Wes Craven In Talks To Direct Scream TV Pilot


Produced with Dimension Films, MTV is currently in search of writers for the one-hour project while Scream director Wes Craven is in discussions to direct the pilot. Should Scream receive a series order, it would be slated for a summer 2014 launch and would join current scripted offerings Teen Wolf (also adapted from a film franchise) and Awkward.

DiGa Vision will produce, with former MTV executives Tony DiSanto and Liz Gateley serving as executive producers.

Source: THR

No, Kevin Williamson will not be involved. Let’s get that out of the way. Bring it on! TV is no longer a dumb-downed medium compared to films. Film and TV both offer the chance for compelling or awful entertainment. We may get hours and hours of new episodic chapters, with the relaxed pace of storytelling we haven’t quite seen since the first Scream.

But what do you think, Internet?

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19 Responses to “ Wes Craven In Talks To Direct Scream TV Pilot ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. This could be promising. I’m a little iffy that MTV is doing it, would have preferred HBO, but I’ll judge it when more details emerge and when I’ve watched it.

  2. Woww!!! Well guess we will have to roll with the punches, I just hope that it is good && doesn’t totally omit the history of the movies!!!!

  3. My biggest fear is that MTV is going to dumb the show down for it’s lame Teen Mom-loving thirteen year old viewers. I’m just glad that the franchise hasn’t been completely ignored by Dimensions.

  4. Well MTV has always supported scream, giving it awards and other stuff! I’m sure there is a chance that they can pull it off!

  5. I’m very excited for this.
    I’m glad they’re doing this instase of a remake, reboot or another sequel. Scream 4 was a great coda: the original trio need some peace and rest.

    So I hope this won’t be an adaptation of the first movie (that would be dumb, everyone knows the twists & turns now), but a whole new story, maybe set in the same “universe” of the movies, or maybe set in the “real” world. Or maybe they’re doing Stab :P

  6. If they DARE re-cast the roles of Sid Dewey or Gale or even ignore the films… FAIL!!!! And no Marco Beltrami means a score that couldn’t possibly match the films.

  7. There has to have been a reason for MTV playing the original Scream so much at that one point in time.

  8. Am I the only one who thinks this is a big joke. Weinsteins and Dimension are taking a huge dump on the scream fans by leaving it at 4, but butchering Kev Williamsons original vision, and by egging the fans on about 5 and 6 for two years and then pulling this crap on us.

    I will not be watching it, no matter how good people are saying it is, and I most definitely will not spend another cent on another film produced by Dimension Films or the Weinsteins, and that includes never watching Django Unchained or anything else that has high critical value.

    I’m tired of low grade Hollywood producers and studios taking a slash on creative geniuses and fans.

    That is all.

  9. @NoScreamTV – I love how you said that.

  10. first of all you can’t really blame anyone hollywood has always been recycling every tv show/movie for years there is so much you can do you think a tv series or movie is original well guess what its not

    so bitching about how terrible this and that is is not going to do jack to them. yes they teased us with Scream 5 and 6 but let’s be honest who wants to see a bunch of mid 30-40 yr olds still trying to fight off a Killer who now has nothing to do with the 3 originals the fact that Jill and Robbie could actually do what they did to Sidney in scream 4 was just a big ‘COME ON you fought 5 Killers before this and yet two 18 yr olds can stab you and knock you around like your a rag doll’ they’ve been through alot you would think they in all those yrs between scream 3 and 4 that they be more ready and more prepared

    anyways moving on i don’t agree with this show cause let’s face it how will it really work a girl gets killed in the opening and for 10 eps they talk about how she died and wanted her dead and by ep 22 or how every many eps the first season gets we are shown who the Killer was and when he/she is killed it has a cliffhanger of another female or a couple getting killed so if they do season 2 that is how it starts its Scream for crying out loud a Killer who stalks teenagers and murders them in different ways

    i’m not sure i want to see yet another csi/dexter/motive/following type of show especially based off a hit cult classic like Scream

    or even worst its about a Billy Loomis type of guy who builds up his courage to be a Killer like Hannibal and Bates Motel or w/e its just blah

    Teen Wolf i haven’t seen it on tv lately is it even doing well?
    plus its going to be on MTV i really don’t want to see the girls from the Hills or Pauly D be in the show to just give it hype or make people watch it.

    but then again we can’t really complain to be honest maybe it will be a hit who knows. all we can do is check the net in the next couple of months and see who they cast, what it will actually be about and then wait for 2014 for its launch it won’t be the same they obviously won’t have Neve, Courteney or David in it to start it off like the remake of 90210 and then kill them off or even fade them out for the new younger people and then it turns into a more love story then a murder show

    all in all just wait for what will come and see for yourself you don’t want to watch it trust me no one is putting a gun to your head to force you do have the rights to watch/like what you want.

    that is all

  11. oops i mean charlie not robbie my bad

  12. It’s gonna be a lame show like The Carrie Diaries, made for teens.

  13. Not sure about this but ill give it a go when it comes out. Excited to see ghost face again and I hope to god roger jackson is still the voice!! Xox

  14. lol, NoScreamTV.

    I think this is more promising than another movie considering the way things were going with the lack of storytelling.

    To those who are worried the TV show will be dumbed down for the MTV crowed, uh, did you see Scream 4? It will not be more dumbed down than that.

  15. ummm hellll no!!!! just give us a scream 5!!!!!!!

  16. I’m excited for a Scream tv show, but I would prefer they finish the movie with 5 & 6 or at least 5. I had such high hopes for more Scream movies. Who knows. Maybe we will get the movies and the tv show won’t be too bad. Positive thinking.

  17. If it wasn’t on MTV but on like HBO I could take it seriously but…..it just seems like our favorite movie franchise and watering down. The series will never reach the popularity that Scream did. I do not want to see my favorite franchise of all time just get this treatment….I will give it a chance but I just see it becoming like teeny boppy and stupid. I mean if they found a way to bring the originals at least Wes for the whole show or maybe Kevin WIlliamson writing it…..still…UGH I am so stuck on this because I want it to work (kind of) but I just don’t want it to happen, let Scream stay where it is it has already put it’s impact on us and….just don’t kill my Scream :(

  18. Boo no TV series… Movies are better… And if it was or is to be on TV it should be on a network like HBO so it wouldn’t have to be edited for TV… You know show the violence, gore and swearing… That’s how it started, is, and should always be… Not to mention movies that transition to TV don’t do as well as the movies and also all the fans want a Scream 5&6 and prefer it as to a TV series!!!! Also they the producers and fans need realize that Scream 3&4 did less than 1&2 because Kevin Williamson didn’t see those ones all the way through… He only had a little to do with them and to be a true Scream movie he has to do it all the way through then the true original Scream fans will come back and watch it and love it then everyone involved in making the movie will see success as they did with the first 2 movies!!! Bob & Kevin the past is the past move on and create and make 2 more movies to finish out the second trilogy and then if you want to move on or end the franchise you can!!! Trust me you’ll see success and you’ll make the fans really really happy!!!!

  19. As a life long fan of Scream….all I have to say is…..god please help this film get made into a movie and not a tv show Dimensions films

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