Scream TV Series Being Developed At MTV

Scream 4 was arguably the last word on modern cinematic slashing, so it makes sense the next wall to break is TV terror. News is in of the Teen Wolf team at MTV getting their claws into Scream next. The prospect of weekly Woodsboro action and intrigue makes me positively delirious. Others are likely to be a bit more perturbed. Zap2It reports, after TVLine:

The “Scream” franchise returned with a vengeance in 2011 when “Scream 4″ hit theaters over a decade after the third installment was released. Though it didn’t have the box office success of the original film, “Scream 4″ proved that there was still an audience interested in the fictional small town of Woodsboro.

As TVLine was first to report, MTV is now developing a television series based on the films. The network has seen some success with its scripted drama “Teen Wolf,” and a “Scream” series could serve as a natural companion to the teen-driven scare fare.

The project will be produced by former MTV executives Tony DiSanto and Liz Gateley, and they’re currently looking for a writer to helm the pilot.

This weekend, Kevin Williamson — the series creator — shared that he was uncertain about the future of the “Scream” franchise, which is owned by The Weinstein Co. Williamson is busy with his new FOX series “The Following” and his continued work on The CW’s “Vampire Diaries,” and has not been involved in the project’s development.

It’s unknown whether Wes Craven, who directed all four installments, will have input in the MTV series.

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55 Responses to “ Scream TV Series Being Developed At MTV ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. This is an AWFUL idea. Can we please just let Ghostface go out with some dignity?

  2. I say “go for it”, I’m a massive fan of all 4 Scream movies, a TV series may be the better option to continue the ghostface franchise. You never know, if there is high-ratings for the TV show, there is more chance for Scream 5! Just keep it fresh, different, and you can’t go wrong! :D

  3. If it were on HBO, I’d say hell yes because it’d be still the same bloody and goryness and inevitably smart humor.

    But if it’s on MTV? No. It’ll be a kiddie version. It’ll be like *shudders* pretty little liars, if I may.

  4. This is going to be awful. Scream 4 was a let down and this will burn out whatever shreds of credit and dignity that are left.

  5. Im praying this is just a very late April Fools joke

  6. Wow! That was totally unexpected!

    I’d prefer if they use Stab as a title, but that won’t happen.
    At least I hope they won’t use ANY of the original characters EVER. They belong to the movies and to the actors who portrayed them.

  7. Now I don’t normally ever comment on posts like this, but I do have to say that I have very mixed feelings about a TV series based on the Scream movies. I grew up on these movies – they scared me as a little child, but as I grew up, I grew to love them more and more. However, the idea of a series..not sure how that could develop. Do they have a similar “whodunit?” theme with the season finale revealing the killer? MTV will ruin this and give Scream a bad name because it would be edited and not very violent, bloody, or gory. In all honesty they should really reconsider making these movies into a TV series. I can’t see a decent plot happening that would keep a good amount of people watching.

  8. It’s going to be a watered-down version of the movies. The fact that MTV is doing it is just proof on how much it’s going to fucking suck. No one seems happy about this idea so they should just stop before they fail…

  9. @ethandram-Pretty little liars pretty damn good. And sometimes it feels like a Scream film. Some episodes are suspenseful,scary,and some are just down right creepy. I think Marlene King and Kevin Williamson should write Scream 5&6 and this tv show. But they do need to put it on HBO or Showtime.

  10. do you think it should take place in woodsboro?

  11. The show should be based on the ten years in between 3&4. And show the stab sequels.

  12. This is a terrible idea. Terrible terrible idea. I don’t want a scream tv series. If they’re not going to do a Scream 5 then just let the franchise end at 4. This is awful.

  13. I can’t say I’m 100% on board with this idea; however in all honestly IF it does happen as opposed to getting a Scream 5, than it kind of ensures that Sidney, Dewey, and Gale live happily ever after. And it’s like somebody else said IF it is a big hit, than maybe Scream 5 will be more likely, and have modern teenagers warm up to the idea more. I’m not saying it’ll be great, especially if it’s on MTV, but let’s take a step back for a moment.

    Maybe it would be kind of interesting if each season was a mystery, maybe just maybe this could actually be a good move in the name of Scream. Of course as a die-hard fan I have my worries, we want SCREAM not ABC/LIFETIME mellodramatic crap, but with a name like Scream and a respectability in that name, I can’t imagine that [MTV] would dream of ruining that name.

    I don’t know. I just don’t know…

  14. It could be a good way to bring in younger generations.I think that’s one of the reasons why Scream 4 didn’t do that good. A lot of these kids were too young to remember it. They should put it on HBO or something. Ghostface can’t curse on MTV etc.I think we should still get a Scream 5&6.The show should be based on the ten years in between 3&4. And show the stab sequels.The annual stab-a-thon. Jill’s screwed up life.Why she hates Sidney. How Kate and Maureen were alike

  15. I love the Scream movies, but this is a terrible idea.
    Scream is a great, great, great horror franchise.
    But it doesn’t need a TV show. Give us Scream 5/6 instead.
    If it was HBO trying to pick it up, maybe.
    But not MTV.
    Let this franchise hold a little bit of pride and dignity.

  16. Let’s say that Kirby survived Scream 4. The show can be about her and post events after what took place in Scream 4 and finding out that her best friend Jill was a crazy psycho killer. I think that this show could work out if they find a great writer. I don’t think Kevin, Wes, Neve, Courteney or David would be involved with it at all though.

  17. If there were another ghostface killer, it wouldn’t make sense for Gale Weathers not to be involved. You seen her in 4, the murders started up again and she was on that shit.

    It just doesn’t make sense for the character not to be involved. If Courtney Cox and David Arquette signed on, I’d so be for it… but that’s not going to happen. This has got to be the stupidest turn for the series and I really hope it doesn’t happen.

  18. u guys need to know that MTV has actually had good scripted shows lately. like Teen Wolf this could turn out to be amazing or awful… and the kills wont need to be toned down.. it cable watch MTV’s movies My super pyscho sweet 16 or even game of thrones. theres lots of death and blood..
    I STILL WANT SCREAM 5! I want Neve in everything relating to scream. My curiousity has definetely
    peaked from this…

  19. I do think this could actually be pretty cool if handled the right way. Get the right writers actors and premis it could be epic. And all the bitching about gore, I think some of the stuff that’s on tv right now is more gory then the scream movies. I would just like some more adult language to be allowed but oh well. Kinda excited to see what comes of this. Has to be better then Scream 3!

  20. I understand why many are apprehensive about this idea, but personally I think it could be amazing. While MTV may not be the MOST ideal network, comparing this possible series to Pretty Little Liars (which is a good show, don’t get me wrong) is not accurate whatsoever. MTV is able to push the envelope more when it comes to blood and more adult themes. Now, the show itself. I feel like the best possible way to do it would be to distance itself from the movies. The only returning key elements would obviously be the costume and Roger Jackson as the voice of Ghostface. They could do what Teen Wolf has done: adapt the story loosely from the movie. It could be about a high school girl who is being stalked by the masked killer. Her name could be Sidney Prescott, but it wouldn’t have to be. You could keep certain story elements; i.e. the deceased mother with a questionable past, the news reporter out to find a story. They’d also be dumb not to pay homage to the fantastic opening scene with Casey. But this could be a great way to take the original story and bend and twist it. Obviously fans of the movie will be suspecting the Billy Loomis character, but it wouldn’t necessarily have to be him. This could also give viewers one of the biggest complaints they had about Scream 4 when it came to certain characters: development. We would get to know the characters and really care about them, possibly even more so than in a movie. MTV has done a fantastic job with both of its scripted shows, Teen Wolf & Awkward. Teen Wolf does an amazing job of balancing horror and the kind of humor that was in the original Scream. Overall, this could be really great for the fans, as well as introduce new fans to the series. Just my two cents.

  21. I’m quite interested in this idea. I’m not a fan of MTV though. I would have preferred this be on a different cable channel like FX, AMC, SyFY etc the ones I do watch. I would give it a try if it goes through. I’m wondering if it would be like a “Who Done It” show meaning we don’t know who Ghostface is, but we have a lot of people to chose from. Hmmmm.

  22. I’m in you whoring whores.

  23. im submitting my pitch for the pilot.. and i think i figured out how to do this right.

  24. shit this is a horrible idea. if this scream series is gonna be anything like teen wolf its gonna be shit. i can already picture shitty actors, corny lines, and horrible editing.

  25. If the Scream Tv series is anything like Teen Wolf which I don’t watch cause I’m a grown man not girl or teen girl or any teenager I’m 24 going on 25 years old. I prefer the Teen Wolf movie w/ Michael J. Fox just as I prefer the 4 Scream movies & if its as dumb as American Horror Story on FX I wont be watching it & I love David Courtney & Neve. I especially love Neve Campbell! And if the Weinstein Bros, Wes Craven & Kevin

  26. I didn’t get 2 finish what I was saying I said if the Weinstein Bros, Wes Craven & Kevin Williamson aren’t involved I for sure wont be watching it!

  27. Scream 4 put the final nail in the coffin of an amazing franchise…Scream TV put the coffin in the ground. Ghostface mayaswell be a zombie.

    Weinsteins…please have mercy on this franchise.

  28. NOOO! They will do shit with my favorite franchise as they did with Skins :(

  29. This is just a horrendous idea. If it fails then we wont be getting any more Scream films. If it’s a success then we will get more Scream films, except with these new characters from the TV show. Scream is NOT a TV show. How utterly pathetic.

  30. I think that they should do a remake of the first with the t.v series. They just make it different than the original, new twists, same characters, different killers,and new fresh young actors. I say this because,if they did the series without neve, courtney,david, wes, and kevin, it wouldn’t be the same and it would just be too much if the story continued. It is already almost too ridiculous to believe that so many people would hate sidney, and kill the people she loves sooooooooo many times. It is already too much of a stretch and i think that they should just leave it alone with scream 4 as the last film. But as for the tv show, i think they should go with the remake idea. But, they should keep Roger Jackson’s voice as ghostface. And as for the blood and gore, mtv could get away with it. I don’t really care for the language, but they have to have the clever dialouge.So, if it remakes the first Scream, has the right actors, dialouge, script, and direction. I’m all up for it!!!! I’m hoping that they don’t mess it up!!!! :-)

  31. I know what the plot is. They’re making STAB into a TV show and the characters comment on that while being in a SCREAM TV show themselves. All new characters. Different town, plot, etc.

  32. If they make it like Harpers Island where every season is a batch of new characters and locations and the only constant is trying to figure out who ghostface is, im all for it then

  33. They will kill the franchise for good! Don’t do it! Scream 4 might not have done so well (personally I loved it!) but it definitely got people interested in the franchise again. That is why I say Scream 5 will be VERY successful. Don’t do a tv-series, it’ll fail miserably because there will be no Sidney, Gale or Dewey.

  34. Not saying I hate the idea, I just hate it if it means Scream 5 is toast. Plus there’s a really good chance that MTV will dumb it down and make it cheesy as fuck so I say no thanks!

  35. And this is the last we’ll ever hear of it. It’s a shit idea that’s obviously a shit idea. Never gonna make it past the pilot stage.

  36. I genuinely think they could pull this off. If they actually invested in good writers and got a good cast and team, it could do well. Season one of teen wolf was quite gory, but when I watched the opening episode of season 2, I was like WTF, this is actually quite intense in terms of gore – they split someone in half, and you see their insides falling out! I know scream isn’t all about gore, but that seems to be what people are complaining about here. MTV do slightly shorter seasons sometimes. Harper’s Island was 13 episodes, and that turned out OK. Provided the characters in this can actually aim a gun, unlike Harper’s Island, it could be really good. Give it a chance, people!

  37. If its just a Scream version of Harpers Island i will be so happy, just dont see any other way to do it that works. Really hope they dont screw this up.

  38. word around town is theyre looking for an unknown for the lead role, but will cast a high profile teen star to market the show like they did with drew. the teen star will be made to look like the star but in actuality will be the new generations casey becker.

  39. when i first heard this on this site i was very confused and a tad pissed. a Scream show really how they going to do that kill off the first victim in the beginning and then the rest of the episodes depending on how many let’s go with 18-24 or whatever is the rest of the Characters trying to figure out who killed ‘insert name’ most likely a couple of a female.

    how can they drag a Movie where 3 and 4 were not that great into a tv series with episodes and seasons they can’t make it a New Generation without Neve and them it won’t be the same but if they do develop it i will like to see what they present but i’m pretty sure with all the scream fans this show will be bashed like there’s no tomorrow and they will either have to listen to us or just don’t even mention it ever again and move on with something else.

    teen wolf looks like crap to me so i won’t watch it. i get alot of people hate pretty little liars but i find it to be different yes its all about girls trying to figure out who A is but they don’t sit around talking about their hair or what to wear 24/7 and its not super cheesy or bad acting as some people would say or think
    but its a book they are not copying page by page

    but a scream show with some unknown people in highschool and not have anything to do with sidney or whatever i’ll boycott it i’m sorry but Sidney, Gale and Dewey are the originals i don’t care for much of the other characters other then if their friends and stuff but completely random people who just die cause of some copycat sounds more like a Criminal Minds or CSI storyline

    Scream is about the phone calls with that mysterious Man, who ends up being in your house the entire time and kills off your bf first or your friend, etc. i find this to be in a way The Weinstein Co idea to spice up new generations of fans which they tried with Scream 4 but it still sucked to point better then scream 3 but could’ve been 10 times better then what we had, useless characters with no development and everyone but the main 3 dying yet again made you sit there and wonder when this or that character will die knowing they wont kill off the main

    anyways i’m going to end if this sounds like a mess of randomness the point is i agree put this on hbo or bravo or w/e but MTV it will be a Gossip Girl meets CSI or something i like the scream movies don’t make me regret them

  40. i will watch the first episode but if it doesnt have any blood or any gore and if its just cheesy then i will stop wtaching it but i agree with everyone else put it on HBO please not mtv because they will make it cheesy as fuck AND STOP COMAPRING THIS SHOW TO PRETTY LITTLE LIARS PLL IS THE BEST SHOW ON TV


  42. Any-one else watched Harper’s Island? A scream tv series could work has a mini series. 13 episodes one or two kills per episode plus a final episode revealing the killer.

  43. exactly magigreen i would def be into it if they did each season like Harpers Island

  44. Honestly i cant wait cuz i think its gonna be like teen wolf, a teen series, which scream was really best for.

  45. oh come the fuck on ppl!!! seriously!!! what is this shit about HBO and showtime, or whatever?? If MTV can bring us shows like jersey shore, then they can bring sth like scream as well. It aint a kiddie channel u morons!!! If u ppl really loved the scream franchise, u would love the fact that u might get a 40 min episode and like 15 episodes rather than waiting every 10 years for another film =p I happen to like pretty little liars, it is the kiddie version of scream if u ask me, and if ghostface and his original voice is on board for the series, then so am I. I wouldn’t mind a fresh new plot with new actors, just as long as the acting, the scares and the wit of the first 2 films are apparent. and pls. give some of the old scream tracks, like red right hand, and the suspenseful tunes when an innocent bitch is being attacked, marco fucked up with the 4th one. okay, tired now, but i would love anything screamish in my future, whetehr a movie or even a fucking short story, just give iiiiitttt!!!!!!!! =p

  46. This sounds AWFUL. Talk about the nail in the coffin of the franchise. So much for Scream 5 & 6.

    Thanks a lot, MTV.

  47. I want Scream 5. Not a show.

  48. I’m a Scream fan & I ain’t teen! Its a very bad idea! I don’t what Teen Wolf does for teenage girls & if the Tv show does happen I hope they make for every Scream fan teenager or not!


  49. The only issue I have is, why no go with Showtime? Dexter ends in 2 years and TWC has a obvious contract with SHO for movie rights. Scream seems like the perfect filler.

    The only thing I am banking on with the show is a return to the franchises true form: character development, scares, and an actual mystery that keeps you guessing.

  50. I think it would do well on MTV. Look at teen wolf…. its pretty violent! Yea its very limited on the violence…. but still its a fun show to watch. It could be very good and the mystery of who the killer would be thru out the series will keep people interested.

  51. Seriously? This TV series won’t go well because not a lot of people saw Scream 4 here in America. Also, it will kill the franchise just let Scream 4 be the end of it. Please

  52. This is going to be a parody show. Milking the cow more when there isnt any milk left..this reminds of the days of childhood when I tried effortlessly to get into Freddy’s Nightmares which had nothing to do with the movie it was just the studio salvaging more then they could chew and I believe a Scream TV-Series will be no different. I wouldn’t put it past me each episode is solved by the killer being revealed at the end in a cheesefestivalMTVway!SMFH!

  53. Actually it might work cuz it can still have the goryness cuz for one watch my super psycho sweet 16 they showed a girl slitting her throat and it had gore and blood in it lots of it so i think it wouldnt wotrk but i know its gonna suck and i want scream 5 as well but a tv show sounds stupid cuz david arquette confirmed that hes not gonna be in it so we can say goodbye to scream characters and if they do make a scream 5 kirby would be back cuz shes not dead shes alive listen to the audio commentary and youll know the truth about kirby reeds fate.

  54. Could work….on HBO or maybe even FX, but never MTV.

  55. I really hope this happens, it could. I mean when you see bloody tv shows now like the walking dead and you think “Hm, what about a slasher show?” Why wouldnt they pull that off?

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