10 Scream 3 Poster Designs You’ve Never Seen

Love it or hate it, the official Scream 3 poster was just sort of “there” with its giant number three and hollow-looking cast shots. Come to think of it, it wasn’t too better or worse than what Scream 2‘s artwork offered theater gazers. But there were attempts, prior to release of the film, on the marketing team’s part to give the then-final chapter an appropriately dynamic poster, as well as a tagline not exactly set in stone.

Our old friend Sidneyloverboy appropriated these 10 unused Scream 3 designs. Would any of them have bested the poster we got? Or were they right to be discared?

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6 Responses to “ 10 Scream 3 Poster Designs You’ve Never Seen ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. I guess the ones where the cast’s half-faces are lined up was the final design for the Stab 3 posters, that we see on billboards in Scream 3. I always liked that design and actually think its the best idea of the above 10. Especially the one where their eye colours are highlighted.
    In terms of taglines, I really like the one about “going back to the beginning”. I think that would have been a more intriguing tagline for people looking forward to the film. I really like, also, the one about rules of sequels not applying to trilogies. Now that we know the series was being continued on to a fourth movie, in retrospect these taglines make more sense. They’re not as final as the ones they used in the end “The scariest scream is always the last” or “Welcome to the final act”…because it wasn’t the last or final film. But at the time I guess they thought it was.
    I gotta say though, I was always a fan of that triangle of cast members on the Scream 1,2 and 3 posters. And the giant 3 was pretty exciting at the time, on its own. I’m still bummed that they never did an official cast “triangle shot” for Scream 4.
    I sooooo want some intel on the Scream 5 situation soon… :-)

  2. Haha I love these. The 9th one is pretty cool. Hope for some Scream 5 news though!! :D

  3. It’s look nice…

  4. My favorite is #8. I like that tagline and I like the overall look. A very close second favorite is #10. I also kind of like #4 – “Sequel Rules Do Not Apply” – as an alternate, fun, official but not the main poster for “Scream 3.”

    The rest suck. And I’m annoyed that they had to include Deon Richmond in every single poster. I love the inclusion of Liev Schreiber – I think that should have been very important as he was in #2 and he’s in the beginning of #3. I would have liked to have seen Scott Foley included.

  5. I miss these 90s floating heads posters! That’s one thing that makes Scream what it is, the black background and the mugshots of them all dressed in black, looking fierce. I don’t understand why they didn’t go that way with the 4th one’s promotion instead of taking photos of the cast from stills and photoshopping them to shreds. The only one who fitted on the Scream 4 poster was Kirby/Hayden Panettiere and even her eye was strangely alien-like.

    Hell, the fanmade poster of the cast was even better than the official one!

  6. @ Screaming4more what is with the HATE for Deon Richmond??? No black characters on the poster???

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