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  1. The best sequel ever! Another fine cast especially Couteney Cox! This goes down as my second favorite movie, only behind its original, and with the best killer of the three film with the best ending!

  2. Scream 2 was a decent sequel to the truely brilliant Scream. It had a good cast of some really talented young actors. The opening cinema scene was a really good way to open the movie. And the reveal of the killers at the end was nice too. Just a shame my favourite character Randy had to die :(

  3. i always thought that Joel the camera man shoulda died haha


  5. I love Scream 2. Probably my favorite of the trilogy, really good film. I loved that they had the guts to kill one of the original characters, someone popular like Randy. It kept you on the edge of your seat the whole way through wondering who was next.

    The end reveal was amazing, I never expected Debbie Salt to be the killer, such a very well thought-out ending and it was done great. The acting was superb in this film, especially the killers, Timothy Olyphant and Laurie Metcalf, who were amazing.

    I liked it better than Scream, although I think the original has more rewatch value.

  6. i liked it except them killing randy, that pissed me off so much he was my favorite and im glad they put him in scream 3.

  7. Fun, funny, scary, and the best sequel ever.

  8. fuck,dick,not scary and not the best sequel ever it wasgood but theres been better

  9. It IS scary and it IS the best sequel ever. And Tjmorgan…you ARE an imbecile.

  10. HANDS DOWN!! The best sequel ever! Say what you want! Great plot twist, great plot in general!Kevin’s best work yet to me!

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  13. Loved parts of this movie…DID not love when Randy was killed and did not find the reveal of the killers as shocking as in the first movie( REALLY? BILLY’S MOTHER????). Did think this was as scary as the first…maybe more.

  14. I actually thought it was a clever plot, I mean it was pretty obvious tha Mickey was the killer but Billy’s mother and the reason, she was seeking revenge and attempting to get back at Sidney so she helped brainwash Mickey into killing innocent people just so that SHE could kill mickey off and leave sidney for herself, sorta reminds me of the DC sniper..who brainwashed that boy to kill innocent people just so John Muhammad could eventually kill his ex wife and make it look like the sniper! it happens in real life! that’s what makes the plot of Scream 2 soooo good!

  15. I think it was important for Randy to die. He was by far more of a favorited character then Gail or Dewey but not all of them could survive. Randy also could’ve been one of the easier ones to kill because he’s a college student like most of the other deaths and it just fit. Scream 2 still had a clever plot though not as good as the original but give it a break. . . The premiere was a year after the first amazing Scream. Can’t wait for Scream 4!

  16. Love it. Everything about it! Best soundtrack!!!

  17. My favorite Scream movie in the trilogy. Darker, scarier, and more creative than the original.

    Mrs Loomis is my favorite killer. “Randy spoke poorly of Billy, and I got a little knife happy”. You go girl lol.

  18. can’t belive they killed cici in scream 2 :(

  19. Scream 2 has got to be my favorite out of the whole series. Scream 2 was just such a big hit that it actually came back to theaters by popular demand because fans wanted it! I thought it was way better than the first one. If you liked the first one though you’ll love the second one because it had a lot to do with the original. For intstance, Randy laying down the rules to abide by in order to survive the sequel was great. I mean he knew what was up and that he was that he was gonna get it sooner or later. Just knowing that must have been hard to accept but he did a good job until the end. At least Randy put up a fight with the killer before it was too much to overcome. However, the killer showed no mercy and in fact was more pissed off because Randy spoke poorly of Billy. The killer who killed Randy was none than Billy’s mother. Her motive was just good, old, fashioned revenge. Kind of like Mrs. Vorhees and Jason. Randy’s death scene has got to be my favorite death scene out of all the Scream movies. I really liked how those guy’s walked by all cool jammin’ Kottonmouth Kings which blared out of their radio and blocked out the sound of Randy’s voice as he struggled to survive in that news van. Its just like he said in the first one “You push the laws and you end up dead” and in his case he gave up his virginity.


  21. Aewesome movie. A sequel that measures up. Now all we need is a Scream 2 Complete soundtrack.

  22. i agree with u amAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. IM SORRY I AM ABOUT TO GET ALOT OF SHIT FOR THIS… but scream2 didn’t do it for me. but it had the best gore. enough we all miss randy but his death scene was vicious. throwin sarah michelle gellar out the window and almost convinving the audience that it was the last movie……however…… first of all the mask sucked in this movie. im not a scream geek but the mask did not do the killer justice. to big of a chin and giving it cheeks really messed it up.the fact that they decided some character nobody knew or remembered being billy’s mom was a bit satirical. the motives were too simple in taste or too over the top in obviousness……. but the film had great elements… a great soundtrack, and it paved the way for my favorite of the trilogy.:scream3. thanx for listenin. drip signing off

  24. What? Have i just read the above correct? Scream 3 been your favorite? The whole scream series was nearly destroyed by this inferior sequel. It was like watching an episode of scooby doo and the absence of kevin williamson is clearly felt. Scream was outsatanding and scream 2 was almost as good. Scream 4 should have come after scream 2, returning to woodsboro would have fitted nicely and ending the series strongly but still after watching scream 4 that was made, i was disappointed and again script issues are clearly felt again.

  25. I was really torn up when Randy had to die :'( it’s just a shame, I wish it would never had happen.

  26. This is a good sequel. All the scream movies are good for what they are.

  27. Scream 2 is my favorite one!!

  28. I love Scream 2! Personally, I think its better than the first one.

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