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Hey look, Scream 5! Say, that movie title and exclamation points sure do go well together, hey? Have a little bit of an instant emotional impact on us fans? Just nod your head. has been quite meta in recent years – when there is news, we will be the first to tell you when it isn’t even news. And this isn’t news. But it’s something.

Straight outta Harv’s mouth via Indiewire:

Weinstein said that he’s urging his brother Bob, who heads Dimension Films, to make “Scream 5″ happen. “Everyone lived in ‘Scream 4,” he said. “I’m begging him to do the movie and just end it. We’ve milked that cow.”

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23 Responses to “ Something Something Scream 5 or Something ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. What a bunch of clowns; yeah, go for it. I don’t really understand his reasoning about everyone being left alive and that somehow warrants a sequel.

    Well, here I go again– I will pray for you Sid. Hope you make it out unscathed this time.

  2. I’m somewhat indifferent to if Scream 5 ever happens or not. However I am stoked to see you posting something and also for The Wedding Singer reference ;)

  3. Dont even think about killing sidney, if you want to then just dont do another one thats all.

  4. Not news? Sorry, Wicked-Scribe, but this IS news. And exciting news! Sure, it’s not “greenlight” news, but that there’s even public talk about it from the studio is def something to smile about. I call that news. I would have expected a bit more enthusiasim from this site that I’ve loved for so long. Of course, I can see how you and other fans may have gotten a bit ho-hum about the series, with these long waits and all. And while I’m sure we’re going to have to patiently wait again for more news and production talk…this is a bright glimmer of hope. Scream fans deserve an official “Bam” close to this fantastically fun franchise! Wicked-Scribe, let your love of these films come across the next time you post, please! : )

  5. If the only reason it’s not happening is Bob’s disinterest and not money, then Bob should just let Wes and Kevin do their thing and put little input into the project. Perhaps it’d actually be a good movie.

  6. Off the topic for a second. If anyone has come across the HGTV’S Real Homes Real Scary footage of Casey’s house please, upload, post a link. It would be greatly appreciated. I have been looking for this for sometime now. Thank you

  7. Hi smashley you don’t know me but you were on the Casey’s house forum some years back. It’s good to see an old fan on a new forum heheh.

    Drew is the number one Scream queen.

  8. Smashley if you use facebook I’d like to send a request. :)

  9. Or just hit me back here.

  10. I think that the pun’s on movies so far have been great…

    Scream (played on scary movies)
    Scream 2 (played on sequels)
    Scream 3 (played on trilogies)
    Scream 4 (played on remakes)

    Personally, I’d love to see Wes’s New Nightmare approach to Scream.

    This way, we can keep uptight fanboys in check, that their beloved Sidney lives on in the franchise. However, to really mess with them, have Neve Campbell (playing an exaggerated version of herself, fed up with this franchise) die in the opening credits.

    You could have all the favourites come back (Dave and Courtney, Jaimie, Skeet, Matthew, Liev and Rose… hell an even better opening would be to have Drew Barrymore die in the beginning, how sick would that be?)

  11. #Waiting4Scream5

  12. Thank you to everyone who has put the time and work into this site all these years. As a Scream fan I have always been able to rely on this site for great updates and posts.

  13. I totally agree with moron. Finishing the scream series with a movie within a movie would be the PERFECT way to end the series. I also think that they could rift on straight to dvd release’s. They have become predictable over the years, (low budget, bogus actors) the format like sequels, trilogy’s and remake’s is full of history and predictability that the scream series could add its meta\irony stamp on. Surprisingly curse of chucky just did the same thing and in my opinion is the best straight to dvd release EVER. What ever happens, at least I have that shred of hope that ghostface will eventually make one last phone call.

  14. Hey spookygough, here is the youtube link you were wanting:

  15. Wow, I missed coming here to see news :P

    This is great. I would appreciate if the production and filming were made ??until the end of 2014 with a release around July 2015.

    I don’t care about the TV series, MTV will turn it into crap anyway. I just want a decent and definitive final movie with great script, good cast, more elaborate chase and death scenes (such as Scream 2) and less comedy. I would love the movie to be more serious creating more suspense to the revelation of the killer

  16. make scream 5 cool. make it a real horror movie. scream 4 was annoying. Make a real thriller and end the story appropriately.

  17. Have any of you guys here seen this?

    The movie is god-awful, but the killer’s motive is hilarious, and right up your alley.

  18. They haven’t milked the cow! They are in the process of doing so by making a tv series, but not if they finish the franchise with either the 5th movie or if they go on to make a 6th movie. SCREAM will always, in my eyes, be a franchise that can go up to 6 movies. NOTHING MORE. I say forget the series and finish the movies. Settle things out with Williamson because all of us SCREAM fans know that Williamson is the heart of these films in the writing process.

  19. They are taking forever with an answer just because Scream 4 performed below the box office i still enjoyed it and Wes and the studios are saying i dont know should we or not its going up and down theyre heads hurry up dont dissapoint the scream fans and the mtv series are going to bomb and that bomb for the tv shows is gonna take your asses back to the franchise

  20. come on harvey and bob weinstein and wes craven you need to make a scream 5 all the fans of scream movies are ou thtere so please make a scream 5 and if it were to be made bring back an original star like mickey from scream 2 or bring back billy from scream 1 do a prequel in scream 5 where he meets up with his mum before they turn into killers and die. Bring sidneys father into it again to stop the killers please make it 3 killers so it breaks the rules scream 5 no rules!! you could make one of the killers sidneys mum now that would be a surprise!! please put more and more shocks in scream 5!! i hope the tv series does well! so maybe scream 5 for a 2015 release date

  21. if you want any chance of Scream 5 happening , sign this petition :)

  22. If the SCREAM franchise will become a TV series I will never be a SCREAM fan anymore… -_- I love all SCREAM movies from 1 to 3, and though 4 was just ‘okay’ and ‘so-so’ to me… o.O … If Kevin won’t embrace another sequel of SCREAM I won’t mind if Ehren Kruger will do the hugging of SCREAM 5.. duh.. SCREAM 3 was the ultimate SCREAM to me!!! and sir Kruger is a great writer. He wrote ‘The Ring’ and ‘The Skeleton Key’ etcetera… What if Stab director Roman’s father is the new Ghostface? Make Roman Bridger and Jill Roberts as real brothers sir Ehren… And their father will appear in the next sequel as an unnoticeable and unknown person. He will act as a close friend of miss Prescott, maybe a manager or a close newscaster opponent of Gale Weathers… and Sidney will get shock, that her manager is Jill’s father, also a dad of Roman and she will be surprise, knowing that Jill is her sister and not just a cousin… How’s that for a sequel for you sir Kruger? :-) … sir Williamson?… -_-

  23. Bring back the 2 ‘K’ of SCREAM!!!. Kincaid and Kirby!!! SCREAM5 will be a hit for sure!!!. :-)

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