KW’s Scream 5 Ideas Likely In New TV Show


The FBI estimates there are currently over 300 active serial killers in the United States. What would happen if these killers had a way of communicating and connecting with each other? What if they were able to work together and form alliances across the country? What if one brilliant psychotic serial killer was able to bring them all together and activate a following? That’s the premise of The Following, Screamwriter Kevin Williamson’s new tv series starring Kevin Bacon and, among others, Scream 4‘s Nico Tortorella.

Kevin Williamson’s Columbine-jettisoned ideas for Scream 3 broke the mold of previous films. Instead of one killers or two killers, or even one-upping into a trio of killers, the plan was to have the whole group of new teen characters carry the Ghostface legacy, masterminded by a still-alive Stu in jail. Sadly we got Scott Foley as a deranged spoiled Hollywood brat instead.

The writer rarely dismisses great unused ideas, instead he transplants them (for example, the suspenseful crashed car sequence in Scream 2 was originally written for I Know What You Did Last Summer). His original Scream 4 opening scene idea hinted at a chain of killers, which was again scuttled, but a seed was planted. Even the close-to-shooting script contained evidence toward the idea, with the murderous Jill surviving as a national hero with a not-quite-dead Sidney set to out her in the cliffhanger. Although he hasn’t come out and said it, it’s no stretch to see where this was going in Scream 5 – Jill in jail, controlling or inspiring a group of apprentice Ghostfaces.

“I don’t need friends. I need fans.”

Jill’s motivation of gaining a following could have, ironically, greatly furthered much more once she was implicated and incarcerated than if her misjudged plan to steal Sidney’s hero status carried through. It wouldn’t be the first time Williamson has explored themes like this – ex-con Cotton Weary was chasing his 15 minutes of celebrity status in Scream 2. The story was very much headed in this direction.

Except Dimension Films decided to kill Jill. Whoops.

So now for the third time, Williamson’s pet idea had been axed. What’s a writer to do? Take it elsewhere. Hello The Following. Expect numerous Scream references in the show – even direct lines like “he wants to finish what he started” and a police officer’s “didn’t mean to scare ya”. Ready for some primer videos? This trailer is a good place to start.

And here’s a behind-the-scenes video where Kevin Williamson talks up his show.

The Following premieres in the USA 9/8c January 21 on Fox. Will you be there?

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12 Responses to “ KW’s Scream 5 Ideas Likely In New TV Show ”

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  1. Superb write-up, my man!

  2. I never liked that idea for Scream because it always felt too far-fetched and gimmicky, like when the producers of Saw wanted a Jigsaw Cult. The premise makes a lot more sense for its own story so I’m glad things have gone the way they have.

  3. Man this show looks a lot like how scream 5 would turn out. I mean look at the girl with the scars on her stomach could that be a kirby reference that she would be alive. Also the woman the killer was married to is like a sidney type character also kevin bacons character seems like kincaid. IDK but this just might be how scream 5 will be or would be.

  4. Kevin is a f****** genius. This show is great The Weinsteins are idiots for not letting him write Scream 5.

  5. I could definitely see a Scream element in The Following, but I think of it more as its own show. I was pretty much sold on the show after one of the girls I work with at DISH told me Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy would be starring in it! Only time will tell how the show fares though, so I’ll definitely be tuning in! I’m usually pretty bad at setting recording timers for the shows I’m looking forward to, but luckily I don’t have to worry about that with this show. I have PrimeTime Anytime enabled on my DISH Hopper, which records all the primetime shows on the four major networks automatically each night, so I’ll never miss a moment of what’s to come! I can’t wait until the 21st! :)

  6. I wonder if MTV still wants to do the show.

  7. i think that you should make scream 5 then like make a nother following on ghost face or make a tv show of ghost face because scream was kevins very first film he made and the best film so thats what i think

  8. Pilot episode will be available this year, right?

  9. Hi Kevin Williamson When New Sceram 5 Coming Out I Need To Know

    From Daniel

  10. What mainly made the scream movies so great (and so extremely scary when i was younger) for me, was the fact that we didnt knew who killer(s) was; the fear of the unknown. A serial killer whose face we know kinda ruins 90% of the suspense imo :( but this series looks great tho, only wished they would put a mask on him or hide his face etc

  11. Masky, are you talking about The Following? That show is not a slasher show, it’s a psychological drama. The whole reason we are invested in the characters is because we know who they are and become more invested when we learn more about how they know about each other.

    Also, a story like “The Following” wouldn’t work now (as is stated in the article)due to the need to introduce new fodder for Ghostface. Movies should either focus on the protagonists or antagonists. If you make a movie that tries to accommodate the the stories, backstories, and motivations of both the movie will wind up being unfocused and ill paced.

  12. Hi Kevin Please Do My Fav Make Scream 5 Please


    Daniel Mc

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