREAM 4 WAS MORE FUNNY LESS THEN SCARY BUT IT WAS A PRETTY GOOD MOVIE OVERRALL,I THINK SCREAM 3 WAS THE WORST MOVIE OUT OF ALL OF THEM,CUZ IT WAS SO EASY TO PREDICT THE KILLER.But these scream movies are making my day,all these other horror films out here are stupid,and for children.something about scream sends chills down my spine,so definenelty scream 5 and no remake!!

  77. NO REMAKE!!!!!! I as well as many other fans would BOYCOTT!!!!!!!!

  78. they shouldnt do a remake. they should continue the story of sidneys horrible life with ghostface. think of it though, it may be hard to become up with a story plot, but take your time! a good movie is worth a wait. they shudnt rush it like they did with 4. i wonder who the killer would be, considering all of her family is dead, but does jills father exist? if so, that wud be an obvious killer.

  79. i didnt read all the comments, i will but, how do you even make a remake? i mean… remakes of halloween, friday the 13th… freddy. those horror movies, you know who the killer is going to be. the scream franchise though… it’s as much about the “Whodunnit” as it is the movie referencing/meta stuff. How do you remake a movie where everyone already knows who the killers are?

    Anyone explain that for me? Do you just take the concept of using Ghostface/snappy dialogue with movie references? Or what?

  80. It’s Not A Remake And Its Not Scream 5…….Jessica Alba Recreated Scenes From Horror Movies In A Latina Magazine…..Here’s The Link That Will Tell You All About This Photo….

  81. I’m all for a next generation Scream film with new characters, not like what was done for A Nightmare on Elm Street where the filmmakers put new faces for established characters. I do believe if there’s a re-imagination for Scream and characters should be created by Kevin Williamson but NOT directed by Wes Craven. Scream needs new eyes to bring the franchise to 21st century.

  82. Wes is Waaaaaaaaaaaay over hyped. He did a good job with SCREAM and SCREAM 2 was alright… SCREAM 3… yikes. SCREAM 4 was good but they didnt take enough risks, a MAJOR shouldve died and the way they hyped the new Young cast, one of them should’ve lived! maybe that’s just sour grapes because i really really liked Kirby… I was upset when Randy died and she really felt like a character you’d really grow to love. Like the core 3. siiiigh, stupid jill.

  83. Scream 5!!! No remake! That’s stupid!! That’s like announcing the killers during the movie!!!!! I don’t get how that would be possible I mean Billy and Stu are the killers it is a known fact so I don’t know what they would do

  84. Uh, the promotion for Scream 4 was phenomenal. Two very expensive Entertainment Weekly covers, SEVERAL, top-tier talk show appearances, tv spots, posters, etc. The only weak spot was the lack of trailers attached to theatrical releases.

  85. Am I the only one that thinks it should just be left alone? I mean 4 was alright mainly just for nostalgia for me. I didn’t think it was that good at all really. If I had no connection to these characters I probably wouldn’t have even felt the need to see it. That’s why it failed at the box office. For the newer generation there’s no connection to these characters and the slasher genre has been done to death at this point. It’s simply not original anymore. Leave it alone before it become a joke.

  86. continuation of the new trilogy :DDD

  87. I wouldn’t want to see a remake but a re-representation of the Scream mythos. Like Final Destination, re-invent the franchise by acknowledging the original but moving into a different direction. This means no Sydney, or Dewey, nor Gale, and create new characters in a new situation, in a new town. The movie has to be relevant to modern horror movies audience like today but NOT something from Scream’s adoring influences.

  88. uhm well… with scream 5 there shud definately be a new change within the franchise. no remakes but a new outlook. involving a whole new paradime for ghostface. the option of either keeping or killing the main 3 shud remain a mystery. but lets try try to resemble this next film into the likes of the remad halloween movies made by rob zombie. keep the sleek filming but have it b e a sick twisted torture and gory new rollercoaster. i did notice that last years halloween brought new styled masks involving the zombie and scarecrow ghostface masks. either all 3 or just one. but make it gruesomely disturbing. dont be afraid of spicing it up and breaking the rules. although scary… scream was still suburban and safe. it needs to be wired up a bit and suspensful throughout the next film! bring back sum old favorites. i read that matthew lilliards character was supposed to be in the 3rd but didnt :(. try either billy,stu or kirby. but have sum interesting reason why to resurrect the characters.oh and please dnt bring back jill!! the girl almost damn neer ruined the scream 4 movie.but idk anything is good enuff for us fans. just surprise us, terrify us, and interest us with fresh ideas so this is drip signing off and i hope that this movie comes out and a chance at a 6th one!!!!!!!!

  89. I would prefer Scream 5, remake would be an insult to the original franchise!!!

  90. I’m looking forward to Scream 5. I loved Scream 4. Any updates yet? I thought they were looking to have this released next year. I would like to know who is in the running to be in this movie.

  91. Hi Scream-a-holics, I just read on that Kevin Williamson will not be writing Scream 5. I’m a little bummed about this, but he does seem to have his plate filled with new horror tv shows that should be great. I am still hoping that some new writers will take over. I need to have a Scream 5 & 6 no matter what. I don’t like being teased. I want more. How do you all feel?

  92. They shouldn’t make a Scream 5 in my opinion, Scream 4 was absoultely amazing, Went 15 years in the story, had different rules, brought back the same characters, and showed how a New Generation of Teenagers to the old franchise. Which was amazing, I don’t think Wes could’ve had made that movie better. It’s pure original. So It should be left alone, and no remakes please. We honestly don’t need a remake, it’s only been like 16 years since the first one, not 30. And the first one still looks great, and the actors/actresses played in the movie are still young and good looking; not wrinkly and dead. If they want to make another Scream, it’s up to them, but I guarantee it, they will eventually fuck up just like Halloween: Ressurection. Movie Companies are so money-hungry, they don’t know when to stop. But If they want to make another Scream, show the story of Sidney’s mother Maureen and how she had met Billy Loomis’ father and how Billy had met Roman and had told him what to do. Like A Prequel to the Franchise. It should show how Stu had got dumped by Drew Barrymore’s character and how Billy & Stu had made the plan to kill Casey, and It should end when Drew’s character picks up the phone. While it’s saying “Directed by Wes Craven” It should have the old conversation from the Original Scream, as people are walking out of the theatre.

  93. Scream 5 !

  94. Scream 5 I am 14 and I grew up with continue no remake scream

  95. NO REMAKE!
    They said Scream 5 (If it’s made) will be a continuation of Scream 4. So Scream 5 should still take place in Woodsboro. Sidney now has no where to go so she stays with Dewey and Gale. Murders start happening again and I think Dewey or Gale should be killed off. (I would prefer Gale to be killed off.)OR Dewey or Gale should be one of killer(s).

  96. SCREAM 5!!!!! NO REMAKE, let continue, i’m already exicited for the 5th one, dont change!!!

  97. Scream 5. No Remakes. Chris i agree with u a 100% we need to know what happened to what happened before the events of scream like how maureen really died and billy and stus plan and roman watching her mom and so on…so bring on a prequel cuz really we need more info about sidneys family meaning we need the truth to what really happened. this is a really terrific idea so lets hope we get this prequel cuz thats what we will really need.

  98. Like Isaid before there are 2 horror movies that should not be remade one is Silence Of The Lambs and the other is Scream, they are classics and shouldn’t be touched.

  99. I would love a remake in 20 years from now i prefer , sequel please bring back tatum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,

  100. yes i would love thet too it woould be cool for sidney to see tatum again and that she never died!!!!!!!!!! that would be cool

  101. wes i think you sould make a scream 5 with cool characters but make kirby and robbbie and jill in the fifth one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


  103. The only way a scream5 could be successful is for a crucial character (I.e. sidney, Dewey, or even Gail) to pass the torch and subsequently get killed off. There are hints at personas that can replace the trio members, such as Deputy Judy, who is just as goofy as Dewey, or Kirby, who if she survives could be compared to Sid and mark as a threat to the new Ghostface. Its all up to the production team, but this seems likely.

    As for a remake: fuck that.

  104. kirby survived the forfth one as you saw that she was still moving!

  105. after watching them all from 1 to 4 over the bast days i honestly hope Sidney is killed off its just something about her surviving every single time that is just boring. still no remake classic horrors kick ass

  106. she shoudnt be killed off cause shes the main character but she should get hurt

  107. Well Sidney should of got killed off in 4 and Jill should of got away with it. But the Weinsteins fucked the reboot up. I honestly can’t see Scream 5 and 6 now. The end of Scream 4 was not what Kevin Williamson wanted. But IF Scream 4 is the last one, I find it a better finale than Scream 3. The only way Sidney can get killed off now is if it’s at the end of Scream 6. But I doubt Neve will want to be a part of it. She almost did not join Scream 4.

  108. she should go missing and be found!

  109. hi

  110. Scream 5 and does anyone else notice that the mask at the beginning of scream is different than the other mask?

  111. Scream 5! And then 6. But… pretty, pretty please.. Don’t ever let Sidney or Gale die.. like, EVER! lol. Kill whoever else, fine.. just leave my girls alone :)

  112. I would love seeing a reboot or attest a T.V show, anything with a new protagonist I would to see!

  113. Scream 5!!!!!

  114. I would very much like a fifth SCREAM as long as Kevin W writes it. Wouldn’t mind a remake as long as it’s YEARS from now and Kevin writes it. Though, I’d prefer SCREAM 5 b/c I’m not sure how a remake would work.

  115. well….i liked scream 1-3 ,but 4 was just crap and i hated it. I wish that the 5th movie would be better then 4 with a good story and cast….a remake is unnecessary because the original scream movie obviously belongs to the 90’s.

  116. I prefer continuation. Why remake a movie? That doesn’t even make sense to me.

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