Scream: The Remake in 2042!?

The thought of a remake hitting our screens, billed with the title “Scream” sends a chill through me, as I’m sure it does the rest of you. I can see the trailer now: a shot of a modern-day starlet from some Vampire Diaries/Secret Circle/Glee/Gossip Girl/90210-type show answering her phone (a tiny cell phone rather than a clunky white cordless house phone) and hearing that familiar question, “what’s your favorite scary movie?” – but not in Roger Jackson’s familiar drawl, instead possibly voiced by the Dad from The OC! Then we see a clip of someone who is now playing Sidney. And then Dewey. Then Gale. A re-vamped version of new-Tatum stuck in the garage door, or perhaps some other modern electronic home appliance; a shot of new-Randy pausing a DVD (not video) of Halloween (Zombie, not Carpenter) and explaining “the rules”. A headline flashing up on somebody’s I-Pad about Cotton Weary’s trial.

I think to us lot, who are fans of the existent, original Scream series, the thought of a remake is sacrilege. Right here, right now, in 2012, when the original Scream was only made about 15 years ago, it absolutely seems too soon to think about remaking it. But a major issue with Scream 4 not being as popular at the box office was that it’s a continuation to a series that stood still for 10 years before resurfacing. We all loved that it happened, of course, but I guess lots of people had forgotten about the series or the “kids” of today didn’t really understand it.

Don’t get me wrong, I am so gunning for Scream 5 to happen, and then Scream 6. As long as they do it properly, they can keep them coming. But thinking outside the box, a remake wouldn’t be THAT horrendous if it appeared way in the future. I’m 27 but when I’m, say, 57, Scream is going to look outdated and there’ll be a whole new generation who will see it as an old film, like we see films from the 70s now. So if they remake it in, say, 30 years time, that new generation probably won’t have seen the original and it will be totally new to them. Someone commented on Scream4Fan’s article about the pointlessness of a remake, as we would know who the killer was going to be and already know how Casey Becker’s scene would materialize etc. But the new set of people watching it won’t have a clue and to them it will probably be amazing (as long as the filmmakers replicated it excellently). If anything, a remake in the future might simply bring the original to the attention of the younger generation in years to come. They would probably then dig it out of the archives and appreciate it for its brilliance.

I saw the recent Friday The 13th remake and consequently made an effort to watch the original series from 30 years ago, and appreciated them more. The same thing could happen with Scream. I personally also think Rob Zombie did a decent job with Halloween – the original Halloween will always be the king, but he made it his own by focusing more on Michael Myers’ childhood and directed it from a different slant, and, as a separate film, I thought it was good. Likewise, I like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the Hills Have Eyes remakes. What I’ve enjoyed about these (and Halloween) is that their consequent sequels (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, H2 and The Hills Have Eyes 2) have then been totally new stories, allowing the same franchise to be modernized and developed with new ideas – it has allowed them to grow.

Look, I know a lot of diehard fans may very well be reeling at some of my comments here, as so many people HATE remakes and I know there’s a lot of hate for the Zombie Halloween series, but I’m trying to look at it objectively from the viewpoint of a future, younger audience. I absolutely, 100% do not want a Scream remake anytime soon. I am pro-Scream 5 all the way. But if in 30 years time one surfaced, I wouldn’t hate it – nor would I be surprised. It could even, in the style of the Halloween, Hills…, Texas… remakes veer off into a series of new, original stories. We may one day, as a result, have an alternate Scream 3, which betters the original Scream 3, which is widely criticized as the weakest of the franchise (much like the two different versions of Stab 3 – art imitating art).

Another of the comments made on Scream4Fan’s article suggested that Scream 4 should have been a kind of remake of Scream but with different characters and a new plot – just the common trend of Ghostface. This is something I would loathe to see happen, personally. One of my pet-hates in a franchise is when a “sequel” has absolutely nothing to do with the original story. I don’t understand the point of it and feel that it is a pathetic excuse to make a film – almost as if the studio couldn’t be bothered to come up with a new creative idea and so instead ride on the coat-tails of another successful series. Prime examples are several of the original Halloween films which did not feature Laurie Strode (and in the case of Halloween 3, not even feature Michael Myers) and I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer, which to this day infuriates me. I want desperately for someone out there to greenlight a remake of that movie but with Jennifer, Freddie & Brandy and a fisherman who is not an invincible zombie! I want to know what happened to Julie when she was dragged under that bed, not what happens to some random group of kids in a different town who have nothing to do with the original plotline.

Another suggestion from a reader was to stop calling Scream sequels 4, 5, 6 and so forth and instead try out a Scream: Resurrection type style. I say please Lord no – especially if the title reflects the horrendous quality of film that was Halloween: Resurrection.

The prospect of a remake, way in the future, COULD be an exciting opportunity to develop things that were perhaps, dare I say it, underdeveloped in the original. Like Zombie developed Myers’ childhood, and the Friday The 13th remake brutalized and re-invented the deaths from the original, Scream: The Remake could throw in new characters to be gloriously killed off; we might actually get to see Principal Himbrey strung up on the goalpost; what if Casey gets to her parents in time, but Ghostface horrifyingly kills them in front of her before finishing her off; what if he doesn’t kill them but instead we get to see their reactions beyond the opening sequence; the remake might choose to open the movie instead with Maureen Prescott’s backstory – the new Scream opening might very well be the night she was killed, rather than opening with Casey Becker – perhaps she was killed after a taunting phone call; there might be opportunity here to foreshadow the Roman Bridger/brother development that later came about – we could see Bridger influencing Billy and Stu; could one of the killers perhaps survive and be sent to jail, to return in a new remake version of Scream 2?

I’m sure plenty of you are hating my written butchery of the original Scream. But understand that I am in awe of the original as much as the rest of you. I’m just elaborating on the possibilities that a remake, way in the future, could bring. Let’s hope that if it happens, we can reconvene in 2042 and dissect a new Scream that has done the original justice and not torn it to shreds. Perhaps wishful thinking, but you never know…

Perhaps not.

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38 Responses to “ Scream: The Remake in 2042!? ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Now I WANT a movie that looks at how Cotton was framed & Maureen died ,What Sid actually saw that night and Billy’s mind being warped by Roman.

    Thats a remake I would pay to see.

    Nice article @Drew.

  2. I agree. I would like to see a Scream remake 50 years from now, but not right now. Had SCRE4M actually been a remake, I would have been so mad. But I agree, I would like to see what other stories can be found in the Scream universe. I plan to watch the entire Halloween/Friday the 13th/Nightmare on Elm Street collection, including the remakes.

  3. Xcuse me, WTH is this article?

  4. I’m with the guy above, WTH is this article? A “!?” after such a title makes this sound like drummings somewhere in the Hollywood system (it’d be ridiculous but I somehow suspended my belief for a moment). This ain’t my website and by all means, feel free to post whatever you want but that was a bit misleading. And just to put my spin on it, I guarantee we’re gonna see a remake of Scream way before that. They’re remaking movies way sooner now than they were of the horror films of the 70s and 80s. Robocop. Total Recall. The freakin Crow was 1994 and I can plainly remember seeing that film in the cinema! 2021 or 2026 is my guess. I mean, Scream: The Remake in 2026!?

  5. He makes a remake sound a lot more friendly thab hostile to the original series. I could imagine a more in depth Scream movie, and I would definitely go see it. It’s just WAY to early for one, because the series is classic abd needs no justification of a posskbly horrible remake in a few years. They should make it later if they are going to make it. It’s unnecessary atm, but great article. You made me a bit more open-minded to a remake. The original will always be the best, but interesting ideas and thoughts

  6. I sooo don’t want a remake! Not now, not ever! I don’t wanna wake up 20,30, or 40 years from now and see someone else playing Gale. Some one else playing Dewey. Someone playing, SIDNEY! I totally think that the original cast being brought back in all 4 movies in the last 15 years was a HUGE part of the Scream franchise success! We wanted to see Dewey and Gale fight over nothing. We wanted to see Sidney’s cute, innocence. We wanted to see how they were! How they were living their lives! I could never watch a remake of Scream, because then it would ruin everything I know and love about the original. Do not, FUCK with the original.

  7. I totally agree on the “I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer”-point, because I appreciated it, but I want a sequel to the second film in the series. It was rumored to air in 2011, but it was “canceled”. It was called “Last Summer 3D”. You can look it up. I would like to that that happens, but I hope that Julie survives! Julie has to survive everything if you ask me. She is the leading lady of the film series like Sidney from Scream and I want Julie to be like her. A strong, confident woman – who can scream like hell – but will survive it until she dies of age or a high age. I would like to see that.
    And I’m also a part of the Scream 5! I don’t want a remake, at least until some 20-30 years later. I want a Scream 5 with Neve (Sidney Prescott), Courteney (Gale Weathers-Riley), David (Dwight “Dewey” Riley), Hayden (Kirby Reed), Marley (Judy Hicks), Patrick (Mark Kincaid, Heather (Martha Meeks), Rebecca (sorority sister Lois), Duane (Joel, the new cameraman in Scream 2) and some other teens. Actors/actresses that I would like to see in it are Nina Dobrev, Selena Gomez, Indiana Evans, Taylor Lautner, Emily Osment, Jackson Rathbone, Thomas Dekker, Darren Criss, Louis Hunter and Lily Collins I don’t care if it’s in Woodsboro or not, as long as it’s a good movie! :D NO REMAKE!

  8. This article is pointless.

  9. To be honest, I hope the company NEVER EVER makes a Remake. Maybe a variation to the series but no remakes. No one can play Sidney as well as Neve Campbell. Her character is so strong and developed. Any other actress would totally deconstruct the heroinism of the character. Also Gale’s character would probably be refined thus killing her character also. AND they probably will include nudity in the film, which totally ruins screams concept.
    In Scream 5 I wanna see the original three, Kirby, and Emma Stone as Kirby’s Sister.

  10. THE WORST THING TO TO TO THE SCREAM FRANCHISE IS MAKING A REMAKE OF THE ORIGINAL!!! You just can’t simply do that. And if the author of this article honestly thinks that the SCREAM franchise will go over the 6tgh movie mark. he is simply wrong. 6 is the number and 6 is where they will stop!

  11. @drewjobullo, Awesome article I agree 100 percent with everything you said.

    Some of the so called Scream fans on here amaze me about all of the complaining about what they post on here on many articles to. Sure not all of it is actual news about the future of the franchise but still they could post nothing at all until maybe some little news comes out and who knows how long that will be.

  12. I respectfully disagree with the part in this article that states
    “people watching it won’t have a clue and to them it will probably be amazing”(talking about the original Scream)Psycho(1960) was a fantastic movie and 38 years later a TERRIBLE remake released that did the EXACT same things as the original. What you are saying is that the new audience in the future will have no clue of Scream and think the new Scream is amazing. Nope. I’m 16 years old and I am well aware of Psycho and I am also well aware that the remake was a joke! Why? Because it repeated the same exact thing and if you ask me, that was a pretty big slap in the face to Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece. Scream isn’t just any other movie. It redefined the horror genre. A movie like that is not gonna be forgotten within 30 years. Psycho wasn’t. Maybe if I Know What You Did Last Summer (don’t get me wrong, I love that movie) was remade in thirty years, it would be a different story as it get the same type of responses as Scream did. It was just another teen-slasher film. But Scream is more than that.

  13. *didn’t get

  14. *FACEPALM*

  15. Well all i have to say is hurry up on scream 5 and 6, so we can have a remake a little early. 6 screams are enough and like another 15 yrs later you can do a remake.


  17. Author of piece here. I usually hate when writers respond to comments made on their articles as they run the risk of getting into debates and to be fair you are all entitled to your opinions. But just some reactions to some of the comments made…

    Thanks to those of you who took this as I intended it and appreciated my thoughts. Apologies to those who clearly thought this was a news bulletin and feel that this website is only for news. If you look back over the past year or so of articles, this site posts news but also articles written by fans, simply giving their two cents on the franchise. And as one commenter said, this article was to fill a bit of a void that we are all feeling with the silence that is currently lingering over any news about Scream 5.

    I wrote this just to offer a new perspective on the idea of a remake way in the future. As I stressed numerous times in the article, I’m not saying I want there to be one any time soon, I want S5 and possibly 6. Someone said something about me saying it will go beyond S6. I didn’t actually, I just said that as long as the movies are great I don’t mind how long they continue. That comment also said something on how 6 will be the last. Probably, but they said that about S3 too “the scariest Scream is always the last”.
    My whole thinking here was that we simply do not know what will happen in the future. As much as we hate the thought of a remake because of the likelihood of it being crap, it is likely. The comment about remaking psycho simply proves my point. They remade Psycho, for goodness sake. PSYCHO. If that happened, they could just as easily remake Scream.
    I was simply stressing that you never know what might be produced in the future. It might actually be a chance to get creative with the franchise. Yes, it runs the risk of ruining everything about the characters, but all I was SUGGESTING is that it might not. And those getting their knickers in a twist about this are, I think, a little bit naïve. As much as you hate the idea of this, it’s a likelihood in Hollywood’s future. And all I was saying was that if it happens, in, 30 years (a random number I picked out of thin air by the way, so don’t analyze that too much either), you just don’t know what they could do with it. It might be fun to see it from a different POV (i.e. the idea of developing Roman Bridger and Maureen Prescott’s characters).

    All I was saying was that it could even expand the franchise that we all know and love. I agree with you, it might totally crucify it – but we just don’t know and I thought I would look at it from a different point of view. I actually surprised myself as I was writing it, as I never thought I would ever say some of the stuff I’ve said in that piece.

    Bottom line: I don’t want them to butcher Scream just like you lot don’t. Yes its iconic and the person going on about how he is 16 and he’s very aware of the original Pyscho – yes, good, but a lot of people are ignorant to the original classics and who’s to say a future generation won’t see that Scream was made in the 90s and immediately write it off. It happens, as awful as that is.

    If you thought this was pointless, that’s fine. But you know what, it’s got us debating. And what else is there to muse about while we wait for S5 to be greenlit. That’s why this website is so great for the fans. Take this in the spirit it was intended.

  18. I can imagine Scream 5 or 6 being a prequel and opening up with Maureen Prescott’s death (ala Dressed To Kill).

  19. You came up with great ideas, I won’t take that away from you, but it’s still a pointless article to me, and that comment got enough under your skin for you to write a comment ending on a note about pointlessness. Why don’t we fill the void by screaming for Scream 5 and letting the 3 W’s know what we want and when we want it. Because 5 is what the fans want. I don’t live in 2042. I live in 2012, where I want an end of year or early 2013 release date. I want an untainted Williamson script, and full creative licence given to Craven, and a film that has balls to break its own rules about itself. A scream that does what it promises…breaks rules. It’s caught in its own rules now, and the only way to break the rules is to stop giving fans what they think they want (eg. No gale death), and give them something that’s going to have them walking from the theatre saying “WTF”, like 4 almost did before the dissolve into the final hospital scene. Jill should have lived. That was an ending with balls, and 5 and 6 had creative room to go anywhere. 5 could have started in the hospital scene, with Syd fighting for life, everyone thinking Jill was the survivor, and a third killer entering the scene. That’s balls, and to be honest, would have defined the modern day horror genre’s tendency to leave things uncertain and ambiguous. I want a film with balls and that isn’t afraid of pissing off the “don’t kill the trio” cheering squad. They had their trilogy. Pass the torch. People die. It’s life, and Hollywood. And the emotional impact of that is what makes a good film. They killed my fave character Randy in Scream 2. Brilliant. Great film because of a ballsy move. They killed Sam Jackson in Deep Blue Sea. Totally unexpected and best scene ever. My point is…I want scream 5, I want it to be ballsy, and don’t care for what’s going to happen in 2042 when there’ll be technology where people can be ghostface in their own Scream movie, instead of a 2D or 3D remake. In 2042, film will not be film. Because everything changes.

  20. I was the one who you referred to you in your article as “Scream 4 should have been a kind of remake of Scream but with different characters and a new plot – just the common trend of Ghostface”

    Let me clarify why I said this. I think I speak for a lot of different people who I say people really like Scream because it had a sense of reality, like this COULD happen in real life, and that’s what made the original creepy. Then the sequel happened, and while it was stretching it, it was done well enough that you let it slide.

    If scream 5 were to be made we are now on killer 8. That’s eight different people wanting to kill the same girl over and over again wearing the exact same costume. By now the effect has worn off. There is just no basis in reality of this ever happening therefore the movie loses most of his creep factor.

    At the end of the day we all love Ghostface, he is what defines Scream. Sure we all love the main cast like Sydney, Cox, and Dewey, but done right all these characters can be replaced, and and a new fresh story can be written. Ghostface can never be replaced.

  21. Hey i have a question how come the Friday the 13th remake gets a lot of hate? It really wasn’t that bad rob zombies Halloween remakes weren’t really good at all the original Halloween movies dominate his lol. Now back to Scream i really hope the finish the new trilogy like they said they were before ever considering making a remake. But after that i probably wouldn’t mind a remake sometime in the future like 20 some years at least after Scream 6.

  22. Do you honestly think if they remake Scream, whether it’s 2 years from now or 200, that they’ll keep Roman Bridger? Or even Maureen Prescott for that matter? The entire thing will get an overhaul and none of the remnants from the sequels will exist. The motives of the killers will be completely different and none of that stuff would even matter anymore. Quite possibly, Sidney might be the one stuck in a garage door and Tatum will be the final girl. Gale and Dewey would certainly die, Randy would probably be the killer while Stu gets killed in the final act trying to protect his girlfriend. The sequels would then no longer explore any of the cool things from the sequels that could’ve had some extra explanation. Face it, as much as we love Scream, it’s not on the pedestal Halloween is, which is probably the only slasher remake to keep even the character names from the series. Friday, Nightmare (most at least), TCM, Prom Night, Black Christmas, Stranger Calls, Hills Have Eyes, the upcoming Evil Dead etc.; if none of those films were sacred enough to keep the mythology in tact, Scream won’t be either. I love Scream as much as anyone on this site, love it more than Halloween even, but I know dang well it won’t and hasn’t received the same acclaim as Halloween to the point where it’s crucial to keep the characters in the remake because of their “legendary” status like Loomis or Strode. Another Dewey, another Casey or another Himbry would be interesting to see but if history has taught us anything, those things will more than likely diminish and a whole new set of stuff is in store. Frankly, that’d be better than copying the same movie over again and trying to explain an extra thread from the sequels. It won’t have the trio we love anymore but perhaps they can create a new one. Either way it’s lame but oh well.

  23. If Scream ever gets remade, I can see them throwing a twist to it. Like make it so that the original Scream films are just movies, and someone is remaking them (I know that’s sort of the plot of Scream 4, only it wouldn’t be STAB, it’d be SCREAM).. I dunno, I think Scream is too clever to just be remade… EVER!

  24. I’m just writing this comment because It’s 3 in the morning, im extremely bored, and have nothing better to do than write in this forum. SCREAM: THE REMAKE (2042), should be set in the distant future, where the last few thousand of earth’s survivors are hurtling through space in a massive craft called “The Woodsboro”. One of the survivors finds his parent’s old DVD collection, and upon watching the horror movies of the world they left behind, begins re-enacting them out – or at least that’s what the students upon The Woodsboro at first thought. No, the real truth is, Sydstar’s mum, Mauroshia, was sleeping with the entire crew, and she left Quasark and Romulan Bridger out of the big bang. They weren’t too happy with being left out, so that’s when they decided to bring horror back to the mainstream audience. SCREAM 2: The Remake. Sydstar has moved on from her horrid past when Quasark and Romulan Bridger went nuts on board “The Woodsboro”, and has found peace in the upper decks. But someone doesn’t want to let their love of absurd remakes die. The twist is, Romulan Bridger’s mother (who was also left out of the wild keg party Mauroshia threw years back) had used technology to clone Romulan so he could finish the job his source DNA code had started. But Sydstar wins once more. SCREAM 3: THE REMAKE. Sydstar really wants to get off “The Woodsboro”, but unfortunately there is no escape. So she bunks in with the Captain, hoping he can keep her safe. Afraid not, because in space, the final scream is always the worst…basically because the last scream means you’ll never scream again, and a new psychopath enters the scene, taking his love of Earth’s horror movies one small step too far. It seems the clone of Romulan Bridger cloned another Romulan Bridger, and even worst, used basically the same motive as the original Romulan Bridger…they weren’t invited to that damned keg party. It’s not every day in space that keg and swingers parties happen! Why weren’t they invited! Sydstar finally thinks that jettisoning to a lone planet in one of the escape pods is a good idea. And the entire series ends with Wes Craven waking up in his bed having a revelation…I better do something ORIGINAL with SCREAM 5!!!

  25. Tbh I don’t see why you all feel so strongly against a remake. It is gonna happen! Scream is one of the biggest horror movies of all time – a remake is inevitable. I’d rather a bad remake that you can put into a different group than the original than 10 crappy sequels.

  26. A far remake with new stories and added elements would be interesting to see, but what ruins everything for me is that we won’t have the same actors playing the characters we love so much. I can’t see Sidney, Gale and Dewey interpreted by other actors. Lose all the charm that has come to be built over the years. For me, when a franchise comes with a new movie with a random cast and script lazy, I don’t think makes part of the original franchise, I just forget they exist. Anyway, it’s an article that makes you think about the future and it’s something new to read until nothing new appears on Scream 5.

  27. @drewjobullo
    i see what you’re saying now, and i agree with you about having something to do while S5 is in the process of beong made.

  28. my idea if you do do some sort of remake. i have said this before and i will keep saying it i want a scream with the perspective of the killers. like i want to see the back story on how roman and billy actually met. i want to see where billy and stu plot. and i want to see who really killed who. and when you think of it. done correctly you can make a trilogy out of it. say you start part one with maureen’s days in hollywood and giving birth to roman and leaving him and his struggles to find her and then filming her. and part 2 show him meeting with billy and then show billy and stu planning their attack on casey or on maureen. part 3 work on mickey finding mrs. loomis. i mean it has always interested me thinking hmm im curious as to how they came up with the idea to kill casey and how they got steven in the chair and where they got the costumes and the knifes and how they framed cotton i mean i really want to see something like that. even if its straight to DVD or something. and i really think that is something wes and kevin can sink their teeth into i mean they already know the characters and what not. just an idea. plus i think in some cases its what a lot of us scream fans want something more not just the same ole same ole, hire new cast kill em off ya know. well thats what i think….oh…and no scream should EVER NEVER EVER NEVER EVER FOR NEVER EVER!!!!be in 3D :)

  29. Why in the world are we devoting so much talk to a remake? Weinstein’s not mentioned a remake. No one involved has talked of a remake. Scream was spawned from the slasher genre, which is, for all intents and purposes, dead. So, there’s no indication that Scream will ever be remade. I think we can stop wasting our time with these conversations that are, at best, hypothetical.

  30. I am sooo tired of coming hear and seeing the same old ridiculous remake garbage. You guys are going to MAKE a remake happen if you keep yacking about it. This is really getting silly.

  31. Come on Scream Trilogy, I really do love this site and have been coming here for two years but the whole Remake topic is getting kinda old and frustrating. Do better.

  32. Just make 1 final scream movie and end the series appropriately, cause 4 didn’t do that.

  33. I personally think the 4th film’s plot has forever shielded the first film from ever being remade. Since it acknowledges and bashes remakes (“Don’t fuck with the original!”), it would look REALLY dumb to do an outright remake of Scream. Though a REBOOT (with different characters, different plot, etc) could still work (heck, the Japanese title for Scream 4 was “Scream: The Next Generation”).

  34. Missy i agree with you a prequel would be an awesome movie to see of how Scream began with Roman amazing idea

  35. i got an idea for scream 5! now i am watching some of the footage of the scream horror tram. you can base the movie kind of around that maybe its opening night sid, gale, and dewey could be there, OR kill one of them in the opening and then it is like a year later and they have done another stab film and some big time studio theme park is looking to make money off of it so they do a ride or a walk through to honor the movies and invite the survivors for an opening night. and mysteriously people (like visitors and the cast members) are getting killed off and some right in front of the groups of people (they all think it is part of the show) and you can have some of the characters run around the walk through looking like billy, stu, mickey, mrs. loomis, roman, jill, and charlie, and some sids and gales and deweys. kind of like the stab a thon. idk its an idea. something new too i mean these movies really are now based around the stab franchise so yea lol makes sense

  36. scream 5- stu’s parents are the killers. They were involved right from the beginning and could tell how, as a little prequel. They are upset with all the people joking around about the movies and how people only talk about billy and family instead of stu. They were waiting for the right moment to strike, they enjoy seeing sid suffer with the memory. They are offended by the scream 4 killers and how annoying they were. This would reconnect us with the first one. When stu says that his mom and dad will be so mad at him, it’s not because he’s a killer, it’s because he got caught.

  37. No! to SCREAM remake… Yes! to SCREAM 5!!!…

  38. No! to SCREAM remake… Yes! to SCREAM 5!!!… please… I’m praying for a sequel really!… a new trilogy actually!….

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