Original Creator Dumped From Scream 5

Is Hollywood basically Bizarro World? In a word, yes. Up is down. Black is white. And now, Kevin Williamson actually still has a Scream 5 in mind, but Weinstein Co seemingly aren’t interested. Back in Scream 4-era, it was the screenwriter feeling ambivalent against an overly interested company. See, Opposite World.

Back on September 9th, an innocent tweet exchange occurred between a fan and Scream scribe Kevin Williamson. The question was “give us #Scream5! you’re the one and only who could do it!” Maybe it was boredom, or maybe it was the fan’s lack of punctuation which really impressed the one and only. But he answered: “I gotz it. Nobody wantz it!”

And it hasn’t exploded like the bomb that it should. The internet has the memory of a goldfish – us included. But let’s rewind to March when Williamson said of Scream 5: “I don’t know. I’m not doing it.” Based on past evidence, it was easy to assume it had been his choice to not take part in whatever Dimension Films’ future plans will be. However, his recent tweet indicates it’s Dimension who are giving him the cold shoulder. His comments are obviously not to be taken literally as there are plenty that want his Scream 5.

Who knows why? Could be money, could be egos.

KW certainly has re-warmed to his Scream association via Twitter in recent times, so it’s clear the long-ago strict vowel of silence is over on his end. And last we heard about solid Scream 5 developments, Bob Weinstein was seeking writers to workshop a new concept for the fifth entry. But something is clearly working backwards here.

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31 Responses to “ Original Creator Dumped From Scream 5 ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. give scream to a film company that cares.

  2. The wenstiens need to sale the rights of the Scream franchise if they have no interest in any more movies! I’m sure another company would be happy to pick it up and continue. Just because Scream 4 didn’t preform well in United States don’t mean the franchise is dead, for God sakes they waited 10 years. Give us the second trilogy that we were promised!

  3. I agree… Scream 5 needs to happen. Something scarier with nothing but Kevin involved. Screw those damn Weinsteins.

  4. Ugh.

  5. Come on guys. Give us fans what we want & deserve. We want Scream 5! It’s the fans that keep you guys in the business and it’s the fans that deserve to be treated well. Without us. No movie, tv show, play, actor or actress would be working. Now get together, and bring it on!!!!

  6. I’m not that sure Kevin was seriously answering. Maybe he was just making “fun” of it…
    Anyway, David Arquette answered a tweet on sept 12th where he mentions he loves “working with @Wes Craven and the gang”. Last time he talked about Scream 5, it was to announce there probably won’t be any other sequel. Maybe something has changed…

  7. Wicked! You’re still here?! So great to see something from you.

  8. this could be the best thing to ever happen. a script from kevin williamson completely unaltered from the weinsteins.

  9. I think the Weinsteins are sick of Kevin Williamson as much as I am when it comes to Scream. He’s “wishy washy” he constantly trashes the scream series during interviews when he can, and walks out during filming or in the middle of writing a script because of changes and inputs someone else has. He’s to caught up in the Vamp Show he has going on..

  10. i think its great that he is making a scream 5 but if the wiensten people dont want it then keven could just ask univesrial of have them on paramount pictures but thank god there is a scream 5 and yes kevin did say that there will be a new trilogy so give us one more that is all were asking 4 u to do

  11. Then Dimension should sell it to Lionsgate or something.
    They’ll release anything they know will make more than $50. Although that could be a bad thing cause if Kevin didn’t want to do Scream 6, I know Lionsgate would move ahead anyway.

    I doubt any of the above would happen but if it did…

  12. The Weinsteins now only want Scream for it’s name not for the plot and that hurts me. Scream belongs to Kevin it is his baby why wouldn’t you let him be apart of the 5th movie? Think of this the 3 movies he was apart of were really good but that scream 3 is what brought it down do you really want that with scream 5? Seriously?!

  13. Could it be that they don’t want to use his idea because it’s a complete departure from the way the rest of the movies have played out? His script for “Scream 4″ originally ended with Jill still alive — Lord knows what Kevin Williamson may have wanted to do in the next movie with an ending like that. We’ve certainly never seen a “Scream” movie where the killer survived before and KW’s original Scream 4 did just that.

    And yet, the Weinsteins changed the ending to something more typical and expected.

    His “Scream 5″, even though the ending got changed, may still be an idea that takes the series in a whole new direction and the Weinsteins may not want to do it. Too bad because Williamson is a genius with these films. To me, Scream isn’t Scream without him. I took it very, very hard both times that Ehren Kruger came on board to write.

  14. i really doubt bob weinstein doesn’t care about the scream films anymore – and honestly i don’t think (even tho we all wish it was true) that this twitter comment is a serious statement

    i agree tho that williamson really turned me off with his wishy-washy i hate scream, no i love scream, no i hate scream shit – but to his defense i think scream 4 would’ve been better with his original script – a lot of the elements i didn’t like about S4 weren’t in the original script (i.e. – hospital scene)

  15. GIVE US SCREAM FIVE. us fans are ready to start war if we dont get one, screw the wienstiens, if they dont wont it, give it to someone who will!!! ahhhhh seriously come 2013 and there is still no solid “Greenlit” im gonna be pissed!! Lets get the ball waiting, hell even do dvd release, no theatre, just give us a scream 5!!!

  16. I think Kevin was joking with that tweet. But I do want him to write Scream 5.

  17. this is the result of the fight between the Weisntein and KW for “Shadows”. They want to keep that project for themselves and they want to piss KW. That’s it.

    I agreed. Dimesion should put on sale Scream franchise rights to…. LIONSGATE.. hahahahaha

  18. please let something happen

  19. Give it to Lionsgate. They will happily give it the attention it deserves.

  20. I dont understand why, but I have been attached to this series since childhood. Scream 5 would be awesome addition, pretty sure it could be done and not rein the series. Ive thought about it for awhile, would love to see it filmed in North Carolina, like the original script stated woodsboro was.

  21. Gotta love how Dimension Films release such trash as Pirahna 3DD but won’t release a well-deserving sequel with a huge fanbase behind it. Pfft…logic these days…

  22. I agree with you Tony. I did like that movie a little bit, but I agree with what you said.

  23. While I am ecstatic to hear he has a Scream 5 planned, I can’t help but understand where The Weinsteins are coming from. Who wants to have a writer work on a movie and then create such negative press for it before the release? I understand if he was frustrated with the changes they made to the script, I was too, but you still shouldn’t trash it because of that….they are the whole reason this guy even got his start in the first place.

  24. Please… Some Filipinos are now praying for the SCREAM 5 become a real sequel…!!!…

  25. and… I’m one of them…

  26. I agree I love Scream and ive waited ten years for scream 4 and i want a 5th i dont wanna see that mtv scream tv show cuz theyll ruin the whole film to where nobody wants to watch we love scream and i want a 5th:(

  27. On 10/16 David Arquette posted on his twitter account- “To all interested- there has been no talk what so ever about Scream 5. As of now it’s not happening.” He goes on to say that “if you’re upset there is no Scream 5 write to ‘weinsteinco.com/mobile/’ and ask them to make it.”

  28. @Mark S – How can you write to that website?

  29. Well. I was getting all bored due to no new Scream 5 news, so I googled it. Found out that Wes Craven just took to his twitter account and asked if we really want a Scream 5. I answered YES! If you have a twitter account I suggest you go on and let him know you want this. I don’t know if it will help, but it’s something.

  30. LET’S PETITION FOR SCREAM 5.I’m serious

  31. Anyone who actually believes the Weinsteins don’t have any interest in Scream is out of their minds. All of the Scream films, including the bomb that was Scream 4, were lucrative for their company, because they’re looking for new talent to recharge the franchise and maybe create a fresh take on their property doesn’t mean they care less of Kevin Williamson.

    Scream 4 was a failure, and it’s clear to the Weinsteins it didn’t connect to an audience the way it should have. One reason for me was the film didn’t adhere to the rules of horror movies and especially the elements of new horror that has become very popular. Instead the movie channeled too deeply within Scream 2’s mythos of farce –very false– movie themes meaning the pointless and plot laden STAB formula.

    Scream and Scream 2 were a gift to slasher films, an appreciation for the artform of the genre. Williamson referenced PSYCHO, HALLOWEEN, FRIDAY THE 13th, THE BOOGEYMAN, WHEN A STRANGER CALLS, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME, & of course A NIGHTMARE OF ELM STREET to bring an education to fans as clues to who the killers are and who the killer may strike next. This was fun because it invites the audience to be involved. Creating two great films.

    Scream 3 decided to reinvent itself by creating self parody of the conventions of Scream, like Wes Craven’s New Nightmare with worst results, which paralyzed me because I couldn’t find a frame of reference of what the hell is going on, either from the plot or the story. It was a case of the writer and the director attempting to be smarter than they are. Thinking the audience doesn’t care about these details and simply coast to where ever Craven wishes to take us.

    You would think with a long hiatus, Craven would have change his thoughts on this crappy process but decided along with Williamson and Ehren Kruger to produce the same f@cking thing again for Scream 4.

    Re-inventing the franchise is most welcomed and deeply needed. Another thing I STRONGLY believe MUST be done is the Weinsteins have to find a new director to steer the franchise into a new direction. Out with the old, in with the new. I’m not saying Kevin Williamson can’t be a consultant to keep the script in tuned to his literature language because that is a must, but Craven must not come back in any way. So I’m for this approach ever since Scream 4 tanked at the Box Office.

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