Adam Brody Knew The Killer's Identity

Adam Brody Knew The Killer’s Identity

“I have known who the killer is and it has stayed the same.  From the script I read [at the beginning] to now, the killer has stayed the same,” Brody told E!Online during their final interview for Scream 4:  New Generation Week.  Brody is the third cast member this week to set the record straight […]

Listen to 3 Minutes of Marco Beltrami's Scream 4 Score

Listen to 3 Minutes of Marco Beltrami’s Scream 4 Score

From early indicators, Marco Beltrami’s Scream 4 musical score carries the creative maturity of ten years passed – Don’t Mess With The Original has all the hallmarks of a long, winding chase scene that constantly ratchets up the tension before dialing back for a false sense of security. Jill’s America is an epic, haunting track, […]