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 Post subject: USMB Rules/Terms of Service
PostPosted: 23 Apr 2011, 23:00 
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If Randy were here you know what he'd say... "There are certain rules in order to successfully survive the USMB..."


As a high volume board that is costly to maintain in both finances and time, we need to keep the place clean and tidy in order for it to continue and flourish. Consider us the opposite of the chaotic, lawless IMDB boards. IMDB has unlimited resources (we don't) and don't care about user experience (we do). So our reasonable terms of usage are below, and active members need to follow them to retain use of their account. Please note, if you are new, "I'm new" or apologizing in advance for breaking the rules is not a valid excuse to not follow our terms. ESPECIALLY if you are new, reading up on the rules is detrimental.


We allow one account per member. Anyone found using more than one account for any reason will have both/all deactivated. There is no reason to need more than one, if you are having login issues or any other problems with your account you should contact admin.

One form of advising you about breaching the rules/TOS are warning points. Basically it's a PM admin or moderators send you which administers a warning point on your account which we use to keep track of rule/TOS infringements should they repeat and become issues.

You can upload an avatar into your account through User Control Panel. The dimensions must be 125x125 pixels. Google 'image resize' for any number of free services that will resize your image to those specific dimensions for you.

Image signatures are disabled on the forum for readability reasons. You can use text colors and styles in your signature -within reason. Anything too large or unsightly is discouraged. Likewise website links are allowed where reasonable.

Requests to change username will only be granted after 400 posts.


Spamming refers to making posts that are pointless and offer no real discussion. They might be done to boost post count, advertise something, gain attention, or anything counter-productive to discussion. Multiple new threads in one section by a user within a 24 hour period can be considered spamming, as can making the same exact post in more than one place. The prevalence of many members spamming adds to the overall cost of bandwidth and speed of the forum (database queries) so will not be tolerated on an individual level - whether from new members or veterans who should know better.

If you signed up just to voice your dislike about a movie, do so in the appropriate thread/section - multiple replies repeating complaints tell us the poster is only here to flame, bait, spread negativity and not actually contribute any meaningful discussion/debate. Please note criticizing posters in a non-constructive way also falls under trolling. If you see something wrong with a post, please use the REPORT button or PM a mod/admin so it can be our call how to handle it. Complaining to the poster about what rule they broke doesn't nessecarily help if we never see the problem in question, nor differ you from the problem user at hand. We're such a large board that we depend on YOU to bring issues to our attention so we can fix them.


Stay on topic - readers should be able to come onto any page of the discussion and find relevant talk about the subject at hand. Examples of thread derailing include spinning off into random or irrelevant subjects, mini-modding or flaming a poster, etc. We have a general section for off-topic chatter. If a thread becomes so off-topic as to consume a great deal of posts within the thread, the thread gets locked and thrown in the graveyard as it is no longer relevant, and several contributors to the derailing may be warned regardless of who was first to go off-topic. Thread drift is FINE and natural, as long as you ALSO offer a relevent comment in your reply.

We don't allow shorthand, "txt-speak" and writing that lacks punctuation - it's all a strain on the eyes. This isn't school, so we shouldn't have to tell you to start sentences with a capital letter, or that using ALL CAPS is considered shouting. Most browsers have spellcheckers and it only takes a few extra moments for you to review your post before submitting. We're fine with language barriers between international users as long as it can be basically understood in English, but using clean text is something we insist on for the comfort of readers' eyeballs!

When posting videos from Youtube, please do not link directly to the videos - please use the Youtube button we've provided to embed videos into your post.

We will not allow video from pirate Scream movies/fanedits to be linked to, advertised, boasted about, invited to get more info on via PM, etc. We have no moral highground on an issue, but it's to protect ourselves legally and in an overall sense not to become a hive for bootleggers. We have also been a past target of Weinstein Co who do visit the place and would like to remain on good terms with them.

This might be deriviative of other rules but... if you have a problem with another member of the board, or staff, or even the forum itself, you should take it up with the relevant party in private over PM or Email. If unsure of who to contact, defer to moderator or admin. This is a place of discussion where everyone should feel welcome and equal, not a place for high school cliques and drama. Basically, anyone here just to play up drama is no better than a troll or bully, and will be enforced or removed.



It's important that you take a moment to look at our various sections separated by subject before making a new topic. We have specific sections dedicated to film-only discussion, memorabilia/merchandise, and many others. Try to aim for the most relevant section and we will move it without concern if need be, however if there's repetition of the issue we'll need to take action, because it takes time for us to move threads and that time adds up if needing to do so constantly. You can easily locate your posts wherever they've been moved by visiting your user profile, we generally do not delete threads.

Please browse the topics list and/or use the SEARCH function before posting a new thread as your point, question or subject could already exist. We can't stress this enough. ALTERNATIVELY hit 'Preview' instead of 'Submit' and you will be presented with a list of similar topics in the section. Please seek out relevant existing topics before leaping to make new ones. We're not too concerned with old topics buried way in the past, it's more a problem when the same topic has been recently posted - deep discussions can never form because new threads on the same subject keep getting started.

Please make your thread title VERY clear so we know what it's about, also this helps searches in future so your topic can have a long life instead of being quickly lost in the archives. Subject Titles like "Do you think", "Look at this", "Some news" etc. tells us absolutely nothing about what's inside. When you're asked to input the Subject, you need to do exactly that, not make a random sentence or junk title.


We've listed our specific rules, but common message board etiquette applies! Flaming, baiting, harassment, general douchebaggery, posting explicit violent/sexual material, etc. - this forum isn't a place to exercise your "free speech", it's a privately owned community more akin to a house party. Be nice and don't break anything or we may boot you out the door! As long as you play by the rules, you'll see there's plenty of freedom in here.

If you have any issues or aren't sure about something, please feel free to PM a moderator or admin!

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