The Future Of Scream-Trilogy.Net (Updated)


Just a heads-up for our regular visitors – may experience downtime from December 19 onwards. This might not be news to some, as many months throughout 2012 have seen disappearances of the website, and with this upcoming one seeming lengthy, possibly permanent, I wanted to address this.

The outages have always been cost-related. Our server costs cycle over on the 9th of every month, at which point we get a 10-day grace period to renew our plan. Many times we have some of the amount raised by the 19th cut-off period, but not enough, so we pass into offline status and our data is locked in holding by the webhost, and you get those ugly “site unavailable” white screens, such as have happened on many past 19ths. If I were to let more days lapse after that, they would go ahead delete everything – the space has to be allocated elsewhere, to – you know – p0aying customers. That would be a huge problem. We do regular backups, but for a site this large the restoring process is lengthy and problematic, as proven to various successes and failures in other quarters. So what happens every time the website goes offline is, I have to scramble to borrow money so we can get back online and avoid deletion. But paying back the short-term loans facilitate the cycle of being short for the following month’s renewal. Rinse, repeat.

We are now at a crossroads now because of Christmas. My borrowing possibilities have dropped to zip – rightfully so with the expensive process of holidays and presents in pretty much everyone’s lives – and to be honest I would really like to start the new year fresh without constantly chasing my own tail monthly to keep this hobby (obsession?) going.

Looking back at 2012

Having lived through the past iterations of the site as they hit the period post DVD release (Scream 3 in 2000, Cursed in 2005), I was well aware when we enter the “radio silence” period – news dries up, and casual fans move on to the next big thing (probably Hunger Games this time?). This is the third time, so it’s nothing new and generally not a problem – it gives website editors and writers a chance to either retire or recharge.

I had hoped to recharge, and had grand plans, in the absence of Scream 5’s forward momentum, to instead look backward and write about what makes the four films so cool, at a more relaxed pace than the multi-daily schedule of Scream 4 updating we gave you through a large chunk of 2011. I run this website because I love Scream, and wanted to express that in the real ways I never had time to while keeping up with the breakneck pace of Scream 4. Unfortunately the financial renewal cycle dominated the time and energy I allocated to this site, so in order to deal with that I entrusted others with taking care of the news, community and security aspects of the place. This would ultimately prove to be a bad choice, as some of these helpers were not ready and became overwhelmed, in over their head. That was my fault, not theirs. Ideally with more time I would have better trained them, and defined the boundaries and opportunities of their roles.

In the past few months I have taken the necessary steps to get us back on track. I quickly eliminated major security and spam issues, and began writing new articles and working on new features of the website. One of which was an upgraded design, which I’ve implemented today. Hope you like – if not, I’m sure you’ll let me know. (let’s face it, Screamers are some of the most vocal and passionate franchise fans there are). The ever-present problem remained, of possible deletion due to non-payment. Because of this, I was hesitant to add the new material because I never knew if we would be around beyond 3-4 weeks into the future. There hasn’t been any real news, but I’ve popped up here and there. Consider the revamped design my early Christmas gift.

So What Next?

If we are to disappear on the 19th, I will take that as an opportunity to move on. I don’t want to spend next year trying to retrieve and restore massive amounts of data in addition to the monthly spin-cycle of server renewal costs. That’s just not fun, guys and gals. I would rather be having fun by writing about the things I find fun. Like Scream. And this was going to be my outlet for that. And my major regret will be the more elaborate stuff waiting in the wings I wasn’t able to get around to finishing as of yet. We (and by me – I mostly mean – you) can help grease the wheels in making our voices properly heard by the powers that be about Scream 5. I’m not talking lame online petitions and social media bombing, I’m talking more intricate, concentrated plans to galvanize the fanbase towards a common goal in innovative ways. We have more work to do. So… is this the end?

Apart from being a possible goodbye for the website, this piece today is also about asking for help. Running a website is a thankless task. Most of the time, the only feedback you get is when someone doesn’t like what you’re doing. So there’s some reluctance to reach out… but I’d really like to keep Scream-Trilogy going and I need some help.


There are two ways to help. One is, if we can keep going, we’ve got to step up and diversify our content. As much content as can bring to the site, it will always be just my thoughts, just my style, just my areas of interest. So I am on the lookout for volunteers with a high excitement Scream. Graphics artists are needed, but writers are key. Scream-Trilogy should be a wild mix of different personalities… more than just one person. To that end experienced web writers who are also accurate, diligent, and efficient are encouraged to make contact via email on and introduce themselves. Links to prior work should be included, as well as what you’re interested in writing about. As stated, these are volunteer positions. If you work your way up, you might someday be in a position for some of the perks I’ve received but… gosh, you do it for the love of Scream.


The other, more concrete way to help is to drop some finance our way, no matter how small. Every dollar counts toward another month – or hopefully months of remaining online. We are hosted on a private server shared with other websites, but Scream-Trilogy is the largest, so to avoid outages (ironic, hey) we switched to a VPS partition with variable costs based around bandwidth overages. It’s not so much the number of visitors but the memory used and amount of files and images downloaded. We have been a multimedia intensive website. Our massive Scream 4 news archive contains historical content on the production from greenlight to release, and that’s where most of our bandwidth has been going whereas previously it was other areas like the forum weighing it down. It sure would be nice to be able to relax and not worry about raising funds for our webhost for a while.

Paypal works best – drop some coins to or use the button below. Again, thanks for anything. You might all tell me to go to hell… or, we might raise some dollars yet fall short of renewing one month’s worth since we’re so close to the endzone. So please only donate if you’ve gotten any enjoyment out of this website in the past and can afford it. This is a last ditch effort but worth it either way – I’m glad I was able to have this long, rambling heartfelt chat with you folks. I swear I’m not drunk. Thank you!

Update #1 (Dec 20): Enough donations came through to cover another month. Thank you to all who donated so far.

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18 Responses to “ The Future Of Scream-Trilogy.Net (Updated) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Sad news. =( Being a die hard scream fan since the original i hate to see the flame flicker and die. It was so encouraging seeing the picture of WC and KW holding the GF image and announcing the greenlight. I remember the times between spring of 2010 and spring 2011, there were posts on here almost every day. It was so amazing to think we were getting a new trilogy that would span a new decade. But, it was fun while it lasted.

  2. This is so sad :/

  3. Sad news. I hope you manage to keep the site up and post more articles, but if you don’t – thanks for keeping this site maintained over the years. It’s been a site I visit every day, especially lately, in hopes S5 news might appear…you guys rock!

  4. Flaunt.Nu will host you for free, they’re a fansite host and with a site as big as this I’m sure they wouldn’t mind transferring over the files, etc.

    If you don’t want to run the site anymore, when the domain is available I may pick it up at

  5. Sad news, but I’m sure in this day and age, it can be kept going on sites like blogspot and tumblr. Fingers crossed.

  6. Maybe if you would have made the RIGHT people mods, like Zakster90 or IAmGhostface, you could have avoided all this. Now they are off doing their own thing and you are screwed because of it.

  7. I have absolutely no idea who those people are. I have no need for mods and haven’t requested any so uh, thanks for your cynicism anyway.

    Nick & Kris: thanks for the tips, I am looking into those options right now!

  8. Not really surprised, tbh. I expected this to happen.

  9. I am writing a slasher series script and live in the Southbay area of L.A. So maybe I can get this out there and more series can get a boost and stop these ghost flicks.

  10. This is sad news. I still long for the days of the Scream 4 hype on this site. I visit every day hoping for some Scream 5 news. The site will be missed.

    Lee- Good luck! I’m really itching for a good slasher flick! :)

  11. I love this place! I visit often in the hopes of Scream 5 news. The prospect of this site going down forever makes me sad. So I’ll be donating funds when I can to help out.

  12. The only thing sadder than this news in general is the fact I saw it today, the 16th (!!!) anniversary of the original SCREAM slashing its way into theaters for the first time in the US.

  13. “Welcome Back for one last scare! We’re not going anywhere.”

    I guess a lot of people donated :D

  14. Enough to buy us at least another month, yes.

  15. That’s awesome to hear. I’ll consider donating in the future :) .

  16. Im so glad to see that the site is still up and running.
    It’s always sad to see the Scream (And Cursed, for that matter) fan sites fizzle out, but it’s great to see that this one hasn’t.
    Thanks so much for all of the work that you put into the site and all the work you’ve done for us fans. It really is greatly appreciated.

  17. Thanks capeside, I am humbled by your words.

  18. I keep fond memories when Scream 4 was confirmed and I spent to follow all steps of the process of a movie for the very first time. Each amateur photos of the filming process, teaser trailer, trailer, TV spots, official photos and interviews I followed thanks to the dedicated work of you. It will be a shame if the site goes down and Scream 5 will not happen. I will miss you :(

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