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Six Stunning Never-Before-Seen Scream 4 Photos

Six Stunning Never-Before-Seen Scream 4 Photos

While the lead-up to Scream 4 saw many production photographs released – or escape, in some cases – a few were held back. Now that we’re in the post-release era, it was only a matter of time before the strays floated into our grubby mits. Sidneyloverboy located seven of them* and kindly shared. Click for […]

Help Track Down Marielle Jaffe's Missing Photos (Found!)

Help Track Down Marielle Jaffe’s Missing Photos (Found!)

Long story short, Marielle Jaffe gave some original, one of a kind childhood and personal family photos to the set dressers of Scream 4 so that they could use them to decorate her bedroom with. They mistakenly got sent to Premiere Props after the movie wrapped and were auctioned off to various bidders around the […]

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