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  1. For me, I don’t see why three gets so many bad reviews.I for one LOVE IT! It is the most enjoyable to watch.I watch it probably more than any of the three.It has so much action that you just can’t get bored no matter how many times you see it.Also the cast!!! If Wes knows another thing besides directing and writing he knows how to pick an amazing cast! Most definitely with #3! There were so many people, and big names like Kate Winslet, Alicia Silverstone, Shannon Doherty, and Tea Leoni up for parts and Wes went with the best especially when it came to Parker Posey! She may have been the best part of the three movies!(besides our obvious 3 heroes/heroins) She was absolutely hilarious as was Jenny Mccarthy.Everyone else was great to but those two stand out, Parker maybe even more so than the three leads.I along with the other two say its my 3rd favorite movie only behind one and two.

  2. Scream 3 to me was the weakest out of the trilogy. But still was very enjoyable. Again, some great talent was cast and a nice little special appearance from Jamie Kennedy (Randy). Introduced some great new characters and the twist at the end was also very good as Roman or Sidneys brother was revealed as the killer. Good movie with some imaginitive death scenes and some black comedy made Scream 3 a very satisfying end to a fantastic trilogy. But now we have another 3 movies on the way, lets hope they can just be as good if not better!! :)

  3. Scream 3 is my second favorite in the trilogy. I liked all the movie sets, and the reconstruction of Syid’s house, and the party house from the original. It was grate! For me the order goes Scream, Scream 3, Scream 2. Scream 2 was really grate as well but, there is just something about the ending, i mean i loved it but…idk. its hard for me to diss on my favorite franchise. I LOVE THEM ALL :) CANT WAIT TIL APRIL!

  4. Scream 3 was the best of all three scream 2 was about the same but scream 1 was the worst but scream 4 I will be looking fowrard to.

  5. i thought scream 3 was the best out of them because the end was really shocking and the whole movie was brilent whoo hoo!!! my oreder is scream 3,scream,scream 2.scream 2 was really really good but this is my oreder

  6. I have to agree with HAHA, I think that the third installment was amazing. I actually prefer this movie (3) to the second one. The ending in three was perfect, and the recreation of Woodsborro was incrediable. I really felt sad for Sid when she was walking through the set. I cannot wait to see what the team has set up for the 4th installment.

  7. hey tim because its the best 1 im watching it tonight

  8. this movie is the weakest horror film it sucked it didn’t have hot characters and always talks about sydney’s mother whats the deal cotton weary died and now they’re goin blah blah blah , boring film i call it 2 percent of my rating :| :) :D

  9. no fucking way dude scream 3 is the best!!!!!

  10. well it wasn’t really scary thats the point :P and kinda boring when i went into the movie theaters and its the weakest horror movie because i have a point it talks about sidney’s mother pretty borring :| and some parts where funny in scream 3 but it was the weakest horror movie for me :P :d

  11. Not the strongest of the trilogy…lost some momentum and the dialog not as sharp. The thing I did enjoy as I always do with the Scream movies is seeing Dewey, Gale and Sidney and getting some closure at the end of these movies.

  12. The best of the series so far, IMO. Actually, I’d like all three equally, but Scream 3’s finale has convinced me otherwise.

  13. I thought the plot was good…not as strong as the first two but it was still good, it is one of my least fav of the trilogy, i felt like it was more based on Gale and Dewey and not Sid. I’m glad I don’t pyscho brothers chasing after me for something my mom did! *wipes sweat off forehead*

  14. i’m 12 going on 13 and i thought scream 3 was the last one because it said the terrifying scream is the last and she killed her brother that she never even knew about so i was like well who will be the next killer gale dewey or sidney and im like no there not as tough as the killers from all 3 scream movies

  15. Scream 3 was not as good as the original but an improvement over Scream 2. For some reason I can’t see where people thought Scream 2 was better than the original. The 2nd film I thought was the worst out of the trilogy. This brought the lose ends together for the finality of it all.

  16. they made you think it was the last one so they can come back 10 years later to make a new trilogy

  17. i was relly surprised when sidney had a half brother

  18. I like scream 3 but anyone who believes 3 is the best must be mad, its got basically no gore, its script isnt nearly as original as the first 2 and saying the ending is great…that ruined it for me, that was such a cop out soap drama ending, but i did enjoy the fact sidney could now tell ghostface,you think you can get me, i killed my own brother! but to a newbie this could seem great, to true fans its just a bit of scooby doo fun.

  19. scooby doo is my dad

  20. i love scream so damn much!!!!!!!!!!????????

  21. SCRE4M was ok not the best i could of wrote a better scipt or had a better ideas like having jill and kirby ( not one of the killers ) survive . My killers would be Hoss , Trevor and Marley Shelton’s charactar and all the motives would be diffrent but they’d be working together .

  22. SCRE4M R

  23. Scream 3 Was the absolute best to me! It had a great cast, great story, the killer is amazing!, and the ending was perfect. Scream 4 sucks ass to me! It most def falls short next to the rest. The killer(s) were so weak and pathetic. They tryed to make it too funny and ironic so that made it terrible. The only thing good about the movie was Haydens character and the way the movie ended. And thats only bcuz sid kills her pathetic cousin. I like the 1st cuz of the killers and love the 3rd cuz of the entire movie!

  24. Angie,

    Scream 3 was not the best film…but it was really good imo. The 4th film was better imo. They weren’t weak they were over-done–but it fit. The ideal of the average viewer is upping the ante which backfired a little. I wanted to see more of the original three in the film but I think that they’ll fix that in the final two films once they decide to go ahead with them. Just my two cents!

  25. I know that Scream 3 got loads of bad reviews but I think it was quiet good. It wasn’t the best out of all of them but it had a storyline that was easy to follow (for me). In all of the Scream movies I think Gale almost steals the spotlight with her fantastic funny one liners but this time she was in competiton with Jennifer who had a lot of funny one liners and her character was funny too. Neve, Courteney, David and Parker gave the best performances in this film (in my opinion). And Wes Craven did some fantastic directing as always!!!

  26. here is why Scream3 was the absolute best. Yes the frist revitalized horror with originality, Yes the second was more gory and clever and is alone a vicious movie but the 3rd…….. great storyline, great cast, great setup and great emotion. it was more original being that it didnt need two killers(respect to billy n stu) it didnt have a stupid motive(no respect for ms.loomis n mickey) it was great and it brought an end to what was considered “the hottest and scariest movie series in the 90’s” no questions asked,hands down, the ultimate trilogy movie…..SCREAM3

  27. Scream 3 was not the best because it is not supeseful at all.SCRE4M is the best

  28. Scream 3 is pretty awesome one of my favorites it’s because Scream 3 talks about how Sidney’s mother started it all. thats what started the killing spree Starting with Scream 1. I saw Scream 4 the first day of release and it was enjoyable and the best of the series hoping for a Scream 5

  29. SCREAM 3 was the most high-powered part of the said franchise…. I love the chases and runs, the screams and surprises… If only sir Kruger can write a new script for SCREAM 5… sir Williamson is ‘way too busy…’ yeah-yeah… -_- … I don’t care if sir Ehren will be the writer again of the next sequel.. He is a great writer… :-)

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